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Let's flesh out the characters of the Sandpoint guards!

Everything about 'Everything About':
I figure every GM wants to run 3-dimensional NPCs, but not everyone has the time to prep every one. So I'm hoping this can act as a reference thread for GMs starting the AP, where they can take advantage of the creativity of GMs who have already invested the time into making this character interesting.

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Let's see all of your content (original or not) about the Sandpoint guards, including but not limited to:

  • Non-canonical backstories
  • Mannerisms and descriptions
  • Relationships with other NPCs
  • Encounters or side-quests
  • Favorite activities
  • Images
  • Anything else that helps flesh out this character!

I'll start by posting tbug's list of guards. Of course, as with all things, these aren't set in stone so please feel free to expand or change this list, or elaborate on any of these characters.

tbug wrote:

1. Hazgan Drelvar (m. Chelaxian, courageous, likes to "adventure" on his days off)

2. Ileana Magravi (neice of Risa Magravi, only Varisian guard)
3. Jubal Nakrimor (m. Chelaxian, desperate for a promotion)
4. Kilana Hamdrelba (f. Chelaxian, particularly hates the Sczarni)
5. Lance Hurn (m. Chelaxian, has hay fever and works indoors whenever possible)
6. Merin Vargil (f. Chelaxian, single mom of twin 9-year-olds)
7. Nilly Ancera (f. Chelaxian, became a guard after the Chopper killed her dad)
8. Olhart Zemca (m. Chelaxian, not an animal person)
9. Paltero Banngar (m. Chelaxian, likes beer a little too much)
10. Quera Yngar (f. Chelaxian, a bit of a human supremacist)
11. Rip Charg (m. Chelaxian, unrequited crush on Hazgan)
12. Silver Enda (f. Chelaxian, newest guard hired, only 17 years old)

Sunday morning: Jubal, Kilana, Quera
Sunday day: Ileana, Merin, Silver
Sunday evening: Hazgan, Lance, Olhart

Moonday morning: Jubal, Nilly, Quera
Moonday day: Belor, Ileana, Merin
Moonday evening: Hazgan, Patero, Rip

Toilday morning: Jubal, Nilly, Quera
Toilday day: Belor, Ileana, Merin
Toilday evening: Hazgan, Patero, Rip

Wealday morning: Kilana, Nilly, Quera
Wealday day: Belor, Ileana, Olhart, Silver
Wealday evening: Lance, Patero, Rip

Oathday morning: Kilana, Nilly, Silver
Oathday day: Belor, Ileana, Merin, Olhart
Oathday evening: Lance, Patero, Rip

Fireday morning: Jubal, Kilana, Nilly
Fireday day: Belor, Olhart, Silver
Fireday evening: Hazgan, Lance, Patero

Starday morning: Jubal, Kilana, Quera
Starday day: Merin, Olhart, Silver
Starday evening: Hazgan, Lance, Rip

Shouldn't one be called Jaren Basvear, as per area A10 of the Scribbler's Lair?

Yes, I suppose so! Or, you could pick a different guard to have been killed and preserved.

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I think I made the list before Sins of the Saviors was released, but even so I don't think he should be on the list.

Sins of the Saviors, p. 16 wrote:
The dead body is that of Jaren Basvear, a corporal in the Sandpoint militia and the leader of the group of guards Hemlock sent into these chambers.

The militia is explicitly different from the town guard. There are 62 members of the militia (Burnt Offerings, p. 65) as opposed to only twelve full-time members of the city watch. The militia take 1d3 hours to call to duty, and just get used sporadically as I recall.

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I use tbug's list personally for my group. (Thanks alot for the awesome work tbug!)

For my game, I extended a bit of the info on each of the guards for quick use for when the party runs into or interacts with them.

Guard Info:

Hazgan Drevlar (m/27 Chelaxian)
-Short and Stout
-Tanned, Well Groomed Beard
-Courageous and Adventures in his Days Off
-Bad Impression of the Party (Mine due to the Paladin lying to him.)

Ileana Magravi (f/23 Varisian)
-Lithe, Ruddy-Skinned Varisian
-Fiery Persona, Smells of Jasmine
-Does not want to work at Risa's, Prefers the Short Spear

Jubal Nakrimor (m/31 Chelaxian)
-Average, Short Stubble Hair and Beard
-Desperate for a Promotion, Gets talked into picking up extra shifts alot.
-Sighs Alot, Middling Ability but Dependable.

Kilana Hamdrel (f/24 Chelaxian)
-Long Brown Pony Tail, Toothy Grin
-Extreme Dislike for the Sczarni, dogs known associates constantly.
-Cracks Knuckles when Nervous

Lance Hurn (m/19 Chelaxian)
-Mousy, Wispy Attempt at a Mustache
-Good with Paperwork, Works Inside whenever possible.
-Has Hayfever and sneezes constantly.

Merin Varg (f/32 Chelaxian)
-Brick House of a woman with Blonde Hair
-Single Mother of twin 9 year olds, Gaile and Olive
-Carries her late husband's warhammer.

Nilly Ancera (f/25 Chelaxian)
-Tall and Skinny
-Likes Hats, Enjoys Varisian Color Palettes
-Joined Guard after Father Killed by the Chopper

Olhart Zemca (m/33 Chelaxian)
-Average, Scarred Forearms, Missing Right Pinky
-Dislikes Animals, including Catfolk, etc.
-Drinks at Cracktooth's, Enjoys a good Pun.

Paltero Talbert (m/29 Chelaxian)
-Strong with a beer gut. Boar Bristle Hairstyle.
-Says he can drink anyone under the table. Hates Wine.
-Likes the Party due to the occasional drink bribe.

Ouera Ygnar (m/36 Chelaxian)
-Broad shoulders with a stout frame. Trimmed Goatee.
-Distrusts anyone not human.
-Willing to fake evidence to deal with 'troublemakers'.

Gren 'Rip' Chargens (m/41 Ulfen)
-Tall, Half-Shaved Head, Blonde with Grey Streaks
-Worships Gorum, Scar Brand on his Shoulder
-Been eying the new toughs (strongest party member(s) ), wanting to test their mettle.

Silver Enda (f/17 Taldan)
-Small, with flowing chestnut hair. Emerald Green Eyes.
-Wandered into town a few months ago with a merchant caravan.
-Won a fight with a pair of thugs who assaulted her. Belor offered her a job.

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I love it! Thanks for posting your list!

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ooof, had a LONG post ready here, and then lost it, very painful.

Well, this most of it all over again, a bit abreviated.

Info I had used for the town guards and Belor.

Benk Griffon – Town Guard

Male Human – Warrior 2 Neutral Good
Bear of a man, bare knuckle boxer who was trained by Ven Vinder and sometimes works at Ven's store in his off hours as either a watchman or an extra pair of arms to help move items. He is an informant for the Sczarni, but basically a good guy. He tries to keep people from getting hurt.

Wallace Fard – Town Guard

Male Human – Warrior 2 Neutral
Handsome, but dark and sullen, Wallace is Das Korvat's nephew, and joined the guards during the Late Unpleasentness after the murder of his aunt by Chopper. His uncle gave him a masterwork sword.

Keeler Gaar – Town Guard

Male Human - Warrior 2/Expert 1 Neutral Good
Affable and easy going, Keeler is the friendly face of the town guards early on. Almost killed by ghoul fever during the ghoul plague, he has turned his focus to the study of law to move himself out of potentially dangerous duty.

Pol – Town Guard

Female Human – Warrior 2 Neutral Good
Has a long standing antagonistic relationship with one of the PCs - she was an early crush of his, and discovered one of his secrets that disgusted her. She initially joined the guard to keep safe from the "sick" PC. She is a graduate of the Turandarok Academy. She has been in a long term and secret relationship with Savah Bevaniky. Has a tatoo of a bird and "PB" which she declines to comment on unless someone guesses what it is for, which she always says agrees to wild theories of what it means.

"Chert" (actually Devon Chertom) – Town Guard

Male Human - Warrior 2 Neutral
From Borsky's Landing, got job with help from Titus Scarnetti. Keen-eyed, sullen, quiet...unless there is information of interest to Master Titus.

Barto Markovi - Town Guard

Male human Rogue 2 N
Barto is a one of the town guard in the pay of Jubrayl Vhiski, he's in it for the money. Unlike Benk, he is a Sczarni first and a town guard...when people are watching. Smart enough to not take bribes, but will pass on criminal actions info on to Jubrayl first.

Jacoby Trume - Town Guard

male human Warrior 1/Expert 1 LN
Jacoby grew up in the Turandarok Academy, and has a taste for intellectual pursuits, Belor likes to keep him close at the Garrison recognizing a him as a talented young man. Jacoby is the guard most likely to be met at the garrison if people go there looking for Belor.

Belor Hemlock – Sheriff

Male Human - Fighter 8 (by time of Stones over Sandpoint) Neutral Good
As campaign progresses, increasingly in over his head.
Rival of both the Sczarni and Scarnetti, as well as his own brother.
Would love to retire and hand job off and retire with Kaye.
Is trying to let the Sczarni/Scarnetti conflict do part of his job for him
Is a warrior first and a leader second, is much more in his element when fighting.
Great uncle was Jervis Stoot, this is the source of conflict with brother.

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I really feel like I'm missing a few of the guards I've used, but only Keeler, Jacoby and Belor himself received any development beyond their initial stat blocks.

Jacoby started as an expert 1 and a new recruit - as two of the PCs spent time at the Turandarok Academy, and were notable as pranksters and trouble makers, he was intended to be a bit of both a foil and ally, that plotline never developed.

Keeler was the guard that the PCs always wanted to talk to, so he ended up with a bit of a story and a few minutes in the spotlight - and thus his level of expert gained at level 3 along with the realization that he is NOT an adventurer and he may want anther way to make a living. Privately Ethram Valdemar has suggested he may be the next sheriff.

Belor gets plenty of action, and his depression takes a back seat to the clean-up duties he takes part in (first goblins, then ghouls, then the odd ogre issue). As the PCs move out of the area during Hook Mountain, tensions in town begin ramping up Titus begins trying to take over the glassworks, and opposes a new town run grain mills construction. The Sczarni and the other families work against them, and Belor struggles with the moral issue of allowing the Sczarni to be a thorn to the Scarnetti. But when he saves some townsfolk and guards during Stones over Sandpoint he makes a turning point and realizes that some things he is capable of and others are outside his control, he begins to come to terms with his relation with Stoot (and his brother) and moves more directly against the Sczarni. He moves from 4th to 8th across that time.

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Going through all my old notes, it looks like all the others I thought might have been guards were actually militia.

tbug's list(and Deviant Designs expanded version) is really nice.

Its always great to have a name and at least SOMETHING to go on, it frames how they interact with the PCs, plus my PCs are all townies, so they should pretty much know who almost everyone is.

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