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That said I looked at iron gods summary and I'd love to play/run it with a different group (one with players that don't try to press a rookie-GM-using-published-setting's limits)

My reason for not using any sci fi like settings is that most of my group don't want to have to learn even more rules and such. Same goes for use of psionics. We are quite happy with the sword and sorcery setting. I am not even going to allow firearms even though we've had multiple gunslingers already (for setting purposes).

(If this is the wrong forum I'll gladly repost this in its proper place)

I'm trying to make KotOR into a Pathfinder campaign and advice is welcome

To be more precise I've only ever GM'd modules and the first third of the first book of Kingmaker (my group at the time liked to try and go against the story just to give the freshman GM a rough time so I shut down the game rather than take BS). I've never done anything even close to writing my own campaign so I could some advice (even though the skeleton of the story already exists).

So this campaign will be based on the Star Wars game Knights of the Old Republic. It was originally based on D&D so I think it is a good candidate to be altered into a Pathfinder game. It won't be using the sci fi rules. It's all sword and sorcery, not even guns. I won't be summarizing KotOR so if you don't know it or need a refresher look it up. Plenty of sources out there. Much of the concern stems from making a single player story that is focused on the PC into a campaign for 3-5 players.

Here are the alterations I made so far:
-A relatively new Coalition of allied nations rather than a unified Republic that is already thousands of years old
-A top notch Academy of Magic that stands independent of any one nation (and wields moderate political power itself) instead of the Jedi Order
-While small schools exist for arcane and churches and such exist for divine the Academy is where the best of the best train and learn magic both arcane and divine.
-Rather than a galaxy it takes place on a single world roughly 2.5 the size of Earth (same gravity though) with large oceans so it hasn't all been explored
-Game takes place on one or two large continents on one hemisphere
-The invading came from the "unexplored" hemisphere and quickly gained a foothold by conquest of weaker unsuspecting territories and by a few whose people welcomed a change from their previous corrupt and wasteful governments
-Opening will be on a small Coalition military base just outside an independent but neutral city-state which replace the Endar Spire and Taris respectively.
-The 4 main quest planets with be replaced with 4 nations or cities of similar settings (jungle, desert, oceanic/coastal, enemy stronghold)
-Mandalorions replaced by a nation on the continent that started to conquer and were defeated before events of story which caused the Coalition to form in the first place

What I must still figure out:
-Should I secretly select a PC to be Revan without their knowledge, should I make Revan the bad guy and use another mechanic for why the PCs are following his footsteps
-Might make Revan and Malek into a larger group of 4 or 5 big bads (I find one single big bad boss is easy for a party of 4 or 5 to beat because of turn economy)
-5 mcguffins that the PCs must find in place of the Star Maps
-An uber-mcguffin to replace the Star Forge
-Should I give paths for Good AND Evil endings or just keep it as a Good campaign for the time being?
-Many things I probably haven't even thought of

I think I'm going to have to play through KotOR again just to see if there is anything I missed.

Thanks for reading. Any advice or ideas (even if it is a change to stuff on the first list) would be much appreciated.

So I'm thinking about trying to create a cestus-like weapon with 18-20 crit range so that at higher levels I can use metamagic rods in THAT hand and keep the off-hand free to cast in spell combat.

Clawed Guantlet
Exotic(6DP)+1-Handed(2DP)+2x Additional Points(2DP)
Design costs
Imp Crit range...(3DP)
Imp Crit range...(7DP)

1d3 Slashing 18-20/x2 (Attached, Fragile) 38gp

With the goal being to crit as many spellstrikes as possible (and with Quicken Spell rod I can get up 2 spells per turn 3x/day) I want to be using a base 18-20 crit range weapon. 15-20/x2 after keen (maybe Imp Crit feat at higher levels) is applied

Otherwise I might see how well I can do at just using Spellstrikes and forgoing normal attacks when I want to use a rod.

Your thoughts?

But even though I'm not using a Staff Magus NOW I think it'll be my next character. I love the flavor, I just really want to try out a build with an intelligent item thrown in.

Oh yeah. I have no intention of outright abusing the creation rules. I still intend to keep the staves I craft themed with at least two (ideally three) spells on each.

Thing is that as I read the guide Silas mentioned above, I read about the bladebound magus and talking that over with my GM we really like it. Especially in an evil campaign. I don't know what he made the black blade's purpose yet (or if he'll tell me or I have to discover it) but it also let's him be able to role play a pseudo-party member.

I've never dealt with intelligent objects in game before so I decided to leap at the opportunity. (I just wish the black blade didn't have to be a Slashing weapon, it would be fun to mix --AND WORK-- with the staff magus though that might be a little OP).

Now I just need to determine my Bladebound build.

Silas Hawkwinter wrote:
The Magus guide discuss staff Magus and has an interesting controller build right at the very end of the doc.

Actually reading about some of the archetypes in that guide makes me wonder about dropping staff Magus and picking bladebound.

Question would I determine my intelligent weapons reactions or would that be something my gm does?

As for the recharging I was forgetting the Staff Magus's ability to use arcane pool to recharge staves.

I would still need access to those 7th+ level spells to MAKE that custom staff. I can't add to DC to skip them as a requirement for crafting. What am I gonna do commission a 17th+ level wizard AND 17th+ level cleric for 150 days to cast miracle and time stop as I craft? That's gonna cost me 220,320 gold for each caster.

idk a 590,640 gold staff seems REALLY over priced. Even for Miracle/Time Stop on demand.

Someone said wrote:
For potions, scrolls, and wands, the creator can set the caster level of an item at any number high enough to cast the stored spell but not higher than her own caster level.

My group and I have ALWAYS included staves to be in that list because it makes no sense that a 11th level Wizard can generate enough power to imbue a staff with a CL 20 spell. We see the exclusion of staves in that line as a mistake and go by what we feel to be RAI. Maybe it's been too long with that house rule that I forgot it was a house rule but it works to keep custom staves under control.

I HAVE Frostbite as Magus. It's in my spellbook.

@Ryze: But can't I just get a wand of Shillelagh and do the same thing? I have Wand Wielder arcana.

@Ryze: I've never use RP in character creation, I'm not really sure how that works. My groups have always shied away from those options since we don't really understand the rules of it.

@Meirril: Yeah but I have to actually be a 20th level caster to make those staves be CL20 staves. Plus, you can't recharge a staff with miracle using a 6th level slot. Miracle is 9th level.

Recharging Staves said wrote:
[Recharging] a staff with this power restores one charge to the staff, but the caster must forgo one prepared spell or spell slot of a level equal to the highest-level spell cast by the staff.

I don't GET 9th level spells. And you'd still need to provide the 25,000gp of diamond dust for the powerful miracles.

That staff would require at least 2 different casters working together since no caster has both Mircale and Time Stop.

Also, that's 150,000 gold for a +5 weapon (+5 only costs 50,000). That feature is also unique to my class and archetype (to my knowledge idk ALL archetypes). And since I CAN'T RECHARGE IT then I can only use it 9 times to cast a spell before it's a overpriced stick.

Besides my GM can say what I want to make is a little too powerful and nix the option or make it much pricier.

Oh I did forget to add a skills section:
Maxing out
Knowledge (Arcana)/(Dungeoneering)/(Planes) [for enemy identification]
Use Magic Device

Then on headbands (order of priority):
Knowledge (Religion)
Knowledge (Local)
Knowledge (Nature)
[Might replace one of these with Fly]

Ryze: Quarterstaff Master lets me treat it as a 1-handed weapon. Besides it's an option as a double OR two-handed weapon even without Quarterstaff Master.

Also, I can't take Vital Strike as I'm not +6 BAB yet. (3/4 BAB remember? I get +6 at lvl 8).

Meirril: Our group doesn't do traits except those that are campaign oriented (I have to get that list from my GM but they are all pretty low key). Most of our usual players already build some really overpowered stuff at 25-point buy so adding that on is just overkill.

As far as magic staves go, I plan on crafting my own staves (my group sees no issue with custom built staves as the rules for construction are in the book). I'm still looking at my options for spells. And I am maxing UMD with the intent of picking up choice spells like Lead Blades and the like plus being able to use any staff, scroll, or wand we find.

Okay so I'm starting at level 7 to replace my dead Oracle of Battle.

The goal is to build a guy that can operate well as both a caster of buff (and maybe a few attack/debuff) spells and a secondary front-liner in a party of 3 (Barbarian and Slayer with me). I'm sure there are other archetypes or classes that can fill this role but I just like the flavor of the Magus, particularly the Staff Magus.

Human NE Staff Magus 7
Starting Attributes:
STR: 18 +4 (w/ +2 here)
DEX: 14 +2
CON: 14 +2
INT: 16 +3
WIS: 9 -1
CHA: 7 -2
(At lvl 4 I'll add a point to WIS for the sake of Will Saves and Perception checks at least not having a penalty)

Feats by level:
1) Combat Casting, Toughness (Human Feat), Quarterstaff Master (from archetype)
3) Arcane Strike
5) Craft Wondrous Item and (Bonus Magus Feat) Power Attack
7) TBD

Magus Arcana
Wand Wielder
Familiar (Greensting Scorpion for that +4 Initiative)

Feat ideas:
-Uncanny Concentration for a boost to all concentration since I expect to be casting defensively A LOT.
-Weapon Focus [dropping Power Attack] + Weapon Specialization (less damage potential but at least I'm more likely to hit, especially as a class that's only 3/4 BAB)
-Furious Focus (I love this for Mounted Cavaliers and other ONE BIG HIT/round builds but I don't love it in this situation)
-Improved Initiative (obvious)
-Extra Arcana
---Concentrate (reroll a concentration check that I know failed)
---Spell Blending (grab a 3rd or two 2nd level spells from the wizard list as options for my Magus)
-Craft Magic Arms & Armor (cheaper magic weapons for me and my party)

So I just started an Unchained Monk (level 7 start as he's replacing my dead Oracle of battle). I'm considering starting at level 9 I just start taking the feats that operate like Stunning Fist (but with different effects) since with the full BAB these feats can be achieved much earlier.

Feats that I've found so far include:
Punishing Kick (knock prone or move them away from my caster/archer)
Elemental Fist (+1d6 optional energy damage)
Touch of Serenity (a gamble, yes, I lose damage on-hit but a failed save stops attacks/spells for one round)
Staggering/Dazing Fist (no special times/day for monk but it can be taken by lvl 3 and 5 respectively and still enables Medusa's Wrath if they fail the save)
Paralyzing Strike (again no special times/day but DEVASTATING if the enemy fails the save, and very late game if we go that far)

Am I missing any possibilities?

Also, I'm aware that these feats are largely useless against several types of enemies. That's why my priority is raw damage from Dragon Style.

Any advice on if this is a good/bad idea. Which ones should I outright skip?

Okay a bit of thread necromancy here but what about the other way around? What if my Shield Other's target has damage mitigating defenses? Is it split before factoring those or after?


Target has DR4/- and gets hit with a weapon for 20 damage. Does the normal in 16 to him after DR get split in 8+8 or does it split before DR into 6+10? I imagine it would be identical for energy resistance?

What about protection from energy? What if they would receive 20 cold damage and 10 points would be absorbed? Do we split 10 damage 5+5 or do I take 10 and they take 0? (in other words does the absorbed damage count as the cold spells target "taking damage" even though its negated in hit point total?)

Thanks for the info on that Rednal I'll run it's allowance by my GM as we are 13th level.

That said, IF I use Blood Money for a Limited Wish->Raise Dead I need to provide one of the two diamonds ahead of time since Blood Money only let's you make a single material component. Say I choose to make the 5k diamond for Raise Dead with Blood Money that's (by my understanding of the spell) 11 points of Strength. Putting 12 STR into my build is quite a lot for just this one trick. If I cast Bull's Strength when I have say a STR of 10 to temporarily buff myself to 14 with I remain conscious after taking 11 STR damage or does the temporary nature of the Bull's Strength not save me?

You see there's a funny thing about how I build my wizards when it comes to STR since my group always does point buy... It's always 7.

But maybe I'll change that around for once.

It's not that only PCs can make custom staves but they must be made or specifically commissioned from an NPC (or NPCs if it'll take 2+ classes to make all the spells). Like my friend asking for a pineapple and anchovies on her pizza slices (BLAGH). It's not that the combo CAN'T be done, but rather that it's not within the general norm of what people are looking for that it must be requested and cooked instead of being ready to go when she walks in off the street like you would find a pepperoni/veggie slice.

As far as Spell Sage not being worth it, the more I build and look at it the more I dislike losing both my familiar and my school specialization (even if the benefits are kinda cool). I see the point of tunneling too much on saving a life after the fact rather than just being the guy that makes sure it never happens. I still had all those summon monster spells, haste, etc but I just don't have enough spell slots even with +8 INT.

Crap, now I'm thinking about a Mystic Theurge build that will seem less cheesy. Just in case my GM finds the build a hard pill to swallow, even with his leniency on crafting staves.

It's "a several month campaign into the Underdark" my GM said the PCs know ahead of time. Also stated, this module in known for killing characters a lot.

The staff with Breath of Life is what I'm hoping to be able to use immediately if one of my party actually dies. At level 13 we have a Paladin and an Inquisitor for general healing but I don't think either of them is capable of bringing a PC back to life (the Paladin can save his or the Inquisitor's companions with Raise Animal Companion). I have a scroll of Raise Dead that as a Spell Sage I could save a little money on and scribe more if needed but the material cost obviously made it pricey (I have it as a scroll in case I am the one that dies and the Rogue can UMD the scroll). Also they bestow permanent negative levels that would take two Restorations over 2 weeks or a Greater Restoration which all told would cost 7k-10k in materials. The cost for Breath of Life on the staff was 9k before adding on 2 more spells (all of which are 5th level at CL 9 and require 2 charges). This may seem like it's not that great of a deal but BoL can be used simply as a massive cure if someone is simply getting low and Paladin or Inquisitor are unable to make the heal/run out.

As far as drawing the staff I will either always be holding it or will simply draw it from my Efficient Quiver (which says "the quiver can quickly produce any item she wishes that is within the quiver, as if from a regular quiver or scabbard").

Also, I don't see custom staves as cheesing the craft rules. I'm not making up a whole new wondrous item (which there are guidelines for). In fact I see this staff as still fairly well themed with my wizard who is kind or Mystic Theurge-ish (with a definite favor of the arcane but a dabbling and understanding of at least the principles and mechanics of bards, clerics, and druids.)

Also, no GM I've ever played with was willing to deal with the hassle of the Leadership feat and as an occasional GM I don't blame them.

Okay so I've actually gamed out a Spell Sage Wizard that with access to Bard, Druid, and Cleric spells and can cast the spells like Raise Dead and Heal and craft a staff with Breath of Life and Teleport (two spells that I want to be able to cast on moments notice should they be needed. I'll use UMD to cast the BoL spell should it come up. With Spell Sage it's also something I could craft myself, no issue.

Craft Staff also gives the build access to Staff-like Wand which makes some otherwise poor wands very useful (Barkskin and Shield of Faith for example).

As far as what my GM allows, he is of the opinion that the published staves are themed as more what is marketable in the world but really none are very good. To get a custom one you must make it yourself or commission a crafter to make it for you.

So I'm about to start a campaign that my party knows (in character) will take place entirely underground, perpetual darkness, most creatures will be evil (neutral at best), and will take place over MONTHS. We are also expecting to need ways to revive dead members.

I'm planning on taking a Cleric with Support/Archery build as our front line is already pretty full with a melee Inquisitor+Animal Companion, and a Beat-face Nonlethal-Rogue. We have one more player unsure of his class but is leaning towards Paladin (fighting style undecided). I figure a back-line support/archer with access to the high level heals and spells like Breath of Life and Raise Dead would be very handy.

Thing is it's looking like we are not going to have a Sorcerer/Wizard type character ready to cast any utility/situational spells we might need in a pinch (Like Teleport, etc).

I looked into buying Staves with the wanted spells and using UMD to activate them but it's EXPENSIVE as they are all on different staves with spells I DON'T need. Would it be worth using a feat to take Craft Staff and making my own one or two staves with a bunch of these spells (plus a cleric spell to make sure I can recharge them)?

Alternatively, I could maybe play an Arcane Archer build and UMD the high-level cleric spells to save dying allies on the Staff?

Yet another Thread necromancy!

So here's my character's relevant stats:
Alch 10 /Master Chymist 2 (CL 11)
Int (including headband): 18 (+4) [without mutagen]
4th level extracts 2+1

Question: If I use one of my 4th level extracts at the start of the day (namely, Age Resistance because he's old) when I drink my mutagen or mutate (both buff STR so with either one I take -2 penalty to INT) do I still have 2 4th level extracts or does one become inert?

Phrased another way: can I designate my Age Resistance as using my bonus extract slot and consume it before taking an INT penalty and not lose it's or my other extracts' potency?

So Orc, Drow, and Dhampir Alchemists have the option of extending their Mutagen duration by +10 minutes per level taken of this bonus.

Does this extension also apply to Mutate from the Master Chymist? Would an Alch10/MC2 get 220 minutes on Mutagen AND uses of Mutate or just 120 minutes on Mutate?

Thanks. I figured that would be the answer. I just needed to ask the question in my words. Reading comprehension issue.

I knew Vestigial Arm itself doesn't give you extra attacks but I was just making sure they couldn't benefit from the attacks granted by Feral Mutagen while my natural arm used attacks given to me for BAB. Honestly, 3 attacks at full BAB and STR dmg isn't bad for a 3/4's BAB class considering at lvl 20 I'd only get 2 iterative attacks and 3 off hand attacks IF I sunk 3 feats into TWF. All of them less likely to hit than the claw/bite.

And thank you for also backing up my use of a shield in that hand.

Okay I know questions like this exist on the forums and I've looked at them but my particular question wasn't answered (at least not in a way I saw the question being asked). I'm fairly sure the answer will be "NO" but I figure I better make sure before I write it off.

With Feral Mutagen I get the option to take 2 claws and a bite attack while I'm under the effect of my Mutagen. It's my understanding that if I chose I could use those 2 claws and the bite at full BAB on all attacks OR use a weapon (like a dagger) in one hand and take ONE claw (because the other claw is holding the dagger) and the bite at -5.
Example: Level 8 Alchemist (no ability bonuses factored just BAB)
Dagger at +6/+1 then Claw at +1 then Bite at +1.

Or does using a weapon/claw use up "one hand's worth" of attack options (I read someone say ask yourself "can I make all these attacks with two hands?")?

A) Do I have this right so far? Because this interpretation is what leads me to the use of vestigial arm.

B) With Vestigial arm by the above interpretation (assuming it is correct), can one arm use the dagger while the other 2 make use of the claw attacks granted by the mutagen?
Example (same character only with vestigial arm)
Dagger at +6/+1 then 2 Claws at +1 each then Bite at +1

Or does using a weapon/claw use up "one hand's worth" of attack options (I read someone say ask yourself "can I make all these attacks with two hands?")?
Alternatively (whether or not the above tactic works)
Can I use a vestigial arm to hold a shield and still use both of my claws with my natural hands (shield made to have no Armor Check penalty for non-proficiency).

But Matthew I do thank you for an example of "OR" to show him. It will definitely drive my point home for him to see it written that way in a stat block.

Matthew Downie wrote:

There are plenty of creatures that have an 'OR'. The Babau has DR Cold Iron or Good, meaning either gets through the DR.

Note that "DR 10/blungeoning , DR 10/adamantine" probably wouldn't make things any clearer, since that might imply DR 20 against an iron sword.

No. The rules clearly state that only the highest value not bypassed by the weapon in question applies.

If I hit a creature with Dr 5/cold iron, DR 10/Silver, DR 2/magic (wow that guys got thick skin) with a +1 steel longsword I bypass the magic but neither the cold iron or the silver. By the universal rule of DR only the Silver at a value of 10 applies, not both.

Thank you all for your input. I will show this thread to him next time the issue arrises.

That was my interpretation, his was that they would list them individually if it required both (even if the defense value was the same).

I tried to argue that his interpretation means they would need either a adamantine weapon (like 1000g cost for melee weapons) or a regular wooden club (free) and that pretty much defeats the purpose of the adamantine quality.

I tried searching other threads involving DR but couldn't find an aswer I found clear and concise. If you know a thread with the answer just link it.

So was GMing and the module had my players fight a Clay Golem. In its bestiary info it says "DR 10/blungeoning AND adamantine". (Emphasis mine)

Now I read that as two requirements to bypass the DR of the creature. I feel if it meant either quality would bypass the DR it would say "OR". They simply put it in one line rather than saying "DR 10/blungeoning , DR 10/adamantine". I know that's how they would do it with two different values of DR for different bypassing qualities.

My one player says since it's listed in the same line either quality bypasses the DR. That they didn't need both.

Can someone please help? Would needing only one listed quality require an "OR" in the defense stats or is listing them together enough to say "one of the following"?

So my group just started a new module Gallery of Evil. We're running it at lvl 9 but my GM really liked it so he's just applying the advanced template to everything. Or at least I hope he is.

That's all well and good but he didn't take into account that it's written for 3.5 and in several encounters he's had to go and calculate the enemy CMD on the fly. As well as some other conversions. It definitely slows down encounters so I've been thinking about how to head off that problem.

I'm sure if he had the free time he'd go ahead and calculate the conversions himself but he works full time and has a 6 month old boy plus other obligations. I just don't think he'd have the time to sit down and make all the calculations, even if he had the desire to.

I'd do it myself but then I'd know the adventure so I'm stuck asking if there is anywhere I can direct him where someone has already done such calculations?

Okay I looked around for an answer in previous threads but didn't find this exact answer.

Can a creature like a tiger (with pounce, rake, and grab) take on the charge even if the grab doesn't trigger a grapple?

Phrased another way, does pounce ENTIRELY override the rake rule of needing to start the turn grappled or just allow in to rake if it makes the grapple with a grab attack on the pounce?

No it was before those books even came out. I am trying to remember but I think it was around the time that advanced players guide first got released that we started playing because I was using an alchemist and it was still a new class at the time.

Also we did have something that we were reading offline the rules for it. I could be remembering the rules wrong or we could have been using it entirely wrong but it was something that we were able to get with level 5 gold. I'm pretty sure something in there is completely wrong either in my description of it or we'd totally f***** up how much it cost. But yeah this is released within the first few years of Pathfinder. It could have been entirely removed for all I know. Heck it could even be something that was from 3.5 that my GM accidentally ported into this game without compensating for anything.

My current GM just reminded me that it had some completely on assuming name like "Tin Cup".

In all likelihood probably a misunderstanding of the rules by my GM. Odds are it probably only function once per day if it was obtainable at 5th level and was essentially a never-ending cure light potion.

Okay, so about 5 years ago my gaming group had an item that was honestly kinda game breaking. I'm trying to find it again.

It was a mug that when someone drank alcohol from it the mug turned it into a potion of cure light wounds.

I think it may have been associated with Cayden Caelen but I don't know.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? It's not Tankard of the Drunken Hero.

Admittedly I could have found all the info I needed if I had just read that section but outside circumstances are making it hard to critically think and process information right now.

Thank you all. That answers my question. For that strategy to work it's a high level build only. I mean part of the strategy was to charge in and hop off and use the companion as a flanker (and maybe augment it with Outflank). That part would work but the opening attack would still be lacking a good punch.

AM BARBARIAN, I'm guessing the caps lock is a fun character thing but it can make reading your posts a lot toguher. Thanks anyway though. You're right. I meant spirited charge not ride by for damage.

I looked around but didn't find anyone asking this exact question.

As a cavalier, or any mounted character, can my mount make a moving attack (be it a charge or a simple move then attack) before I take any actions or is my mount moving during my turn?

My goal is to have my mount charge and get me in range for multiple attacks. I'm experimenting with a TWF cavalier build and the only way I can figure it to shine is if my mount can move me into position for a full round attack.

Otherwise for the sake of damage dealt it's just better to take the ride by attack with a lance build.

I've only got my mobile handy so I don't know if Dragon's Demand is in my collection (they are all PDFs). But that also sounds like a good option.

@silvercat I see your point. Maybe running two full paths simultaneously is a bad idea a a rookie GM.

Also, this is all CRB only (less for me to track rules of and less daunting intro to newbies). Good idea or bad? I feel like stuff like Kingmaker isn't balanced for the what I call the super specialized classes like Summoner or optimization builds with archetypes that bypass less useful abilities for more complimentary options. Reasonable or no?

Yeah that's why I'm looking for advice. I have all modules and APs from I think 2013 and earlier. I just need to know which players guide I need to bring if I go the AP route. The only thing not on the table is Kingmaker since that is my Saturday campaign and I don't want to risk confusing which party is where.

So in about 6 hrs I'm supposed to hold character creation for my second ever serious foray into being GM (while also starting the first one two weeks ago).

This one has 3 players new to Pathfinder but played a homebrew mix of D&D 3.5 and 4 (one that sounds very like Pathfinder but not identical) and 1 player that has played one campaign of Pathfinder before this.

Here is the real question: should I run something like Runelords/Throne or run a series of modules at progressive levels like a group of adventurers that are hired/stumble upon various scenarios?

Yeah. Core only was a given for me. I may alter some later bosses with AVP classes or some archetypes just to spice it up a bit but the game is going to be 99% core.

I am starting a new Pathfinder campaign sometime next month. The catch is that I am almost brand new to GMing (tried to run a Kingmaker with a group that doesn't like to cooperate with with the published games, just to mess with the GM, didn't last long) and all my players have never played Pathfinder or most any other RPG before. Oh and it's all online probably using roll20.net.

what I would like to know is does anyone have advice on what kind of campaign I should run. Should I run a couple of modules and just put them at the proper level and gold every different module or should I run a full campaign setting. I know the one player is really into actual role playing and story and wants to do everything right by the book while I'm not sure how the other ones want to go. Oh and one of my players loves to be evil so if there's anything that let a player be evil that would be good.

I'm also having each new player run themselves through the little setting in the beginners box for new players. I'm going to instruct the players on the system as much as I can is there any other reading it they should do other than the core rulebook?

So I just started a campaign of CotCT. I picked urban ranger archetype (pure archery build) and human favored enemy.
I'm thinking about changing back to vanilla ranger (with GM permission) before the 3rd level so that it doesn't really effect anything other than class skills.

I try not to read ahead since I do have access to the books through a friend but I've been asked not to. I do know that there are at least two non-urban settings that wouldn't really count as communities and Korvosa (to my knowledge) is the only community. Would vanilla ranger with a urban terrain focus be better so that I can still get a bonus outside Korvosa (even if it's only +2)?

Also, any other tips on archery rangers in CotCT would be taken under advisement. And I know of the switch hitting build that is considered better than pure archery but I have a barbarian, inquisitor, and oracle to hold the front lines. What we needed as a 4th was a ranged/skill player.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Armor does NOT impede Perform: Dance checks however.

And as a dancer I can tell you the moves that he is pulling off are crude to what the ideal is. Plus that armor is not meant to stop weapons. It is designed to absorb and distribute explosive forces away from the body. (No more magic missiles for him)

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