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Thinker wrote:
This looks like it will compatible with the Waterfront Map Pack. What's going to be on the flip side? Is there any chance to get the Map packs to have there own flipsides? Having just a white side seems to be a waste of a side.
It looks like it's blue on the other side. If it matches color with the flip side of the ship flip-mat this'll be a real win. Either way that tavern's goign to see a lot of brawls at my table!
It doesn't match Flip-Mat: Ship, but it does match Map Pack: Waterfront—and there are multiple ways to put them together, so a wide variety of waterfront locations can be created.
The backside of Flip-Mat: Waterfront Tavern is more blank cobblestone that matches the texture of the ground as you approach both the FM: Waterfront Tavern and MP: Waterfront.

An open street is good for a nice scrap that spills out of the bar's front door. Any chance we may see a small ship/large boat in this series?

(updated) Nevermind! GameMastery Flip-Mat: Ship