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I hate genre aware enemies. And I hate nickel back...

Why dragon style? I've never understood what's so great about that style. I've always liked crane and snake styles for a defensive character.

Your comment about people thinking him a mage got me thinking. Is an empyreal sorc/monk/EK effective using my fists? I've heard it suggested but never seen an actual build.

Thanks for the advice so far. Keep it coming please.

So, my synthesist summoner died recently due to being shot full of holes by the extremely common gunslingers in my friends campaign that I'm a player in. So, I need help making a monk that has a super high touch AC.

Now, there are two main things I need to accomplish:
1. Really high touch AC/defensive abilities coupled with good enough offense
2. I can't LOOK like a threat until I'm in combat.

My summoner was targeted first (and rightfully so, I'm not complaining) because he was a monster. A person in clothes with no weapons won't be shot first by an ambush.

I don't NEED a monk, but I just figured it'd be best. Anything that fits the above to requirements would be fine. I'm unfamiliar with how to make a monk, really, so any and all advice is welcome.

And... Go!

Maybe I could pull off a sylvan sorcerer eldritch knight...

... But I hate the fey bloodline. What bloodlines would be an effective mix with sylvan for a mounted build?

Kolokotroni wrote:
Are you permitted 3rd party material, and how castery do you want to be. The supergenius Dragon Rider is a 4 level caster (like a paladin) Full bab d10 hd character who's focus is a dragon mount. So if you dont mind just 4 levels of spell casting, it is a great option.

Nope, no 3rd party. If I could have, I would have loved to make a dragon rider. They're so cool :P I don't have to be too castery, but if like it to be either arcane or divine with some arcane. No paladin with the mount.

Tangaroa wrote:

Take toughness?

If you are looking for a BAB>.75 and d8 HD or greater, you can also do a Nagaji aspirant druid - another divine caster with arcane spells (without a level bump, like the lorekeeper).

There's two problems with this...

1. Druids aren't based around mounted combat (i.e. I'd be squandering the hordes of other abilities).

2. Someone in the game I might use this in is already doing a Druid. Perhaps I should have mentioned that earlier.

I'll look at that archetype again, but I don't think it fits.

So far I'm leaning towards ancient lorewarden

If this isn't PFS, which it isn't, can I do a scion of humanity aasimar, take racial heritage elf, and use the ancient Lorekeeper? I just remembered the celestial servant feat.

Tangaroa wrote:

Anyone: Take the appropriate monster cohort

Summoner: Obviously, a beastlike eidolon
Wizard/Witch: Craft Construct, or Craft Wonderous item to make figurines of wonderous power.
Necromancer: Zombie horse/skeltal horse
Conjurer: Ride summons, Mount, Phantasmal Steed, Planar Ally
Illusionist: Shadow Conjuration, Simulacrum
Enchanter: Dominate Monster, Charm Monster
Transmuter: (Permanent) animated object

Sorcerer: As above, plus the sylvan wildblooded bloodline for the animal companion.
Bard: Dirge bard or Animal Speaker, maybe?

The problem with a lot of these is "great, I have a mount, but I'm too squishy to do mounted ANYTHING."

I'll have to look at Ancient Lorekeeper. You made it sound great. I would say no normally to divine casters for this idea, but if I can get some arcane spells... Yay.

What about all those fighter archetypes based around mounts? Was there an FAQ to give them mounts even though they didn't get them before? Maybe they'd work.

By eldritch knight I don't necessarily mean the PrC. I just mean an arcane spellcaster who can also do melee. In this case, on a mount.

The idea just occurred to me, but I have no idea how you'd do it. I was thinking cavelier/wizard or sorcerer/EK, but I'd have to take 4 levels in cavelier early on for horse master.

So, pathfinder community, how could this be done?

Never, EVER use the undead lord cleric archetype. It trades too much for a corpse companion that will always be useless. Secondly, because you have the cleric's channeling, choose a different arcane school. Which one you choose depends on what else you want to be good at.

I really like MT, but it's supoptimal while using the aasimar SLA to qualify much less NOT doing that. The bonus feat is great, but early qualification is infinitely better.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

My favorite?

Racial Heritage(Grippli), and Agile Tongue.

Racial heritage was a bad, bad idea...

Well, big cats or an allosaurus are the best mechanically.

Plus, the aberrant sorcerer would fit princely, as you'll have good CHA for a face role. If you still want to do maneuvers, go into eldritch knight.

Unless your character concept is "I want to be useless," don't be a Pathfinder Chronicler.

I totally vote battle herald. If you're going to take eldritch heritage, you'll be sorta feat starved. Human might be the best race option for you due to the bonus feat.

There's the Jedi don't prep their powers everyday thing.

I'd change the rogue to be a ninja.

I'm gearing more towards the dark side (surprise surprise).

Monk seems not magic/force powered enough (remember, it'd also be nice to fill the arcane caster niche in the party), but eldritch knight might be TOO magical for this. Also, magus doesn't really have the utility spells needed to fill the arcane caster niche, so I'm not liking that.

Overall, I think a DEX-based (but not dervish) EK might be best for me. I can live with too much magic (and nobody ever said there couldn't be a force fire as well as force lightning), so how could be build that?

Sorcerer or wizard, first of all?

Would Sith be LE or NE?

LazarX wrote:
I Hate Nickelback wrote:
LazarX: I thought it was kinda irrelevant for you to have asked that, but by no means was a annoyed or otherwise unhappy that you posted it. I'm just a player, and it fits because he's not REALLY a Jedi, just his stats are based of one. He's just another mage-knight.

The player posted his concept on an open board asking for assistance and commentary. That makes it pretty open to me. He could have taken the opportunity to put himself above the rabble of idiots who try to justify bringing literal characters from another universe through the hackneyed portal or wrecked starship device. If you post on an open forum than ANYONE has the right to comment or make a question on your post. If you can't stand that thought, than go to a private channel.

I gave him an opportunity to explain his concept of the character beyond being a bundle of rules mechanics. I asked my question without a hint of prejudgement.6 Instead he chose the passive-aggressive posture of someone who had a hackneyed concept and was choosing bluster as a response.

I'm sorry, what? You understand that post you replied to was from the OP (me) and explained how I'm fitting my character in.

I'm just confused now, though. Your post was written as if to a person criticizing my character idea.

And your post was irrelevant because I asked not how to incorporate my character into any campaign setting.

Thank you and goodbye.

Monk never even occurred to me, it looks like it'd fit really well. However, aren't weapon using monks suboptimal in the extreme?

Maybe an MoMS dip?

karossii wrote:
therealthom wrote:

Hard to believe anyone would favorite karossii's unhelpful snark. I'm sure LazarX's post was genuine curiousity, and that he was looking for more data to inform his suggestions to the OP.

On topic, Magus looks good if you;re limited to Paizo material. Mike Franke has a great idea if Dreamscarred Press material is allowed. I've played with a couple guys whose PCs were Psychic Warriors and they were huge fun and effective too.

I admit I had not considered that as a potential reason for the question (and given the phrasing, I sincerely doubt that WAS the intent) - but if it was, I would apologize.

On these and many other forums, one all too often sees people judging others' choices because it does not meet with their mental vision of how a game should be played. That is more of what his comment sounded like was happening. And my reply to that was not 'snark' as you put it, but indignation for the OP. If my assumption is correct and that was the intent of the question, then LazarX had no right to ask unless he were the DM or a player, as I stated, and my post was fully appropriate and justified. And in that case, your snark would be baseless and inappropriate.

As the OP, I'm going to put a stop to this argument so it doesn't derail my thread.

LazarX: I thought it was kinda irrelevant for you to have asked that, but by no means was a annoyed or otherwise unhappy that you posted it. I'm just a player, and it fits because he's not REALLY a Jedi, just his stats are based of one. He's just another mage-knight.

Karossii: When you see an irrelevant comment, don't blow it up into an argument, but thanks for trying to keep the thread on topic.

Boom, peacekeeper over hee-a!

Very helpful suggestions, thank you. My problem with a DEX based magus in this particular build is that I want a light sabre. Not a light scimitar. They're very different looking blades.

So no dervish here.

That leaves a normal DEX build, but that may be more feats than a magus can handle. Plus, a magus is build around spell strike. Jedi/Sith don't really do that. They either do a force thing or swing their LS. Never at the same time, really.

So unless eldritch knight would completely fail, if prefer that.

And absolutely no dragon disciple. I'm hard to think of any Jedi who can breathe fire, fly, and turn into a dragon. Doesn't fit the theme IMO.

Hey all,

I had a character for an upcoming campaign (in two days) that was melee oriented, but when I found out the rest of the party was too, I now want to help full a different niche... but still want to do some melee.

So I decided to bring to life my desire of playing a Jedi/Sith in PF. I need help with a few things. But first, some goals for the character and my plan(s) to accomplish them, if any:

1. Jumping high
-I was going to max out acrobatics, have a high DEX, and get acrobatics as a class skill.

2. Be decent-to-good in melee
- I was gonna take some levels in a class that can do melee. This conflicts with the above goal in a way I'll get to below.

3. Be able to do some magic (reflavored as the Force, of course)
- I was going to take levels in wizard or sorcerer (probably sorcerer, as I prefer those and Jedi/Sith have a more limited amount of powers than is have as a wizard).

4. Somehow mix 2 and 3
- I was simply going to take levels in Eldritch Knight.

Now, for the problems with each...

1 And 2: I'm not sure what class that can do melee (preferably full BAB) fits the theme well AND also gives acrobatics as a class skill. Also, perhaps, a higher bae speed than simply 30 ft might be good so I can jump more than 30 ft.

3: I'm not sure which would be better, sorcerer or wizard. Which bloodline (I'm thinking arcane for the bonded object, a sword) or school (probably enchantment for Jedi/Sith mind tricks) would be best?

4. Am I going about this all wrong? Would kensai magus be best?

Overall, those are the most specific problems. I want to be DEX based, so I was thinking goblin (the RPing problems shouldn't be prevelant in this campaign) for the +4 DEX. And I l can be YODA!!! :D

I'm thinking a light saber could be a brilliant energy weapon. What spells would fit best? Telekinesis definitely.

I'm just looking for advice on... Pretty much everything, I guess.

Thanks in advance,
I Hate Nickelback

Song of Storms

A pugwampi gremlin with the giant template added over and over again until it's colossal.

Can't you use share spells to enlarge person it and put permenency on that too?

Emmit Svenson wrote:

Rings of mushrooms and toadstools used to be called fairy rings, and were said to be homes to the fae or passage to their world. Perhaps the wizard’s original infection is a first world curse, and the fae who laid it on him or her comes to gloat from time to time, perhaps with an entourage.

Alternately, perhaps he contracted his fungal infection from a fungal layer of the abyss, and the place is slowly becoming a gateway to that demonic realm.

Fake Healer wrote:
...he's a really fun-gi.
Your puns are in spore taste.

Someone really needs to punish you.

Way too much dipping and, if you go straight cleric, you need a Hightower WIS than that.

Maybe that savage barbarian archetype using obsidian weapons? You'd be like an Aztec warrior. Name him Moctezuma.

It's good that you want your dwarf to be flavorful, but you're sacrificing way too much optimization with the feats. That's just my opinion.

Not to mention while you're doing your thing, other monsters will shred you.

What level is the party?

Do everything u can to make his acrobatics skill absurdly high. Go into duelist.

RAW, there's no max to how high you can jump as long as you roll high enough.

Oh, and five levels of gunslinger for DEX to damage of course.

Ummm, spell slinger is garbage, so that's one thing. I've actually been toying around with a sniper idea. Look at the cavalier archetypes luring cavalier and musketeer. They stack, and make for a great sniper like character. Then take some levels in urban barbarian for that DEX rage thingy. Lastly, go the vital strike tree and take furious finish to max out the damage dice. Maybe a level of lame oracle so you can rage cycle and use mending to fix your gun after misfires.

I'm not sure how sound this is, as I've just been toying with it in my header, but maybe it's a good idea. Sorry if it's way off what you wanted.

Two flails?


Penalties everywhere.

Thanks for the link. That mystery looks... Like garbage, really. The only thing I actually like is the capstone. My character would commit suicide the instant they got to level 20...

If you're evil, have you considering maybe doing some minionmancy? If yes, burn a feat for experimental spellcaster. The words of power version of animate dead (undeath) is so much better (range and no material component).

Drop WIS and up STR?

Occult Mystery? What book is that from? Link, maybe?

Huh, very cool. Dotting for interest.

MrSin wrote:
I Hate Nickelback wrote:
Ooh, that's good. So now he has angel, kobold, human, and orc blood in him. He's an abomination.
Explains the low wisdom score... and maybe lack of hygiene.

Exactly! :D

And Rynjin, that's a great feat progression. I suppose this build is a cheesy abuse of racial heritage, but it's countered by natural attacks being suboptimal.

Thanks everyone, I think I have what I need. Unless anyone has any other advice for this character, I think I'm good.

Ooh, that's good. So now he has angel, kobold, human, and orc blood in him. He's an abomination.

Well, dark tapestry is certainly one of my favorite mysteries, and with spells like black tentacles and feeblemind, you can do your goals well. For debuffs, you want your saves high, so max out CHA.

With that point buy, you might be able to do some melee too? If yes, consider Angel blooded aasimar for the +2 STR and CHA.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Whales. Really big, flying whales. With unicorn horns.

I but I can't take those with racial heritage... Can I?

I think by this point I'm just being cheesy and selfish, but are there any ways this guy could get a bite attack permanently?

MrSin wrote:
I Hate Nickelback wrote:
I'm only really interested in natural attacks that are permanently on me, as I can't take weapon focus gore (just an example) if it isn't permanent.
Feats like weapon focus have a diminished value if your using natural attacks, unless you have like 5 of the same time. Its not like two weapon fighting with 2 wakazashis or sawtooth sabres where you deliver six attacks of the same type and you get the bonus on all of them, your getting a bonus to two attacks out of the 4+ your making. The upside is they are all at your full BAB if they're all primary. If your a barbarian for instance, that's pretty frightening and powerful. The downside is that you don't get iteratives so you may want quiet a few, but another upside is your only paying as much as the guy wielding two weapons anyway.

Eh, I'll figure feats out later.

As for having enough: claw, claw, wing, wing, tail. I think that's enough lol. Weapon focus on the claws and wings would be ok because they're in pairs. Tail would be fine because I need all the to-hit on secondaries I can get.


I pictured him to be more lawful than a barbarian would be, so I'm not sure if I'll do that.

I'm only really interested in natural attacks that are permanently on me, as I can't take weapon focus gore (just an example) if it isn't permanent.

I've been considering maybe simply going Ranger 2/Fighter 18. I can have the flavor of hunting fiends without necessarily specializing in it. I do, however, love the idea of a shadow dancer dip for HiPS. I was planning on using light armor, so stealth is an option.

Can I justify his belief that he's cursed with simply a low INT? If I could, I'd just go straight ranger and everything would be peachy.

Or inquisitor. That'd fit the flavor.

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