I'm a noob and I need help

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I have done very little with Pathfinder Society in the past. I played as a character in a few games and a module. That's it. I want to do the playtest. Please help me. Walk me through what I need to do please. Also, do I run Doomsday Dawn, or do I have to run the scenarios? How do I set up as a DM? How do I put on a Society Legal game? I'm lost. Sorry... :(

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Ironwedge, I would suggest you start by downloading the Playtest material including the Organized Play scenarios. Starting with the level 1 scenario (actually a set of quests so you could even play them one at a time) and Pregen characters (will be available soon if not yet available, I haven't checked today) may be a good gentle start and then you can choose to try Doomsday Dawn or one of the higher level scenarios. Players would also a bit of a feel for what they may want to when generating their own characters.

If you wish to be Society legal then make sure you have an Organized Play number registered to you. This can be done under My Account>Organized Play. Then if you are running this you would select the GM/Event Coordinator tab to register your game. There is also a button there if you wish to generate Organized Play numbers to provide your players.

The important thing to remember is that you will all be learning together so things may take a little extra time. It is fine to be looking up rules and clarifying things as you play, though the more you read and prepare the more likely you are to feel comfortable starting.

You may also have an active local group with experienced players and organizers who can guide and help you.

Best of luck and have fun gaming.

Thank you!

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