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But that's not fair!


Where's my sister? Lousy b!tch got me killed ...

Joren lies abed, deep in the throes of Eel poisoning. Melusine nurses him around the clock

Joren fights on with his cavalry, but the eels pull him off his mount and he is lost in the swirl of mud on the battlefield

Joren trains with his hippocampi cavalry, having the time of his young life

Joren rides his prize hippocampus down Sandreef's streets, dressed in an elaborate military officer's uniform with a large gilt trident scabbarded in his saddle. He preens for the girls as he heads to the Sandreef Home Cavalry training grounds.

Nimora Orlbereth wrote:
..."As I said, no matter the cost. My happiness is no more important to me than my life, and I have already given that once to try and protect him. I will return as I agreed."

Joren smirks

I'm sure you'll love Blurghoot. He may be a bit surly and he doesn't like reading or music, but his devotion to his hippocampus shows he can love some things I suppose ...

While Nimora and Melusine conferred, Joren has been busy tooting his own conch to her companions

"And when the giant squid came over the reef I stabbed it with my trident. It wheeled, tentacles quivering in rage .."

Joren smirks in the background

Joren sighs

Very well. You and your ... friends ... are welcome here. Maera do fetch them something to eat. Nimora looks a bit peaked, probably all that air breather food she's been eating.. You will excuse me, but I have several important errands to take care of.

Joren swims off

Nimora can tell he's going to run straight to mommy with the news of her return

Nimora Orlbereth wrote:

"I know," Nimora says, looking discouraged. "But I don't know any other way to find Mirathan and I have to save him."

Joren smiles wickedly

Well, I can take you over to the temple if you wish. Mother is overseeing the Tidal Spray Festival preparations. I'm sure she'd welcome the ...distraction ..

Joren barks a short laugh

Joren looks at Ethelbert

That's all right. I understand it is difficult for someone of your class and species to understand the complexities of civilized manners. You are forgiven.

Joren waves at the barracudas and they swim farther out from the courtyard

Nimora Orlbereth wrote:
... And no, this friend is not a landwalker so you can put away that sneer for now."

Joren sneers anyway

I have nothing against landwalkers. Some of my best friends are landwalkers. If you need mother's assistance, be prepared to eat some humble eel pie ..

Joren chuckles nastily

Nimora Orlbereth wrote:
... At least try to be open-minded once in while, Joren. It won't kill you, I promise."

Joren looks like he swallowed a bad clam

ME not being open minded? Just because I put family, duty, and clan honor above my own petty desires? Well, then call me narrow minded then, I will wear your derision as a badge of pride.

He looks at Elbereth again

If he is your friend I would advise him to sheathe his weapons while in my house. My barracudas don't like threats towards me .

A few long vicious-looking fish swim just outside the house, giving Ethelbert the fishy eyeball ..

Joren nods to Kaelar

An honor I'm sure.

He looks to Nimora again

So what do you have to speak with Mother about?

Joren sighs

I hope it is to apologize to her and perhaps return to your studies. We all had such high hopes for you..

He looks in distaste at Ethelbert

You could at least curb your new pet when you enter our household Nimora ...really.

A man slightly older looking than Nimora swims up to the party

What in Aventurnus' name brings you back here Nimora? Had enough frolicing with the air breathers?