Relatively new GM reskinning Star Wars game for Pathfinder


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I'm trying to make KotOR into a Pathfinder campaign and advice is welcome

To be more precise I've only ever GM'd modules and the first third of the first book of Kingmaker (my group at the time liked to try and go against the story just to give the freshman GM a rough time so I shut down the game rather than take BS). I've never done anything even close to writing my own campaign so I could some advice (even though the skeleton of the story already exists).

So this campaign will be based on the Star Wars game Knights of the Old Republic. It was originally based on D&D so I think it is a good candidate to be altered into a Pathfinder game. It won't be using the sci fi rules. It's all sword and sorcery, not even guns. I won't be summarizing KotOR so if you don't know it or need a refresher look it up. Plenty of sources out there. Much of the concern stems from making a single player story that is focused on the PC into a campaign for 3-5 players.

Here are the alterations I made so far:
-A relatively new Coalition of allied nations rather than a unified Republic that is already thousands of years old
-A top notch Academy of Magic that stands independent of any one nation (and wields moderate political power itself) instead of the Jedi Order
-While small schools exist for arcane and churches and such exist for divine the Academy is where the best of the best train and learn magic both arcane and divine.
-Rather than a galaxy it takes place on a single world roughly 2.5 the size of Earth (same gravity though) with large oceans so it hasn't all been explored
-Game takes place on one or two large continents on one hemisphere
-The invading came from the "unexplored" hemisphere and quickly gained a foothold by conquest of weaker unsuspecting territories and by a few whose people welcomed a change from their previous corrupt and wasteful governments
-Opening will be on a small Coalition military base just outside an independent but neutral city-state which replace the Endar Spire and Taris respectively.
-The 4 main quest planets with be replaced with 4 nations or cities of similar settings (jungle, desert, oceanic/coastal, enemy stronghold)
-Mandalorions replaced by a nation on the continent that started to conquer and were defeated before events of story which caused the Coalition to form in the first place

What I must still figure out:
-Should I secretly select a PC to be Revan without their knowledge, should I make Revan the bad guy and use another mechanic for why the PCs are following his footsteps
-Might make Revan and Malek into a larger group of 4 or 5 big bads (I find one single big bad boss is easy for a party of 4 or 5 to beat because of turn economy)
-5 mcguffins that the PCs must find in place of the Star Maps
-An uber-mcguffin to replace the Star Forge
-Should I give paths for Good AND Evil endings or just keep it as a Good campaign for the time being?
-Many things I probably haven't even thought of

I think I'm going to have to play through KotOR again just to see if there is anything I missed.

Thanks for reading. Any advice or ideas (even if it is a change to stuff on the first list) would be much appreciated.

This isn't what you want to hear, but I'd recommend reskinning Iron Gods into your campaign. You can use the basic structure of the adventure and repurpose it with your ideas for incorporating KotOR.

For example, the various MacGuffins are the ones presented in the Iron Gods books. The nation is Numeria. The Coalition military base could be the neutral grounds of Hadjath Hakados in southern Numeria.

Your conquerors could be the Technic League as the adventure path builds up to the confrontations with them. And you can use tech because the rules are there to make it work and the adventure already sprinkles technology throughout.

It's worth checking out the Psychic Warrior psionic class from Ultimate Psionics/Psionics Unleashed for your Jedi/warrior monks. If you want lightsabres, then the beamsabre from Treasury of the Machine from Legendary Games has you covered.

You can still use the various plot points such as Revan and just drop it all into a pre-written adventure, making your job as the GM much much easier than creating it all from scratch.

My two cents. Good luck with it.

My reason for not using any sci fi like settings is that most of my group don't want to have to learn even more rules and such. Same goes for use of psionics. We are quite happy with the sword and sorcery setting. I am not even going to allow firearms even though we've had multiple gunslingers already (for setting purposes).

That said I looked at iron gods summary and I'd love to play/run it with a different group (one with players that don't try to press a rookie-GM-using-published-setting's limits)

The concept of Revan basically ties an existing PC to the past and history of the campaign without him/her being aware of this.

There was a spell in the Forgotten Realms 2nd Edition called the Curse of Yondalla. Yondalla is the main god of Halflings. The spell was used against individuals that caused great harm to the Halflings. It caused the victim to turn into an infant and the baby would be brought up to respect halflings.

Your Revan could be a victim of this spell or similar curse modified to fit your campaign. Perhaps the path of good and evil could rest on whether the PC decides to kill the priest and remove the spell (maybe resulting in some past evil buffs Revan had), or embracing the goals of whatever good entity cursed them.

Maybe a psion split the consciousness of Revan into separate consciousnesses enabling every PC to be effectively Revan and be equally vested in the plot. Maybe this psion did not want to destroy the memories completely so it stored them in psi-crystals. The PCs could find various psi-crystals throughout your campaign and regain some memories that enable you to advance the plot along with some XP.
Maybe Revan was a mythic creature that could not be killed (see mythic rules), and thus was separated into separate entities. Maybe give the PCs a minor mythic ability after finding a psi-crystal or whatever Mcguffin you use.

The Starforge could be replaced with the artifact called Trueforge, basically a magic anvil that can produce magic weapons/armor cheaper and faster. It could rest inside an underground city overseen by clockwork creatures. Various clockwork creatures could serve as trigger points to advance the story line (Mcguffins) either by providing information, or perhaps the 5 mcguffins could be keys that unlock the city or certain areas in the city.

Or maybe ditch the Trueforge and instead make the main Mcguffin the city itself and whoever holds the command rod has power over all the clockwork creatures and their amazing production capabilities. The good path fights Malek and his clockwork creatures, the evil path commands the clockwork creatures and fights the Mage/Jedi order.

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