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... is one of the most pleasurable experiences I've ever had in gaming. The plot, its link with history both ancient and more recent, and, perhaps more importantly, the setting of Sandpoint have all contributed to a very engrossing and enjoyable experience.

I'm currently GM-ing a group of four students at the school where I teach. They're about half way through the adventure and I've thrown a couple of side treks at them including an Attic Whisperer in the academy (as recommended in the text) and, just today, an encounter with Gorvi which could have been resolved amicably, but, due to a spectacularly poor Diplomacy roll and an unexpectedly good Will save from Gorvi himself on the normally sensible wizard's Charm Person spell , now won't.

:D :D :D

I'm having fun, the players are having fun. (Their PCs on the other hand...)

Thanks to Paizo for such a great adventure!