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Hopefully the new base set includes Adventure Guide, from which you can follow the story of the adventure path. As we all know, the small cards are not enough for telling the story.

It is a shame that we are missing most of the great stories of the real RPG books, but fans have been doing a great job making Adventure Guides to the card game.

But isn't that your job, Paizo, to make the product better, not just leave it abstract with couple of sentences story in the cards?

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UllarWarlord wrote:
Does anyone know when Reepazo's sheet will be added to the online compendium download? My Ak in Mummy's Mask feels bad being the only half of his party with a sheet :(

I agree. I also use sheets instead of cards. It would be nice to have the character sheet available.

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We demand spoilers.

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No stats? Buggy wuggy!

Do we have to wait until June 17th to find out her stats and skills? =I

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So, no definite answer here? I just temporary closed Blackburgh and finished the scenario... Without allowing the villain to escape to the Maze. Am I a cheater?

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Any progress?

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I am finishing Wrath adventure deck 4 and thinking what card feat should I take after I finish the last adventure.

The rulebook says that you can pick cards from the box if you do not have enough cards to build your deck between the games.

"You may use any cards from the base set as well as from adventure whose adventure deck number is at least 2 lower than the adventure you are currently playing."

Ok, I finished the Deck 4, starting to play Deck 5, should I pick cards B to 3 or just B to 2?

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Hello! Paizooooo! No pictures for me also. =(

I tried with Chrome and Micsosoft Edge browsers, with and without AdBlocker.

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The power text of the Class Deck Harsk is following: "At the ([ ] start or) end of the your turn, you may examine the top card of your location deck."

If I have the "[x] start or" box checked, can I examine a card at the start of my turn, move and then examine a card at the end of my turn. Normally you can use an ability, like Harsk's "recharge the weapon instead of discarding" as many times as you like, but my question comes because the word "or". The power says that you examine at the start OR at the end of a turn.

But not both?

Well, the rulebook says "Cards Don't Have Memories." So even if it would be this OR that, the card would not remember that the ability is already used.


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Praise the Lord! Or you! Or somebody...

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I use 3 dice sets.

Two of them (from WotR and another) came with d20.

And I have extras:

2 x d4
5 x d6
1 x d8
6 x d10
3 x d20 (one is a GIANT one.)

But sometimes those 9d10 were not enough in RotR. I got Class Deck Kyra and Valeros, both using d10's.

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First World Bard wrote:
OilHorse wrote:
Is there a list of starting equipment


There is a starting deck for Ekkie. It is here!

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This might be a bit of nit-picking, but Ekkie's PDF character sheet has separate boxes for extra skills: Melee is in it's own separate box, not together with Strength (and same with Dexterity & Acrobatics/Stealth).

In all other character sheets, these secondary skills are in the same larger box as the main skill.

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Gunslinger679 wrote:
The Ekkie PDF can be found here: Ekkie details

Oh, I missed that. It was not found in the downloads page -> Community Use Package: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Character Sheets

Ranzak is there, so Ekkie could be added?

Gunslinger679 wrote:
I'm hoping we get Arueshalae before the weekend, but they might be busy with GenCon.

Well, hopefully we will get a sheet soon. Until then, we'll have to stick with the cards...

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One simple question: Will we get a Character Sheet for Arueshalae?


I prefer playing with those, they can be printed bigger and it it nicer to mark things on them?

PS. How about Ekkie?

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Ron Lundeen wrote:

I believe our Damiel got a 90 late in Skull and Shackles.

Your turn to share, Jan!

Ok, I got 85 in the second last scenario of RotR against the villain Most High Ceoptra.

But I think I used more resources against the Runelord of Greed, but Kyra just rolled poorly: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2... then bigger numbers.

It was all together 10d10 + 4d6 + 2d4 +16. The average result would be 95 and the maximum 148. Kyra rolled only 77, but that was almost double was was needed.

The group used couple of blessings on the first check also, as the checks were Combat 30 then 40. So if Valeros would have saved his Blessing of Gorum to the final check it could be been 12d10...

As I though, with more support you have more characters to add dice with abilities, items, allies, spells and blessings and the results get even higher.

So MyFly, tell us something about your 158. 6 player group?

PS. Should we start yet another discussion about the difficulty level... ;)

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I am just wondering.

We played a two player game of the RotR Deck 6 - Scenario 5 - Assault on the Pinnacle, and Kyra and Valeros got to dump everything they to the last check to defeat Most High Ceoptra. I just say she was defeated... ;)

I assume that the highest results are achieved in combat checks, or at least that is the case in RotR, I have not played S&S and in WotR I have not even gotten into the Myctic Powers.

And also if the groups have 5 or 6 players, multiple characters can assist in the check, so the result of last check of a scenario could be quite high.
I only played two player games, so I can't tell.

Actually the results in WotR might beat the results of the RotR in the long run, but for now... Do you remember how high your best results were? Even about?

I will share mine after couple of comments. =)

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Parody wrote:

There's going to be a blog post about her tomorrow, apparently.

Re: Classes (FWIW)
In The RPG:
She's a Master Spy with the Trickster mythic path.

I am just wondering... Do you get to choose the mystic path to her also? You get the feats like the other players as Vic mentioned, but mythic path is not a feat. Do you get to choose the mythic path for her?

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Hey, c'mon. Let me see it!

Most of us do not have an idea of what you are talking about...

I have not seen pictures or external links on this forum, so if they are not allowed, could somebody be nice and post pictures of the character cards to BoardGameGeek, for example?

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I really wonder why the Radiance is so weak...

"Loot should be pretty darn awesome."
- Mike Selinker, Paizo Blog

Even the normal Cold Iron Longsword is better. Mike, what the heck?

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Myfly wrote:


Thunderstrikes counted so far.

13 fans acquired!

Is your mission successful?

But I do have to emphasize: I really do like the difficulty level. I really need to read the difficulty level blog post again, hopefully the game won't game too easy at any point.

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RotR was fine. Or OK. Too easy.
WotR does it right. Not too easy. Not too hard. Just that you are in the brink of the death all the time and you win with only couple of blessings left.

Love it. I'm a fan.

You nailed it Mike.

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fuji6100 wrote:

I'm going to agree with Raynair on this one. Our gaming group of 4 has been through RotR and SS multiple times with a wide variety of parties and so I feel we have a pretty good grasp of the game. We tried the first Wrath adventure tonight and just got blown away. Had someone die after taking their second turn (I'm sure turning up 2 Demon Hordes before it got back around to him didn't help.)

We chalked it up to bad luck and tried some new characters and just barely made it through. I didn't feel that rush of accomplishment I usually feel when squeezing a win by a narrow margin. I just felt glad it was over. First time I've played this game and realized I was actually not having fun.

I've laughed off bad luck, bad rolls, bad location/bane combos in the other sets but wrath just keeps kicking you while you are down.

I'm going to shelf the game for the weekend and come back to it next time our group gets together but our first impression was that the difficulty got cranked up a little too much right out of the gate. I'm guessing the epic powers will help combat the epic face-stomping your average delivers to you, but we haven't got there yet!

Our group are fairly hardcore gamers but so far, wrath has been a little much for us. I'm sad because pathfinder is pretty much the reason we all get together to game.

Sounds good! And I am going to pick a party (of 2) without any healers. Hopefully the game is difficult enough then...

PS. Or will this be a big mistake?

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Myfly wrote:

Just post


Everybody has only one vote!
Interesting how this turns out. On BGG on the WotR forum, there were many gamers for a bi-monthly release as they couldnt keep up with the pace.


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Frencois wrote:
This said a little FAQ/errata would be welcome.

I do not think we need it anymore.

Mike Selinker wrote:

That was not a request. It was an order.

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Andrew L Klein wrote:
CD Kyra is the only one who can do this infinitely, anyone else needs to have discards to explore in their hand, and cards to fight. It's really not a problem.

And most people won't even notice the change of exploiting this option...



Ok, calm down Jan. Be glad that you did not. Things like that ruin the game.


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Mogloth wrote:

Having read the entire AP and getting ready to run it for some friends here shortly, I cannot wait to see how they adapted it to the card game.

50 THEN 50?!?!???!?!

And if you fail it you die?!?!?!?!!?

Are you kidding me? BRING IT ON!!!!

They are just joking. The card is included in the box, but not used in any scenario. Right?


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Troymk1 wrote:

I have found these responses an interesting read.

As someone who will be 50 later this year I was involved when all the tropes that many of the respondents seem to think of as Fantasy 'Canon' were being developed, they were all new once. I remember when the thought of a dark elf was groundbreaking :)

To see such resistance to a (slightly) new take on a traditional fantasy setting is unsettling.

Not trying to be negative and accuse you lot of being being recalitrants (even if demonstrably true Ha!) But if you did enjoy ROTR get out of your bubble and try S&S. I promise you its a better product.

I actually believe you. But if I have to choose: pirates or no pirates, I will choose the latter.

Meaning Wrath of the Righteous is soon coming out.

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I also have had the same experience. Playing RotR two players with Kyra and Valeros. I think I have lost once in 35 games...

After couple of adventure packs I started to add +2 to every combat check. Valeros and Kyra (from the Cleric Class Deck) are both excellent fighters, so all the monsters were just too easy. Going into Adventure Decks 4 and 5 I started to lose some encounters, because you do not get better equipment so often anymore. All the other checks are hard enough for the group.

But that was not enough. I still could just sit back and heal when needed, not a problem to lose a fight or two in a scenario.

So we are now playing two player games with one extra location (like in three player game) and +2 difficulty to all the combat checks. Ìt's better now, it was so easy that I started to lose interest of playing the game. But it could be even more difficult. Like playing with two extra locations. That would force me to burn my allies and blessing to searching through the location decks and I could not save them for the combats. As I said, we still haven't lost any scenarios even with this added difficulty.

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MightyJim wrote:

On top of this, there are various comments we've seen about lack of story/theme. for Wrath and afterwards, I'd love to see some kind of booklet included in the Base set, which gives a fuller story (either like we get on OP scenarios, or like Autoduellist and Kittenhoarder have been making), with a map or two added on. Assuming there's not enough margin in the current pricing point to add this as a free extra, A bigger spread of time between sets would make the price rise a lot easier to stomach AND ensure that we actually have time to play all the content we've received.

Yes. If the story is there, why not to add it to the card game? A small booklet won't increase the price much. Or even downloadable material for the fans would up the value of the product.

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Pirate theme. No thanks.
I am looking forward to The Wrath of the Righteous though.
There's no pirates, right? (Zombies and Ninjas are ok, in small quantities...)

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So any decision about the issue yet?
Is there going to be one way for all magic armors? (except bucklers)
And should we use that rule in RotR also?

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Ok, I remember reading that thread also, but I also remember reading that some cards did not have the required keywords.

So this just means that Father Zantus in an unique character and more powerful than than this unnamed evangelist...

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I wonder is this intentional?

I just managed to save her from the Black Magga and thought that she could help Kyra to heal her companions. My Kyra had Father Zantus with him to help with the healing, if we are doing well, she could discard him to heal with her ability and get Father Zantus back to her deck with later heals instead of burying him.

I thought that Evangelist would be helping her along the Father Zantus in her healing efforts but no...

Evangelist does not have the Divine trait 'cos shes not unique, or she not experienced enough as a cleric? Her abilities seem to be quite good though.

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Captain Bulldozer wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Captain Bulldozer wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:

The text is "if a spell was played during that check". So if it's a spell, and it was played during that check, it qualifies.

If we wanted it to only apply to spells with the Attack trait, we'd have said "if a spell with the Attack trait was played during that check."

I feel its even more important now, with this wording, to be aware of exactly when certain cards can be played. I know this has been dealt with to some extent, but I forsee players trying to "play a spell" on an unrelated check in order to take advantage of this blessing.

The text is "if a spell was played during that check". So if the spell was not played on that check, you can't play this card.

If we wanted it to apply if any spell were played during the turn, it would *say* "if a spell was played on this turn."

Right, I don't have a problem with that. All I was trying to say is that I now see a greater possibility of people trying to play something like cure on a check so they can take advantage of the blessing. I know cure couldn't be played on a check, I'm just saying that need to be made very clear to avoid this blessing being misplayed. (I think the faq does a pretty good job at this by the way)

I was searching an answer to this exact question. Can I play Cure to play Blessing of Pharasma to a check.

I can only play a spell if the card affects your check.
So Cure affects the check by allowing the Blessing of Pharasma to be played on the check.
Without the Cure I can't play the blessing.
So Cure has an affect and I can play it.

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Ron Lundeen wrote:

One thing that I liked about my layout was the ability to add more story than Paizo was able to use on their cards--I didn't have their space limitation. I was shooting for something a little tighter, word-wise, than their OP scenarios (if you want more story, I really recommend checking out those).

I really did not notice those OP scenarios before, but that's because I am allergic to Pirates (and Zombies) and I am staying away from Skulls and Shackles because of that. Hopefully they'll have scenarios like that released with Wrath of the Righteous after it is released.

And oh... I would like to have more story, especially when there is no space limitations like in cards. Maybe a bit, just a bit more story in your next Adventure Path then. ;)

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Ron Lundeen wrote:
...and done! I've thrown together a website to host this. It's the Shield of Rannick adventure path, and it's hosted at (Right now, it's the only product there, but it's nice for me to have a place I can put more!)

Wow! Looking very good! I agree with you that with so many cards it is possible to create many more adventures. And you showed us how it is done. Great!

I bet you have the adventure and the events in your mind and what you wrote down to the PDF is only a fraction of the world that you are seeing within.
I wonder why Paizo left the fluff in Pathfinder ACG so thin, even though they have hundreds and hundreds of pages of material for the Rise of the Runelords...

Byron Campbell and Neil Edmonds made an excellent Adventure Guide for Rise of the Runelords – Base Set to add more story in the game.->

Hopefully someone from Paizo reads this and they will add a story booklet to the new Wrath of the Righteous - Base Set. The cost of the component (it could be like the rulebook) is low compared to the value what it would give enlivening the experience of the players!

So Ron, I encourage you not to follow the example Paizo has given us in the Rise of the Runelords – Base Set (I have not played the Skull 'n Shackles) and add a bit more fluff to your great looking adventure path. If it can be done with little effort, if you already have the story in your head, why not to add a bit more text to Adventure and scenario explanations?