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A good mind screw


The adventure is pretty straight forward - the role play with the NPCs and dealing with the pros and cons of your potential decision is what can take up most of the time around the table.

I do NOT recommend you run this cold. Prep to understand how it fits together is important for a smoothly run game.

Strongly recommend you slightly alter the GM insert on the revolution and give it to any player with know: History or of Andoran background otherwise those not familiar with the ins and outs of the Revolution and its philosophers can find it confusing.

Also strongly recommend the GM print out heads for the major NPCs (inc borrowing artwork for other sources) and put them out for the players to see. A lot of confusion can result if the players aren't tied in to all the names but with pictures (and names) on a handout made it very easy for them to discuss their theories back and forth.

Given that the players can negotiate themselves out of a lot of crap (which actually HELPS drive the story) the penalties on the players in terms of lost gold sucks. My players used the protagonist NPCs in interesting ways, they lost the items on the chronicle but I used GM discression to provide gold equal to that lost by the encounter as a bonus from the society for innovative solutions.

To the writer

no idea why we are reporting on Aldmants survival - the chronicle gives no note on how the character part with him - confuses me. An interesting NPC and fun to ham up but not sure you need to track his survival... If you want to use him again, simply do so

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An indication of things to come but if thats the case, its darned limited


It does the job that a Players Guide does but this has little in the way of nuance - meaning that it looks like the AP is gonna be very black and white and 'go forth and smite evil' in its approach (redemption rules not withstanding).

The traits all assume a long association and history with the region. The one trait that sort of seems to allow for outsiders coming into the region is a crusader background. What of the traits for those coming to explore the mystery of the world wound? Those seeking to profit from the chaos? (those familiar with the Rules of Acquisition could probably quote a few pertinent ones that could apply). The traits are just 'meh' mechanically as well. No where near the flavour that I've seen in other AP Player guides.

The worst seems to be the way traits link to specific Mythic Classes and that players are encouraged, when they share the same trait, to tie their individual circumstances together.

It also spends very little time on how the various classes may tie in to the AP. The Carrion Crown Player Guide, by comparison spends a solid two pages or so on all the classes. For this player guide its almost literally a statement "Paladins are good" and not much else.

Its very very much telling you this AP is all about Good Vs Evil (which IS as the AP was always advertised). From my reading I came away thinking the Party that the game designers are looking for are : Paladin (insert Good god of preference here), Cleric (insert Good god of preference here but likely Iomadae or possibly Pulura or Ragathiel), a Good aligned Conjurer or summoner and 'one other'... I say 'one other' because there isn't much of anything to help the players make class choices outside the above.

As a product? Its free. Thats worth + 1 star from me, that brings it to 2 stars... and leaves it there.

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A good try but a grindy finish


Excellent and very creepy first part but once the characters go looking for the source it grinds horribly, and on top of that the writer tries to jam in as many different mythos monsters as they can to the point it feels like you are going down an index of the Necronomicon.

The optional sanity rules could use some work but overall they could add another fun dimension as a one off if you really wanted to stress the 'otherworldiness' of the things encountered... and the last one is all but guaranteed to blow someones mind.

Not bad at all but needs some re-writes.

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Seriously, not for Tier 1-2


This adventure is entirely too lethal, and absolutely not for Tier 1-2.

I'd give this only a single star if it were not for the creativity of the faction missions and overall concept and writing.

It seems there is a growing trend in Series 4 where the DC and difficulty levels stay static for T4-5 and doesn't scale down at all for T1-2. I am not impressed at all by the writers grasp of CL. It is ok to occasionally ignore it but when it comes to save or die monsters it is definitely not.

Not impressed by the lethality.