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Frogliacci wrote:
He is named Olorin in the tongue of the Valar and Maiar; Mithrandir in Elvish; and Gandalf the Grey (later White) in the tongue of Men.

Consider it translation convention then. Writing "Whosywhatsit (who those other people call Whatsisname)" takes up words that could be better used elsewhere.

Not directly relevant to the scimitar thing, but the D&D druid owes quite a bit to the relatively modern fraternal order of Druids.

David knott 242 wrote:
They changed the spelling of derro -- They are "dero" now.

Heh. Derro are WotC IP. But Dero, from the Shaver Mysteries, are public domain.

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Since challenge ratings are now listed as expected difficulty for expected party level, they also act as milestones. So if one encounter is, say, "Severe 2" and the next is "Moderate 3" you know the PCs should level up around then.

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Roswynn wrote:
I'm sad Tar-Baphon doesn't have a mustache because that'd be a perfect moment for twirling it.

Regenerating his nose is clearly just Step One in Tar-Baphon's plan to grow an evil mustache.

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20, 26, 50, 51, 72, 85.

Is this going to be like the numbers from Lost?

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
And the petitioner is most certainly the creature according to the Bestiary and Pathfinder/Golarion canon. The creature == the creature's soul == the petitioner (after its death).

It is the soul/essence of the creature, but it is not the physical creature. My point is, regardless of appearances the petitioner is merely the "ghost" of the creature. And while the spirit is arguably the most important part of the creature, it is the physicality that makes a creature (especially a colossal creature) dangerous in combat (i.e. determines its CR). (The petitioner also lacks the substitute for physical ability, learned skills.)

It's not the creature, it is merely soul-stuff on which the creature has left an impression.

Also, "In some cases, at the GM’s discretion, particularly large or unusual petitioners with higher than normal ability scores may begin with a higher CR".

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I love that he has a pronged bolt and an incendiary bolt.

(But I may be biased haven written that section of the Ranged Tactics Toolbox.)

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I assumed the darkness around her eyes was something like kohl to reduce snow blindness.

The silver cord isn't originally a thing from D&D, it's taken from real world occultism.

Accuracy is overrated. If your weapon is large enough, it doesn't matter where you hit someone, as long as you hit hard enough.

As is, it's basically a machete/dogslicer.

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Lemartes wrote:
Okay essentially put what is the closest culture to the Aztecs or even the Incans or Mayans in Golarion?

The Nahuatl (Aztec) equivalent in Golarion appears to be Razatlan. However, all that's been said about it is in Faiths of Golarion under the deity Kazutal.

Chainmail is a perfectly fine trinonym.


MisterSlanky wrote:
Verisimilitude-wise it makes no sense that somebody is occupied with state business for 60 days, but out exploring some dungeon with me.

"The treasurer requests an audience in the throne room." Can't we just talk in this tent we're sharing?

After some discussion about what was and wasn't covered by existing skills, our Pathfinder Hopeful took Cartography Lore as his bonus lore.

(Healer Lore was discussed, but I figured that was covered under Medicine.)

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UnArcaneElection wrote:
Now I've got to craft a villain who is a very devious Machiavellian scheming butterfly . . . .

No one suspects...

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
I really, REALLY don't like it when a character I make ends up conflicting with canon, especially if later canon emerges that invalidates it. It makes me feel like I interpreted the game or the story wrong. Like I ordered a pizza and then when you found out you said "Why'd you do that? We were planning on grilling burgers for dinner!" And then I feel like the jerk for ordering the pizza.

Pizza AND Burgers is not wrong.

...and neither is however you want to interpret the game or story.

Speaking for myself as a writer, if I wanted to control the canon I would write novels. When writing for games, I fully expect the end user to reinterpret anything and everything.

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You lost me at chain shirts and breastplates on their own didn't exist.

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That meladaemon has had enough of Kyra's holier-than-thou attitude.

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Ron Lundeen wrote:
I think many careers--the law included--have their own nerdy trolls. I know some people that get VERY excited over Supreme Court dockets, and follow oral arguments as rabidly as the most die-hard sports fans I know watch their games.

Did you hear about the jurisprudence fetishist? He got off on a technicality.

Hrothgar Rannúlfr wrote:
Three actions and a reaction every six seconds. Why not shorter rounds? Perhaps, two seconds with just one action and possibly a reaction?

I'm going to interpret your question not as "Why six seconds?" but as "Why three actions?". I strongly suspect the answer is fun. Turns where you just move are not fun. Turns where you perform 1/2 or 1/3 of a multi-action "action" are not fun.

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AmbassadoroftheDominion wrote:
is a suffragan kyton based on the assumed root word, suffragette???

Suffragan "assisting or auxiliary to, as applied to any bishop in relation to the archbishop or metropolitan who is his superior, or as applied to an assistant or subsidiary bishop who performs episcopal functions in a diocese but has no ordinary jurisdiction, as, in the Church of England, a bishop consecrated to assist the ordinary bishop of a see in part of his diocese."

All the kyton types are Christian church titles.

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I suspect it was easier to get rid of the rule than to make sure every Taldan is accurately bearded or not bearded in every piece of art.

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How do you use a tower shield effectively? You get 99 of your closest friends who also have tower shields and you form a phalanx.

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The Fool wrote:
Bear with me here: Being unable to talk is a huge disadvantage, probably the biggest one for me. But as far as I can see there's nothing preventing the Oozemorph to take up an instrument, like a trumpet or harmonica, and use that to communicate at a distance.

The wibble-wobble bugle ooze from Company B?

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shaventalz wrote:
TOZ wrote:
shaventalz wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:
jedi8187 wrote:
The assumption of transforming into your aspect forms, and adding other aspects to it using the hunter foci has me grinning at the idea of making a literal bull frog.
Perhaps a nice bear-bear-bear-owl-bear?

Katara: The King is having a party at the palace tonight for his pet bear.

Aang: You mean Platypus-Bear?

Sokka: Certainly you mean his pet Skunk-Bear.

Toph Beifong: Or his Armadillo-Bear.

Sokka: Certainly you mean his pet Skunk-Bear.

Aang: Gopher-Bear?

Katara: Just... Bear.

Toph Beifong: This place is weird.

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Rysky wrote:
I am sad that there's no ex-Barbarian archetype though.

"I'm taking anger management classes and I'm in a 1d12 step program."

Resolved: The national speed limit should be lowered to 55 miles per hour.

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Mactaka wrote:
Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
Nope, no player's guide.
Unfortunate for the simple fact that it is assumed that the players are assumed to be there to join the Starfinder society? Why? What in their past warrants it. Why are they even together?

Reading this makes me feel like a grognard. "Back in my day we made up our own back stories and reasons to be together. And we didn't get bonuses for it neither!"

The SF Core Rulebook uses the indefinite article 'a' with 'ysoki' meaning the 'y' is pronounced as a consonant.

'Sani wrote:
Is that a Nasaghast?

I blame Cosmonauts.

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Aw, I was hoping it would be summer on Triaxus so we could see both seasons.

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Rook13 wrote:
Of interest, though, is the fact that Idari is new. I don't know if it has been in the forums or not, but Idari doesn't appear on the maps from Distant Worlds or People of the Stars.

It's a kasatha generation ship turned space station.

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Mashallah wrote:
Lanitril wrote:
Scro=Orcs backwards. Lfah=Half backwards.
Lfah is actually Hafl backwards. :P

Well, that's because it's only half backwards.

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Voss wrote:

Also, 'cosmonastery'


I blame Cosmo.

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Neutral pirates

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Besmara isn't the goddess of real-world pirates, she's the goddess of Disney pirates.


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doc the grey wrote:
Anyone have any idea what the sickle-sword is supposed to look like?

Sounds like a flamberge with the ricasso higher up the blade.

QuidEst wrote:
The Devourer seems... generic. No form, unresponsive, and uninvolved in the affairs of life except as something to blame when stuff breaks. Core because...?

I imagine the Devourer might be popular on Eox. (Especially, if they still get their power from Hawking radiation.)

Paris Crenshaw wrote:
Of course, this also means that someone needs to stat up a "Diction Devil."

"The Devil and Noah Webster"

If you want to play up the amnesia and body horror aspects of the AP -- and your GM is OK with it -- perhaps have the character be initially unaware that he is a reptoid.

Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
Giant, Mountain (no bite attack or Grab at all!)

Mountain giant gains grab when it uses its impale ability.

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Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Dear Lord! That's over 150 atmospheres of pressure!

Fry: How many atmospheres can the ship withstand?

Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Well, it's a space ship, so I'd say anywhere between zero and one.

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"This is the weapon of a *cough* Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon... for a more civilized age."

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Xhamen-Dor spreads his influence when someone learns his name and intent. I know this because you wrote an article about it. Are you in fact a Xhamen-Dor cultist?

KahnyaGnorc wrote:
In other words, while the exacting numbering of freezing point is a bit wonky at 32, it has a better granularity for everyday life.

Who needs granularity? With Celsius, less than 10 is too cold, more than 20 is too hot.

On the topic of distance, have I recommended the sesquimeter (sq.) lately?

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