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blackbloodtroll wrote:
If it is for the Warpriest, you don't even need the Shield Spikes.

I'm not sure on that. Unless the shield itself can be given weapon enchantments, it can't be given the Agile enchantment. I know that in 3.5 you could only give the spikes on a shield weapon enchantments, not the shield itself, but they had separate enchantments. (This was abused when using the 'Defending' enchantment and what-not.) If that's been changed in Pathfinder (I honestly don't know if it is), then you're right; otherwise, shield spikes are the way to go.

...Shield spikes would probably be the way to go anyway, since you could have separate enchantments for the weapon and the shield itself. It's a more expensive route, but it allows you to have all sorts of enchantments if you have the money for it.

...One damage.

My apologies -- I was hoping Corbin would start posting, as the day's passed. No matter, though.

Rolling to Touch the leader with a Ray of Frost (9+1 due to size modifier).

Raphaele assesses the situation momentarily, then begins to conjure up magical energy. With a sigh, he waves his hand at the leader of the thugs, causing a cold jet to fly toward him.

For future reference, my character has exactly 11 AC... Because he only has 10 DEX. Yes, really. So, it hits.

The pin slams against the gnome's head, and the little man stumbles back with a dazed expression. "Not the face," he manages to groan.

"Yes," the gnome sighs, "I always seem to choose that."

The gnome waves his hands about in a theatrical, attention-grabbing circle, color following his motions. Then, he thrusts his right hand forward, causing a myriad of colors to burst from his open palm.

I cast Color Spray at the opposing group. The spell save DC is 17 (due to my feat and racial modifier).

"Of course this would happen the moment we step off that flotsam," a rather pessimistic voice chimes in. "Of course it would."

The small, blue-haired gnome at the back of the group rubs his face with his palm, eying the thugs before him with a sigh. "Can't you slack-jaws go drool on someone else?" he asks, adjusting his goggles. "Like the woman said, we'd rather go about our business without having the scent of raw sewage permeating from your breath."

17+0, 17 initiative.

Also, I decided to roll for diplomacy, in case it matters. As you can see, I rolled a 5. Minus 2.