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Rise of the Runelords

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Naltak - Shonti Favored Soul
Inaxe - Half Elf Beguiler
Logain - Chelix Sorcerer
Shenandoah - Human Rogue
Beau - Elven Rogue

Sunshine the orphan, Half-Ogre Crusader of Iomedae from the Windsong Abbey
Taheb, Forsaken Elf Truenamer in search of his lost live
Gladius Glowmail, Duergar Ardent/Psychic Warrior searches the honor of the royal guards of Janderheim
Baroness Xiarra, Zenythri Monk/Ninja, chelaxian bodyguard of the high houses
Lexavo, Catfolk Rogue, Raider of lost tombs

Changeling Ranger/Bard

Silver Crusade

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Darrkien, Human Duskblade, NG - An antisocial (Cha:6), impatient, wrathful (yay for Sins of the Saviors !), sometimes overtly sadistic, deeply religious (well, ever since I refused him a certain feat on grounds of the character's atheism), cantankerous guy who is basically the group's beatstick. He constantly tries to convince the group to explore Golarion's mysteries and background instead of kicking the monsters and cashing their loot.

Harmin, Halfling Beguiler, NN - Looking like some sweet little kid with that fluffy rabbit on his shoulder, this is the scout/trap disabler of the group. Funnily enough, despite his prankster nature he is one of most serious and no-nonsense PCs. Loves to "liberate" items from their previous owners and spy on the rest of the team, especially on..

Magnus, Human Binder, CN - A Chelaxian ex-noble who conjures strange spirits and fills the role of Swiss Army Knife in the group. Due to his constant shifts of behavior thanks to vestiges, he is in a different mood every day. Almost died when a botched binding shifted his alignment to CE, promptly setting him on a plan to backstab the group and team up with The Skinsaw Man. That was one of most awesome gaming sessions ever :)

Marius, Dwarf Favored Soul of Abadar, LN - The up-tight Mr. We Will Do This By The Book, who constantly attempts to tax everyone 10% of their income "for the benefit of Abadar's temples". Needless to say, he is not very liked for his greedy (yay....more Sins of the Saviors !) behavior, but since he is the group's healing man they put up with it. Also, loves to make practical jokes on the Duskblade, such as convincing him to go fishing which resulted in a pitched battle with a Boggard patrol (yay for rolling 1 on Survival checks...)

I started our group's run through Burnt Offerings this last Saturday.

The starting premise was this:

All characters starting this adventure are members of, or affiliated with the Strangorhan Construction Engineers (SCE), a dwarven company of engineers and builders from the town of Janderhoff. The SCE draws upon the talented pool of engineers, architects, stonemasons, and builders from the Clans of Janderhoff and the surrounding areas. SCE generally engages in limited construction contracts and gathers the necessary talent for each individual project. Most talent engaged have limited contracts with SCE, encompassing only the duration of a single project. SCE engages their management on a permanent basis.

The characters in the party have most recently been engaged in the construction of the Cathedral of Desna in the town of Sandpoint. The project began five years ago and since then has undergone remarkably few changes. The original architect and many of the original designers saw the project through from start to finish and their original designs have been adhered to. However production issues in the second year of the project saw the original construction company dismissed from the job and the contract awarded to SCE. Several of the specialists brought to the project by the original construction company were retained by SCE as contractors.

Characters in the party can be dwarven engineers and builders, or non-dwarven specialists contracted by SCE.

All characters will start at first level.

We are using the Pathfinder Alpha 3 rules, action points from Unearthed Arcana, and dwarf characters are permitted to use feats out of Hammer and Helm (from Green Ronin).

We used the standard 32-boint buy (the players are familiar with this, and I didn't want to mess with the new PFRPG point-buy's).

To reflect their specialized background all characters began play with six additional bonus skill ranks taht they could put into any of the following skills (limit of one rank per skill): Craft (Stonemasonry), Craft (Woodworking), Craft (Sculpting), Craft (Glassblowing), Craft (Blacksmith), Craft (Illuminator), Profession (Architect), Profession (Clerk), Profession (Engineer), Profession (Slater), Profession (Tiler), Knowledge (Architecture and engineering), and Knowledge (Religion).

I asked players to provide 4 or more background story "hooks" to facilitate integration into the setting and cohesion within the party (and give me something to toy with).

The party consists of:

Fasterbind, male dwarf cleric of Torag of the Gundmar Clan of Janderhoff

Nigel Percy Shatterglass, male gnome "project coordinator" (rogue)

Dragomeir, male dwarf "sculptor and mosaist" of the Sandoval Clan of Janderhoff (percussionist bard)

Amberlie, female gnome sorceress

Tragen, male Linnorm/Varisian barbarian

cwslyclgh wrote:

okay, the new group consists of:

Ronnin, female elf rogue
Talon Oakfist, Male Elf Wizard
Morgon of Magnimar, human (chelaxian) Cleric of Sarenrae.

We will see if this group does better then the two dwarves and one human group which preceeded them.

well we lost Morgon (his player moved away), but gained

Gorf, a Dwarf Cleric


Brock, a Dwarf Fighter.

Ronnin was killed during last weeks session, but the group had her raised, so the party now consists of:

Ronnin, Talon, Gorf, and Brock. Talon and Gorf are 7th level, and Ronnin and Brock are 6th level (Ronnin had just hit 7th before her demise). They finished up Skinsaw Murders last week, and this week will be mostly "down time" with Hook Mountian Massacre getting introduced toward the end of the session.

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Starting my Pathfinder playtest group through RotRL tomorrow night. So far the group is:

Ylsa Raventongue, a Human (Ulfen) Cleric of Gorum, exiled from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings after killing (in self-defense) a fellow clergyman.

Drake, a Human Rogue, late of Riddleport. Bastard son of an Ulfen raider and a Varisian performer, Drake exhibits his mother's curiosity and his father's ability to take a beating. At least chick's dig scars.

Orwen, a Human Warlock from Magnimar. An orphan, the half-Chel, half-Varisian waif became trapped in section of the Irespan where she made a pact with a mysterious entity that may or may not be some remnant of the Peacock Spirit.

(NAME UNKNOWN), a Human Monk from Sandpoint. Plucked half-drowned from the sea as a baby, he was found by a hermit who raised him in the service of Gozreh and taught him exotic fighting techniques from the southern islands (using Nick Logue's Way of the Warrior Indulgence).

(NAME UNKNOWN), an Elven Wizard from the Meiranni Forest.

(NAME UNKNOWN), a Human of Half-Elven Fighter from Korvosa. Formerly a member of the Korvosan Guard, he fled the city after quarreling with a superior over a woman (or his own bastard parentage, if he goes half-elven).

So, lot's of bastards, exiles and malcontents.

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Party Name: Draconis' Angels

Draconis "Treeman" Viskalai (male formerly Shoanti, now half plant dwarf barbarian 8) - Draconis loves puppies, bunnies, trees, and nature. He is also a frothing 9 foot tall barbarian who swings a 200 pound granite earthbreaker with enough force to crush boulders. Having been enlarged and accidentally transmuted into a half plant hybrid in a magical accident by the party's too-smart-for-his-own-good wizard, he has become the party's mascot despite his abysmally low charisma.

Eanah 'Wolfgirl' Viskalai (female half elf werewolf ranger 5/dervish 2) - Draconis' cousin on her mother's side, Eanah is the mature voice of reason and moderation in the party. Also possessing somewhat of an attitude problem when it comes to dealing with villains, Eanah's supernatural speed and skill with her two enchanted scimitars has made mincemeat of countless foes. A classic Eanah moment: tumbling, leaping and then stabbing Barl Breakbones through the neck before he's able to finish his "I'm about to die and you have to hear how much stronger my boss is" speech.

Tathar 'Flameboy' Viskalai (male half elf evoker 5/elemental savant 4) Tathar likes fire...a lot. He also likes eviscerating, electrocuting, blowing up, and magic-missiling his enemies...a lot. He is the polar opposite of his cousin Draconis in many ways, but the Viskalai talent of thwarting megavillains runs in his veins. Tathar's favorite hobby is experimenting with permanency spells on his poor cousin Draconis.

Lyrael 'Puppetmistress' Khorsayre (female half-elf inveighler sorcerer 7/mindbender 1) Despite being born into nobility, Lyrael had a difficult life. Holding the record for being reincarnated the most, Lyrael has gone from being a human to raven (it's a long story) to human to halfling to half elf. Also, she recently learned that her evil stepmother is, in fact, an evil lamia matriarch named Xanesha. In spite of this series of unfortunate events, Lyrael maintains a positive outlook by playing House with her pet charmed stone giants.

Uriel 'Usher' Hesthane (male human favored soul of Urgothoa 7) - A relative newcomer to the Angels, Uriel masquerades as a priest of Torag to gain the party's trust. Despite his high charisma score, he still finds it difficult to get over is "creepy dork-next-door" vibe. Of course, the party will be able to trust him more if he ditches the scythe and stops staring at dead bodies.

Tiellah 'Songbird' Eselione (female elf bard 8) - Tiellah shows everyone that bards are awesome. She also shows everyone that bards are extremely brave. She went toe to toe with a hulking ogre with metallic jaw and now wears a mithril prosthetic arm. Her lovely voice and haste spells come in very handy when duking it out with BBEGs.

Derin 'Lizardboy' Baltar (male lizardfolk cleric of Sarenrae 7)- A former chaplain for the Black Arrows, Derin transformed into a reptile when he drank a mysterious glowing green potion which he bought from the party's somewhat unreliable potion provider. He is cowardly to a fault, but makes up for his channeling of positive energy (literally) and cure spells.

Partway through The Skinsaw Murders now, and the party I'm running is as follows (gestalt rules):

Esmerelda, human (varisian) fighter/rogue
Slip, human (varisian) ninja/beguiler
Herne, human (mixed) warblade/scout
Jervas Keen, human (chelaxian) archivist/factotum
Ogre, ogrekin cleric/monk
Reed in the Wind, raptoran paladin/cleric

Wow... by comparison my group is going to look and seem... boring.

But, here goes;

Torin Thunderfury; human male fighter (looking to become a knight of Varisia)

Elizar; human male wizard (using the Alpha RPG rules and choosing a quarterstaff for his bonded item)

Kaddok; human male rogue (a Shoanti using a sawtooth sabre, there's a backstory there, I just haven't heard it yet) AND

Cyreo; human male cleric of Nethys (a journeyman cleric from Numeria come to Varisia to witness the festival and consecration of Desna's new temple.)

We're about half way through "Burnt Offerings" the PC's are in the catacombs of Wrath right now.

I must say this of my players, all 4 of them players male AND humans is unprecidented.

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I have a four-player, non-human party in the middle of Burnt Offerings right now. They are:

Flotsam Dragbah, LG half-orc monk. He was the result of an orc raid on his Shoanti mother, and was outcast by the tribe after his mother died in childbirth. He was raised by a cleric of Irori and has taken up residence in the House of Blue Stones in Sandpoint under the tutelage of Sabyl Sorn.

Dagrono Moonstealer, LG dwarf cleric of Torag. The son of a miner who was injured in the mines of Janderhoff and spent the rest of his days destitute, Dagrono moved to Magnimar to pursue a legal career and ensure that workers everywhere are well-treated.

Bobance Fillagree, NG gnome sorcerer (celestial bloodline). Most of his life was spent in a cage in the Mwangi Expanse, where he was continually tested for being a witch. He was finally able to escape in a barrel at sea, but was unable to escape the barrel. He luckily washed up on the shores of Sandpoint.

Zhedralen, CG elf rogue. Zhedralen knows little, if nothing, of his past. He was trapped in a magical book for countless years, brought out daily to be tortured and then have his memory erased. He was freed from captivity and now searches for clues to his past identity.

We just finished Burnt Offereings two weeks ago, and are heading into the Skinsaw Murders via "Revenge of the Kobold King", since they started with "Hollow's Last Hope."

Some casting changes along the way, but party is...unique.

Starting (lvl 1)
Meela Joran - Half-Orc/Barbarian (NPC)
Daysin - Human Bard (on the run Cheliaxian).
Shamerazaad - Human Ranger/Sorcerer (on the run Varisian...has relic of Karzoug...hunted by a Denizen of Leng...oh fun plots!!!)
Ashlin "Tobyn" - Human Rogue turned Cleric of Desna (and Nualia's foster sister). Varisian who was abandoned by her tribe at age 12. reasons coming out in plot...

lvl 2
Lukah - Human monk

lvl 4/5 - post burnt offereings.
Player of Lukah is studying for the Bar, and had to bow out.
Meela rejoins to attack Thistletop.

New player who has not played since 2nd edition is coming in post-Thitletop as...

Orik Vancaskerkin
(confroned by the PCs as he flees the Thistletop fortress at 3rd lvl, he is convinced to 'rethink' his life and joins the Sandpoint militia. He has since had some adventures (Crown of the Kobold King) and has gained 5th level...)

We begin play Thursday after a 2 week hiatus.

Current Party:

Ashlin Tobyn Rogue 1/Cleric 4
Daysin Bard 5
Orik Vancaskerkin - Fighter 5
Shamerazaad Ranger 2/Sorcerer 3

Also, we just converted all to Alpha 3. Playtesting ahoy!

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We are running RotRL with the alpha 3 rules, and we just finished Burnt Offerings last night ^_^

Boneyo: Male Halfling Cleric 4 (Urgathoa)
NuNu: Female Half-Elf Sorcerer Elemental Bloodline 4 (Nethys)
Churn: Male Half-Elf Fighter 4 (Urgathoa)
Ravid: Male Half-Orc Barbarian 4 (Gorum)

Malfeshnekor put the hurt on us last session!!

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I've got six characters, but three of their players backed out, so I'm running them as NPCs until I can get a fourth player. I have allowed nearly every WotC 3.5e book, so I've got an odd mix of characters.

Nisluk - Varisian Half-Elf Scout
Darius the Knife - Varisian Human Rogue (hails from Magnimar)
Raggok - Shoanti (Shundar-Quah) Human Spirit Shaman

Hertil Kurrer - Chelaxian Human Hexblade
Izmok Sclatchek - Varisian Half-Giant Psychic Warrior
Viisi Kanoki - Varisian Human Incarnate (who happens to focus on using Necrocarnum melds)

...I'll probably be dropping the Incarnate, soon, just because he's too evil. I like the idea of Incarnum use and its possible relation to sin magic, though. The concept of half-giants being remnants of ancient Thassilonian meddling with bloodlines is also intriguing, but I'll probably drop this character, too.

I can't resist keeping the Chelaxian hexblade (which just makes sense to me as a class/ethnicity combo), mostly because it's an opportunity to play up the tension with the Shoanti character. ;-)

My players are

Thorgar (the Mighty): Shoati Druid/Barabarian -currently looking very un-shaotilike after being reincarnated as a human-

Zenovia : Varisian Sorceress -currently enjoying the joys of Fireball-

Cain :Halfling Rogue/Swashbuckler -looks like Christopher Walken wearing the Skinsaw Mask-

Eldarion: Human (chelexian? Absalom?) Cleric of Iomodae -Undead Whapper extrodinaire

Barik Anand - Dwarf Fighter (with Dwarf Fighter levels) - Already been planned as a giant killing machine

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I'm probably a bit nuts because I'm running RotRL for two different groups, one in person in hook mountain now, the other a PbP which just started recently.

In person group-

Emmy: A Varisian Fighter/Sphere Walker. Impulsive and devoted to Desna.

Illian: An Elven Wizard. Far too eager to try out the sins for his own good, except envy of course(why would he want to be anyone but illian?).

Wren: Human Rogue/Wizard. Father was a pathfinder who went missing and is looking to find him.

Nelix: Gnome Druid. Obsessed with discovering the truth behind rumors in every town the group visits.

Cairn: Human Cleric of Saranrae. Originally somewhat naive, recently has become paranoid to the point of only eating fruit or things he himself has cooked.

Tyrani: Andoran Paladin of Iomedae. A noble paladin but with strangely violent retributive impulses. Has been quiet about her past so far.

Play by post group(using alpha rules)-

Jereth: Human Paladin. Very just and honorable but also a bit naive and quickly becoming rather love sick.

Dannie: Elven Druid. After having been reincarnated on the edge of Sanos forest she spent time with the nymph who saved her. Now a bit too free with things for the general populations comfort.

Tamai: Gnome Ranger. Carves swirls into wood that tells stories to him. Left his charge of Sanos forest after having found an old friends stick damaged on the edge of the wood.

Damia: Human Monk. Impulsive and young. She has been taught to use her head but often thinks with her fists.

Jinn: Human Fighter. A somber man who has grown up in Sandpoint and had his wanderlust kept in check by his love for a girl. With goblins having killed her he is still trying to recover from the loss.


The group I am DMing is in the middle of Hook Mountain.

All four characters are human, of Chelaxian descent, and had been living in or near Sandpoint for at least a few years when the campaign started.

Sorceror that likes to blast things. In almost thirty years of playing, this is the first arcane blaster our group has had.

Knight of Iomedae. strong urge to defeat evil, merciful, but stubborn; usually has his way

Cleric of Sarenrae with spontaneous casting of Glory domain spells instead of cure spells. loves to brag about accomplishments, which has only gotten worse because he has a knack of dealing killing blows (usually his only hit in a combat is the killing blow)

Beguiler with one level of bard. He tells everyone he is a bard because he thinks others will not trust a beguiler, and will go to almost any length to not get caught in his lie. I am not sure about the almost. While Ameiko was training him in some skill when they were advancing to 3rd level, she saw through his bluff and asked him why we pretended to be a bard when he clearly was not. He then decided to train for a level of bard just so she would believe him. Even though she said she would not give away his secret, he still took a level of bard. It was a great role-playing choice, but it has weakened the character.

deathboy wrote:

Right now we have the following:

Galstok (M)Shoanti Fighter
Jonas (M)Chelaxian Cleric of Cayden Cailean
Lucien (M)Half-Elf Sorcerer
Zalrid (M)Shoanti Druid
and Zenobia (F)Half-Elf Rogue

I am actually going for minimalism with this campaign by only alowing access to PHB, DMG and MM and anyhting introduced by pathfinder itself. All abilities scores are based on the Elite array as well. It is forcing the party to think tactically and work together instead of cross purpose.

So far so good.

Shut up nobody in your group gets along. Especially that damn Jonas... oh wait hes dead. nvm.

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My group has grown in the past several days. Here's the current list:
Player Characters
- Celad: Half-Elf Druid
- Darius the Knife: Human (Varisian) Rogue
- Hertil Kurrer: Human (Chelaxian) Hexblade
- Jorn Keldon: Human (Chelaxian) Cleric of Cayden Cailean
- Nisluk: Half-Elf (Varisian) Scout
- Raggok: Human (Shoanti) Spirit Shaman
- Veser: Elf Conjurer
- Ziras: Human (Chelaxian) Transmuter

This is going to be interesting....

Just about to arrive in Magnimar

Human Fighter
Elf Rogue
Half-Orc Wizard (will multiclass into prestige Bard)
Elf Ranger
Dwarf Cleric
Human Monk / Duskblade (multiclassing into Enlightened Fist)

The Exchange

Just finished Burnt Offerings, soon to be the Lions of the Lost Coast

Male Human Fighter 4
Female Elf Rogue 4
Male Human Bard 4
Male Gnome Wizard 3 / Master Illusionist 1
Male Dwarf Ranger 3 / Fighter 1
Female Human Cleric 4 (Healing / Repose)

We are playtesting 3.p for this campaign.

Ryn, who likes stacking the deck

My group, who now tackle the Thistletop Goblins:
Loretta female human Varisian Ranger
Asrun male human Varisian Sorceror
Kad'Rak male human Shoanti Barbarian
Scato male human Rogue

Retired: Luran male Shoanti human Druid (followed Shalelu into the wild after her visit to Sandpoint, but his name was honored by Kad'Rak who named his horse Luran).

Silver Crusade

We fought bitten and scratched our way through Burnt offerings. We are now in the middle of the Skin saw murders, having investigating several stomach churning murders, including the head of the theater, (he was left hanging, a bloody cruciform, suspended above the stage, by the curtain ropes. We have dealt with a pack of ghouls and are now heading for the Misgivings, Lord Foxgloves estate.

Our party consists of

Aratil O’Donatil, Human male Bard extraordinaire recently arrived from Magnimar for the swallowtail festival. We don’t know why he moved from Magnimar but there are rumors of an affair and an angry cuckold lord. (The player uses an Irish accent when he is “in character”)
The player also writes little verses about our adventures and puts them to music.

Linelle is a gnome female Paladin. She is deputy to Sheriff Hemlock. She and her family moved to Sandpoint 3 or 4 years ago (after the late unpleasantness) and her family began tenant farming for a neighbor, while she worked her way up the Sandpoint guard. (The player uses a “Fargo” accent when he is “in character)

Cay Skykiller is a Human male Dragon shaman. We don’t know much about his past, because it is yet to be written. (The player uses a “ Sean Connery” accent when in character)

Orion Ariketh, is an Elvin Male Druid. He is always accompanied by his companion Sirrus a magnificent wolf. He spent his adolescence in Sandpoint, a classmate of Nualia and Tetsuo at the Tournadock academy, (he fought with Tetsuo constantly over Nualia’s affection) and left after the late unpleasantness. He lost his parents to the chopper, and Nualia to the fire, so he left Sandpoint for five years, and became a druid. He returned to the Swallowtail festival to connect with old friends.
(For lack of a better accent I try to use an Indian accent)

There we are. We have been having lots of fun with the group.

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I recently finished an alternate party of pre-generated characters using the following guidelines: PHB races and classes only (UA bloodlines and class variants are an option), 28 point buy, Traits (from UA), and a bonus feat from the Player's Guide. Names, background, and additional equipment are left for the players to develop. They can also be used by DMs as NPCs or replacement characters.

Dwarf ranger 1; 14 Str, 14 Dex, 16 Con, 10 Int, 14 Wis, 8 Cha; Favored Enemy (+2 Giant); Climb 4, Hide 4, Listen 4, Move Silently 4, Spot 4, Survival 4; Hardy (+1 Fort, -1 Ref), Quick (Speed +10 ft, -1 hp/level); Big Game Hunter (RotRPG pg. 13), Rapid Reload (Heavy Crossbow); Studded Leather, Buckler, Heavy Crossbow, 20 Bolts, 5 Alchemical Silver Bolts, 5 Cold Iron Bolts, Dagger, Light Hammer, Waraxe, 22 gp, 5 sp (note that I had wanted a dwarf ranger before Paizo introduced Harsk)

Half-Elf (Varisan) cleric (Desna) 1; 12 Str, 10 Dex, 12 Con, 12 Int, 15 Wis, 14 Cha; Luck and Travel domains; Concentration 4, Heal 4, Knowledge (Religion) 2, Survival 2; Focused (+1 Concentration; -1 Listen, Spot), Plucky (+1 Will, -1 Fort); Spell Focus (Conjuration), Varisan Tattoo (Conjuration; RotRPG pg. 14); Scale Mail, Heavy Wooden Shield, Light Crossbow, 20 Bolts, Dagger, Morning Star, Cleric's Vestments, Wooden Holy Symbol, 15 gp

Human (Varisan) wilderness rogue (UA variant) 1; 12 Str, 16 Dex, 12 Con, 12 Int, 10 Wis, 12 Cha; Disable Device 4, Handle Animal 4, Hide 4, Listen 4, Move Silently 4, Open Lock 4, Search 4, Spot 4, Survival 4, Tumble 4; Detached (+1 Will, -1 Ref), Uncivilized (+1 Handle Animal, Wild Empathy; -1 Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information); Country Born (RotRPG pg. 14), Improved Initiative, Toughness; Studded Leather, Short Bow, 20 Arrows, 2 Daggers, Short Sword, Thieves' Tools, 25 gp

Human (Chelish) domain wizard (UA variant) 1; 12 Str, 14 Dex, 12 Con, 16 Int, 10 Wis, 10 Cha; Battle Domain*, Bonus Fighter Feats (UA variant); Concentration 4, Decipher Script 4, Diplomacy 2.0, Knowledge (Arcana) 4, Knowledge (History) 4, Spellcraft 4; Absent-Minded (+1 Knowledge (All); -1 Listen, Spot), Passionate (+1 Fort, -1 Will); City Born (Magnimar; RotRPG pg. 13-14), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Scribe Scroll; Light Crossbow, 20 Bolts, 2 Daggers, Spellbook (all 0-level, including Daze*; Color Spray, Comprehend Languages, Identify, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Shield, True Strike*), Spell Component Pouch, 14 gp

We have actually been playing this Adventure Path for quite some time, but I had never gotten around to posting the make up of our adventuring group. So, recently, I asked the players to write a short description of their characters, for this thread.

We started "Burnt Offerings" with four characters, but the fifth (Jezkah) has joined us for the start of "The Skinsaw Murders"

Here is what we have:

Saffire of Clan Abd Zada: (½Elf Female Sorcerer - Female Player) Auburn haired, Saffire's blue-green eyes sparkle with emotion (positive or negative) that she is very ready to show to those around her. Half-Varisian and half-elven, all sorcerous fire, she is the more volatile half of the cousin-twins. Where her sister-cousin has accepted their father's offer into the "family", the lithe sorceress has clung to her Varisian heritage, including the adornment of her body with magical Varisian tattoos. She prefers to go barefoot and wears Varisian dancing garb in preference to other clothing -- the less the better. While a perfect mimic of her sister, Saffire is finding as she gains more abilities from her fire touched blood, the less alike the pair are becoming.

Emyralda Urindarohesarin, of Clan Abd Zada: (½Elf Female Rogue - Female Player) Much more self-contained than her sister-cousin, Emyralda is nevertheless her twin in looks. Auburn haired with green-blue eyes, she can act as wanton as Saffire, while never quite following through on the promise. Sleak and stealthy, the rogue enjoys the challenge of the chase and the hunt, as well as figuring out puzzles that her sister would rather blast to pieces. Her preferred style of dress is form-fitting and supple, though not showing as much skin as her sorceress twin. When the need arises, the pair can switch places and mimic each other to perfection, though their lives paths are diverging, making that game more and more difficult.

Gamunar Cat-eyes: (Human Male Ranger - Female Player) So named due to his golden-brown eyes and love of felines, "Gam" is 6'5", 234 lb., and a Sklar-Quah Shoanti ranger-fighter, still trying to make up his mind between the two. He'd like a firepelt animal companion, but wonders if that would work well now that he's developing a horse string of his own, combining the best of a heavy warhorse stallion's lines with the lines of light warhorse and riding mares (his father was Shriikirri-Quah originally), when he's not on the trail of something nasty threatening Sandpoint...and more especially, the dwarven cleric he was sent to guard on her travels here. He blames/credits his mother's original Shundar-Quah diplomatic leanings for his actually helping these Chelaxian frontiersmen, and not doing his best to drive them from the area; at least, they broke away from their evil empire, and since the sheriff there is Shoanti, they must have something decent going for them.

Ilda Sunroamer: (Dwarven Female Cleric - Female Player) So named due to her "unnatural" (some might even say, "un-dwarvish") delight in the sun on the mountainside, Ilda found within her a religious calling for Sarenrae, of all deities. Her skills as a goldsmith and her clan's glory and strong ties to Janderhoff's elite helped win her some acceptance, but when the church out at Sandpoint asked for a Sarenrae follower to be sent, the vote was unanimous that she should be given the chance to represent her people and do them proud. Recently, she has discovered a holy symbol of the Dawnflower with her smith master's mark on it in the hands of the unwashed, so she hopes that it had merely gotten separated from a shipment and that her old master is still alive and well back at the delve, and wasn't waylaid trying to get it to her.

Jezkah Sorrow-Weaver: (Human Female Barbarian - Male Player) She's a Shoanti Barbarian, rather tall for a female (5' 11"), shaved head with a screaming skull tattooed on the back of her head expressing her displeasure at all who try to sneak up behind her. Her skin is tanned from being outdoors most of her life. Her build is slender but very well muscled, and not very chesty but doesn't worry about such things. There are much more important things to find out in the Evil Civilized World than a mate.

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unfortunately or fortunately, my local players play for the fun... and half of them want to make a joke of everything in the game even when i threat it quite serious.. still it has given us lots of fun... beginning with how they thing to create their characters... which is quite clasic for them...

the core group

*Kamui, male Human Fighter (chelexian)... always charges... retired after 3rd game, married the girl with the rat problem
*Chev Chelios, male Human Paladin of Iomedae (chelexian), we rediscovered hisname recently, his sheets still don't have it... always ask EVERY magic item for himself and captured Nualia alive and delivered her to Sandpoint Jail
*Miorco, male Half-orc barbarian, he begins fighting wrong whenever his player has less alcohol in his system... or the orc which is the same... its true he rolls lower as he has lower alcohol in his veins.
*Carulinne, female human cleric of Sarenrae, healbot... first time playing... only knew WoW before RPG... complains about being healbot even if he chose it.
*Lina Inverse, female sorcerer (taldan) was found tied by Tsuto (player of Kamui after he decided to change since party was almost all melee), now he is bored because in combat she needs to keep away...

those who sometimes come...

*Lupe d'Esparza, male human paladin of Abadar, he looks like abadar, its true! and yes he in real life is a myser, the character was eprfect for him, even as a paladin eh always keep in the back of the battle throwin arrows or bolts.
*Elbardo Generico, male gnome bard, funneist player... takes everuthing both seriously and as a joke, he will jump into the pot before cheking if its turned on... but also is the most creative of them to take over situations in new ways out of the box.
*?, female half elven rogue, just joined the troope... they found her in Foxglove laboratorie infected by ghoul fever... the paladin cured her... somehow her player always arrive in games to get himself in trouble... i don't know her name yet (character of course)


when they need a bit of boost... which its not usual since the damnable barbarian is a hp tank... and rarely hit by his enemeis (i roll like crap against him., 82 hps at 6th level)

*Jordan Fenix, cleric of Iomedae, they found her trapped in the fields as one scarecrows, she is helping them with the investigations, i left her almost without equipment (just her sword) so she takes only background space to help them discover a few thigns... and only ebcause they asked about her, I forgot I had put here there :P

*Kamui, he works as a guard so he does Hemlock errands

*Orik, lina convinced him not to fight, he "surrendered" and helped them kill Rupplenugget, and took shadowmist, part of the goblin king treasure and Lyrie to safety, he now works in Sandpoint as a guard.

Now starting the Fortress of the Stone Giants and nobody has died yet which is good because I like my group a lot. There is lot of same between PCs [same home, everybody is bit greedy] but then some differences [two of four doesn't trust magic and two of them are casters, two of them has some problems with alcohol etc].

Kraven Beastmoor: group's fighter and sometimes the one that acts like a leader of the group. Kraven has problems with alcohol but he doesn't acknowledge it. More beer the better. Son of a Sandpoint watchmen. Kraven started to live like bountyhunter after his sister wanished and after his dad became too old to remember all things right. Main motivator is money but he is also trying to find his long lost little sister called "Arachne". He has some kind of obsession to manacles and in Sandpoint garrison guards call him Kraven of the manacles.

Armand Kvatch: group's spy themed rogue. When the campaing beginned he acted like coward in battle but now he is combatant to be feared. Acts like a noble and always makes fun out of Kraven. Still they are brothers in alcohol. He wants to get famous and also make Kvatch family wellknown. Son of an innkeeper who keeps tavern named "Laughing Knight" in Magnimar. When the PCs returned from Fort Rannick the tavern was destroyed and his family members were missing.

Alazor Freud : group's spiritual advisor aka cleric of Gozreh. Always thinking "is this wise choice" and this kind of stuff. Mainly because two above doesn't do that very often. Reminds Kraven very often that he is not a leader of the group. He is son of an elf and a human. He doesn't know his real parents but he had foster-father who disappeard couple of weeks before campaing started.

Alazor also has not-to-be-named tiger companion.

[Maybe you noticed that everyone has some missing family members.. It is GM's doings.]

Camlon Despris: the official side-show spellcaster. Deported member of wizard family of Despris because he is sorcerer not a wizard. Side-show because he is my [GM's] character in this AP. He is moving library about magic and history and one who puffs others bedore fight. He has lot of tattoos in his body [varisian tattoo feat] and he laughs a lot to goofy things like Armand trying to beat Kraven in swimming competition when they are drunk.

There is also Jal, Camlon's ferret familiar.

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We started with Pathfinder Beta, and switched to the core Pathfinder rules as they came out. The party's just about to go up against the level boss at the end of Chapter 2.

Djordi - Male Varisian human. A dragon bloodline Sorcerer 2/Dragon Disciple 4. Favors bladed scarf and claws. A wanderer and professional dancer coming to Sandpoint at the start of the game. He classed over to Dragon Disciple PRC ASAP. Has the 'Nymph's Kiss' feat from Book of Exalted Deeds thanks to a relationship with the Nymph Queen of the Mushfens.

Xelgar - Male Half-Elf of Varisian stock. A Rogue 5/Swashbuckler 1 that favors rapier and shortsword. Classed over into swashbuckler when core rules became available. Originally from Magnimar, arriving in Sandpoint on the run from difficulties with a crime family in the big city.

Tressa - Female Elf. A Cleric 6 of Desna, favors rapier and starknife. Assigned to the temple because of a dream sent to the head of her previous temple. Planning on classing into the Spherewalker PRC next level.

Tara - Female human of Varisian/Cheliax stock. A Fighter 6, favoring the 2-handed sword. Escorted a caravan of supplies for the Swallowtail Festival at Sandpoint. Planning on classing into a 2-H weapon PRC next level.

Shayliss (NPC) - Female Varisian Spring Child (formerly Human). Rogue 2/fey bloodline Sorcerer 3, favors the spear. Joined the party to escape Sandpoint, to avenge herself on the people responsible for what happened to her family, and because Djordi 'felt' like a fey. Was 'awakened' as a Spring Child [Green Ronin Bastards and Bloodlines] to help contain her spontaneously-appearing ability to Charm PCs and NPCs to help her vengeance quest.

3 players using 3.5, just started Skinsaw Murders

Human Barbarian 4 / Rogue 1
Human Druid 5
Elven Bard 4 / Swashbuckler 1

Liberty's Edge

Four players (all level 8) just finished killing Barl:

Half-Orc Barabrian
Elven Rogue
Ulfen-Human Cleric (of Kurgess)
Chelaxian Sorceror

Would you beleive that the barbarian's raging intimidating howl/stare worked on Barl, causing him to flee for 4 rounds and allowing them to re-group/heal and rebuff....Curse that die roll of a 1 for Barl's save!

And that's after the cleric was reduced to 0 (yes, zero) level by Barl's wand of enervation!

Liberty's Edge

My group are a band of human brothers and a sister who's family owns a farm in the Sandpoint hinterlands. I have two players, each playing two characters. We are using the PFRPG final rules. I changed the cleric to let him cast his domain spells spontaneously instead of spontaneous curing.

They are:

  • Willem Uhrlenost, Paladin of Erastil and woodsman
  • Lehan Uhrlenost, Jester (Dragon Compendium)
  • Allindra Uhrlenost, Celestial Bloodline Sorceress
  • Ronald Uhrlenost, Cleric of Sarenrae (fire and sun domains)

They have another brother who owns and runs the family farm allowing them to go off on their adventures. The jester has a buckler that he has painted yellow with a smiley face on it. We just played through the first three encounters and had a blast, they got just enough xp to level to level 2. I've been waiting a long time to start this game and am stoked to continue. Great game Paizo!

Scarab Sages

My party are all still 1st level, having fought off the goblins and defeated Tsuto and the others at the glassworks. They are:

Grok - half orc druid
Skor - gnome sorcerer (fire elemental bloodline)
Ceruleana - half-elf bard
Norian - half-elf rogue
Ragnar - dwarvish ranger
Morin - dwarvish fighter
Ryan - human cleric of Sarenrae
Voar - half orc sorcerer (draconic bloodline)

They all currently live in Sandpoint, some having grown up there, and others recently moving to the town. I ran a few 0-level adventures for some of the group while they were children attending the Turandurock Academy(Grok, Skor, Ceruleana, Norian) including one where they encountered Chopper at work! The gnome works at the glassworks in town (the player was out of town for a while, and his character was sick during the glassworks fight, explaining why he is not dead with the other workers). The druid works as a bouncer for Ameiko and lives on Chopper's Island with his animal companion (a bear named Bear, but then again, you don't expect imagination from a int 7 druid). The figher works for Das Korvut at his smithy, the rogue works for Jubrayl in town, as part of the local "mafia" and also has some ties to Magnimar gangs that will come into play in the 2nd AP adventure. The bard works at the Theatre and knows everyone in town almost, being very sociable. The cleric, ranger, and half orc sorcerer are all recent arrivals in town. As a side note, Norian and Voar have a somewhat contentious relationship with the Sheriff.

Since I have eight players, I have had to add some challenges into the game to keep it interesting. I must highly recommed Joey Venture's notes on 6 player parties in RotRL, but I have had to up the ante even more in a few places. When the party fought the goblins in the glassworks, there were 5 goblin commandos and about 8 regular goblins. I also put Tsuto up on a scaffolding 25' up in one of the glass window "towers" in the main room. I gave him a quiver of endless normal arrows upped his dex and wis for an AC of 19, and started peppering the party near the end of the goblin fight, after they had used up most of their spells and specail abilities. I think combat lasted 7-8 rounds for all the goblins, and another 10 rounds or so before they took down Tsuto. Part of this was due to the fact that only the rogue and ranger had melee weapons, but it made the battle long and hard, as well as satisfying. The bard tried to talk to him during the fight, but after he shot her down to zero hps not once but twice, she was quite pissed at him and is working on a derogatory song to defame his character even after his death! :)

My group started with Into the Haunted Woods, and so they picked up an NPC there (no PC clerics)...

As of Burnt Offerings:

Verios: Elf Diviner Wizard (Lots of Useful Spells as opposed to blasting/ enhancement)
Skillum Queeg: Human Paladin (Ex Murderer who found Sarenrae while in prison)
Kytt: Half-Elf Rogue (Looking to dual class as Fighter. Wants to use a Scythe in combat...)
Jakk: Half Elf Rogue (Looking to dual class as Ranger)
Naslyn: Tiefling (COT rules) Cleric of Shelyn (Presently courting the owner of Two Knights Brewery to help him get over the loss of his brother)
Estle Winterbloom: Human Hedge Witch (PF Database Class) NPC

And we might be adding either a human spellblade or a dwarf barbarian.

[As for the Witch, during the missing dagger section of ITHW, the players really enjoyed her "I'm always blamed for everything" personality, sarcastic wit, and the strange but useful nature of her I took her from an Adept 3 to a Hedge Witch 1 when they hired her to help them in the woods. Now they don't want to get rid of her... which is OK, the Hedge Witch is a nice support character who doesn't overshadow the Cleric Abilities.

I think the turning point for having her join the party was during the first battle she witnessed in ITHW where 3 of the characters rolled critical fumbles on turn 1 (Using the Fumble deck we had a: Funnybone hit/ Dropped Shield, Weapon stuck in Ground, and Arrow Shot into own foot.- Followed the next turn by the same archer tearing off part of his ear.) Her response: "Do any of you know how to fight? At all?" I think that made her one of them. ]

Now the heroes are taking time to explore the town (they have 2 days before the festival) and interact with the locals.

Nobody wants to go to the Rusty Dragon though...

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My group is on its way to Magnimar to witness Nualia's trial (they used non-lethal on her and were able to take her prisoner!) after which I will start The Skinsaw Murders. They are all level 4, nearly 5.

Thorgrimm Firegaze, Dwarf Paladin of Torag LG
Ilyana Mosvani, Varisian Bard CG
Frarank, Shoanti Barbarian 1/Sorcerer (Bronze Dragon) 3 CN
Avid, Half-Elf Druid of Gozreh N

Frarank is planning on becoming a Dragon Disciple, Avid is planning on a converted Stormlord. As far as I know the other two are going to remain single classed. Thorgrimm is a weaponsmith, probably going to take Craft Magic Arms and Armor and make himself a cool magic warhammer. Ilyana is the face and also has some ability with locks and the like (retconned into her background after the party rogue left). Frarank is a drunk and the bouncer at the Fatman's Feedbag, and Avid lives in a shack on the beach where his dayjob is that of a professional fisherman.

We also used to have:

Reyes, Varisian Rogue CN
Phoebus Deverin, Chelaxian Rogue CG

Reyes was a throwing specialist who was going to take both Invisible Blade and Master Thrower prestige class levels, but the player was an ex-girlfriend of mine and we just are not getting along anymore. Phoebus was the original character played by the guy who plays Thorgrimm now, and was planning on multiclassing into a Paladin of Freedom of Cayden Cailean, but he decided he did not like the chaotic mindset combined with low wisdom of the character. Thinks he might redo him for the next AP, which will make him a perfect Blackjack, though the player does not know this. ;)

All in all the party is far from "optimized" but I have not really had to pull any punches and they have made it through, with some help from Shalelu during the assault on Thistletop. Their first priority is to get themselves a few Wands of Cure Light Wounds!

The group I'm Gm-ing are:

Ian, half-orc barbarian (I know, I know, I suggested 'Grash' but the player was having none of it)
Thorn, halfling rogue
Laraweth, half-elf rogue
Merolyn, elven wizard

Can't remember the alignments off-hand, but Thorn's CN and Merolyn's LG. Which makes for some interesting conversations. :)

Naturally, Ian's the tank, but the two rogue approach is working pretty nicely. One's more diplomatic, the other's more stealthy. Both are good shots. The wizard's the thinker of the group and his player's come up with some very tangential ways of solving problems and situations.


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I just started a new RotRL game and the group is:

Kell, a Shoanti barbarian visiting his uncles Belor and Garrdian at the time of the festival. He has just recently left his homeland on a coming of age spirit walk.

Vandi, a Varisian wizard (evoker) whos "family" came to the town for the festival to entertain and "earn some coin." Full of LUST he has already enjoyed the heroworship of a local serving girl and with his above avg CHR has gotten Ameiko's attention.

Sgt. "Dogman" Grime, a fighter serving on the town guard. Orginaly from Korvosa he had hero potential but something has jaded him and he fled to Sandpoint 20 years ago to "hide" from his destiny. Close to Father Tobyn he is stirred to action upon the discovery of his former friends missing bones.

Guess I'll throw my group in here. We started a while back and are partway through The Skinsaw Murders - about to head to the attic of Foxglove Manor. All are 4th level. I'm advancing them as a group and give "benefit" cards as rewards for heroism, cool stuff, etc.

Levi - Male Halfling Paladin/??? (yeah, I forget)
Kyra - Female Human Cleric/Sarenrae
Merisiel - Female Elf Rogue
Garazz (NPC) - Male Half-Orc/Elf Barbarian

We started with the iconics. Kyra and Merisiel's players are still liking their characters. Lini's player dropped out. Valeros got traded in for Levi when we switched to Pathfinder RPG rules. It's a little funny because Aldern became obsessed with Valeros and we switched that attachment over to now Grayst, Craesby, et. al. greet Levi with something like, "'re the one. I thought you'd be taller."

Garazz was created to fill out a hole in the party. He started off in concept as a regular half-elf who lives on the edge of Sandpoint. We picked one of my minis with a crow-feather cape and beaked hood. That got us going a bit on his personality and then we decided he might be kind of cool as a half-elf whose mother was an orc; the unfortunate product of a raid on an orc village.

He uses half-elf stats, though. We rolled really well - I think his lowest stat is 14. The players take turns passing him around to play - the incident with the scarecrows was a hoot because the player running him had act skittishly about them at first, without even making the connection between his crow getup and the scarecrows. It ended badly, with him charging and critting one of the two live scarecrows.

There's also a wizard (male elf, Thassilonian scholar) that gets played by a drop-in player when he can make it to the game (rarely). He just hangs out with Brodert Quink and talks shop until the party needs his expertise - a situation that will arise quite often in future adventures since none of the party have knowledge of arcana, Thassilon, or anything else, really...except religion and nature.

We've had a bit of fun with the Sandpoint watch as well, with NPCs accompanying the group to Thistletop and, now, the Misgivings. One guardsman was irretrievably eaten by Malfeshnekor, much to the dismay of Valeros - who had thought he might one day take Leadership and keep him as a cohort. One almost bit it at the hands of a ghostly Aldern and Iesha's scarf (a couple of the NPCs are assigned haunts).

Liberty's Edge

Human Male Ranger - Local Farm boy
Human Male Barbarian - Shoanti
Human Male Cleric - Shoanti
Human Female Ranger/Rogue - Shoanti
Elf Female Sorcerer/Bard - Riddleport
Human Female fighter/Wizard - Left group
Halfling Sorcerer - new to group

Well rounded group for this adventure series. The city part was much more difficult for the barbarians and the farm boy, but the group has done great in the wild. Working on book #4 now.

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I'm playing in a pretty fun (but human) group at the moment.

Methods and Materials:

  • House-Ruled 3.5 Ed. D&D
  • 32 point buy (3.5 D&D DMG p.169)
    Compounded skills:
  • Acrobatics = Balance, Jump, Tumble
  • Linguistics = Decipher Script, Forgery, Speak Language
  • Perception = Listen, Search, Spot (now a class skill for everyone)
  • Open locks folded into into Disable Device
  • Spellcraft folded into knowledge (arcana) or knowledge (religion), depending whether it is an arcane or divine spell

The group is as follows:
-Aerodus A. Alezareo- Male Human Sorcerer (Chelish)
-Kaushal Avan Spellfire- Male Human Wizard (Vudrani)
-Dorin Dunzin- Male Human Rogue/Shadow Dancer (Varisian)
-Urgrosh- Male Dwarf Fighter
-Zeliana Iosificin-Female Human Cleric of Desna (Varisian)

The game originally began with 4 players, Aerodus, Dorin, Urgrosh, and Zeliana, who established themselves as the heroes of Sandpoint. Kaushal was introduced after the characters reached level 2, a week after the Swallowtail Festival had occurred.

Aerodus and Kaushal are both Thassilonian scholars who came to Sandpoint to study the local ruins. Unlike Aerodus, however, Kaushal is a Pathfinder from the Grand Lodge in Absalom. Dorin, also a fan of Thassilonian history, came to the festival from his native Riddleport. Zeliana is a wanderer by nature, and Urgrosh is a wanderer by force- his home in the Pale Mountains destroyed by Giants long ago.

Urgrosh is the "tank," although he technically fights with a halberd or ranseur (the one from the Caverns of Wrath that we pried loose from the statue).
Zeliana is (naturally) the healer, and has taken feats like Augment Healing (Complete Divine or Complete Champion, I forget) and Sacred Ward (PHB2).
Dorin is the rogue, for better or for worse. This means sneaking, scouting, and finding traps.
Aerodus fulfills the role of "blaster cannon" admirably, and has pretty much only aggressive, area-of-effect spells in his arsenal (the exceptions being magic missile, mage armor, fly, and scorching ray).
Kaushal is a "strategist" wizard- a generalist who mostly uses spells to manipulate the battlefield, or spells that lack saving throws and spell resistance. Prime examples are grease, web, stinking cloud, black tentacles, etc.

An update on my group
3 players using 3.5, just starting HMM

Lars - Human Barbarian 5 / Rogue 1 / Fighter 2 - from the mammoth land
Katrina - Human Druid 6 / Master of Many Forms 2 - from the land of the northern witches
Elven Bard 5 / Swashbuckler 3 - Orator and historian

Dark Archive

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My group finally got started two weeks ago, and we're heading into our third session on Friday. We're using the Pathfinder RPG and I (the GM) have been updating the adventures as we go along. Here's the party:

Balash (CG human (kelesh) rogue 1) - Balash was found as a child adrift on a ship off the coast of Sandpoint, the only survivor of a sahuagin attack. His life has been one of strife, but he has an unwavering love for his home and has taken a job as a member of the town watch. He was also Nualia's childhood love before her unfortunate death.

Elsbyth (LG half-elf paladin of Iomedae 1) - Elsbyth is the only daughter of Savah, and like her mother, took the forge with dedication only exceeded by her devotion to Iomedae. Elsbyth is yet learning what it means to be a paladin in a dark world. She is also secretly in love with her best friend Grunyar.

Grunyar (LG dwarf fighter 1) - Descended from a long line of Wall Wardens of Janderhoff, Grunyar is a bastion of defense for his friends. Grunyar is always in a good mood with a constant smile on his face. He delights in crafting puzzle rings in his spare time.

Tamaze (CG human ranger 1) - After her father Wade Deverin was killed by Chopper, Tamaze was never right. Neglected by her grieving uncle, Tamaze's rage and oddities were noticed by the stable owner Hosk, who trained her to use a bow and to hunt those in need of hunting. To this day, Tamaze has a deep hatred of birds and hopes to find the demon Chopper worshiped, and kill it.

Helmuth (LG human cavalier 1) - Helmuth is the only son of a parasitic minor noble house in Magnimar. After being rejected by the Hellknights for being susceptible to "deviant political philosophies," Helmuth took the advice of his Pathfinder great uncle to seek out allies in Sandpoint. Helmuth hopes to root out the corruption in Magnimar's government.

Gorvak (LN half-orc cleric of Torag 1) - Saved from slavery by a priest in Janderhoff, Gorvak is amazed by the creativity of men and dwarves and hopes to one day lift up his orc brethren from their destructive natures. Gorvak traveled to Sandpoint to found a church to Torag, and has found a mentor in Father Zantus.

Pais (CN human (varisian) sorcerer (destined) 1) - Pais was raised by his grandmother Madame Mvashti after his parents were killed in some incident that no one speaks of. He works at Risa's place where he is treated like a kid brother by Risa's three children. Pais is still pretty young, and often getting into trouble with his charms.

An interesting group to say the least. I can't wait to see how they handle things.

Sovereign Court

Several weeks ago we began Rise of the Runelords adventure path using 2nd edition AD&D. The group is made up of two players that I have been playing with for some time now and three new players. I have to admit that I am quite happy with how the group has meshed. So far this has been the funnest group I have had in a while.

For rules we are using:
2E Core
+ some of the Optional rules in the PHB
+ the Complete Handbooks (all material used from these must be vetted first)
+ some house rules

The house rules are basically:
- Humans gain two additional nonweapon proficiencies
- Ambidexterity, Blind-fighting and Two-Weapon fighting (and maybe a few more) can only be taken as Weapon Proficiencies instead of Nonweapon proficiencies
- Material components for spells are abstracted. Arcane materials have been added to the equipment list. They are the catchall for material components for spells. If your wizard casts a spell that requires a 100 gp pearl, I am not going to make sure you have it on your equipment list but I do want you to make sure you have at least 100 gp of Arcane Materials on your character sheet which can be used. If no cost is given for material components the cost will be 10 times the spell level in gps.
- and a few more.

Character Generation
We used 4d6, drop lowest and each player rolled two arrays. The player then got to choose which array they wanted to use. The resulting PCs are:

- Kobb One-Tusk, a half-orc fighter with the sell-sword kit and specialization with a spear.

- Goalrath Shadowmoon, an elven cleric of Sarenrae (using the Sun specialty priest from Complete Priest with a few adjustments including being allowed to use a scimitar).

- Vardinil, an elven fighter/magic-user. I allowed him to spend a couple of weapon proficiencies to be able to cast spells while wearing chainmail. He still has to make an INT check with a penalty equal to the spell level. If he fails he loses the spell. The player has also been warned that I reserve the right to screw with his character if he rolls a "1".

- Asreal Nom, a human (Shoanti) ranger.

- Toran Stargazer, a human thief from Magnimar focused on breaking and entering instead of traps and combat.

My GM is kind enough to run RotRL as a one-on-one game for me, so everyone but Aerel is an NPC. The party, at the end of The Skinsaw Murders, is:

Aerel: Male elf wizard 6 (universalist). After a tragic raid into the Tanglebriar, had a dream in the winter of 4702AR to head west from Iadara to Celwynvian to look for information on lesser starstones. Headed out with Meycho, loyal canine familiar (who, through the course of Burnt Offerings, was actually the best fighter in the party!). Was turned away from Celwynvian, but met up with...

Carangal: Male half-elf fighter. The two of them decided to head southward to Magnimar, but never did make it past Sandpoint.

Ameiko Kaijutsu (F human bard), Savah Bevanisky (F human rogue), Shalelu Andosana (F elf ranger) and Tessara Velerin (F human cleric, Gozreh) are, I believe, all NPCs from the adventure text, and were folded into the party.

Burnt Offerings spoiler:
The party did have to rest a while after Thistletop before returning to attack the Giant Enemy Crab's weak spot for massive damage.

I'm DM'ing this with one group now, and another group starting in the new year.

The current group is in the Manor in Skinsaw and consists of...

Kate - A smart and slighty smug human Sorceress from Magnimar, who just happened to be visiting Sandpoint for the festival when the trouble began. Was more concerned about herself to start with, but has taken a healthy shine to the group and Sandpoint itself

Ammeretti - An elven druid, happened to be visiting her friend Hannah Velerin for the Festival. Has a dog as an animal companion called Coke. Coke's been killed twice, the current dog is called CokeThree

Pippen Tander - A half-elf thief from Magnimar, who was captured during a petty theft and was sentenced by one of the Justices to do community service at his cousins store in Sandpoint, Bottled Solutions. After assisting with the capture of Tsuto and Nualia, he's now been cleared. Has been having an illicit affair for Shayliss Vender, and has managed to get her pregnant.

Dilbert - A slow witted but likeable dwarf, was the group tank and main damage dealer until he died taking down Malfeshnekor. Has been replaced by...

Brandon Marlowe - A dwarven knight of Magnimar, up until recently working for the justice system in Magnimar. A friend of Sheriff Hemlock, the Sheriff recommended Brandon to the party after the events of Burnt Offerings. Brandon has taken a very healthy liking to...

Viv Balaniky - Sister to Savah Balaniky, and acolyte to Father Zantus. The only member of the group as a resident to Sandpoint, and has become the font of knowledge on the area (this is a DM created PC, but played by the same person as Brandon/Dilbert)

So far, we're having an absolute blast... :)

Well depending on weather we will hopefully be starting the AP this saturday, New Year New AP!

The initial phase of character gen is down with some work and final touches needed. So Far we have the following:

a Varisian Rogue, who uses the bladed scarf and is talking shadowdancer
A Dwarven Favored Soul of Cayden Cailean
A gnome Druid
A Chelaxian Wizard

Theres also a player who will be making his character tommorrow, and one who I still need to get ahold of.... I'm thinking one of these two will be a fighter type or a knight-ish class. I will post more when they are actually done, maybe even with a few background elements they came up with :P

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Oh hey, never noticed this thread. We just mopped up The Scribbler.

Elf, Evoker 12 <-Me
Human, Cleric of Desna 12
Human, Oracle of Fire 12 (his monk just died)
Human, Wizard ? / Sorcerer ? / Rogue ? / Ultimate Magus ?
Half-orc, Barbarian 12

Sometimes there's an Elf Ranger, or a Gnome Paladin.

At this point my group has just finished the Hook Mountain Massacre.
The party has seen a pair of characters leave the party and others to come in at a later point.
We play strictly (almost) by PRPG.

Our party is now composed of the following:

Maegar - Male dwarf cleric of Abadar, travel and nobility domains
Dega - Male dwarf fighter, sword and board, and whirlwind attack
Alaria - Female human (Varisian) rogue, melee build
Elektra - Female human (Varisian) sorceress/harrower
Urgar - Male human (Chelaxian) wizard (diviner), reincarnated as a halfling
Miro - Halfling bard, archer build (cohort)

I'm running a game for my son and we are about half way through Burnt Offerings. Right now the party consists of the following:

Issac Haldar, Half-Elf Barbarian, follower of Desna
Hundar Castlevane, Dwarf Cleric of Torag
Loando Kristov, Human Fire Elemental Sorceror
Alistara Kalastana, Elf Rogue

Well, our group is off to a bumpy start. I ran this AP before, but didn't finish it, so I decided to give it another go.
This group consists of:
An elf enchanter.
A human cleric of Desna who's future with this group is already in question.
A human monk.
A half-elf rogue on the run from the Order of the Nail for crimes committed in Korvosa.
Another guy who was supposed to show didn't, but of course he told me he would be there, thus preventing someone else from joining up. When I offered his spot to the other person, that person didn't respond. So now there is yet another person willing to take his spot. Can't wait to see what he makes.

Haven't started yet, buter character creation is done:

Human (Shoanti) Cleric (Shaman of the Skull-Clan, Repose/Darkness)
Human (Cheliax) Sorcerer (Infernal heritage, but hates house Thrune and is CG)
Dwarven Druid (not sure about the details)
Elven Rogue (not sure about the details)

For my group we're doing RotR converted to Pathfinder. We're sticking to core PF only, so there wont be anything too crazy character-wise. We currently have 6 players:

Monty - male Chelaxian universal wizard
Goldleif - male Shoanti barbarian who will be multiclassing into spell-less ranger
Roessa - female Chelaxian ranged fighter
Ceycil - male Chelaxian paladin of Abadar
Karma - male gnome druid
Caladren - male elf rogue

And we may have a 7th joining who will be playing a female elf cleric of Sarenrae (fire and healing domains).

Only Karma is a native of Sandpoint, the others all arrived for the Festival.

We're already about half way through Burnt Offerings and so far things are going very well. I want to try and write up a campaign journal, but I'm not sure if I'm going to have the time.

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