Golgotha builds a Mine, now in video!

Pathfinder Online

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Want to see what it looks like when a Holding goes up? Don't want to sit about for an hour to see the different stages? Golgotha has got you covered!

Watch as we build a mine!, now with Peruvian Flute music.

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That bittersweet moment when the pristine glade finally gives itself over to the harsh reality of resource production. Brings a tear to my eye.

Nice vid :)

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Peruvian flute music as the soundtrack of ZKM, lulling trespassers into a false sense of security... ingenious!

I must admit for the contruction of a mine I expected something more like this

Thanks for the vid :)

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That's a very nice supply depot.


I was promised a mine...

Where is it?

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You must construct additional Pylons

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