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Shouldn't one be called Jaren Basvear, as per area A10 of the Scribbler's Lair?

Search for "Brother Spills" and you should find the thread to which you refer.

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You might also want to check out Dragon, issue 329, which has a pretty detailed write up on the Pazuzu cult, minions, and goals - and written by someone with one or two connections to RotRL. It might give you a few ideas on how to proceed.

British by birth, English by the Grace of God!

Nicely done. Snagged and thanks for your contribution.

Well, on the basis that the Religious Fundamentalists say that people that play D&D clerics can really cast spells, why not cast Locate Object - problem solved! ;-)

The AE does describe B7 as a 'semi-secret society' (pg 112) and 'a secretive gentlemen's club based in Magnimar and consisting of merchants or thieves, depending on whom you talk to' (Pg 88).

So, the PC would probably know B7 in that way.

Very nice work. My only criticism is that I would have expected to see quarters for L and her crew, as I have always imagined the Paradise to be her home and base of operations. Maybe even a secret chapel and a place to harvest her victims.

Funny how two people can read the same information and get two different views. A friend of mine imagines the Paradise to be more like a Mississippi steamboat, even though the AP describes it as a converted barge.


On page 162, Tillia Henkenson is described as NG Expert 2, but on page 394 she is described as LN Expert 4.

In my campaign, I had the characters arriving in Sandpoint as guards on a small wagon train to get them some pre-adventure exp points. On the way to Sandpoint, they were attacked by bandits (linked to the Sczarni) and managed to fight them off. The survivors were tracked back to their base and I made sure that some were captured.

One captured bandit was a young lad from Sandpoint who was a small-time punk who had fallen in with the wrong crowd and become a bandit. He was then put on trial, with the characters as witnesses. That way, they met the sheriff, the mayor and other influential residents who were the judges, Ironbriar who was visiting for the festival and gave his advice during the trial on procedure, and the local Sczarni.

Just like Godfather 2, Jubrayl and cohorts (Messrs Mortwell, Hask, and Tabe amongst others), sat next to the bandit's weeping mother during the trial to influence the bandit not to implicate them. When he was hanged for banditry on the day after the festival, his older brother swore vengeance on the party - specifically the one who would become the obsession of Aldern.

So, within hours of arriving in Sandpoint, they had become the target of the older brother who kept trying to kill/maim or generally mess them up, and the local Sczarni i.e. Jubrayl. I played Jubrayl as sneering and sarcastic who used to regularly suggest that they were getting 'cocky' and 'lordly' and used to call the character 'your ladyship' as an insult. When the 'your lordship' note appeared, they automatically assumed it was Jubrayl and then later assumed it was the brother!

It also put them in good standing with the town elders, foreshadowed Ironbriar, and briefly introduced Mortwell, Hask, and Tabe.

Oh, and I made the Sandpoint hangman one of the Skinsaw victims just to confuse matters further!

Hi Hythlodeus

Nice maps, but can you possibly post copies without a grid so that they can be used on VTTs, such as MapTool, as we hide the grid when we play as we feel it is a distraction.

Many thanks.


Check out the Community Created section. I am sure that someone (Yossarian, I think) drew up some maps of the area with village names, woods, temples etc. Might be a good starting point.

Some stores will allow you to do it yourself and bypass the cleric.

Staples have resident clerics? Damn, I better mask my alignment before I go into that store again! ;-)

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I set up a backup plan for this sort of thing at the beginning of the campaign - in fact for all the campaigns I have run. My characters kept hearing rumours about a mythical site somewhere in Sanos Forest where a 'powerful sage and cleric of the Old Ways' lived. Then, when a character needed to be raised/resurrected etc, there was to be a small side quest where they could go into Sanos Forest and find the sage/cleric.

I haven't used it so far, but was going to make the sage/cleric some sort of Fey - somewhat akin to Tom Bombadil - who would help them in return for a 'small favour'. It would then be a recurring NPC should another character need raising, or if they needed to find out information.I chose Sanos as it was fairly central, so they could reach it quite easily and not slow down the campaign.

I always keep such a device in my back pocket - helps keeps things moving and makes the characters work for their raise/resurrection, rather than a free pass.

Belegdel wrote:
That's a genuine and special kind of crazy

Yep, that's a "chuch-going, charity fundraising, seemed really nice at first and was then discovered to be bat-s@#t crazy who slashes your car tyres and screams through your letter box at 3am in the morning ex-girlfriend kind of crazy".

Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Nothing to do with global warming.

The reason for the weather is here

Well, according to the initial description on page 290...

"Teleportation Circles: Each of these measures 10 feet in diameter and is represented by a complex rune carved into the ground surrounded by a deep circular groove."

The map shows them as covering 2 x 2 squares so I would agree with you that each square = 5 feet.

In another topic around here I took note that someone wrote the visions down on puzzle pieces for the group to collect and assemble

I like this idea as well. Did the poster ever provide a copy of the puzzle pieces on the forum?

I mentioned this a few weeks ago in another thread but it is probably appropriate to mention it here as well.

On page 162, Tillia Henkenson is described as NG Expert 2, but on page 394 she is described as LN Expert 4.

I can't see any details in the original RotRL so no idea which is correct. Her predecessor 'died in mysterious circumstances' so using her page 394 alignment information may make for an interesting side-quest at some point. Credit Mavrickindigo for this suggestion.

Nice work GustavoMalek and Threelite - many thanks.

I prefer the map without fog, but that is only because I use MapTool so I can add the fog effect myself.

The AE says that she is human - page 162 - and interestingly NG, which is different to page 394 where she is LN!

Peet - check out "Magnimar, City of Monuments" pages 46 - 47 and Pathfinder comic no 3 "Paupers' Graves"

Otherwise, a quick search of the PathfinderWiki should help.

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Check out Wayfinder issue 9. It has a mini dungeon underneath The Old Light. It's designed for 4 x 4th level

There is a link to the Darklands so you can expand it into a larger campaign if you want. However, it can easily side-track the RoTRL campaign, so I ran it after the end of RoTRL and upgraded it for high-level characters. It gave the characters something to do after RoTRL, rather than just end it and start a new campaign and 1st level characters. Milk, anyone?

Nice find, DM - definitely snagged these for future use!

Nice map, Threelite.

Did you also produce an interior for them to explore and find what was inside?

Thanks DM, that's more useful for me.

I use MapTool, so I can always add extra items to maps if I want to. I will initially place your armour models on the 'background' layer and then animate them by moving them to the 'token' level. That way, when the characters first enter the room, moving their cursor over the models will not immediately show the armour models as active tokens - until I animate them!

Hi DM, thanks for the library map. Snagged as usual.

Feedback-wise, I wonder if it would be better if the armour models were not included on the map. Otherwise, if the characters take out all of the models, there will still be seven suits standing in the room.

Thanks - that looks much better now. Revised copy snagged. I guess the library will be next and then Scribbler's lair?

Excellent as usual DM - very useful.

The only comment I would make concerns the river caves. I think the secret passage connection to the cave might need a bit of tidying up as you can see two black lines where they connect.

I assume that you drew the whole cave wall and passage in one go and then added a short piece of wall for the secret door. Instead, it might be better to have the secret passage and cave as separate items.

Hope this makes sense.

Well, I like them DM and I can't see anything that needs amending.

Will you also be doing the black tower, crypt and river caves? I'm sure you could have some fun with icy textures for the crypt.

Nicely done again DM.

Crafting isn't necessary or inherent as such, as far as I am aware. However, I have seen a number of threads where players have created items to solve a problem. So, if you don't allow crafting in your game, you need to read ahead to make sure that you provide the characters with sufficient items. For example:

For instance, in book 6 the players need to be able to deal with high altitude for an extended period. So, either you allow them to craft items that do this, or you ensure that they have previously found items that are of use - and which they haven't sold!

Concerning haunts, you might want to read up RotRL book 2 and the OGC here on how haunts work, before you decide whether a poltergeist will be a good substitute.

As long as the solution works for you, then go with it.

Hope this helps.

As no-one has answered yet, I thought I would make a few points. I should point out that we play AD&D 2e, rather than PF, and will be starting RotRL shortly.

The two points that gave us the most problems were certain PF mechanics - magic item crafting and haunts.

1. Magic item crafting. Vary rare in 2e, so we thought about changing the 2e rules to make crafting items easier. In the end, we decided on the magic item fabrication rules found on the Dragonsfoot site, as they seemed fairly easy to use.

2. Haunts. 2e doesn't really have an equivalent of channeled energy, so causing damage to haunts can be somewhat difficult. So far, we have decided to allow cure spells to cause damage to haunts.

We are still thinking about whether to allow clerical turning to damage haunts as well. Maybe 1hp of damage for each point in excess of what was needed to affect the haunt. So, if the haunt is CR5, treat it as a 5HD undead, and if a 4th level priest rolled 15, he causes 2hp (15-13) to the haunt.

Other than that, certain PF character classes may cause conversion problems, but that is not insurmountable.

Hope this helps.

Damn you, IZ. I'm now going to have to find a reason for the players to use this map!

Might have a hidden opening in the rocks that leads to a small shrine - occupied, of course, by something suitably nasty.

Cheers IZ, much appreciated

Very nice, IZ. Any chance of a copy without a grid for use in VTT?


Nice one, Askren - definitely snagged these.

Very nice indeed - will you be doing the Scribbler area as well?


As no-one else has answered, I thought I would give my views.

The description on page 242 does say 'every time a character comes to an intersection, there is a 50% chance that he will take the route opposite...'

So, the way I read it is that each character has to make the roll. I guess the spell was primarily designed to confuse single thieves etc, rather than parties. Although, having a party arguing about which way to go would cause delays and increase wandering monster chances, so it is still pretty effective.

If you don't like the effect, especially if it causes you hassles in Maptool, change it to something else. Maybe a minor teleport to somewhere else in the complex, or the cells in the level above. Splitting parties causes no end of paranoia!

Yes, I agree with you about the doors. I would rule that they just blend in with the existing wall, whatever texture or colour it may be - even with appropriate scribbles on them.

Hope this helps.

As a general suggestion, what about the Vault of Greed and Chopper's Isle - both are in Wayfinder 7. I think some people have used them in their campaigns as a side-quest.

Nicely done, DM. Many thanks for the contribution and snagged again!


Excellent stuff and snagged.

The only suggestions I have are

- whether you can make the entrance to the secret passage less obvious. I mean the one that leads from the courtyard to B15. Maybe have the passage end just before it hits the courtyard.

- the sluice stream (B7) could be a little narrower, as it is only 2 feet wide.

Thanks PM, that look's much better without the grid.

Very nice, PM.

Any chance you can do these maps without a grid, or at least less prominent. We use MapTool with a hidden grid and I think your strong black lines would be a distraction.

If the rules on altitude sickness etc were used in your game, I'm interested to know how characters specifically dealt with the problem? Did they use spells and items they already had, or did they research new spells or make bespoke items?

Very nice - any chance you can do them without the grid?

Try Waterstones online here


So it does - many thanks for the reply.

Am I right in thinking that the NPC stats as stated in RotRL AE are after the NPCs have cast their 'before combat 'spells? For instance:


Nualia has stated as having Str of 16, but that is really Str 12 +4 for Bull's Strength?


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