Magnimar Hinterlands?

Rise of the Runelords

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Dear Lads and Lasses,

There's a great map of the Sandpoint Hinterlands. While not every area there is hugely detailed, it still cries out 'adventure here' to me...

Thus, I wonder, the road from the Sandpoint Hinterlands to Magnimar is about 2-3 days on foot. Surely this can't just be empty, for shame!

Thus, is there any further detail about the lay of the land between Sandpoint and Magnimar? The hamlets, the woods, and more, at a scale similar to the Sandpoint Hinterlands' map?

Always fun to let the players explore some.

Check out the Community Created section. I am sure that someone (Yossarian, I think) drew up some maps of the area with village names, woods, temples etc. Might be a good starting point.

There's a map here:

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