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All hail the benevolent dictator!

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I'm still looking for a Leatherette covered Emerald Spire sourcebook, please PM me if you'd like to sell one.

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Whish I could have been there for the mass escalation clearing, sounded fun!

By the way, it's Empire of Xeilias, not Xeilius.

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We had a bigger turnout today, and everybody had alot of fun!

We're going to try again in two weeks, this time with a mode for current XP levels as well as for 1k xp alts.

The winner of the second Millenial Melee was again Eyraphel of Brighthaven! He is apparently looking to make an iron throne for himself, because he has won another +3 longsword!

Bring your 1kxp alts or your REAL characters this time for some PvP madness! Bazinga!

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Once more into the breach my friends! Once more!

AKA we're going to have another one tomorrow, same time, same place! Come relive your favorite gladiator movies with bloodthirsty strangers!

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I am interested in buying an Emerald Spire book with the leatherette cover. If you'd like to sell yours, please send me a message!

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It's all ogre now

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Yesterday's event was small, but we still had alot of fun! (I won't make the mistake of trying to out-event the Avengers again :p ).

We're going to have another Millennial Melee next friday at the same time, same place.

The winner of the first Millennial Melee was Eyraphel of Brighthaven, who won a shiney +3 Longsword, congrats!

I hope to see you all there next week!

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Millenial Melee Hype Train! Choo choo

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Doc Foxglove, PFU wrote:
I hope someone will record this - at least the highlights.

Good idea. Thanks!

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The rules and rewards for the events have been posted on the information thread on the Xeilias forums; http://www.xeilias.com/index.php?threads/empire-of-xeilias-presents-the-mil lenial-melee.1425/

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The server time in the original post is off, sorry! The real times are

Group Up Time: 22:00 (10:00 PM) Server Time
Roll-Out Time: 23:00 (11:00 PM)Server Time

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Date: Friday the 1st of May
Group Up Time: 18:00 Server Time
Roll-Out Time: 19:00 Server Time

Where: Marchmont
What: Bring your freshly minted characters, twink them out how you wish, and get ready to rumble!

This is a PFO community wide event where we will gather into a combat area with starter characters in starter gear, and fight it out to the last man standing! We will mark off an area in the Marchmont woods, then Colosseum style have a massive brawl until no characters are left standing. The melee will be the main even, but besides that, we will have a hunger-games style match where participants can roam anywhere they want in a hex, with last man standing and plenty of twists to keep it interesting!

NOTE to new players: Participating in this event will severely lower your reputation. It is HIGHLY recommended that you make a new character you never intend to seriously play, as you will likely not be able to enter town after the even due to low reputation.

To ask any questions, please visit this post on the Empire of Xeilias forums http://www.xeilias.com/index.php?threads/empire-of-xeilias-presents-the-mil lenial-melee.1425/

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You must construct additional Pylons

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T7V Avari wrote:

You guys are acting like there isn't an empirical statistic that measures this, reputation. We don't have the alignment system in yet but we have already seen for months now:

1. EA strives to keep its reputation high, mostly killing only in sanctioned PvP, just like the good guys are supposed to do in this game.

2. Golgotha methodically times its reputation hits. They burn their rep, call off the dogs and then get back to burning rep once they have it back. Just like a Lawful Evil group is supposed to in this game.

3. We have already seen a few chaotic evils burn through their rep and get bored and leave the game when they realize they have to chill out or suck. That's exactly the behavior CE is supposed to have in this game.

The meta game has nothing to do with this. Playing evil or good in PFO doesn't make you a bad or good person its called a ROLEPLAY game folks and so far I think everybody is doing pretty much exactly what they advertised they would.

Well said.

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Neadenil Edam wrote:

Everyone kills things in game all the time.

There is nothing overtly or specially evil about killing characters that just happens this time to be controlled by a player and instantly resurrects unless the DEV god's of GW make it so in the game mechanics (which they might).

"We are evil cause we kill other players" is a cop out. Get your game on and invent some proper evil to do.

Sorry Neadenil, we are not here to cater to your expectations. You are welcome to enjoy any content we create.

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Neadenil Edam wrote:
Gol Tink wrote:
No. But people would cry foul if we did all the things we have talked about. No one wants to see mostly naked 1000xp alts with mage expendables suicide running banks.

That is just hilariously chaotic.

Not really evil.

What does making a point of calling Golgotha chaotic do for you?

Killing for the sake of killing regardless of the target's affiliation is chaotic evil. We do our part to attempt to confirm a potential target's affiliation before attacking.

We care very much about properly identifying targets as friends or foes, which makes us Lawful in that we want to follow the codes we have set out, which we believe set us above the common bandit who will rob anyone.

From the Pathfinder Corebook,

"A lawful evil villain methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. He cares about tradition, loyalty, and order, but not about freedom, dignity, or life. He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion. He is comfortable in a hierarchy and would like to rule, but is willing to serve."

The evil is fairly obvious and we embrace that.

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<Kabal> Dan Repperger wrote:

Let's see...


This one has my vote. Smooth and vibrant

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Instead of making a new thread for month two EE enroll-ees to see, I'd rather just send this very well made thread to the top.

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Great list Axi. Every day I meet new players who are looking for some direction and are having questions about the game that are answered very eloquently in your post.

#4 is the most important over all. Plug into a community that will help you get started in the game, equip you and start getting into the meat of the content that the game offers, which is building a strong organization.

If you want to be part of the largest, best equppied and well run PvP settlement check out Golgotha at Xeilias.com

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I've put in an application for myself on behalf of Golgotha. The site is very good so far.

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It was a great event! Hope there are many more in the future.

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Hmmm. Thanks for sharing.

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TEO Pino wrote:
The overwhelming chorus of 'Thankyou's from those poor ganked new players sure is deafening.

Their thanks was expressed by joining Golgotha. Six recruits and counting from this event.

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Atome wrote:

Thank you for the Introduction Chidar and eloquently delivered!

Nordy thanks for your unbiased appraisal of last nights fun, which it was, fun!

Golgotha is full of exploiting macroers, we regularly kill you, and will continue to do so. To be clear we are at War with you, we despise your cheating antics, your members will die at every given opportunity.

Tomorrow evening you will be available to be looted, we have your macro locations wp'd, war is coming!

SENSOU is Recruiting PvP players

We do not endorse nor participate in macroing, but that is not why we attacked and defeated you. It was your harassment of new players. If you continue to prey on new players like this, we'll be the least of your worries, I suggest you adjust your strategy.

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This afternoon it was brought to the attention of Golgotha that the company SENSOU was killing new players in the hexes surrounding Marchmont. Wasting no time, a party was formed to combat the bloodthirsty mercinaries. There were several battles, all resulting in victory for the Golgothan forces and a strong message sent- that no blatant aggression towards new players would be tolerated.


Golgotha is a settlement that strives to be principled villains, which means rooting out imcompatable or unprincipaled evildoers within it's influence, and ganking new players in certainly lowly behavior.

If you're interested in learning more about Golgotha, visit Xeilias.com.

"Through strength of arms we bring peace"