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Silver Crusade

Hi all, i am gming a home campaing with many PFS modules with several Sacarab Sages history and a Nethys related scenarios. I read time ago The Third Riddle Scenario

The Third Riddle:
where talk about Nethys Tablets, and you can find one
My question is: There are any other scenarios, advnetures or similar for the other Two Tablets?

Many thanks to all!!

Silver Crusade 2/5

I am waiting that you became the VC of Madrid yet!!!

Silver Crusade 2/5

Hi all,

i am here to express my gratitude to all VO's team thah help me in my VC postion the last two years. I am leaving my position as VC because i had a new son at february 8 th and i need more time for my family.
I leave the position but not the Society (PFS) i stand as a VL of Barcelona to help the VOs of this city and the other VOs in Spain.

Thanks to all for the help, i transfer my position to Gustavo Cruz, before VL and VC now, he is a great person and a good organizer, with him the PFS in Barcelona wins, he accept my transfer and i belive that he is the best person to hire this position, more than me!!


Silver Crusade 2/5

I am delighted to congratulate two new VOs their welcome aboard at the Imperial Capitol city when Spain was under the domination of the Roman Empire in the V th century of our era, Tarraco, now knowed as Tarragona.
They are Josep Maria Serres and Jordi Vidal,

Welcome aboard guys!!

This is my last action as a VC of Barcelona, Spain, i leave my position as VC but i don't leave the VOs team, i will continue as VL of Barcelona hereinafter to help the Society and the spanish vo's team!!

Thanks to all!!

Silver Crusade 2/5

Congratulations Adrian and weolcome a board!!!

Espero que vaya todo genial y que poco a poco vaya creciendo aún más la afición a la Sociedad en las Islas!!

Silver Crusade 2/5

Congratulations Héctor and welcome a board of this great and amazing ship!!

Bienvenido crack!! Espero que con tu nombramiento Guillermo esté algo más tranquilo y la cosa vaya a más!!

Silver Crusade 2/5

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Be carefull with your words, agent, maybe we need wash your mouth with soap?

Silver Crusade 2/5

Welcome to the team and for the help in a far lands of Canary Islands!!!

I know you and i am sure that you became a great VC and a great VO for our community!!

Bienvenido Capitán ahora ya tienes los galones y un montón de guiris van a querer ir a eventos en las islas así que preparáos!!

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Brilliant idea!! As say David Haller many people leave the PFS because many characters become overpower with the optimization, and some we want more role playing than Roll Playing. This is Awesome initiative!!

I want to applause the minds that thoght this!!! Many thanks team!!!

Silver Crusade 2/5

Thoughts and Prayers with his family and friends. The family and friends are now the most important they need all the support that the nearest persons in their lifes can we will give them.

My condolences to the family and friends, Rest in Peace dear SEEKER of the Pathfinder Society, ever in our hearts and thoughts!! And now rest at right side of Sarenrae!!

Silver Crusade

Mmm best i take PBS at level one with hardy and glory of the old and Blackpowder fortune i have good saving throws with steel soul i am like a paladin with Divine Grace!!

Thx for your advice!!

Silver Crusade

Ok Boon companion feat is good for me then i can pick one level in druid and don't rise more until level 5!! Is a waste of a feat but good for my build!!

The Gunslinger method with two feats are not quite good because the animal is like a ranger animal companion (-3 druid level) i think that is best Boon Companion.

What is best in your opninon (all people can say) Gunslinger(musket master)/Druid(Survivor) or Gunslinger (Musket master)/Hunter?

Thanks mates!!

Silver Crusade

Thas anyone knows if exists a trait with i can have my character level as a druid level for my animal companion? Like Magical Knack with spells but with animal companions.

I see that i need three levels in gunslinger for musket and i suppose that there is no way to be a full gunslinger with animal companion, isn it?

Silver Crusade

Ok you say specializations from WOW!!

Ok i want a beastmaster or markmanship they were my preferred specialization in WOW, when i played.

But if you can advice me the three i can see and try the more likely for me.

I don't know what animal companion want i don't see them yet, but i accept advices too!!

Thanks for all Umbranus!! Umbranus from Umbria or Umbra (shadow)?

Silver Crusade

With the huntmaster i only can try bird or dog as a hunting pack.

Beastmaster is 3rd party too, don't legal for pfs, and i don't find survival hunter...

Remember that he is for PFS and Psionics are not legal for play...

Thanks for your help!!

Silver Crusade

DrDeth wrote:

Is a dwarven hunter one who hunts dwarves or a dwarf who hunts? ;-)

Obviously a Dwarven that hunts...

My build is the following:


Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16 (my prefered class and the class that i play for Animal companion)
Charisma 8

I taken first level as a Gunslinger (Musket master archetype)

And Point Blank Shot Feat

I am thinking take Black Powder Fortune and Glory of the Old traits if no one known a good trait for a druid (i don't want magical knack, i don't interest spellcasting habilities for this build)specially for an Animal Companion.

When i rise to level 2 i will take all the following levels as a druid (Survivor Druid archetype only for the traps and diminished spellcasting)

Do you have any advice for my character? Post it!!

Thanks for your help mates!!

Silver Crusade

Hi all,

I know that doesn't exists a class like in the mmorpg like WOW. But i want to try one.

I suppose that a wow's dwarven hunter needs one level of gunslinger (musket master) and then levels in Hunter class.

Can you say me the best options with abilities, feats, traits and other choices. In my next post i writte my first build of this character.

Thanks for all your help!!

Silver Crusade 2/5

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Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that as of now are two new VL in Barcelona area, one to perfrom monthly events exclusively Barcelona city, and help us in great Cons, Guillem Piñero. And another that help me in my work as a VC since the beginning like the other two VLs of Barcelona, his name is Llorenç Foixench aka Gothalo.

Welcome aboard of this grand ship!!

Silver Crusade

Half-elf drows are prohibited in PFS...A wizard level one hasn't the prereq for EK the SLA says works as clarividence not is clarividence... i don't know if this is legal...where can i check?

What are the starting habilities @AndImustMask your build are nice with some changes if i take aasimar if i don't find the legality of Diviner for EK at level 3.

@Some Random Dood i don't understand your build at first level, why unarmed fighter? Why monkey style?

Thanks for your advices!!

Silver Crusade

Ok thx, yes i going with normal aasimar for SLA. I have str 17 with transmuter 18...

Silver Crusade

Arcane armor training i will take it when I have the prereq (caster level 3rd).

I would have start the build as a unbreakable or ustalavic (I want to be a fighter, nor the best in the party, but a fighter and have spells not like a dedicated wizard, as a fighter/wizard in AD&D 2n Ed) but to take magical knack trait I have to start as a wizard (transmuter for the +1 to a phisical hability), I take Arcane strike I need one more trait. I am thinkin to take a weapon as arcane bond to start with a gc weapon.

What do you think about this?

Silver Crusade

What archetype is useful with this buils Unbreakable or Ustalavic Duelist?

Ufff aasimar sorcerer with orc bloodline...

Silver Crusade

Very nice spell i don't know it.

There is an interesting build. But i am looking magus build now.

Thx for your advice is really jedi flavour!!

Silver Crusade

Some Random Dood wrote:
Wizard can be rather boring at first, since you would have so few spells a day. Where as with a fighter, you can always attack with your weapon.


Silver Crusade

Zilfrel Findadur wrote:

It's funny but i have to agree.

also Haco, people have been doing magus dervish builds for eons already, you can't just say it is not legit now, it is. i wouldn't really go strengh as a magus, unless it is a hexblade frostbite build, which is also nice.

You have reason but finally i decided wiz/fighter 1 Eldritch knight this is teh reason for the strength.

For the magus i decided a jedi flavour build in other thread in this forum too.

Do you think is best start as a wizard or fighter?

Silver Crusade

SpiritWolfFenris wrote:
Seriously... You should consider trying to build a character yourself. That's half the fun in tabletop. Least, a few people I know and myself seem to think so. Also it helps teach you how certain things work and gives you bonus knowledge towards any future creations.

I created an amount of characters as any of us in my roleplaying life. But I want to see some builds an ideas to select my own character, I only want options for create a better character!! This is the Advice forum I think that this is the correct place to demmand this.

@Nephril thx for your build, but I looking for a fighter/wizard concept and summoner this is not my idea of wizard althought him has many good abilities and can wear light armor without penalty. And a dragon disciple focused in natural attacks and I want melee attacks with blade.

Thanks to all!!

Silver Crusade

Mmm ok thx for your comment. But we can do a list of powers and needed levels of classes. And we need remember that there are many jedis and not all are the same powers or their power are the same, some are more powerful than oders.

A level 2 paladin has detect evil, lay on hands, smite evil, aura of good and divine grace. We don't need smite evil, aura of good nor divine grace. We can take irorian paladin archetype, then he has monk habilities. Or we can looking for how to reproduce detect evil/live and lay on hand features. Maybe a celestial sorcerer or bard can or with wands.

6 levels of magus, at least 3 for bladebound, 5 for energy attunement for the blade, but this can be changed for a +1 energy enchantment (frozen, flaming, acidic, lightning, etc).

The build only need one level in sword saint for the iajutsu, really is only for flavour this can be ignored.

Then finaly only one level of irorian paladin or nothing, the importance are the magus levels, and found th alternatives for jedi powers and abilities.

Thx for your help, I need the help of all of you for this build!!

Silver Crusade

I will try the aasimar Wizard 1/ Fighter 1 /EK 10

Can you help me with the build?

My stats are 16 str 13 dex 13 con 16 int 10 wis 9 cha

I start the character as a wizard for Arcane Strike feat or fighter for more HP and 2 feats, armor proficiency and weapon proficiencies?

Any archetype that can help me with the build? Maybe Unbreakable for Endurance and Die Hard feats, or Ustalavic Duelist for Duelist Stance?

What feats are good for a level 1 aasimar fighter that before rise as a wizard and EK? Dodge, combat expertise?

Thanks for your help!! Remember that is PFS!!

Silver Crusade

Hi all

talking about a fighter/wizard concept i found some posts that talk about kensai/bladebound as a jedi concept, and i remember the sword saint archetype.

Do you know that they are compatible to create a character for PFS that allows more than one archetype?

Can you post me some builds?

I know that many say that a jedi need some levels in paladin class, how you mix all and create a jedi guardian build?

Thanks for all!! I know that you are great!!

Silver Crusade

Sorry to all i wanna be 100% legal in my builds. Thanks for all the advice. I start another thread with the jedi build Sword saint/kensai/bladebound, if i can have 3 archetypes!!!

Thanks for the advices people now i know the powerful magus /kensai, and the EK class (i like more for a fighter/wizard) and i have a reason to make an aasimar character!!

Silver Crusade

Can you link me the FAQ?

Or say me where can i read that SPell like ability can be used as a prerequisite for an EK?

The prereq says "spells" not spell. A level 5 wizard has one slot of level 3 spells, but he can learn more than one. This spell like allows you to cast this spell but use it as a prerequisite for a prestige class i don't think that be legal, i as a gm i don't permit this. Prestige classe are for level 6 or more.

Silver Crusade

Mmmm is a bit "illegal", if you accept this any caster can cast a level 3 spell with a scroll, then the prerequisite says "spells" not spell, or spell like ability...

I rise until wizard 5 is more legally.

Silver Crusade

But i need more levels in wizard to be a EK.

Samurai was only for more flavour but i can let it!!

Silver Crusade

Ok thx EvilPaladin this is fine for me and allows to use a Scimitar as a finesse weapon.

Thx for the help.

Silver Crusade

Ok @Suichimo but what do you think about Kensai/bladebound/Sword saint build? Can you help me with stats and race? You see that i don't say Ek now!!

Do you think that magus is best than EK for the fighter/wizard concept?

Thanks for your help.

Silver Crusade

But where is the officially writting of this for rules GMs?

Silver Crusade

Mmmm maybe but there is not any FAQ where officially the scimitar be a finessable weapon...reading the feats not allowed to use scimitar as a finessable weapon if James Jacobs wants this he needs writte somewhere.

I see a kensai/bladebound archetypes runs fine, and a bit jedi savour (the best fighter/wizard character of the world!), and i am thinking multiclassing a kensai/bladebound with sword saint samurai archetype and then EK. What do you think about this? I think that i need create another thread to ask this, what do you think about?

Silver Crusade

But Scimitar is not finesseable weapon even with dervish dance...only for duelist prestige class...

Silver Crusade

@Zilfrel your build has a great mistake, Scimitar is no a finessable weapon, it is not light and not in the list of weapon finesse feat, even with Dervish Dance that only transform the scimitar ina piercing weapon (only good for duelists not for all).

Why Trapper ranger archetype this archetype don't gives anything good for a fighter/wizard concept.

I like more a melee fighter than a ranged figher for the build, kensai is very nice concept of fighter/wizard (magus) concept. I need study the weapon selection for the Kensai and this build.

Thx for help!!

Silver Crusade

TheSideKick wrote:

The most powerful character in all of pathfinder is an Archer EK.

Trapper ranger 1/wizard 5 /eldritch knight 4/arcane archer 2/eldritch knight 6/arcane archer 2.

17 bab, 9th level spells, complete flexibility and able to over come just about any situation presented. You can be the rogue, the skill monkey, the face, and even the front liner of you focus on transmutation or conjuration (to summon meat shields). Best character I've ever built, and the most powerful I've ever played by a wide margin.

Can you link or writte a build level per level with stats, race and all that you have?

I read on eor two guides of this theme and every guide say that the better is the class explained in the guide. I want that someone with experience in this kind of characters show us his/her build/builds.

Thanks to all!!

Silver Crusade

Zilfrel Findadur wrote:

ok here we go, to start.

Elf Kensai level 1

Str 10 Dex 18 Con 10 Int 18 Wis 10 Cha 8

AC 16 (+1 armor from haramaki, +1 int to AC, +4 Dex)
Fort: 2 Ref: 4 Will: 2
traits: Magic Lineage: Shocking Grasp.
Feat: Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus
Attack: Scimitar +5, 1d6 dmg, 18-20/x2

Progression to a very Straightforward Magus:

lvl 3: Dervish Dance, Arcane Accuracy
lvl 5: Combat Reflexes, Improved Initative
lvl 6: Empowered magic,
lvl 7: Intensify spell.
lvl 9: Critical Focus.
lvl 11: Improved Critical, Bleeding Critical.
lvl 12: Maximized Magic.
lvl 13: Lunge
lvl 15: Quickened Magic

Pretty much this would be an example.
You would be using a lot of Blur, Mirror Images, Intensified Maximized Shocking Grasp or Empowered. True Strike. Vampiric Touch. Color Spray might be a good idea early. once i killed a beholder with one crit of an empowered intensified shocking grasp, lvl 7-8 it's very satisfying :} trust me.

Later you want to buy magic items mentioned in the guide, and there you go, it's very fun to play.

at the end your dex doesn't have limits to AC, so put all stats to DEX.

Ok you listed the feats and level one but i rise ever of kensai class or i mullticlassing with others?

Can you write the build of your magus i haven't acces with the link in your second post!!

[bold]Please more builds to try!!![bold/]

Silver Crusade

Can any post or link examples of the class or classes that he/she believe the best choice?

I read the guide that you say @Dave Justus, but many words but no examples of character.

Silver Crusade

Can you link me an advice of magus with dervish build?

And you Dave can post and advice od Eldrithc Knight level per level?

Thanks to all!!

Silver Crusade

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Hi all,

My first character in AD&D was Gilthanas Kanan in a Dragonlance adventure. And i can't forget the fighter/wizard from AD&D and is my favourite "class" when i don't play a Dwarf...

But in Pathfinder with a great amount of possibilities, archetypes, etc i don't know what is the best class for a fighter/wizard:

- Fighter x/sorcerer x
- Fighter x/Wizard x
- etc, etc

Can you help me to create a good balanced fighter/wizard (not only these classes, fighter/wizard is the concept or eldritch knight)

Thanks for all!!

Silver Crusade

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:

Depends if you like to do anything out of combat as well. Some people dont. Ive tried both barbarian and fighter. Outside of combat I stay pretty bored.

I dont understand your last question. But typically 2 weapon fighting isn't worth it compared to the 2 handed approach since getting full attacks is difficult. Most vetern players will rank 2 handed as superior to 2wf.

Why do you think about the Guide ranger archetype for this build? Or Freeboter, but a dwarf pirate...


Silver Crusade

CommandoDude wrote:
I would advise Warpriest or Cleric. I am currently running a Dwarf Cleric (Glory, Travel domains) and I hit the hardest of my party with the best damage using my Dwarven Longaxe - though it does require knowing a fight is coming some rounds in advance to get buffs off. Warpriest has less spellcasting but other good abilities.

Can you post or link a cleric or/and a warpriest?

Silver Crusade

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:

@ haco you mean ranger also gets spells, companion, reflex saves and evasion. Rangers are better then fighters in every single thing minus feats. No class can match the feats of a fighter but ever other melee type of class is better then a fighter.

For pfs you need more than just combat skills. A rounded character tends to be better and playing a straight fighter is straight boring in pfs because of the big use of skills.

Yes, i know but i seen many people that plays with a Amiri barbarians and enjoy of their play in PFS.

Is not better as a ranger TWF and Shield and dwarven double waraxe?

Silver Crusade

P33J wrote:

Rhogar Earthshaker

Dwarven (LN) Fighter (Thunderstriker)

Abilities: STR 15, DEX 15 CON 14, INT 13, WIS 15, CHA 8
Take your Bump in STR at 4, DEX at 8, DEX at 12
Your Belt should be Giant STR only, use the IOUN stone for your CON.

Trait: Glory of Old +1 to your Hardy Racial Trait
Militant Merchant: Perception becomes a class trait.

LEVEL 1 FEAT: Steel Soul +2 to your Hardy Racial Trait
LEVEL 1 COMBAT FEAT: Weapon Focus Warhammer
LEVEL 3 FEAT: Breadth of Experience (I like this for non-combat usefulness)
LEVEL 4 COMBAT FEAT: Weapon Specialization Warhammer
LEVEL 5 FEAT: Two Weapon Fighting; Weapon Training: Hammers
LEVEL 7 FEAT: Improved Shield Bash
LEVEL 8 COMBAT FEAT: Weapon Focus Shield
LEVEL 9 FEAT: Weapon Specialization Shield; Weapon Training: Close
LEVEL 10 COMBAT FEAT: Improved Two Weapon Fighting

From 11 on, you have a ton of customization options.

Want to mess with Casters? Take Disruptive, Spellbreaker and Shatterspell as your next three feats. Want to mess with them even more, take Step Up followed by Following Step, then Step Up and Strike. This means you bump the concentration up by 4, your opponent provokes on failed concentration checks, you can spell sunder up to 3 times per day by level 20 and you don't let your enemy get away from you.

Toss in a pair of Winged Boots to keep those flyers from giving you a hard time and suddenly, you're a mage hunter supreme. Plus, at level 17 you're making 6 attacks per round on full attack, or 7 if you toss in haste, with no penalty to attack, at level 19. If you don't need to worry about AC, grab that hammer two handed and go to town, you're not taking any penalty to attack, You're saves are through the roof because of Hardy, Glory of Old and Steel Soul (+5 right there) toss in a luck stone or an ioun stone with save bonuses, and you can ignore the Cloak of Resistance and switch to the Pauldrons of the Juggernaut. There's just so much optimization...

Why Warhammer if you are a Thunderstriker and you can wear a two handed weapon and a buckler? Breadth of experience is a waste of a feat....

Silver Crusade

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:

I ever admire dwarves, but in Pathfinder and PFS i don't know how to create a powerful dwarven warrior. I need your advice for this.

I want a typical dwarf with axe (double dwarven waraxe, longaxe or great axe)or hammer (longhammer, etc).

If he has to have levels in other classes (barbarian, cleric, warpriest, bloodrager, etc) there is not a problem for me.

But i want a powerful dwarf!!!

Thanks for all!!

Can you post your example and compare with the slayer and foehammer?

I'll just give you a basic build that will have good power and versatility for PFS as a ranger.

** spoiler omitted **...

For this feats is best a Fighter he gain the feats quick and have d10 and best armor...ranger with a two handed weapon is not quite good as a fighter...only more skills, and favored enemy and terrains...

Silver Crusade

But in the link i see a Human barbarian, not a dwarf barbarian. Humans has a one more feat than dwarves...then a character level 20 then explained every level but not a dwarf build.

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