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Vic Wertz wrote:

I do think there's a problem here, but that problem is that restrictions are applying to the entire explore step when they should be applying only to each step within the explore step. (I have to research this, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't always broken...)

Per step restrictions are absolutely supposed to apply to the Advance the Hour, Give a Card, Move, Close Your Location, and End Your Turn steps.

This was the comment that I took my understanding of steps from. My thinking was that anytime I stared a new step or check, the restriction reset. So, when I started a step of the turn, the restriction was reset. When I started a new step of an encounter, the restriction was reset. And when I started a new check, the restriction was reset.

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I think MorkXII has it here. If you've discarded or buried that drawn card for some reason, then at the end of the check you ignore the part about recharging it and suffer the scourge.

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See this FAQ. As originally written they would have taken damage, but the FAQ changes it so they don't.

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eddiephlash wrote:
Post wrote:

These scenarios require the Core Set. Groups of 5 or 6 players also require the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path.

Interesting. So only Core is required for smaller groups. I wonder how the vault gets built in later scenarios? Will Curse eventually be added in?

Hmm... that might not be accurate. The PDF itself says the vault should contain level 0 and 1 from both Core and Curse.

HI everyone. Super excited to play the special with you all.

My Feiya is 132106-1013 for any records that need that.

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Plans for a list of card adjustments for comaptibility were announced, here. So, it is coming.

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Loving the storage space. The only issue I have is that eventually (1, 2, or 10 APs from now) I'll want to remove Curse from the Core box, the Curse cards have not organization in the Curse box. I'll probably end up making my own tuck boxes for them. But my general sentiment was this.

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Congrats Keith!

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Haunt-wise, I think you are both right and both wrong.

Technically, Yewstance is right on the order of the encounter. In RotR language, it would have been:

When you encounter
Before the encounter
Attempt the check
Attempt the next check
After the encounter
Resolve the encounter

So, the Haunt as we have it would do a lot of weird stuff.

But EmpTyger is right that lots of things like this were murky in RotR. It probably isn't intended to work the way it technically does.

But you are both wrong because apparently it was changed at some point. It appears in this blog but with different powers.

I don't see an FAQ entry to make those changes and I double checked the physical card. I'm guessing it was updated for Pathfinder Adventures app but no FAQ was posted.

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I think someone more official would have to answer the "why". The one advantage it does give you is that if the monster does something nasty before you act (like "Before you act, recharge your hand then reset your hand"), you have already played the card so you have already defeated it.

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I'm not sure what you mean by that.

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Slacker2010 wrote:
Can I expand on this? What if the monster has the text "if the check doesn't have the magic trait", he is undefeated? You are not even making a check. Does this mean the Spirit Sword doesn't work? Or would the specific text on the sword overrule the monster?
MM Rulebook p10 wrote:
If a power allows you to automatically defeat or acquire a card, you may use it instead of attempting the check. Doing so counts as succeeding at all checks and requirements to defeat or acquire the card.

Doing so counts as succeeding at all...requirements to defeat...the card.

If you play Spirit Sword, any power the bane had that said "If the check does not have the X trait, the bane is undefeated" doesn't matter. It is defeated. If the bane requires the Fire trait to be defeated, Spirit Sword still defeats it.

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I've played it just like skizzerz describes. Entice has similar wording. That is where it has come up for me.

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Keep in mind, we haven't seen what spell, barrier or support cards will look like. We already see that some types of cards have an oval window while some have squares. It is possible other types will have shapes and sizes for art.

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There is also opportunity for some mini-expansions of simply characters. I'm not talking class decks, but just purely character. Character card, roles, and pawn. A pack of say 5 characters. For OP, say they can be played in the class deck of their class. (i.e. If there is a Wizard in the character pack, you can play them in the Wizard Class Deck.)

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The page https://paizo.com/store/pathfinder/adventures never fully loads. The banner and footer of the page load, but I just get the spinning wheel. I've let it run for as long as 5 minutes.

This page is linked from the header bar menu Pathfinder > Roleplaying Game > Adventures and also by clicking the box for Adventure Paths on the subscriptions page.

I'm guessing there might be sooooo much data in the db for the page that the transfer takes a long time, but it looks like it takes too long to be useful.

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I add the number of charges I had at the start of the check (before I expended any). Mostly because that is how the sequence of the power reads.

Mythic Guardian

Mythic Guardian wrote:
Add your number of mythic charges to your Strength or Constitution check. Then you may expend 1 or more charges. If you do, when you assemble the dice, for each charge expended, replace 1 of your highest non-d20 dice with a d20...

So, you activate the mythic power during "Play cards and use powers that affect the check." And the first thing you do is add the number of charges you have to your check. Then you expend them. Later, when assembling your dice, you swap in the d20s.

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Mike Selinker wrote:
Davor Firetusk wrote:
How does this interact with older products? For example if I found a random prior adventure path deck, say Runelords part 3. Would I be able to use that with the Core set or would I still need to track down the original ROTR boxed set as well?
That's an interesting question. The new rules and characters and such all work with Rise of the Runelords, but we always assumed that anyone who wanted to do that would have the Runelords base set. In theory it should work just fine to just play Hook Mountain Massacre (Runelords 3) with the new set, but if you, say, played Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth (Wrath of the Righteous 5), you'd probably be advised to get the base set for its mythic paths and charge tokens.

You might need some of the B or 1 level locations from Rise of the Runelords too.

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I love the approach put out now. The one place I think there is a gap though is conventions.

In my group's regular card guild setting, we tend to play straight through a season. Most of the turn out is the same people each time. The adventure path approach works.

At a convention you are much more likely to have a group of strangers that are trying to figure out a way to play a scenario together. Their characters are possibly from different seasons. They probably don't want to play for tier advancement because they don't want to outpace their regular group.

So, what I'd like to see would be some convention scenarios. If they could be "variable tiered" like the interactive specials have been, that would be great (i.e. tier 2/5). In my vision, they aren't played for tier advancement, they give out some reward that isn't overly powerful (no feats). They mostly provide a way for a random group of people that didn't know they were going to be playing together before 5 minutes ago to sit down and play together without messing up their character's progression with their normal group.

My convention experience is limited (I've only gone to PAX Unplugged and Save Against Fear) but both times the only way I managed to play ACG games was:

1. I knew everyone I played with ahead of time, so our characters and scenarios were already coordinated ahead of time (ex: Dread Lord Rising with two people who I'd completed Season of the Righteous with earlier in the year).

2. We all played new characters.
2a. We play tested a new adventure path with new characters.

3. Interactive special

I've met lots of people at conventions that I'd only previously interacted with on the forums, but unless we chose one of those 3 ways of playing, we couldn't play a game together.

The rewards don't have to be overly powerful for this. Some that I've thought of would be:

1. One time use powers (ex: When a character closes a location and would banish all the cards, cross this off to set aside 1 boon to add to the upgrade cards at the end of the scenario.)

2. Promo cards from older sets (ex: Choose one of your card guild characters. You may treat the ally Poog of Zarongel from Rise of the Runelords as part of that character's class deck.)

3. Extra die bumps (ex: Gain 2 die bumps)

So, that is what I'd like to see.

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It comes packaged like a real product. There is a label inside of shrink wrap. And there are silicate packets in the drawers. It looks like a real production run.

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I picked one of these up and so far, I am impressed. I haven't loaded it with cards yet, but I am excited to do so. I plan to use it to hold class decks. A quick test shows that the ultra pro deck boxes (such as this) will fit in the top two slots.

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I picked one of these up and it is fantastic. Actually smaller than I was envisioning as necessary for the number of cards it will hold. I'm very pleased.

I think Ekkie would:

Discard for combat damage.
Draw 1 card
Discard for Poison damage.
Draw 1 card
End turn

If something made you both discard and bury, I think you could draw 2 cards.

I think Ekkie says "one or more" so that it is clear that if you discard 4 cards as damage, you draw 1 card. i.e. it doesn't have to be exactly 1 card discarded and you don't draw 1 card for each card discarded.

My gut is that Salim banishes Haste immediately. But I think this is a spot where the rules/card text don't make exactly what is happening super clear. I think however EmpTyger wants to go with it is fine.

For the question about Ekkie, yeah, I think you've got it. And yeah, you could bury the Blessing of the Gobs no matter what action you'd performed from copying the top blessing.

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Many thought it would never happen. But the day long hoped for has come to pass:

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Alahazra, Damiel, Estra, Ezren, Yoon, Zadim, and Mavaro are iconics, so their art is in the community use package.

Drelm's art can be found in a Paizo blog post, so it is covered under the community use policy.

Simoun, Channa Ti, and Ahmotep have not had their artwork publicly released to my knowledge.

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Shannon Appelcline posted a case study of PACG on his blog today. You an read it here.

As a reminder, Shannon also wrote a series of blog posts in Paizo's blog about strategy for PACG. You can find those here.

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You intuition is correct. You can't end your turn when it isn't your turn.

This FAQ covers the rest.

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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that met up to play PACG. Especially Mike who loaned us his test copy of Core for the weekend (and spent part of Friday night lighting crowbars on fire as Fumbus).

It was great to meet each of you and put faces to names, as well as real names to usernames. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

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I attended PAX this past weekend and got a chance to play with proof cards Mike had and was kind enough to loan out to the Paizo Organized Play room. So, what did I think?

I'll be honest, when I first saw the layout changes in the above images I wasn't thrilled. Maybe some of that was a love for the game as it currently exists. Part of me was worried the new layout would be a problem. But within 5 minutes I wasn't even thinking about the layout anymore. It was a non-factor in terms of play experience. Or maybe it actually helped because, not thinking about the layout is kind of what should happen.

Power of the Hour
I loved this. Not every blessing has one, so there are some "normal" turns. And not every power applies every turn. But the fact blessings were so much more important than they have been before.

Location Sizes
Again, I originally thought "That's nice, but I'll always use the medium sizes unless a scenario tells me to use a specific one." But then, a group of us had less than an hour to kill so we said "Hey, let's build the small locations and play a quick game." I did that 3 times total over the weekend, shrinking the locations and the hourglass (formerly known as the blessings deck). And you know what? I got 3 more games in then I would have otherwise.

We didn't really get into these. Each time there was a person or two who were playing Core for the first time, so I didn't want to throw them too many changes at once. I know I wouldn't want to learn to check the wildcard while also learning to check the hour. But I like the idea to give replay some optional variability.

Other stuff
Again, I was a bit hesitant to see the game I know and love tinkered with (though, I guess if the people who gave me that game are the ones doing the tinkering, I really shouldn't have been). But I ended up enjoying all the changes. I knew I'd enjoy the increased story, I wasn't so sure about the other stuff. But in the end, I'm more excited for Core now then I was before I sat down at a table this weekend.

So, yeah. I'm really looking forward to the final product and all the places it will take me.

As far as Ezren advice, this is all my personal opinion. I prefer to maximize Ezren's acquisition powers, so lots of his cards are geared that way. His allies almost have to be ones with exploring powers, or he'll be limited in exploring. The further we play, the higher the percentage of boons have the Magic trait. I like to make sure Ezren can get the ones that he isn't skilled in, so eventually cards like Swipe or a statstone kind of card. And I really like the Illusionist version of Ezren.

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Yeah, I'm not really sure what causes it. Paizo pdfs are pretty much the only pdfs I ever access inside zipped files, so I don't really have much to compare it to. And for me, sometimes the file will open, but the next time I get that message. The possibilities I've been able to consider include are either (1) the zipped file is in a protected area or (2) the file name or length create some problem when creating temporary data.

With (1), I've considered things related to Microsoft OneDrive, but haven't figured anything out.

Basically, unzipping them works and it hasn't seemed worth it for me to spend the time to figure out the root cause.

But glad that helped you. Enjoy your PDFs!

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There was an FAQ for this.

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Thanks for everything Dennis. It was super fun! And it seemed to work out really well. I look forward the ACG being part of future events for interactive specials.

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I sometimes get this message too when trying to open the PDF while it is still zipped (i.e. navigating inside the zip file and double clicking the pdf). Did you try right clicking the zip and extracting it then opening from the unzipped folder?

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Mike Selinker wrote:
I'll bring the PACG Core/Curse set and we can set up a game or two after dealer hours. I'd love it if you folks got a chance to play it.

That would be awesome. Thanks Mike.

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So, what would be good to run? Options I can think of:

Scenarios from the first adventure of a season? (Perhaps Tapestry's Tide)
Season of the Goblins (we could maybe do both adventures over the weekend)
The Factions's Favor "unlock" scenarios
A capstone (asuming we have enough characters ready for one)

Some combo of the above?

Perhaps I'll set up a survey. But before I do, can anyone think of another category I should put on it?

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Please also consider avatars of the adventure card game characters. There is a play by post community for the card game too, but not all characters are available as avatars.


2-4E: 1d20 ⇒ 2

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Yeah. The Rage thread is a bit of a headache to read. I cringed when I linked to it. So, the Rage FAQ was because it also requires the character you play it on to do something to make it meaningful: they have to bury a card. So the FAQ was to get around the "affecting the situation rule".

MM Rulebook p9 wrote:


In some situations, you are limited to playing cards or using powers that affect or otherwise relate to the current situation. In these cases, the things you do cannot require anyone to do something else for your action to be meaningful—the things you do must directly affect the situation.

Without saying you could play it during an encounter, you couldn't because it would have required someone else to do something to make playing it meaningful. The FAQ wasn't about addressing that you can't play a "display this card" during an encounter.

The "using the same card twice" is about revealing cards. There is a rule about only using a card's power once per check or step. But I really don't think you are playing it twice. I think you are completing the power. Which is what the rules instruct you to do:

MM Rulebook p8 wrote:

When a card has multiple powers, you must choose

one of them, and you must do everything that power says when possible.

Granted, these cards don't have multiple powers, but I think the "do everything that power says" part has to be true of cards that have one power just as much as ones that have multiple powers. And that is what I think you are doing when you play a "display this card" kind of card during an encounter. You are gaining the effect from displaying it and you must do everything it says, which includes using that effect.

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See this FAQ. Most likely, your card is failing address match verification. The processor Paizo uses is very picky about an exact match.

What you see on your bank statement is a hold placed by your bank, not a finalized charge. It will eventually age out. Paizo can put a reversal request through to help speed up that process.

Double check the address you entered for the card exactly matches the address your bank has on file.

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Sure. You can do that, as long as you aren't using more than 6 characters in a scenario. You'll also need to be aware that in order for a character to gain the adventure reward that character needs to complete all the scenarios in that adventure. You can always make a house rule for that though.

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No. Adding a skill isn't the same as using a skill.

MM Rulebook p11 wrote:
If a power adds an additional skill or die to a check, that skill or die is not added as a trait to the check.

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I wish Nok-Nok had been included in this set, so I could pick up the single to use with his Card Game character. Any plans for him to appear at some point?

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Who is going to PAX Unplugged this year? I am. There aren't any scheduled events for PACG in the society room, but there will be a table set aside for PACG. I'd like to make use of that table. So, I'm wondering who is going, and for which days? Is anyone interested in getting together and running some scenarios? If so, I'd like to try and plan out which ones.

So let me know if you are going and what you'd like to try and do.

Hey all. Tyler had something come up and won't be able to post tonight.

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