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I'm very excited about this. I've been a fan of Big Finish since their very first Doctor Who audio play all those moons ago. Can't wait to see (hear!) what they do with the Pathfinder setting!


Drowblade wrote:
Since they already have Robin D. Laws, anyone from Black Library. I have every Warhammer line novel. Hmmm.... William King, is my favorite.

Of the current crop of BL fantasy authors, I'd say Chris Wraight or CL Werner would fit well. Their plotting is superb and Werner writes some of the best action sequences around.

Just thought I'd pop by to say how much I've enjoyed this story. Issues of faith interest me and I thought that particular aspect of the story was handled exceptionally well. It really brought a sense of depth to the tale and I was thoroughly engrossed right from the first page. I also really enjoyed it for its depictions of the crusade and the startlingly gritty areas of grey that exist in an endeavour that you expect to be more 'black and white'. (The encounters with the villagers were genuinely unsettling.) Excellent stuff and I hope you get to write again and again in the Pathfinder setting.



Just a quick note to say 'Thank you' to Tamago for the stats. For a STR 13 3rd level character, that's a wicked melee build! Nice job! :)

At least I don't have to worry about her stats for tomorrow's session.

Thanks again!

(Oh, and I like the longer ears. One of my group has commented on them in-character! (Shalelu wasn't impressed..) )


The group I'm Gm-ing are:

Ian, half-orc barbarian (I know, I know, I suggested 'Grash' but the player was having none of it)
Thorn, halfling rogue
Laraweth, half-elf rogue
Merolyn, elven wizard

Can't remember the alignments off-hand, but Thorn's CN and Merolyn's LG. Which makes for some interesting conversations. :)

Naturally, Ian's the tank, but the two rogue approach is working pretty nicely. One's more diplomatic, the other's more stealthy. Both are good shots. The wizard's the thinker of the group and his player's come up with some very tangential ways of solving problems and situations.


... is one of the most pleasurable experiences I've ever had in gaming. The plot, its link with history both ancient and more recent, and, perhaps more importantly, the setting of Sandpoint have all contributed to a very engrossing and enjoyable experience.

I'm currently GM-ing a group of four students at the school where I teach. They're about half way through the adventure and I've thrown a couple of side treks at them including an Attic Whisperer in the academy (as recommended in the text) and, just today, an encounter with Gorvi which could have been resolved amicably, but, due to a spectacularly poor Diplomacy roll and an unexpectedly good Will save from Gorvi himself on the normally sensible wizard's Charm Person spell , now won't.

:D :D :D

I'm having fun, the players are having fun. (Their PCs on the other hand...)

Thanks to Paizo for such a great adventure!



Top five?


1. Doctor Who (classic and new)

2. Farscape

3. Sapphire and Steel

4. Star Trek (original series)

5. Lost

Bubbling under would be 'Babylon 5', 'Buffy', 'Blake's Seven' and 'Star Trek: DS9'.

Oh, and I love 'Dark City' too, but I'm not sure about it being 'hard' sf - not that there isn't some serious sf underpinning it, but surely there are 'harder' sf movies out there? '2001: A Space Odyssey' would be an obvious candidate, surely?

Looking forward to this no end. I'm sorry, but I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. Bring it on! :D