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Hard to starboard
Man the cannons
And on my command, unleash hell!
FIRE! Show them your steel
Bring them to death on the battlefield
Ride on the wind, and conquer the foe

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Lady Audrey Strongshield wrote:
Tasha the half-kender wrote:
4 Out of 10 Doctors wrote:
Tasha the half-kender wrote:

It wasn't hell!!! Punniculus is not an Evil god! I guess... I don't even known what his alignment is...

But he cannot be evil, I am his High Priestess (his only priestess) and I am Cute Good...
Better make that four joints and add on some Primus. There is a Kender about.
Hey, hey! I'm only half kender! I left the problematic parts out! Well... half of them...

You'd be a quarter kender if I got to you!

You brought pirates to my brother's party!

He didn't complain.

YAAR! Why weren't I invited to tha paarty?

You'll be to the next one. Everybody is invited.

If you call a fair treatment to being tied to a bed for a week. They only tied me to the leg of a bed for a while. It wasn't comfortable. But I cannot complain. If I had got a "fair treatment" I would have been tied to the ramming horn instead.

Meh... Who cares about Sandara's chicken legs? If she exposed them some more she wouldn't be pale as clay. What kind of pirate is not at least slightly tanned?

I did it. It didn't make me smell like a skunk.

I never understood Sandara's liking for perfumes, make up and all that stuff. I don't respect any body paintings that can be just washed away.

You are a pretty cool reptile too.

captain yesterday wrote:
Um, your name is Isabella "Inkskin" Locke. You're a pirate, own your pirate name. :-)

I'd own my pirate name if someone else hadn't owned it before.

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My strategies are perfect, what are you talking about? I AM NOT AN EASY WIN!
And I am not a monster either, OP, just misunderstood.

Calm down, Mom. When Grinner was done with him he no longer had a nose to punch.

And that thing is called shark soup.

The next poster has a thing for another sea creature.

Your fish is granted. You're in the middle of the Amazon River surrounded by piranhas.

I wish that everybody stops wishing for stupid things.

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Shut up, Mom.

*Casts Hydraulic push to throw him overboard*

I don't even know what made me stay. I should have took my Thresher and sailed away. But they were different from everyone I had known before. I guess I was curious.