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The Venn diagram for people who read BGG and people who read Paizo's forums isn't a full overlap, so I thought I'd share the news that work has begun on a new guide.

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Also, please don't pester me while I'm working on it unless you have an offer to help or you're doing something nice for me. I don't need the distractions.

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Yay! I loved the Runelords and Shackles adventure guides. It helped so much in giving a clearer picture of what was going on.

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Praise the Lord! Or you! Or somebody...

Don't praise me (but do praise the Lord if you're Christian or another higher power of your choice if you're not.)

There are two guides underway at the moment, so you can pick which one you enjoy more:

This one is by a user named Enroth186.

This one is by me. I should have AD1 up later today.

I want to remind everyone that what I'm doing are drafts and my final version will be a PDF when I'm done (at which point I'll make the official Community Use Registry entry).

This is my first time writing the entire Adventure Guide. My collaborator Byron "Kittenhoarder" Campbell was the main writer on the first two adventure guides and he deserves your admiration. Enroth should be congratulated too because he is stepping up to contribute his time and effort to the community, so I hope you support his efforts too.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

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A thought -- you mention in your BGG post the monetary cost of making these. Have you ever considered starting a Patreon or putting up other donation details to recompense you for that? The Community Use Policy doesn't let you charge anyone for the content itself, but you may find some willing donors who like what you're doing and want to chip in a bit to help cover the costs of APs and the like.

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I think I have a better idea. How about we take up a collection to reward Byron Campbell (BGG user Kittenhoarder) for his fine work writing the first two adventure guides? We could give Byron a complete copy of Wrath of the Righteous or subscribe him here on for the next game in the PACG series. It seems like a very Chaotic Good thing to do, and it would please me even more than getting something for myself.

If you check in on the my guide, you'll see work is progressing well. I've got the first 6 Adventure Decks covered. I should be done editing them soon, so I can get to work on Adventure Deck 6 and close the guide (and the Worldwound) for good.

Adventure Deck 6 is complete. It's available via the most recent hyperlink above or the Community Use Registry entry. I submitted an 8pt, text-only PDF file to; but it might take up to several days or even two weeks because of the holidays. Once it's available for download, I can update the Community Use Registry entry to point to the file download page. I'll also be able to submit an 11pt, text-only PDF file too.

I wonder what James Jacobs would think of my handling of Nocticula. :)

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The BGG file page is now live. I updated the Community Use Registry to point to the BGG download page.

Work continues on the artwork version of the guide. I also have some minor changes to the text-only PDFs. I'm holding off on posting them until I get the artwork document done to minimize churn on BGG's admins and download fatigue for end users.

You can see my status on the BGG file download page where I report pending changes.

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I just finished up the artwork document. Total time for the Adventure Guide project was a little over 110 hours. I'll give the document a quick once over tomorrow morning before submitting it to BGG.

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Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the end product. I wish Paizo had a Community Use image for Baphomet along with a better shot of Iomedae, but those wants are relatively minor compared to the 2-3 images I wish I had for Rise of the Runelords and Skull & Shackles.

Arushalae will likely be available at some point if Ekkie and Ranzak are good indicators. I would definitely update the document to add her. I might also make room for Mummy's Mask official image when it becomes available, although I'd have to use a caption if I wanted to avoid updating the text documents.

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I submitted the artwork PDF this morning. I tweaked the ending of the text-only PDFs so they remained synchronized with the artwork version; I wanted to leave room for the official Mummy's Mask cover when it's posted to the blog.

I hope you've enjoyed my telling of Wrath of the Righteous.

All three versions of the Adventure Guide are now available for download.

I found Eva Widermann's illustration of Iomedae. Now all I need is Baphomet. :-)

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