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Greetings, I know this is an old post, I just moved down to Kingston, PA a few months back and was wondering if there are any gamers remaining in this neck of the woods.

Also as an aside, are there any gaming stores in the vicinity of the Scranton area?

Any response would be appreciated.


In Handout #1 of the Worldwound Incursion on pg. 23, I eliminated the names of the safehouses in Vhane's letter. The PCs can find out the safehouses by interrogation and/or I will leave torn pieces of parchment they can find providing them the name of the safehouse or clues to their names.

A clue parchment might read something like this:
(for the Tower of Estrod)

In the aeries of pigeons
Death grasped the quill
Restored by magic
Littered with glass
Seeking knowledge
While Dark Lords trample underfoot

Or instead of the clue parchment, the PCs could be directed to a streetwise mystic NPC once they reach the surface, or it could even be a Mongrelman mystic that utters these clues.

Congratulations GMs! Sounds like your players had alot of fun.

Is Othirubo's Dex boost from his Mutagen already included in the stat block on pg. 47?

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Tactics Notes: This is just a GM reference for some of the NPCs in The Worldwound Incursion.
Alot of the spells I can't remember so I jot some notes as to effects and what not, so it will hopefully prevent me from burning the pages of rule books as I scramble to look at what does what when an NPC casts a spell. I was able to take notes up to Faxon, at which point, my brain exploded. I hope this helps anyone who is considering running this adventure. As an aside, I never really appreciated how deadly this adventure can be to low lvl parties until I started reading up on what these NPCs can be capable of (especially Faxon)... I modified the fiendish beetle because I would think it would have to be a little intelligent to cast smite good on opponents.

Millorn's Tactics
-Casts Blur (duration: 3 minutes), grants concealment (20% miss chance)
Spells: 0-4 1-3 2- 2
*Mage Armor- Duration: 3 hours (AC in stat block, otherwise AC 10)
*1 magic missle spell: Casts 2 magic missles @ 1d4+1/Range: 130 ft.
*1 Color Spray Spell: Range 15 ft. cone, Will DC save of 13/ PCs are unconscious, blinded, and stunned for 2d4 rounds, then blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, and then stunned for 1 round. (Only living creatures are knocked unconscious)

Hosilla's Tactics
Magic Weapon- Duration: 3 minutes; gives glaive a +1 to attack and damage (+5/1d10+3/x3; otherwise +4 to attack and +2 to damage)
Shield of Faith- Duration: 3 minutes; gives Hosilla a +2 deflection bonus to AC (already in stat block, otherwise AC 16)
Virtue Duration: 1 minute; gives Hosilla 1 temporary hit point (22 hp?)
Wand of Spiritual Weapon: Range-130 ft. Duration: 3 rounds; +3 to Attack, Damage 1d8+1 (45 charges)
Touch of Evil- 5x day for 1 round, melee touch attack, creatures are sickened for 1 round; sickened condition: target takes a -2 penalty on attk rolls,saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks.
Judgement of Destruction: 1/day: increases damage bonus of glaive to +4
Favored Judgement (Human) when fighting humans Hosilla gets a damage bonus +4 with the glaive (+5 damage if used in conjunction with Judgement of Destruction)
Judgment of Healing: When reduced to 6 hp, Hosilla switches to this judgment, giving her fast healing 1.
Protection from Good: Duration: 1 min; Effects: +2 Deflection bonus to AC and a +2 resistance bonus to saves vs. Good aligned creatures. Cultists gain another saving throw against spells or effects that possess or exercise mental control over the cultist; this save is with a +2 morale bonus. If successful, such effects are suppressed for the duration of the protection spell. While under the effects of this spell, the cultist is immune to any new attempts to possess or exercise mental control over the target. (New Cultist AC is 15 v. good creatures)
Command Range: 30 ft. Duration: 1 round Save: Will DC 14 Options: Approach- moves to cultist as quickly as possible, provoking attacks of opportunity; target can do nothing else but move. Drop- On its turn, the target drops whatever it is holding and cannot pick it up until the next turn. Fall- target falls to ground and remains prone for 1 round. It may act normally but suffers appropriate penalties (-4 to melee attacks, can move only 5 feet as a move action, standing up requires a move action and provokes attacks of opportunity; target that is prone cannot use ranged weapons except for crossbows and shuriken) Flee- On its turn, the target moves quickly away from the cultist. It may do nothing but move and provokes attacks of opportunity. Halt- The target stays in place for 1 round. It may not take any actions but it is not considered helpless.

Vagorg's tactics:
Potion of Invisibility- Duration: 2 minutes Effect: Stationary creatures that are invisible get a +40 bonus on their Stealth checks. Bonus is reduced to +20 Stealth if Vagorg is moving. If Vagorg attacks via spell or glaive the invisibility ends. Vagorg is in total concealment while invisible, attackers have a 50% chance to miss if they attack his square.
Mage Armor- Duration: 5 hours/ AC is reflected in stat block (Otherwise AC 15 w/o Shield)
Shield- Duration: 5 minutes/AC is reflected in stat block (Otherwise AC 15 w/o Mage Armor; AC 11 w/o either Mage Armor or Shield)
Summon Monster 1: Duration- 5 rounds; Range: 35 ft. Casting time: full-round action (Vagorg will cast this spell 4-5 times if possible)
Fiendish Fire Beetle: CR 1/3; XP 135; CE small vermin; +0 Initiative Senses low-light vision; Perception +0
AC: 12, touch 11, flat-footed 12 (+1 natural, +1 size)
hp 4 (1d8)
Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +0
Immune mind-affecting effects
Resistance: cold 5, fire 5
Speed 30 ft., 30 ft. fly (poor)
Melee bite +1 (1d4)
Smite Good 1/day ( bite is 1d4+1 damage against good creatures)
Str 10, Dex 11, Con 11, Int 4, Wis 10, Cha 7
Base Atk +0, CMB -1; CMD 9 (17 vs. trip)
Skills Fly-2
SQ luminescence
Treasure none
Luminescence (Ex) A fire beetle's glowing glands provide light in a 10-foot radius. A dead beetle's luminescent glands continue to glow for 1d6 days after its death.
Bull's Strength- if cast: cast time- 1 standard action/Duration: 5 minutes- Vagorg's Str increases to 17, giving him +6 to hit with his ranseur of the gargoyle (2d4+4/x3) and increasing his BAB to 4; CMB +5, CMD 16

Faxon's Tactics
Blindness/Deafness: Range 150 ft./Casting Time- 1 standard action/Duration: permanent/Save: Fort DC 16/Faxon must choose either blind or deaf for affected target: Blind: -2 penalty to AC, loses Dex bonus to AC (if any), takes a -4 penalty on Str and Dex checks and on opposed Perception checks. All opponents are considered to be in total concealment vs. blinded character (50% chance to hit). Blinded characters must make a DC 10 Acrobatics check to move faster than half speed. If this fails, character falls prone. (Core Book- pg. 565) Deafened: Character takes a -4 penalty on initiative checks, automatically fails on Perception checks based on sound, and has a 20% chance of spell failure when casting spells with verbal components. (Core Book- pg. 566)
Bestow Curse: Range touch; Casting Time- 1 standard; Duration: permanent; Save Will DC 17; Places a curse on character, Faxon chooses a -6 decrease to Str score of fighter types
Vampiric Touch: Range: touch; Casting Time: 1 standard; Duration: instantaneous/1 hour; Save none; Melee touch attack deals 2d6 damage. Faxon gains temporary hp equal to the damage dealt. Temporary hp disappear 1 hr later. Faxon cannot gain more than target's hp + Con score.
Hex- Evil Eye: Save Will DC 16 (reduces effect to 1 round), standard action- does not provoke attk of opportunity, 30 ft. range, duration: 7 rounds (see save), effects: either a -2 attack roll on fighter type or a -2 skill check on spellcasters.
Hex- Misfortune: Save Will DC 16, standard action- does not provoke attk of opportunity, 30 ft. range, duration: 1 round (Will negates hex), effects: any time target takes an ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, it must roll twice and take the worse result. Same creature can't be targeted by hex more than once per day.
Burning Gaze: Range 30 ft.; Casting Time: 1 standard; Duration: 5 rounds; Save Fort DC 15; Effect: target (1 target only) looked at takes 1d6 fire damage initially; burning creatures must make a Reflex save DC 15 to quench flames or catch fire, taking another 1d6 points of fire damage. Flammable objects worn by target must also save or take the same damage as the target. If a creature is already on fire, it suffers no additional damage from burning gaze.
Charm Person: Range 35 ft.; Casting Time: 1 standard; Duration: 5 hours; Save Will DC 15; Effect- charms humanoids (1 target) to ally and friendly status (see Core Book- pg. 254)
Command: Range: 35 ft.; Casting Time: 1 standard; Duration: 1 round; Save Will DC 15; Effect- Faxon chooses one of the following commands: Approach- moves to cultist as quickly as possible, provoking attacks of opportunity; target can do nothing else but move. Drop- On its turn, the target drops whatever it is holding and cannot pick it up until the next turn. Fall- target falls to ground and remains prone for 1 round. It may act normally but suffers appropriate penalties (-4 to melee attacks, can move only 5 feet as a move action, standing up requires a move action and provokes attacks of opportunity; target that is prone cannot use ranged weapons except for crossbows and shuriken) Flee- On its turn, the target moves quickly away from the cultist. It may do nothing but move and provokes attacks of opportunity. Halt- The target stays in place for 1 round. It may not take any actions but it is not considered helpless.
Burning Hands: Range: 15 ft. cone; Casting Time: 1 standard; Save Ref DC 15; Effect 5d4 fire damage

Thank you j b...
So the minotaur has up to two increments of -1 penalties as per the power attack rolls, but he can add up to an additional +4 damage with his great axe, and since he's using a two handed weapon that's another +2 (50% of the +4)!!

Then you add on the +6 damage with the smite good ability, which would translate to +18 damage!! Fiendish minotaur=low lvl paladin slayer.

There is no stats for the height and weight of the Minotaur in the Bestiary first printing, nor do I find it in the errata. : (

Stat Blocks Question-
For the Fiendish Minotaur on pg. 50, I'm trying to get the numbers straight for his damage bonus with the power attack with a greataxe...
Would it read like this? Power Attack- greataxe (+8/+3; 3d6+9??)
I'm terrible with crunch.

pg. 340 Typo- Under the Death Zone section it states that the elevation as being 26,000 ft onwards when the PCs start experiencing debilitating effects. Yet in the caps section of Death Zone it states that it's more than 2,600 feet in parentheses. Somebody forgot to add the extra zero!
Sigh, there needs to be an errata download methinks.

Just downloaded the PDF! Freaking awesome! Thanks Frog God! Thank you Nick, Lou, Tim, John and Adam!

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Just a suggestion for the GMs... One way to give the PCs a huge hint as to the type of the environment they'll be facing is to actually have a few villagers or outlying farmers come into Heldren with cases of frostbite, or even have a family member of one of the PCs die from cold weather exposure.

Really good GMs (alas, I do not fit in that category), could even put in a little creep factor by having the PCs find a corpse on the road, the corpse displaying obvious signs of severe frostbite with a message written in blood, 'Don't go to the wood.'

There's that classic scene in John Carpenter's 'The Thing' where MacReady and the outpost doctor investigate the Norwegian station and see the corpse that slit his wrist... Some food for thought.

Speaking of the Pale Tower is there a map somewhere that got left out showing the Irrisen environs of Waldsby and its relation to the distance of the tower? Or is that in the Irrisen gazetteer? (I preordered mine from my local gaming store so I haven't seen it yet)

Congrats Adam, on your accomplishments thus far... I'm really stoked about this AP as well... Couldn't wait til SS was over with, to be honest with you. Looking forward to see what goodies you and the Paizo gang have in store for us.

Razor Coast is funded and then some! Thank you fellow backers! It is done!
Thank you Lisa Stevens for pushing us over the 70k mark, and since then it hasn't stopped! (Til the deadline anyway) Thanks everyone! : )

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Looking at the current funding, RC has reached 81k! Thank you fellow backers for your help! Stretch-stretch-stretch!

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An 'interview' with the unfamous pirate, Porfiry Meng, captain of the Esperus, and his Master at Arms, 'Toady ' Knavecrusher as they examine the current standings of the Razor Coast Kickstarter Project as of 1/16/2013 9:46pm Eastern Time.

PM- 'Well, I have to er... make a, slight confession. I made a mistake.'

TK- 'Not the first time either cap'n.'

PM- 'Put a cork in it Toady!... Where was I? Ah yes, well as some of ya may know, on the Kickstarter Comments I referred to the Krakenfiend as an 'Angry Stepchild.' This in error. Apparently, the Krakenfiend is The Only Child of All Unholy Dalliances, er... when it comes to squids mating with... Well, ya get my meaning. Let it be said that Porfiry is one of the few seadogs who admits when he's wrong.'

TK- 'Which is a lot.'

PM-'BELAY THAT TOADY, else I'll make ya scrub down Matilda.'

(Toady takes out one of his throwing knives and starts chewing on the hilt)

PM- 'By all the kind sea nymphs I hope that ain't one ye sharpened.'

(Toady looks at Porfiry with an air of innocence, which is quite hard to pull off, considering Toady is a 6'7” half orc)

PM- 'Alright Toady, get the cabin boy to give us a scroll of the current Razor Coast Tallies.'

(Toady gets up from the table and proceeds to stomp off. Porfiry pulls out a harmonica and begins to play, well something... Twenty minutes later, Porfiry is snoring in his chair. Toady arrives, grasping in his right hand what appears to be the cabin boy. )

TK- 'Caps, wake up!'

PM- (Snorts) 'Wha!? (Observes Toady carrying the limp form of the cabin boy by the lapels of his shirt.) By all the Nautical Nasties of the Unfathomable Trench! What did he do this time!?'

TK- 'Caught him dressing up the rats as dragoons again.'

PM- 'I thought you confiscated all of those tiny uniforms he got from gods know where!? Never mind, did ya find the scroll?'

TK- 'Aye Cap'n!' (Toady pulls out a scroll from the back of the cabin boy's pants, hands it to Porfiry)

PM-'Fer Pele's sake would you put him down! Gently!'

(Toady lowers the cabin boy to the floor, leaves him there, and sits next to Porfiry at the table.)

PM- 'By all the gods Toady, ya gotta learn to temper those slaps. If the lad doesn't wake up, you're gonna have to swab!'
(Porfiry unravels the scroll and reads it, frowning.)

PM- '71, 343 doubloons! By the fires of Dreadsmoke we may get this tub in the water yet! 3,657 more ta go! Ya know, your ma could make twice as much in one night!'

TK- 'I thought you said we were gonna leave me mum outta this!'

PM-' I can't help it! Your ma was the best... midnight baker in all of Carcass.'

(Toady growls out a warning)

PM- (Licking his lips) 'All o that succulent flour, made your lips water. Those exotic spices, her cookies just melted in your mouth!'

(Toady roars and throws the table at Porfiry, the captain manages to duck, but a table leg glances his forehead and the captain falls like a sack of freshly caught fish on a trawler deck)

PM- (Groans) 'Greengrunt, tell that Greg Vaughan fellow that the Esperus is in need of a ships surgeon!'

End of interview.

Right now, I will be happy if we reach the 75k, we need a little under 10k now to fulfill the initial funding. Once I see the 75,000 mark on Kickstarter then I will be screaming out 'Stretch Goal! Stretch Goal!' with the rest of you. : )

61k plus! We're in the home stretch! Quick we need somebody with a high charisma to use their diplomatic influence to convince a wealthy philanthropist gamer to throw some cash in! Dark Mistress, it's all on you (no pressure)! : P

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Where can we see this image?

It's right.. here:

Nychus wrote:
So is it just me or does the touched up Pele art seem a little "worse" than the original with regards to the intent behind the touching up?

Aye, I agree... Now it looks like Pele is just burping up a lava slurpee.

We're at a little under 19k for this right now... Sooo close, yet so far.

Indeed, that YT vid is ...priceless, or pretty darn close. : )

brvheart wrote:
I stopped at our FLGS and talked to the manager about FGG and the Razor Coast Kickstarter. He is going to call his distributor in Austin. He has previously carried Necromancer Games stuff and was unaware of what has been going on but did hear about the RA kickstarter. I have had a previous business relationship there in the past so perhaps something may come of it.

Nice! Doesn't hurt as the ol' cliche says.

So who would be a higher CR, wife, girlfriend, or dare I say to those gamers who are studmuffins out there (not I rest assured), lovers?

On a serious note, great job with the efforts at spreading the word folks. I for one appreciate everybody's efforts on the Paizo MBs regarding this project to get the word out. I was able to plant 3 fliers in the 3 local gaming stores in the area. I hope they generate some buzz and at the very least, people take a gander at the Kickstarter page.

51k!! Not much more to bring this project in to port! ; )

Nicolas Logue wrote:

Hey All!

Sorry I was MIA for a couple days! Some family health issues, very fortunately all resolved fairly well now. The Curse of Pele is strong! But we shall survive!

So excited to see Razor Coast sailing towards funding! Thanks for the many shoutouts for the material, oh those of you who have seen the gruesome tiki terrors and demon-shark riddled madness with ye own eyes!

Evil should be seen by all eyes, and thanks to the multitudes of you all making that happen with Razor Coast!

Greetings Nick! I hope your folks are doing well up in the Northlands. I was going to ask how they're doing but I don't know if that's appropriate on this thread. I'm going to try and get some fliers up at the very least in the 3 gaming shops I know in my area to try and encourage some in the local gaming community to take a gander at FG's RC Kickstarter page. We'll see what happens.

mach1.9pants wrote:

I agree it is a funny and interesting vid

RC vid interview with Lou

Thanks for the linkage Mach. : ) I tried to do that and it wouldna work. Could be my technological retardation coming into play with the failed endeavor.

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I was able to listen to the Demiplane of Gaming video on Razor Coast (it's an hour long round table discussion). This was an amazing three way interview/conversation about the RC project. Great job, Lou, Owen and Steve! Not just about RC, but it examines the dilemma of writer's block, artwork in RPG publishing, and... exotic art! ; ) And much more obviously..

For those of you who are still reticent about investing in the Razor Coast Kickstarter, I highly recommend you check this out.

Thanks for the link Tom! We're a little over 45k... Looking good!

A little over halfway there! Things are looking up! We need more o that special rum found from that rowdy pirate captain from.. Carcass, of all places! Pass it around to get more donors. ; )

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A few years back I decided to attend to a gaming convention at the University of Buffalo. Unfortunately, I couldn't participate because well, it was my first gaming convention, and me being a noob to the gaming convention scene, had no idea about registration and all of the other pre-convention rituals.

On the hugely positive side, I had the privilege to able to sit in on a gaming session with Nick Logue as he DMed (using 3.5 edition D&D rules) an adventure in his very own Razor Coast setting. I saw it come to life as he stood (more than he sat), acting out and describing the rowdy sea town of Port Shaw. The PCs were each given a pre-gen that they all acted out wonderfully. There was double-crosses and hasty alliances, despair and desperate attempts for redemption. There was a first mate who happened to be a minotaur, tossing dragoons over the docks and into the briny waters below. Eventually, a gun magazine on a ship blew up and a chase ensued, ending with a pitched ship battle and a very, very large shark. That day was a game changer for me. I realized how adaptable Nick's style of GMing was, and how this really contributed to the excitement for the players. But more importantly, I saw Razor Coast as a living, breathing campaign world, filled with thrills and wonder.

I cannot tell you how elated I am about the possibility that Razor Coast will come to print. The fact that it is non-linear is incredibly appealing (well, to me anyway). This gives a GM a chance to exercise adaptability and flex his imagination. Ultimately, Razor Coast is unique for every player and hopefully, for the GM as well. After all, it is up to the GM to tie all the threads together. The non linear aspect will challenge us to do just that. It will unshackle us and encourage us to be more adaptable in our GM style.

So I hope any who are sitting on the fence with this project to consider investing in it, so that it will come to print. I hope GMs everywhere will be able to see how they can tie the threads together of pirates, dread horrors of the deep, and numerous other gems that Razor Coast has to offer.

Cheers and happy holidays!

Blonde Frog wrote:

I am playing catch up so bare with me as I answer questions. However we have added an option for pre-orders so please take a look:

For those fans of Razor Coast who have already pre-ordered from Sinister Adventures the first go around, you now have a few options:

1) Do nothing and you will receive your copy if we fund (without any additional Kickstarter perks). Of course helping by spreading the word and bringing your friends and players on board will help ensure that we fund and you can receive your copy too.

2) You can support the Kickstarter by pledging at the $110 level. You will automatically be bumped to the $150 level at no cost once the Kickstarter Ends.

3) You can support the Kickstarter by pledging at any level higher than $150 and receive a free player's guide and pad of character sheets in lieu of your original pre-order.

4) You can support the Kickstarter by pledging at any level and not take us up on either option 2 or 3 and receive your original pre-order and your new kickstarter pledge exclusively.

A survey will go out to the original pre-orders at the end of the project asking you if you backed the kickstarter and what option you prefer along with the version.

You can confirm your pre-order on the Frog God Games website or with Lou Agresta.

Actually, if you pre-ordered from Sinister Adventures it would be easier to contact Mr. Agresta rather than FG. The only reason why I say this is that FG directed me to contact Lou. Just trying to save some people who may have pre-ordered from taking an extra step in the confirmation process. Or..Or! Check out Lou's own post entitled [Razor Coast] Want to Know if You Have a Razor Coast Pre-Order? on the Paizo MBs.

Almost 1/3 of the way there! ; )

Oh if only the release dates were reversed, and this came out ... right after the Land of Linnorm Kings... or sooner. ; )

One of the heavy hitters at Paizo made an interesting proposal on Paizochat tonight, renaming 'Kingmaker' to 'Government of Your Choicemaker.' I think that is a nice alternative.

Who agrees?

I do! :P

Congratulations Rob, great news.... And welcome back to the States.

Matthew Morris wrote:
GreenGrunt wrote:
Sigh... Why are women like this only found on the West Coast? :(


Or play for the other team

Or both...

Man, I feel your pain. Ahhh reminds me of that song by Weezer, from the Pinkerton album... 'Pink Triangle' was it??

Sigh, I may get some drinkie on tonight.

Sigh... Why are women like this only found on the West Coast? :(

Dragon Age looks great, but marketing the game with a death metal soundtrack, not so good.


Mac Boyce wrote:

That I'm too deep in debt with my car and medical bills for all my seizures to start RE-saving for our wedding.

Frick on a stick with a brick.


Hang in there man. :(

I'm stealing that expression if you don't mind. :P

Set wrote:

An actual conversion of the Magic the Gathering setting to a D&D setting could rock the house. It's a richly detailed setting and has a lot of really, really cool stuff.

I hate the game with a fiery passion, but the setting could make a fantastic D&D setting...

With a bit of sideways squinting, you could even look at the 'roles' popular with some classification schemes as being related to the colors of magic. Red is a very 'blastery' or nuker or artillery role. Blue is a 'denial' sort of role, focused on counter-spelling and nullifying and debuffing foes. White is more about buffing and healing. It's not a perfect correlation, but I think it could easily be worked up, particularly for 4E, with the White, Blue, Red, Black and Green 'summoners' each having summons and powers relevant to a specific role, more or less.

While I never cared for the card game, I enjoyed reading the magazine (no really, I read the articles, I didn't even look at the pictures, mom, I swear!) for it's world design articles.

It's easy to talk smack about Magic the Gathering (or World of Warcraft), but these venues are bursting with creativity, and have captured the imagination of an entire generation of fantasy gamers. By streamlining and unifying the principles of 'D&D,' WotC has positioned themselves to reach that potential market by making the game into something that would be far easier to 'computer-ize' or make into a MMORPG, and if they succeed, it could be a license to print money.

I'll admit, their initial stumbles in internet-content rollout to date hasn't left me holding my breath for that kind of breakthrough success, but they still have room to make it big. I may not be in love with the changes to D&D, but the changes they've made seem very well suited to online play, which does appear to be the future of the fantasy gaming market.

Set, you make some interesting points. I have played both WOW and DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online, the Turbine version), and I actually prefer DDO if I had a choice. This is for one reason and one reason only, and this is speaking from a personal experience; the respect and civility of players have towards one another was much greater on DDO than on WOW.

Despite the wonders of online play I'm continually disgusted with the behavior of people online with these MMORPGs. Now I know of a handful of people who happen to have a wonderful group of players they meet with to play online. I consider them to be extremely fortunate.

With pen and paper RPGs, you are forced to act as a team moreso than online RPGs. There is a level of social intimacy of a group of people sitting around a table, shooting the breeze and talking about stuff both gaming and nongaming related, that CANNOT be duplicated with an online RPG. Since a person is playing with people who are perhaps hundreds or thousands of miles away, what force is in play to make them be civil to everyone else. If you have players sitting right next to you, in person, in the flesh, I think that is more of a motivating factor for people to work as a team and hash things out than sitting on a computer and dealing with people on sucn a remote level.

Sigh... But this is just my opinion.

In short (too late!), I'm going to hit the drinky-drinks! :P

Seeing these wistful and insightful posts on music, childhood, the ever increasing appeal of WOW and the decrease of interest in pen and paper RPGs by the younger crowds... IT all makes me want to drink... Lots of sweet tea vodka and lemonades... Chased with some Labatt's. Horrible!!

And who can ever forget Iron Maiden's classic- "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son!?" Especially the chorus!!

Actually, I love their song 'Phantom of the Opera.'

Uzzy wrote:

Spoilers for Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta.

** spoiler omitted **

Ahhh yes, those inbreds on Point Lookout were a beeotch. I ended up using the Plasma Rifle you receive for solving the Replicated Man Quest at Ratchet City.

Those damn Mutant Overlords are not something to piss at either.

Mothership Zeta- Teeny spoilers!

I played Mothership Zeta (MZ). As for story content, its pretty weak. It turns into a combat fest as you blast your way through the ship. You have interesting allies at times, one being a precocious little girl, but the interaction with them is pretty minimal. I was pissed when I lost a few of them in a heated battle at the end of the game. Although I have to say, I enjoyed watching my samurai ally kick the crap out of some alien booty with his katana!

It wasn't great, but I still enjoyed it. I really wished Bethsaida had added some more story threads in MZ.

AND... I wish you could've recruited the samurai as a side kick, but, to quote Chris Farley from an old SNL episode- "I CAN'T SPEAK FREAKIN' JAPANESE!"

Hey Sean-

I hope everything goes better than expected and of course, that your surgeons and nurses are beautiful, female and available.

Put the schedule up for all three days on the Chronicler site. Hope this helps.

Timitius wrote:


Yes, this Meet and Eat at the Crab Pot is on Thursday, June 11th, 2009.

We will start meeting at 5:30-6:00 for the Happy Hour stuff, and move to our tables by 7PM. At least, I think that'll be the plan.

15 people now. Anyone else?

Me flight doesn't arrive until 5:30pm in Seattle on Thursday... Alas. :(

Otherwise, I would be game.

4 songs... Makes sense... But I may include one tune longer than 5 minutes... It's Isis man, they're epic!! You'll probably hate them. :P

Same difficulty as canticle (was it??), neither the 3 day pass nor the banquet ticket are showing up as being transeferable in the My Downloads section. I have to tried to log off and log back in and there is still a 'no show' for both.

LOL! Good question! I need my own editor. And maybe I should take up smoking. :P

I've heard that the PFRPG is off to the priners shortly!


A great accomplishment and I wish you all the best of success.

Now just answer me this one question if you could please, how many cartons of cigs did Buhlman have to devour to get through this feat? :P

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