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I am most pleased you enjoyed them :D

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Finally broke 20,000 words :D and figured out what to do with my Prologue, woot woot.

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I wish you well on your happy day!

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If you don't have the optimism to hope for an eventual conclusion what do you have?

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So there was a two armed bucket handed digger thingy in front of your school?

I feel well informed now.
Thats nice.

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My name got bolded
I feel special

Wooo I like em too

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IT CAME! okay so I'mma try to address what people are saying with my opinions too xD

@Rysky - I actually found the Charnel god a bit underwhelming, what did you think you'd do with one.

@Eltacolibre - Krampus is someone I haven't had chance to look at in depth yet (I've been focused on the CR25-30 region so far I just can't drag myself away) not a massive fan of his art though.
Mammon is amazing ( do quite like Mephistopheles too though, he is really what a devil should be, and I wouldn't call Barbatos Asmody light) and possibly my fave thing in the book, although I think probably second to Charon (although I do think his spitting river water ability is weird, I'd have skinned it as 4 streams of the river, almost like estuaries coming from his robes or maybe a globe of water in his hand). Euryale I love her art but I need to look into her more. Great old Tam I again love the art for but his actual abilities I'm not too taken with, he is mostly a save or loose bot with almost nothing to him if they save. The Wild hunt is awesome though again I need to look at them more.

@Garbage-Tier Waifu - I have to agree xD

@Paradozen - the devil monkey I wasn't huge on, although the Coral monkey thingy (its name escapes me) is awesome and very useful for an dex based Eldrtitch Knight.

@Luthorne - I actually think the blights would have done better in a book without the truly godlike Oozes this one contained, they feel a bit overshadowed to me. I agree with you entirely on the bloody bones, they'd have benefited from a lower CR. The conqueror worms art skeeves me out <.> Telepathic escape is awesome though. I loved the Danthienne and I am making a campaign with them in xD. Lilitu I found interesting from a fluff perspective but not super fun I think the Oolioddroo looks amazing though and need to read it. Entothropes are awesome, for the first time ever I think a weresomething PC sounds interesting. Plague giants are gross and yucky and gross and I don't like em! Actually didn't like any of the giants in this book much. I like the quint golems, but I like the gold ones more, they're particularly kewl. Green men I like but need to pour over them more, physically very impressive. As a tyranid player I always appreciate a hive mind! I love Kamaitachi but I wish they were small, they just look small to me! and nimble. Lovelorns are a bit weird to me, I think there are ways of doing that theme with a bit more finesse. Mezlan are amazing and I want to use them, I this they're a kewl weapon. Nekomata didn't really grab me so I haven't read them yet. Oblivions are quite kewl, although if I want to do something with the negative energy plane I think hundun are kewler and there are more oozy oozes out there. Ouroboros reminds me too much of Orochimaru in snake mode xD a character about which me and my friends have mock too much for me to take them seriously. I didn't notice the Saurian's meteor storm that is quite funny, I wonder what JJ thinks of it. Skincrawlers didn't really make it onto my register because of my CR bias. Slithering pits on the other hand did, purely because of their art being very kewl to me. Tenome are nasty and mean and nasty and I think I might put them in that campaign I mentioned, or just one as a collectors item/weapon for some psychotic noble. Unrisen are very kewl I like em, I don't like making hokey annoying res rules to make res more complex but maybe if players do amiss timed breath of life I might use it xD. I new someone had mentioned urhag, it was you! I was obsessing over them because of you and they're not nice to obsess over >.>. Whisperer's are quite scary but I already read about them on a blog, so wasn't too hyped about em. I do find mist tentacles particularly interesting and cinematic though.

Isabelle Lee - Did you do the unrisen entry? I enjoyed it a lot xD of the Qlippoth's I have to say I was most taken by Oaur-Ooung due to its importance to their survival and the big thingy growing on its back.

I just brought Bestiary 6 :D and I'm excited because I love high CR stat blocks, I can't help myself I just love em, they're like art. The Empyreal lords from book 4 made me a sad bean >.>.

So I know Book 6 is chock full of big nasty beasties and I was wondering if anyone had any interesting favorites that they wanted to talk about. Cool abilities? Stand out as particularly powerful for their particularly powerful CR (like an apostate Devil >.>)? Or maybe even particularly underwhelming for their CR?

Basically I'm giddy with excitement and looking for the hormone hit you get from talking to people? (Is it Dopamine? or Serotonin? or something I can't remember)

So yeah, come talk to me!

My build has more dragon. :3

*watches hugging*

Well this is awkward

You gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

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purrrr *grumble grumble* poor dwarves *grumble grumble*