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That's too bad. Thank you for the info!

I would have had a subscription or two for the past few of years (APs for sure) if not for the international shipping rates. It has come to my attention through boards (such as reddit) that there are several people like me in both Canada and Australia.

Are there any intentions to open international offices in order to provide content to those in other countries without the crazy shipping fees?

Otherwise the profits end up going to the discount distributors and not into the pockets of the business we would like to support. With a local office to distribute yourselves, the profits could go to where they ought to be. Heck, I'm only a few years from retiring and would even assist in such an endeavor!

Love the work that's been done here. Thanks to everyone! Yoink, yoink

I couldn't get the Desecrated Vault by DakCentari to work so I found another one. Hopefully someone else gets some use from it as well.

Desecrated Vault by forgotmypasswor

Quite like this idea! I'm going to run this (slightly modified) for my 5 player TT group next week. Thanks for posting it!

Hmm. Difficult to pick only 5 but here's my attempt:

1. Ninja (rogue archtype). It would be nice to have variations available for it but the flavour is awesome and have always preferred it over the rogue since it came out. Especially the use of invisible blade.

2. Fighter Brawler. Very fun to play with spikes and worm your way in close to any casters with the menacing stance.

3. Zen Archer Monk. The bow monk here has always been amazing. This one I could just as easily see being made an archtype of the fighter with some mods to it however. The access to the feats (taxes?) and the image of an acrobat monk rocking out arrows made this my second character to every play. Loved it ever since.

4. Kraken Caller Druid. Mainly for water based campaigns. The concept is awesome. Not sure how well it actually works.

5. Bard Archeologist. Really enjoyed playing a bard that could fill in for the rogue on the trap side of things. I combined it with a helpful halfling build and it was a lot of fun.

Add me to the applicant list please! Love playing APs and have moved away from my table group.

Available weekends and would play any AP except Carrion Crown, Rise of the Runelords or Iron Gods. Full disclosure: am GMing Giantslayer on PbP but would still enjoy playing it on a VTT.

Have played a few levels and am really not a fan. We are a PFS group and this is just a side quest to get some levels between Carrion Crown mods. We did levels 3-5. 3 was ok. 4 was very short and unsatisfying. 5 just made me want to ditch the town. Really, most of us have no desire to play it anymore. Seemed like the writers got lazy. Totally not impressed with this expensive purchase our DM made.

What's with the PFS XP and shorting group for playing good guys? That doesn't seem to make sense. Why isn't there some sort of skill challenge or something for the other XP to be gained in a non-evil fashion? Leaving that to DM's kind of defeats the purpose of them buying the thing.

Lastly, what's the advantage to buying land? I really can't see it. There is one for you to gain back 2 PP that you spent to get it (big woop - no benefit). There are a few that give you 1 PP and 1 fame (another woop) and then several for means of increasing your daily job roll. By buying 8 pieces of land (16 PP) and getting the last "big" parcel for another +2 job check bonus you can have about +5 on your job check (being approx). Let's look at this now. Even if this increases your amount of gold from 50 to 100 each game session, that's not very substantial. 8 sessions at +50 gp is an additional 400 gp. Spending those PP on wands or potions worth 750 gp, and averaging about 2 PP a session / level = WAY more gold than buying land is worth. I must be missing something because I really don't see the value. Can anyone explain this to me before I just convince my group to follow suit and boycott it?

We just played the Godhome this morning (after the Den, with a 5 star DM) and none of us were too impressed with the writers here. The only way to get access to all the items and get all the XP is essentially to be unnecessarily evil. We had a paladin and a monk in the group. After having our tour of the level and giving a sacrifice to the box, there was little else to do but question the heck out of the residents.

It would have been nice / more impressive / creative / encouraging to have a skill challenge or some such whereby the same amount of XP can be garnered through good actions as well instead of only through bad. At what point did we go from writing a game for heroes to encouraging the players to be the villians? It just seemed lazy writing, instead of a conscious choice, but that's the end result.

There is only one person out of the 6 that has enjoyed the "super"dungeon enough so far to want to continue (and really he just wants the land). I'm not recommending it without some serious tweaks unless the desire is just to have an evil group and do a straightforward hack/slash dungeon crawl.