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I really wish they would not "re-invent the wheel" and just modify 1st edition with clearer language and simpler terms. If Pathfinder 2nd edition was more a Starfinder system instead would be much more to my liking.

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Laik wrote:

The last one you won't find in Paizo material, but it needed to be a "D

D should be details/description (anything from name to biography), and there sure is E section - Equipment!

I also Added F to this... the F@#$ Why is this taking so Long! part lol

I like resonance. It adds another level of strategy to the game, where choices have to be made on how to spend the points.

I made a character for Part 2 of Doomsday Dawn. I made an elf alchemist, scholar background. It took me about 3 hours from blank sheet to finished. I find it is taking me a long time to wrap my head around how a character is all put together. Ancestry, class, background, skill selection, feat selection, feat progressions, alchemical formulas (in this case), buying gear, and polishing off the roleplay aspects (name, deity, etc.) and how all these things interrelate with one another is a lot to look up and compare.

One thing I find taking longer is ancestry selection because unlike PF1, I don't get all the abilities a race offers at 1st level. There is a feat progression in ancestry as well. These feats can sometimes make other things available, such as Otherworldly Magic, which I took, so I had to look up Cantrips too.

For my skill feat, I took Arcane Sense, which gave Detect Magic. It didn't take me long to decide on this feat as I was wanting to push my character in a more magical direction. I didn't really read up on many others I could have taken.

Class feat selection and progression took me the longest, because I chose to make an alchemist that did not throw bombs, but I wanted to make a poisoner that shot arrows/threw daggers. So many feats, especially low level ones, only apply to bombs that I felt very confined to my choices, but still in comparing what I wanted versus what was available, I found myself taking a long time to make the choices.

In buying my gear, I had a very hard time trying to stay under the encumbered Bulk number, since my strength was only 10. I finally settled on being encumbered and ended up with 5 Bulk by the time I got my Alchemist Tools, Formula Book, Shortbow, daggers, and studded leather armor.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider!

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TL;DR every response. I just want to say that I love the Stamina Point/Resolve Point system and I think it solves both issues of heal-bots and PF2 dying condition.

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The real problem with Feats is that they are now calling everything a Feat. Something like Class Specialization and Ancestry Ability to rename class feats and ancestry feats will solve a lot of the confusion.

I really like your suggestion of spell saves being described from the perspective of the caster. I really don't think Greater type spells are even needed anymore with the new Heightening powers. Why make a new spell with a new name if you could just place a Heightened description at the bottom?

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A little backstory/history. In part 1 of Doomsday Dawn, my friend made an alchemist that threw bombs. It was cool and he had some nice feats to help him make his character like he wanted, but now for part 2, I want to make an alchemist that does something else.

I had this idea of an elf who shoots poison arrows/throws poison daggers at his foes. The feats for bombers seem to be much better and more of them, than an alchemist that does something else. The 3rd level class feature Empower Bombs will be something I rarely, if ever, use with this character. Since the alchemist makes 3 categories of items: bombs, poisons, and elixirs; shouldn't there be feats/class features that can allow for more specialization in the 3 categories? 3 of the 5 1st level Alchemist feats are for bombs; 3 of the 5 6th level feats are for bombs; 3 of the 6 10th level are for bombs; etc.

I would love to see feats that allow for faster application of poisons to weapons. I would love to see feats that boost DC's of poisons, and/or boost damage or condition duration. I also would love to see something done with the alchemists' familiar to make it more applicable to the class.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

what page is that on?

I have not found any rule on how to resolve ties in initiative. Am I missing the rule, or is there not one?

I am having a really hard time translating the rulebook from what it says in text to what it should mean at the table. The wording of the book is not easily understood when it comes to how the rules are to be applied. Examples:

1. They dying condition. Page 295-296 does not clearly lay out how a character goes from 0HP back to functional Positive HP, or a "back into the fight" condition. The wording on page 295 especially, under the section "If you are at 1 hit point or more:" it only lists a success condition.

2. Fighter Feat Two Weapon Flurry. Page 95. "Strike twice, once with each weapon. These do not count toward the multiple attack penalty until the second Strike." The "until the second strike part is messing me up. Does this mean the first hand is full bonus, and 2nd hand is -5? Or does it mean the two attacks are at the same bonus and after this activity, then apply the -5 or -10 to whatever comes after?

These are just 2 examples but all throughout the book I just feel like I'm supposed to approach the game with the same given assumptions as the writers did, but I have no idea what those given assumptions are.

I hope more people add to this post as they find confusing wording issues.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

1. Post the topic you were trying to search for in the Index.
2. Post the words you used to try and find that topic.

1. A list of action types that a player can do on their turn.

2. Actions

No. I did not find what I was looking for.

Multiple actions combined together are referred to as "activities" The action cost is the same, being 2 or 3 actions, but it is considered one activity. Basically, you say "I do this thing..." and you use up the actions it needs to be done.

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I just came by to say I like how the proficiency system works in this game.

hyphz wrote:

- For those classes that get their first class feat at level 2, it is confusing that the level marker for the feats still says 1. In the case of Sorcerer, the headline also says "1st level", but they get their feat at 2nd level.

Humans can take a feat which grants a class feat at first level. I would say this is why the feats are level 1 and not level 2.

Hmm... Ok. I hope the team adds some clarity on this part before Launch! Thank you!

Now I think maybe on step 4 from above i did not have to roll another fort save? On page 295, it says under "If you are at 1 hit point or more..." It only lists a success.

Thank you!

I have done very little with Pathfinder Society in the past. I played as a character in a few games and a module. That's it. I want to do the playtest. Please help me. Walk me through what I need to do please. Also, do I run Doomsday Dawn, or do I have to run the scenarios? How do I set up as a DM? How do I put on a Society Legal game? I'm lost. Sorry... :(

Thank you very much! So the only part I did wrong was on step 4. I passed the Fort save, but I should still have been at dying 1 until the end of my next turn.

I think I got it now. Thank you again!

Someone could please help me here. Death, Dying Condition, Healing and Hit Points and how they all interact is giving me problems.

1. The way I read it is that if my character is at 0 HP, I have dying condition 1. Correct?

2. My turn in initiative order changes as soon as that happens to just before the turn of the creature or thing that took me to 0 HP? Correct?

3. The cleric comes to my aid on his turn, and casts heal on me, bringing my HP up to 8. The way I understand it is I am still unconscious on the ground, even with positive HP? Correct?

4. My turn comes around. I make my Fort save, and I am now conscious, but I only have 2 actions and my reaction? or just the 2 actions with no reaction for that round? Please lend me some clarity. Thank you!

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do not see two weapon fighting anywhere in the rulebook. Why did two weapon fighting get taken out? I saw another post about Double Slice being the two weapon fighting of 2nd edition. Is this correct? Why?

I am making another character now. Human Cleric. I began over an hour ago. Just now to spells. Won't be much longer. maybe 1:20 to 1:30 I find myself flipping back and forth a lot. one thing affects another that affects another. wish i had my physical book copy along with the pdf...

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Correct me if I am wrong, but in 3.5/Pathfinder 1e, using a weapon that you are not proficient with was a -4 penalty. In 2e, being untrained is level -2, which, you will always have at least one level, so really it's a -1 or less when applied. My question is why not stick to the -4 in some way. Maybe Untrained should be level -4? In this way, it will always be a -3 or less when applied to a roll. Additionally, I think Legendary should be more than a +1 away from Master, and really set itself apart from the rest of the pack. I think this could be done by making Legendary Level +4, like the opposite of Untrained, which I think should be Level -4. In play, untrained just seemed too close to trained and expert. And I think keeping some numbers from Pathfinder 1 is good, especially when they make sense and won't break the game when used. What do you think?

Thank you for this post! Anyone who uses the word "grok" correctly is a great human being. Seriously Awesome! This post has summed up my own thoughts on the playtest so far. The rulebook is hard to read and get a solid concept on what a character should be and beyond that, what a game session should look like. I find I get lost in the lists of feats. Ancestry feats, which are just racial abilities spread out over the life of a character, really got me. Why do it that way? The running joke now is the 5th level character that wakes up and can suddenly see in the dark lol. Why? Class feats are the same way for me. They are basically the class abilities of old, but now you pick them instead of level into them. Why? Choice? Variety? Isn't there a better way? Make certain feats have class and level requirements? but then you end up with massive feat lists that take up half a book. May as well do away with classes and just make clusters of feats ala Open Legend.

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I just made my first Pathfinder Playtest Character. I made a human fighter, and it took about 2 hours from start to finish. I know it's a first character and I had to look a lot of things up, but I saw the video on character creation with Jason Bulmahn, and he claims that it will eventually only take about 15 minutes. I don't see it ever going that fast. I'm thinking 1 hour minimum.

Hello, I bought the Starfinder core rulebook recently and it has come apart. I already sent an email with photos attached twice this week, but I have not heard a reply. I read on here in other posts that Paizo is replacing bad books. Is this correct? Or should I contact the store I bought it from? Please advise.
-Joseph Williams