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Over a month has past since your first fateful meetings with each other. Time has passed and the seasons have changed.

Each of you is greeted by a messenger clad in his best. He hands you an envelope and waits as you open it.

Upon inspecting the invitation you see the seal of the Surtova family. The acting Regents for the human kingdom you reside in.

Breaking the seal you see.

'You are cordially invited to the Hunting Festival Pre-Party at the Lord Mayor of Restov's Manor House on the 6th of Egrera. Party start time is at First Evening Bell. You are allowed to bring one guest of your choosing. Invitation needed to enter.'

Here is where we start discussing these new twists.


It is the middle of the night, the moon at its highest point, the two party's of warriors enters the encampment having been sent on two separate missions, They have met the enemy, and defeated them. All of them are mounted on dire wolves except for a giant figure, clad in steel.

A voice cries out "Look the warriors have returned! Many turn to look at your entrance and a general wolf howl goes up to greet you.

As you enter you hear questions as too what you found and several orc women calling out to Dergosh for intimate relations (the others get some as well, but mostly Dergosh. Many of the same glare at Draxia, seeing her as a challenge but also with respect. She was gaining power and even Orc Women could appreciate that even if they didn't like it.

They return to a camp even more transformed. Tents and huts have blossomed like mushrooms after a long rain, and crowds abound. Goblins scamper through the refuse, fighting with each other and crowing over a find, while orcs mill about, sparring and singing. But their is order in this Chaos.

To your left you see a frost giant walking through the throng, axe on his shoulder and he nods to Odak. This one is clearly a warrior and Orcs and Hobgoblins alike march in his wake.

To the right you see an encampment of Tal Kieng Hobgoblins, their formal lacquered laminated armor showing bright and garish colors. But now their camp was fully set up. They were more organized than the last time you had been here. When Turgrim and Anol pass by they give a great shout of greeting and salute.

Ogres and hill giants labor under supervision to load wagons with supplies and gear, and the noise is loud. The noise is louder due to a group of orc sound strikers chanting ORC, ORC, ORC, KILL, KILL, KILL! over and over. When the groups pass they stop and give salutes and cheers loud enough to make even Dergosh's ears ring with pleasure.

Greez will see other more nimbly shaped younger Orcs trying to mimic his style of fighting. It was amusing because often they crashed into each other and started wrestling.

Karol would see other keepers of the histories wave at him and come over asking him for stories of their adventure.

Runt sees other Ogres look at her and give an ogre version of a greeting. This was a step in the positive.

Majuba would see another witch doctor like himself near the chieftain's tent tending to a pot. The mask makes a face at his in greeting. No one else notices.

Mogwag sees the orc from the meeting with the chief Krelle Deathchild looking at each of them as they passed his eyes guarded.

You see the temple of Zoran, with the black smoke of sacrifice. It is clear that it has been busy. The temple of the Warlord, the great chief's patron, looks even more decked out than before. War was coming and he was prominent. Further away you see the grotto of the Hag, where Arcanists are trained. Even Noraz's temple was seeing activity as they prepared for the wounds to come.

Tigerwolf was greeted by a darting figure of a cat and an Orc Woman called Gola Packmate. This woman was renowned as the best scout in the tribe, and also as the only one that wolves never attacked even when provoked. Rumors abound that she is part wolf. She is also the "mother" of Tigerwolf.

A powerful orc warrior you had met before called Blound the Axe, steps from the throng and looks at you all. "I see you have all made it back alive. The Chief will be happy. What offerings do you bring?"

I have recently moved to Germany and wish to find a group to play with or players to meet up with and see if a group can be formed.

I already miss gaming and its only been two months. I am familiar with Pathfinder, D&D and am eager and willing to learn any other system out there.

The multiverse had gone still. Life and movement had faded away and even the primordial chaos that was there had gone. There was nothing left but the stagnant energy from all those billions of years.

Then, movement, deep within the energy. A breeze, a spark, a rumble, and a drip.

Energy exploded outward from these four things before rushing back to fill them.

Something new was being born, and they were gathering the energy to stir up the multiverse once again.

Here is Tempus Innova, the alternate game where you are gods.

Please submit the god you wish to play here.

All the old gods and worlds are dead, wiped out completely by some unknown force. The "gods" that manifest in this new multi-verse coalesced from the energy in the "empty" multi-verse into being now or are children of Allianda, the Great Mother.

This is a going game but we are recruiting new Gods to play.

This is a story telling style of game. To complete certain actions you will need to spend AP. This is explained in the link below. In the discussion section of this game I also pointed what you can spend points on, when the roll over time is and how to attain the next rank.

If you have any questions please post and I will be happy to answer them.

In the Campaign tab is the list of the current Gods.

This is a Lords of Creation based game and we are using the rules version 2 in the link below.

Tempus Novi Rules

Everyone will be starting as Fledgling gods. That means only TWO domains you can start with.

Please submit your ideas for your gods in the following Format.


Played By:

Clarification on Domains and Portfolios

Domains: This is what defines you, your essence. Domains are broad categories of influence, and multiple gods may have the same domain. Death, War, and Law are domains.

Portfolios: These are what you represent. More focused than Domains, Portfolios define who you and and what you mean. Bones, Swords, or Vampires are Portfolios.

There is nothing, no light, no darkness, no sound, no life, no chaos; but that is how it has been for eons since the old multiverse died. No one remembers what Once Was, only that there was a Once Before and It died.

Out of the nothing that is, Gods are born. They form one by one, but all at once, coalesced into being by some unknown power. Seven beings, Seven lives, Seven new powers to take the Nothing that Is and turn it into the Nothing that Was.

So what will the new gods do to the empty multiverse? What great creations will they build? Will they be allies, enemies, friends, or lovers? Only time will tell.

These are New Gods let us watch them in their great journey.

Welcome Everyone!

All the old gods and worlds are dead, wiped out completely by some unknown force. The "gods" that manifest in this new multi-verse are particularly strong souls/figments that have either a) survived but took thousands of years to manifest into one piece and have no idea of who they use to be or b) coalesced from the energy in the "empty" multi-verse into being now.

Here are the loose rules we are using below from Lords of Creation.

Tempus Novi

Please submit your ideas for your gods.

There will be some discussion on some things before we get started. Like how to ascend, when you get your points ect.

Here is the format to post you idea.

Played By:
Domains (Portfolios):

Hello Everyone,

I invited you here to give you the rundown on how character creation will happen.

First, let's start with Stats.

Everyone will get one 10 and one 18. This will allow everyone to have an 18 before racial modifiers.

The other 4 stats will be rolled 4d6 re-roll 1's and 2's.

Roll the dice on this forum.

RACE: ANY out of the Advanced RACE guide.

CLASSES: Any out of the Core, Advanced, UC, UM

GEAR:: You will all have max starting gold

TRAITS: 2 plus one Trait from Campaign, they will be re-flavored slightly and I will post the re-flavoring in a later post.

A quiet tavern on the edge of Restlov, rumors are abounding about Lords going into the River Kingdom and settling it. There is uneasiness, but also the promise of good pay for those who help settle it.