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Hey, I love this list. Using the data, what would you all think Magnimar's settlement block would look like?

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Only new thing I'd really want is a ranged Magus class archetype that fights with Prayer Strips that are thrown. Or even just a Magus feat for it.

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keftiu wrote:


This is *insanely* exciting. I can’t wait - thank you, Paizo!


Also, was there a preorder date for the Lost Omens books that I missed? I'm preordering the AP now.

*and preordered*

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Fantastic! I love it.

All of my groups are now officially switching to PF2e, with the Beginner's Box coming up this Sunday.

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Stupid question: if I preordered this when it first was announced, I don't need to do anything to get the PDF version?

...even though, ironically, we're probably going to switch to PF2e anyway...

I felt the need to rewrite Way of the Spellshot. It's not a full rewrite, more a moving around of weird things that don't make sense. I'd love it if someone who's more familiar with the rules than I take it apart and see if it breaks anything.

Change #1: Its no longer a Class Archetype, because I can't figure out (and the various threads I read can't either) why its a Class Archetype.

Change #2: Remove the Class DC change. Not necessary.

Change #3: The Dedication benefit (which was a terrible feat tax) becomes the Slinger's Reload. That's listed below.


Conjured Reload (1 action)
Flourish, Magical, Gunslinger
You conjure an ordinary level 0 bolt or bullet out of thin air and then immediately Interact to load it into your weapon. If you damage a creature with this conjured bullet, the damage is magical. If the bolt or bullet isn't fired before the end of your turn, the effect is wasted.

Change #4: Energy Shot gets the following appended to its text:

"At 9th level, the extra damage you deal increases by 1 to a total of 2, and at 18th level the extra damage increases to a total of 3."

Change #5: Call Gun becomes a 1st level feat.

Change #6: Thoughtful Reload becomes a feat!


Thoughtful Reload (free action) Feat 2
Flourish, Gunslinger, Spellshot
As you sink deep into a state of analytical calm and focus on the foe before you, your hands reload a bullet instinctively. Whenever you Interact to load a bolt or bullet, you can attempt a Recall Knowledge check against an opponent you can see. You have a +2 circumstance bonus to the roll.

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Fumarole wrote:
I'd be quite happy buying mini-scale quality JPGs for the AP maps. I would either use them on the TV I have on my table, or for more epic encounters take the file to a print shop and have a custom map printed, which is what I have been doing for the one-shots (which are excellent, by the way).

I commissioned a guy to make all the maps in Inkarnate for me. I'm fairly certain he'll post them at some point to his Patreon, so I'll link them when that happens.

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I will buy literally anything Paizo puts out if it includes Golarion + 5e. I've already converted Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne for my own tables, and we're just a few sessions away from the climax of Curse of the Crimson Throne! Then I'm on to converting Shattered Star and then Return of the Runelords.

After all those four, I'm taking a vacation from DMing for a bit (that's totally a lie, I'm already thinking about what to run after Return of the Runelords, and its still a toss up in my mind).

I might just be dumb, but I have a map question:

Area A13 of Castle Korvosa has a hallway that leads west to....nothing? Does it connect to area A12? Or does it connect to one of the towers?

RiverMesa wrote:

While a full-on "Lost Omens for 5e players" primer might be out of the question (and let's face it, with how self-contained this AP is, I imagine it's trivial to transplant the whole affair into a setting like Forgotten Realms or Eberron, though obviously Paizo can't legally tell you how), a 5e conversion of the player's guide would be pretty great, IMHO - backgrounds that hook PCs into the adventure (with a payoff!) are a great thing about Pathfinder APs, so it would be great to showcase that as well, even though AbV is hardly the most idiosyncratic or unusual premise.

(And yes, folks could just grab the existing PF2 player's guide for it since it's so light on mechanics anyway, but that'd still have some friction to it, I feel.)

It would be especially difficult since there's so much that's not in the SRD (if memory serves, there's only the Champion fighter subclass, which is the most boring s%@+ ever, for example). I'm fairly certain a collection of "backgrounds" would not be impossible, as the structure of backgrounds are in the SRD, but there'd be a crapload of overlap since backgrounds are incredibly broad. Couple that with some Pathfinder-Specific magic items, spells, and maybe a few custom subclasses, and you could have a reasonble softcover to go along with it.

Whimsy Chris wrote:
RiverMesa wrote:
While a full-on "Lost Omens for 5e players" primer might be out of the question...

I'm surprised one of these hasn't been created by a community of 5e players who like the Lost Omens campaign setting. There are some important factors to consider when fitting your character into Golarion, particularly among races. For instance, in Golarion, elves are not ancestors of the First World, so Fey Ancestry doesn't make as much sense, but it would make some sense for Gnomes.

Maybe someday, I'll come up with a list of Golarion racial variants for 5e, complete with subraces based on Golarian heritages.

I made one for my players, but it's messy and wouldn't be appropriate to post. I didn't do a whole lot as far as changing abilities, as I considered it unnecessary (why change Fey Ancestry, as it befits Elves even if they aren't descendants of fey).

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keftiu wrote:
5e groups can still use the bulk of the content in the Lost Omens books - just not the mechanics. There’s not much conversion needed on the player side; a Fighter is still a Fighter, there’s Golarion deities who fit all of 5e’s Cleric domains, most Ancestries have clear parallels in extant 5e Races (outside of the really oddball stuff - though reflavoring goes a long way) and so on.

Yah. Speaking as a DM that's been running Golarion in 5e for nearly four years, its super easy to translate. Honestly, I'm tempted to just make a post to support exactly that.

EDIT: I might be slightly crazy, but now I'm tempted to go buy the Beginner's Box and Troubles in Otari and convert them myself for people to use.

I'll be buying this solely to show that there's a market for it, even though I don't see myself running this particular AP (although I've been wrong before).

I've also converted and ran Rise of the Runelords and I'm converting and running Curse of the Crimson Throne right now in 5e! It can be done.

We're almost done with Crimson Throne.


rkotitan wrote:

I made a ton of maps for this and downloaded even more. Some of these aren't my work but I'm going to throw them all into a google docs folder and share them. I believe that the majority of these were made by Angelrobe and I downloaded them for my game. I made maps for Scarwall but I never made maps for book 6.

CoTCT Maps

I believe I did a map at one point for the Deathhead Vault but it lost to time. I hope that these help.

All the praise to the person who made all the original maps for the first four books in those folders.

EDIT: I should note that some of my Scarwall maps are quite large and some creative use of crop in a basic image editor. I also added the maps I made for book 6. I hope they help someone.

Also, I'm very much an amateur. You can clearly tell the difference between my low rent maps and Angelrobe's work. :)

Thread necro go!

This is fantastic, as I'm running Curse of the Crimson Throne now that I've finished Rise of the Runelords!

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I ordered each of my players one of these to commemorate us finishing Rise of the Runelords. They all loved it.

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Huge necro, but these are fantastic as I'm finally getting around to running Curse of the Crimsone Throne.

Oh, alright! Thank you.

I needed a gift for Curse of the Crimson Throne anyway.

Logan Harper She/Her wrote:
Inchoroi wrote:

I've emailed a couple of times, but I figured I'd post here just for the sake of completeness.

I ordered some stuff on New Years Eve. The books I ordered arrived on the 13th of January; however, I did not receive some of the things I ordered. To make it more confusing, I got a few things I didn't order.

I know things are crazy and I'm not in a huge rush!


I am so sorry for the order mix up! I have set up a replacement order to ship out to you as soon as possible. The new order is # 36343631 and you should be receiving an email confirmation here shortly as well. Please let me know if I can assist you further :)

Oh, it happens! However, I did get some items that I didn't order. Where should I send those back to?

I've emailed a couple of times, but I figured I'd post here just for the sake of completeness.

I ordered some stuff on New Years Eve. The books I ordered arrived on the 13th of January; however, I did not receive some of the things I ordered. To make it more confusing, I got a few things I didn't order.

I know things are crazy and I'm not in a huge rush!

I was wondering if anyone had a map they used for the wreck of the Paradise? I know my players will immediately try to go swim down and investigate the wreck.

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Gnutten wrote:

Yes Trace, I saw the repost, and that’s a really nice copy of the Graul homestead. Big thanks for uploading them. =)

I went through this long thread several times and tried to collect everything I could get for this campaign, but sadly quite a lot of the items are now missing.

The hero339 wonderful maps are my favorites though, and I have located several of those but have only been able to find low res copies of the chapter 3 maps.

I have the stained-glass windows in Foxglove Manor in my PowerPoint material though. I could try to upload that presentation if I just clean it up a little.

Hero339's maps are so good. I'd love to get all of them; I wish they hadn't deleted their profile. I'm currently looking for Foxglove's Townhouse.

Lawrencelot wrote:
Inchoroi wrote:
Super crazy comment on an old thread, but has anyone created art for the stained-glass windows in Foxglove Manor? That was a missed opportunity, I feel...
Yes, someone did. You can search for it in the facebook group GMs for Rise of the Runelords. I can also look for it on my other laptop if you can't find it.

Excellent; I requested to be added to the facebook group. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon, but if you do find it, I'd still appreciate it.

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Super crazy comment on an old thread, but has anyone created art for the stained-glass windows in Foxglove Manor? That was a missed opportunity, I feel...

Anyone know of an Actual Play or PbP thread for the Stoneheart Valley adventure? I found one, but it ends mysteriously right after the group enters The Tomb of Abysthor...

Is Apothasalos (did I spell that right?) mentioned in Sword of Air detailed in any of the older books from Necromancer Games? If so, which one?

Greg A. Vaughan wrote:

The Borderland Provinces are mainly due south of the area covered in Sword of Air, and the Sundered Kingdoms are southeast or it. Southwest of the Sword of Air areas would be the Kingdoms of Foere, which we have not yet published.


Ah, mkay. Also, does anyone know of any Play-by-Posts, Actual Plays, or Podcasts of Sword of Air? Doesn't matter the edition, but I'm just curious how other DMs have run it.

silverhair2008 wrote:

It is above the Borderland Provinces in the region known as the Gulf of Akados. And yes the BP Players' Gazetteer should have most of what you would need about the races of the Lost Lands.

EDIT: If you don't find the Gazetteer here it can be found here . Along with the Gulf of Akados map.

If I'm reading this right (bought it and the Stoneheart Valley adventure, too; I am poor again...)the Borderland Provinces are to the southwest of the area where the Sword of Air takes place, correct?

GM Rednal wrote:
To the best of my knowledge, no, there is not a Player's Guide for Sword of Air.

Didn't think so. The various races of the Lost Lands aren't detailed in another book, are they? I've still got a little play money left...

So, bought this on a lark, and now I'm hooked. Going to run it, but I wondered; is there a sort of "Players Guide" that I can also get, so I can give my players a decent summary of the region for them to make there characters, where the various races come from, etc?

It doesn't seem like there is, from what I've read--with the Campaign Setting still being in development, iirc--but I figured I'd ask.

Joana wrote:
Point them to this FAQ?

Beautiful, thank you.

I'm going to be printing my Pawns at my local Staples; is there a thing I can get to show them that I'm allowed to print them, so I don't destroy my poor, ancient printer with cardstock?

This thread is so awesome. Thanks to everyone that worked on all those maps. This is going to make my campaign so much easier.

Askren wrote:
Inchoroi wrote:
is it ever explained why they call themselves that, or is it a safe trope that there were originally seven members? Maybe five now, since Vorel died decades ago. That also seems to imply that these individuals are longer-lived than average, so humans might be out completely.

Nope, the origin of the name is never explained. Vorel Foxglove was a human.

I can assume its never written up in any books dealing with Cheliax, is it?

I just checked the Cheliax, Empire of Devils companion book, and there does not seem to be any mention of Norgorber or Skinsaw in the book at all. In fact, as far as I can tell, Vyre (the city the cult is said to originate in) does not actually exist on the Cheliax map at all.

If you intend to construct a plot involving the Skinsaw cult that is the Brotherhood of the Seven, you may way to reference the Inner Sea Gods book, as well as mostly similar information in Faiths of Corruption. Since this is an area where information is scarce and will have to be written, you want to make sure you understand the specific details about Norgorber, who he is, his various incarnations and forms of worship, and how and why the Skinsaw aspect of him differs from normal worship, and then from there delve into how and why a coalition of powerful individuals might meet in secret to venerate this particular aspect of the god in the form of murder.

Thanks, Askren! Those books should be helpful, if I can get a hold of them for a couple minutes. I'll have to go visit my old DM to get a look at them.

However, I had an epiphany, which I think might work out better. Its certainly a shorter plot than before, but has a fun little twist to give them some fun stuff to do.

Askren wrote:
Inchoroi wrote:
Who are the Brothers of the Seven? I know that Justice Ironbriar is one, but who are the others?

Unknown, this is never covered in any sourcebooks. The only information we have is that Justice Ironbriar is the current leader, and that he took over for Vorel Foxglove when Vorel disappeared (he died in the process of attempting to become a Lich in Misgivings Manor's underground). The actual cult of the Brotherhood of the Seven as a branch that broke off from a larger group in Cheliax decades ago and has kind of turned into it's own thing.

Though as the Runelords books seem to indicate, the Brotherhood of the Seven is referred to as some larger entity, seemingly run by some council of important people living double-lives, but when actually engaged it seems to mostly be some random cultists run by Ironbriar, with no other leadership or heirarchy.

If you want to build it up into a much bigger entity, run by a council of actual, powerful people stationed around Magnimar in secret, much like Ironbriar, that is perfectly do-able, it just seems like it would be something that would take a long time to uncover and deal with, and not really just a thing to wrap up at the end of the book.

I appreciate you putting up with the noob questions...

Yeah, its looking like this'll be a bigger detour than originally thought, but they're so gung ho about it, so I'll give it a try.

So, I need to
1. Identify the other six members of the Brotherhood of the Seven; is it ever explained why they call themselves that, or is it a safe trope that there were originally seven members? Maybe five now, since Vorel died decades ago. That also seems to imply that these individuals are longer-lived than average, so humans might be out completely.

I can assume its never written up in any books dealing with Cheliax, is it? I know I don't have any of those...I'll have to see if my old DM has them, in that case.

2. Build a plot around them; they'd definitely want to target the party, because the party will be out to get them as it is. I had wanted to include one of the character's past friends as a brain-washed patsy or other minion, to provide some closure on that plot thread he presented when he made the character (I had mentioned to him the Skinsaw Cult before I had bought the Magnimar book, and he ran with it).

Two more hours until I get home...

Askren wrote:
The real ending of Skinsaw Murders was supposed to be the Misgivings Manor, but no one writing the book realized this so they accidentally put it in the middle.

Yeah, I got that impression, too.

Maybe I can do something with going after the Brothers of the Seven, then...

Who are the Brothers of the Seven? I know that Justice Ironbriar is one, but who are the others? Maybe I'll have to group target them instead, so they can get their lust for wiping out the cult done.

Damn not being able to bring my books to work...

Maybe give each of them their own cult members; a la the Seven's Sawmill was just Ironbriar's minions, and the others are now going to target the group, to make their lives difficult and end them for Father Skinsaw.

Askren wrote:

There are no other canon modules or stories that reference the Skinsaw Cult that I know of.

The Hidden Cult of Norgorber within Magnimar, dedicated to the worship of Norgorber as that "Reaper of Reputation" is led by Staunton Vhane, the Forever Man, who is given in the Magnimar: City of Monuments book as a level Taldan Human 15 Cleric. Not much else is written about him.

Be aware that James Jacobs accidentally used the name Staunton Vhane again in Wrath of the Righteous as a Dwarven NPC, they're not the same person.

As for bringing him down to a place where a level 6~ party can kill him? I wouldn't do it.

EDIT: I feel I should also point out, the Cult of Norgorber is NOT the Skinsaw Cult. They are two different things.

Hm...maybe I misread it. Isn't the Skinsaw cult part of the Cult of Norgorber, more accurately, worshiping him in the guise of Father Skinsaw?

Also, I can't remember reading this, but is the Seven's Sawmill the only real Skinsaw cult in Magnimar, or are there other actual Skinsaws in Magnimar? I know killing Xanesha ends the threat...but that seems so trivial that only a dozen or so cultists in the entire city are members of the Skinsaw, and once they're gone, that's it.

I should mention that the party has stated on multiple occasions that they want to destroy the Skinsaw cult...both in character and out of character, and while chit-chatting before and after sessions. That's what I'm trying to cater to, anyway.

EDIT: Before we began the campaign, I showed them the character hooks in the player's guide, and almost all of them have something to do with the Skinsaw cult in their backstories, and my group never has more fun than when their backstories are included in the adventure somehow.

I guess what I'm saying is that the Seven's Sawmill as the end of the Skinsaw in Magnimar seems...anticlimactic? Is that the word I'm looking for?

I'm currently DMing Rise of the Runelords, and we're going to finish up Chapter 2 tomorrow, most likely; if not tomorrow's session, than the next one.

Something I've really noticed to this point, however, is the players and their characters have enormous rage against the Skinsaw cult and desire to wipe them off the face of the earth completely. I've been looking into ways to do that, and was reading about The Forever Man and his shenanigans.

So, I thought: What better way to have some fun with the party than have them face something like that guy? IIRC (don't have my books right now), he's probably higher level than they are now, so I'll have to tone him down if I do use him, but I wondered if there were any modules that use him/deal with ending him--or a similar villain--or if I'll have to write my own (which I think is the case).

I wanted to ask the experts here if anyone else has dealt with this Bad Dude before, what they did, and especially if anyone has some suggestions for a plot to kill him that I can work with, as I'm fairly new to Pathfinder and Golarion so probably don't have all the lore down yet.

EDIT: I also have access to some older modules from previous editions, too, so I can mine those if someone has a suggestion.

Badmudderfugger wrote:

Howdy All!

Three more oracular mysteries for use with 5th Edition D&D (Bone, Lore, and Time) are now available for your review and approval here!

Enjoy! are my hero. My entire group is drooling over this adventure, so it looks like I'll be running this instead of Curse of the Crimson Throne.

From what it looks like, you've got the first chapter done, right?