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Thanks, everyone. I think you're correct that nothing short of Paizo backing me up will change his mind. And I agree they're not going to, as they shouldn't.

Thanks for the suggestion to get the VO involved.

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Thanks, that's my sentiment, too on this PFS table the other night. I hope this will be sufficient for him for future games. If not, perhaps after the weekend someone at Paizo will see this and issue an official ruling. If they don't, or if for some reason that's still unacceptable to the GM, I'll just have Angelica's darkvision short out when playing at his table. That could be fun to roleplay. She's multiclassed, so maybe her oracle powers are mysteriously interfering with her sorcerer powers. Daddy was a half-ELF, so maybe her elven ancestors are asserting themselves from beyond but unintentionally short-circuiting her orc stuff. Or they're doing it intentionally. Maybe it's Mommy's ghost withdrawing Angelica's orc powers, as she's upset that Angelica rejected the "gods" to become a monotheist. I think it would be more fun if my character doesn't know why and has to deal with the emotional angst of worrying if her actions are displeasing to her dead parents. Plus, she still has the thrush's darkvision to make use of, and a nice big halo to light up the night.

Thanks everyone for your input! :-)

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Hi there! I hope to get an official rules response from Paizo on this. We couldn't find anything as of yet.

I have one of those grandfathered-in Aasimar characters that was created prior to this race no longer being playable. Normally Aasimars have darkvision. However, I took an alternate racial trait at character creation that gave me a real cool halo in lieu of darkvision. Later on I took a level in sorcerer, and decided to do a tattooed sorcerer archetype so that I'd get a familiar -- a thrush with darkvision via the Celestial template, from an Aasimar feat I took that grants that. "Mockingjay", as the thrush is called, acts as a recon drone, going down dark hallways and reporting to me, via my use of Message and the fact that thrushes speak Common. I also took the orc bloodline, which makes me count as an orc in addition to the "counts as a human and an Aasimar" that I already had.

AND HERE'S THE KEY THING: The Orc bloodline gives me darkvision.

Aside from the strategic advantages of having darkvision, it's a very important part of my character's backstory and roleplay. My play style revolves around roleplay, so this is a big deal for me. Angelica's parents were already getting on in years when they had her, and given the extended lifespans of Aasimars vis-â-vis other races, her half-orc mom is long gone. Angelica grew up in Tian, so one day, as a toddler, she smeared wasabi sauce all over her body. "Look, Mommy! I wanna be green, like you!" Can I get a collective "Awwwwww..." from everyone? :-) So having the Orc bloodline, and all that comes with it, including darkvision, is a very emotional connection to her orc ancestry for Angelica. Momma would be proud of the hero her wasabi-covered baby has grown up to be.

NOW THE DISPUTE: Last night's GM felt that Angelica should not be allowed to ever have darkvision from any other source, including having the Orc type from the Orc bloodline or having that bloodline specifically say that you now have darkvision. I was fine with that for this game, pretending it shorted out due to the caves we were in, and had the halo activated anyhow for the benefit of a new player who didn't realize her human barbarian needed a light source.

I want to find out who's right, and adjust my character going forward. The GM feels that the halo's elimination of my Aasimar darkvision means I can never ever ever have darkvision, ever. You know, I'm not sure what he'd say if there was a spell or magic item that went "Zap! You've got mail! Er, I mean, you've got darkvision!" But as far as gaining it from the Orc bloodline, no. He feels if you give up a racial trait like darkvision, at chacater creation, the rules say you can't get it back from any source. I maintain that the rules don't say that. That doesn't make sense. I mean, a human or other race that didn't start with darkvision, well, doesn't have darkvision. They take the Orc bloodline. They now count as both a human and an orc, as well as they get darkvision. That's how it works. You didn't have darkvision, and then you're exposed to magical gamma radiation -- don't get me mad, cuz I'm big and green and can see in the dark now! lol

I really really really want to continue roleplaying her connection to dead half-orc Mommy. But I'm also already thinking of how cool the roleplay will be to have Angelica NOT have darkvision, but Mockingjay the thrush DOES. That could be fun. I just wanna know what the rules are for going forward with her, and for the benefit of the GM as I told him I'd find out. Either way, I'm still going to find a way to have fun. :-)

This will also affect another character I have, a half-orc who grew up in complete darkness as her and momma were half-orc slaves born in the caves -- Grandmama was a human captive forced to breed with the cheiftain, that dude from Orcs of Golarion that carries the skulls of his enemies with him. Years of being taunted in total darkness caused my character, Jade, to still be terrified of the dark. Just like Angelica, Jade also had an alternate racial trait at chacater creation that took away her darkvision. Later on, she too gained a level in sorcerer, and I took the Orc bloodline. So Jade now has darkvision, but I roleplay that she's STILL afraid of the dark. This gets a lot of lols -- "Wait, a half-orc who's afraid of the dark? Hahahahaha!" And then, a lot of gasps when I tell everyone WHY she is afraid of the dark. It's a really great roleplay experience for everyone. "Yeah, I know I can see in there, but it still looks different than daylight! And it's still dark! It FEELS different than daylight, too! Did you know you can feel the darkness touching you? Like hundreds of orc fingers reaching out to...I don't wanna talk about it. YOU go in."

I guess it's no big deal if Jade looses her darkvision. So I'll carry a light source. Big whoop. It's just a deeper roleplay if she can see in the dark, but is still frightened by it.

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Thanks! I love flavor, so this looks like a great book to spend my credits on (the game shop comps us five bucks for each game we GM). I have a few Chelish character concepts that I want to get right and develop backstories for, and bounce ideas off of a few of the other players and GM's. It has such a rich history and is so much more than just Devilworshipers Gone Wild.

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Needs to be added to the list on the session creation page, otherwise we can't fully report. Currently the list only goes up to 6-17 for Season Six.

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FYI: The description of A1 refers to a particular terrain found on page 426 of the Core book, but it's actually on page 427. Probably not a big deal for those that own a hard copy of the CRB, but I had to scroll up and down a bit in the PDF to find it. Anyhow, so far I'm loving reading it, and look forward to roleplaying the various folks in the opening scene.

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I love making new characters. But if I've already invested money in various books so my characters can be legal in the main campaign, I'm going to want to continue utilizing those resources for any new character I create.

As it stands, all those extra options aren't mandatory for new players. We already have a campaign that only requires you to have the CRB. You don't have to be an Asimir gunslinger/tatooed sorcerer of the orc bloodline just because the guy next you is that. You only buy the new stuff if you want a ton more options for a character concept you have. I can't see any incentive for a new player in the Core Campaign to buy anything beyond the CRB if it's not going to be playable with the characters they make (unless they switch to the main campaign).

Thankfully, we've got a great group here that is helpful to the new players that seem to show up each week. But I do understand it's not like this outside of major metro's like Chicago, where there might not be a lot of gamers to begin with. Hopefully this will help the smaller markets.

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Morgen wrote:
I don't know why but for some reason I suggest Beast from the Xmen. I don't know how much fury he's got but certainly an insides don't match the outside expectation kind of thing.

That's an excellent example. He's often the only voice of reason.

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1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Do the citizens of Galt, Andora, Cheliax, and Taldor all speak different languages? Or, as as the three former were once part of the latter, do they all speak Taldan (similar to how folks from the U.S., Canada, and Australia all speak English despite no longer being British subjects)?

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Yesssss...but for the initial comparison, to check on the changes...it's easiest to look for a change log...and there have been numerous OTHER publications in the history of the written word that, since the inception of the internet, have printed up such a document separately from the actual document that's been changed. That's kind of the advantage of electronic print media: You don't have to slowly sift through things, line by line, or post by post. Just do a quick search, click a url, and get on with one's real life...

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I searched the thread, but there doesn't seem to be a link to this "change log". I really don't want to download the new version and read every single line, comparing it to the older version I already have. Is there a link for the change log, or is the information located within the new version itself and I should just download it?

Or should I just roll 3 d256's to determine the change log's IP address?

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Well, you want to prevent her from ever doing evil again. I'm sure her next victim would consider it your responsibility as a NG do-gooder adventurer. Indeed, if you could have stopped her, but you didn't, aren't you responsible for her next act of evil?

Therefore, you must do something. Failure to act would be an act of evil.

So, you'll have to somehow convince her to turn good. Perhaps she'll repent. But it's not likely, and she even told you so.

This leaves only two choices: Eliminate the threat permanently (either by life-long incarceration, or by a death sentence), or intimidate the heck out of her as a deterrent to future crimes.

Locking her up didn't seem to be an option, as she was working for the authorities. So at this point, the only good actions left are to kill her, or scare her so much she'll never do an evil act again. You chose the latter, which was no more evil than the former.

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Get a whip and go for disarm/trip, and non-lethal damage. And be sure that every time you crack your whip you say in a goofy gnome voice: "I smite ye in the name of the Lord!"

Actually, I think non-lethal is the way to go. Get a net and CAPTURE the bad guys, instead of killing them.

Also realize that sometimes the only way to beat evil is to, well, kill it. I doubt the denizens of the Abyss are really going to repent if you give them a nice speech, and if they kill someone after you've let them go, well...ever hear of Peter Parker? That's one big guilt-trip you'd be stuck with...

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Hello there! I recently completed the fabulous Way of the Kirin, and thus have switched from the Lantern Lodge to the Silver Crusade. I'm thinking of getting a Shinning Wayfinder as a symbol of my new affiliation, but would also like to maintain my roots to Tian by getting a jade inlay.

So, how exactly does the jade inlay's ability to cast guidance work vis-â-vis the ability of a wayfinder to cast light?

  • You can cast guidance freely without having to shut off the light feature
  • It can only do one thing at a time so casting guidance "turns out the lights" as it were
  • You can't cast light because the guidance feature REPLACES the light feature

Also, can I latter add more inlays, such as the diamond one, or can a wayfinder only have one inlay?

Finally, what books would I need to purchase to make adding an ioun stone PFS legal?


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Glancing around at the shocked stares, the former nomadic tribesman fails his Charisma-based skill checks with yet another faux pas as usual.


Howling Wolf searches through his friend's pockets, finding papers from her faction. "This...this is good news...she may be all right after all...now I just need to figure out what her new faction is...damn blood stains on her chronicle sheets...where's Amara Li to help sort this thing out?"

As he leaves with the body slung over his shoulders, you catch the faint sound of him muttering something about praying for the day when it's not only the rich and famous that can get brought back to life.

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A well-dressed Tian noble staggers in, yet you can discern by his mannerisms that there may be more to him than meets the eye...a wolf in sheep's clothing. He checks for rips in his elegant garment, and you note a mithral breastplate under his clothes.

He mutters under his breath,該死到地獄,只有其他彩燈洛奇對特派團的個人被殺了。, as he carefully removes a beautiful yet dead woman from his shoulders, seating her in a chair by the bar.

"My friend, you fought well. I shall honor you with one last drink. That is, assuming they have any sake here worthy of your pallet."

Looking around the room cautiously, he says, "Well, I just returned from my first Silver Crusade mission, now that Amara Li has decided we Lantern Lodge kin should join a different faction. I can't believe the authorities wouldn't let us free ALL the slaves. It's enough to make me want to start an Andoran Revolution. *sigh* But the Grand Lodge will be pleased, we rescued that filthy Chelish noble's wife. I suppose even scum from Cheliax don't deserve to be slaves. But no one told us the fighting would be so fierce, and now my friend is dead.

Silently, Lady Ophellia inches her way over to the gruff Tian. "Thank you for joining our cause. I am so sorry for your loss."

Gently, she places a Silver Crusade wayfinder in his hand.

Howling Wolf stares at the trinket for a few moments, then turns to his fallen companion and says, "Hmmph. Look at THIS pretty thing, my friend. I hope it was worth it," as a single tear escapes down the rough warrior's cheek...

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On furthering the guilt trip: Make one of the torturers shapeshift into the oracle. "OMG Suzy what are you going to do with that hot iron? No! NOOOOOOOO!"

A semitransparent image pops up of an argument they once had. "Why don't you go jump in a lake?" says the oracle. Then have the dude get pushed into a pot of boiling acid. They pull him out just in time, but man, what a mess. Heh heh heh heh heh...

Keep having the things that happen to him be from memories of things she's thought about him.

I like the Room 101 idea: Have them keep taunting him that they'll instantly stop, as soon as he says "do it to Julia!" But then have him keep screaming "Torture me! Torture ME! Don't hurt her!" THAT'LL guilt her.

As to the table of body parts, make it a stovetop. You could even have the devils singing various fast food jingles. Nothing's more creepy than inappropriate humor. Then when they've got a full order of finger-fries...it's time to force-feed the oracle. Woooo-hahahahahahaha!!! "DAD!!! You ate the BONES!"

Yuck. I better stop lol

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So let me get this straight. The only reason you are now playing a Paladin is because you don't want the other players to kill your guy off again? So you aren't getting to play the character you actually wanted to play?

Gadzooks, I once played a gnome rogue who played a nasty prank on a homicidal psychopathic ninja-barbarian, and even I didn't get killed! He'd been turned to stone, and we all had to wait a full day so that the party's cleric could learn stone to flesh the next day. I pickpocketted some lipstick and used some handkerchiefs and even a hat made of folded-up paper to make the angry macho killer look like a poofy pirate. Good thing he was dumb as a stick and rolled low, cuz he believed my explanation of "Gremlins. They came in the night. Sorry I fell asleep on the guard." We all had quite the good laugh.

Dude, I think they may have had other reasons for killing you off. Are you pissing folks off in the campaign you GM? That would explain the other guy "borrowing" your campaign. Wait and see if they stop showing up for when you are the GM. They like your world (well, with some changes to it, yes?), but not you running it?

Or maybe it's just the girl, and she thought it would be fun to kill you off, and the GM felt he had to go along with it, what with the "got him a job" and all.

In any event, you shouldn't have to limit your roleplay choices just to appease a bunch of twits. Sorry, but that's what they are. Get another group. Better yet, try PFS, as this kinda crap would not be tolerated.

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Proof that divine power doesn't come from the extra-planar beings claiming to be gods: Atheist clerics in the RAW.

Yes, I am serious.

Core Rule Book, page 40: "Domains: A cleric’s deity influences her alignment, what magic she can perform, her values, and how others see her. A cleric chooses two domains from among those belonging to her deity. A cleric can select an alignment domain (Chaos, Evil, Good, or Law) only if her alignment matches that domain. If a cleric is not devoted to a particular deity, she still selects two domains to represent her spiritual inclinations and abilities (subject to GM approval). The restriction on alignment domains still applies."

Ibid. p 41"Domains
Clerics may select any two of the domains granted by their deity. Clerics without a deity may select any two domains (choice are subject to GM approval)."

So clearly even a cleric can get spells from, oh, I dunno, the mystic energies of the universe, "The Force", or even from an all-powerful divine singularity (as opposed to the polytheistic choices presented in the CRB) if a player so chooses to roleplay it that way.

Well, pending GM approval.

So, what does the PFS Guide have to say about it? Does this publication, essentially the equivalent of "GM approval" for this campaign, have anything to say on the matter?

Nope, It just mentions stuff about the Nobility Domain, and a given deity (page 8): "Clerics with the Nobility domain get the Persuasive feat at 8th level instead of the Leadership feat. Clerics with the Rune domain receive Spell Focus at 1st level instead of Scribe Scroll. Clerics of Irori receive Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat so they can use their deity’s favored weapon (unarmed strike) without provoking an attack of opportunity."

So, how to roleplay an atheist, what with all the evidence of divine beings? Same way as a monotheist: Those things aren't all-powerful creators and sustainers of the entire multiverse, unlike the one true God their powers can be canceled out by another more powerful so-called god, and indeed in one such god-battle didn't one of 'em actually DIE? How can a real god DIE? Poppycock!

Or to quote Captain America: "There's only one God, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that."

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Lin Xiu Ying has spoken wisely ("I have no interest in the petty squabbles of the Inner Sea nations. Thus, I will stick with the Grand Lodge so I am only beholden to one master, not two.")

Still, I feel a debt of gratitude to the Andorans, who rescued me from Cheliax slavers and booked my passage back to Tian Xia when I was but a Level Zero lad. That said, I usually play this out by assisting them with their side-missions, and even came to their defense when the Way of the Kirin leader scoffed at the uncooth Westerners who assisted us on that nasty island. So I'm currently leaning towards The Silver Crusade, as I feel their values are most in line with mine. Plus a special wayfinder for 3 PP is a sweet deal. :-) I'll still come to the aid of the Andorans, and *ptooo* spit on Cheliax and the filthy devils they bow to.

The real question, though, isn't what faction are we going to join. No, my friends, the most pressing issue at hand is this: Where will we find authentic Tian food, what with Madam Li leaving Absolom? That chop suey stand Seelah runs? Please.

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Thanks so much, everyone! I think the other guy was mixing up the scroll rules and the wand rules.

Glad my guy's got a decent intelligence. I could see a GM ruling that if you roll a 1 on UMD, and you're a ranger with low intelligence, you just shot your wand across the room. DOH!

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OHHHH. Point Blank Shot.

See, when I hear "PBS", the first thing I think of is Big Bird. And with a subject line like "Alchemist Bombs and PBS", I'm thinkin', "Man, that's gonna be one fried tengu..."

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I like Combat Maneuvers in the sense that you can do a lot of cool things with them.

For example, get a character with high dex and strength, Greater Disarm and Trip, Whip Master etcetera, and Combat reflexes. Maybe even Two-Handed fighting. You can disarm your opponent, using your whip to grab the fallen weapon and fling it way out of his or her reach, and use the second whip for a trip attack, maybe even bind them depending on how far along with your whip builds you are. Then if they try to get up, *WHAM!* *WHIP!* *SMACK!* *SNAP!* you get four attacks of opportunity (assuming dex 18) which depending on strength and weapon stats can spike a lot of damage.

The problem is, to get to that point, you have to wait until your level is so high you can no longer play in PFS.

So yeah, the game kind of skews towards "just do damage" strategies, as you need to survive your first few levels.

Heck, after almost dying in my second adventure, I began to focus on anything that can raise my AC or saving throws. So "Bye bye Dental Plan!" wins out over "Lisa needs braces!" this time. Er, I mean bye bye whip maneuvers.

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A good story, a good storyteller, a sense that your character's actions made a difference in bettering the world, terrible things happening if your character fails so you actually care about the adventure, a play session that doesn't get bogged down in game mechanics or "rules lawyers" (which don't always have to be players), GM's prepared for folks to go off on a tangent exploring options that aren't in the written text of the module, the ability to be descriptive with settings and interactive with NPC's, and a GM who is more of a master of ceremonies/referee than someone who thinks it's their job to kill as many PC's as swiftly as possible.

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My question concerns a conversation I had after the latest PFS session with another new player. My understanding of UMD is that if I have a wand with a spell that one of my classes can cast, it doesn't matter if my character doesn't have that spell in his spell book (or in the case of a Ranger, the fact that he's currently not high enough level to cast spells without a wand). The only time UMD comes into play would be if say my Wizard/Ranger wanted to use a wand for a cleric spell or something like that.

That's my understanding of the RAW, which I reread after our discussion, and the fellow I was talking to said he'd read the RAW latter as well. I'd just like to be able to tell him "BTW, I checked on the forums..." should his interpretation of the RAW differ from mine. He's of the opinion that my character would need to roll UMD for any ranger wand I have, since I'm not yet high enough level to cast Ranger spells. Also, unless a Wizard spell is specifically in my spell book, I'll still need to roll UMD despite my taking a rank in Wizard recently.

If he's right I'm gonna be burning through wand charges what with the DC 20 for UMD and my charisma of 7. Worse, since I thought I could use the wands, I don't even have ranks in UMD, which is Trained Only. Oh well, there's always another adventure or two to get me to the next level/more skill points lol

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Thanks Xaratherus, I figured the spolier thingy out shortly after the initial post. Wow, you guys respond fast. But then, I usually DO roll low for Initiative for some reason lol

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Cool! My arrows thank you! *grin*

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Hello, my question regards the ability score increase at level 4. Currently I have a level 4 multiclass PFS character: Fighter 2/Ranger 2/Wizard 1. Do I get the ability score increase NOW (overall character level is 4), or LATER (when he's level 4 in one of his CLASSES, such as RANGER 4)?

Also, when it comes time for the SECOND increase at level 8, can I increase the same ability score that I did at level 4? Since you don't get a bonus on, say, your to hit ranged attack if you only go from 18 Dex to 19, can I increase Dex from 18 to 19, and then from 19 to 20?

Way of the Kirin:
If the answer to my second question is no (you can only increase each ability score by one), is that an overarching rule, or can you stack the level 4 increase with the Triumph of The Lantern Lodge boon that gives you a +1 to an ability score?