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Side treks for PFRPG


If you want to add a weird fantasy element in your Pathfinder Campaign, I highly recommend Gaming Paper's Citadel of Pain. There are some Lovecraftian elements in the module that can be either enhanced or diminished depending on your GMing style.

Weird machines that can say weird, creepy things to the characters. Mutant monsters, some of which remind me of John Carpenter's The Thing(one of the best sci-fi horror movies of all time- my opinion anyway). Citadel of Pain has a few weird, unconventional touches to it that as a GM you can really run with and have a blast doing it.

The module works great as a unique location for Kingmaker, or even better, Rise of the Runelords (RoR)! I think this would easily fit in RoR due to the dungeon's plethora of unique and creepy mechanisms. This could be used as a long lost base of operations of one of the Runelords of Thassilon!! Think about it! Instead of using the Eureka's Rib, use a runewell instead!
The Citadel can also be put in Kingmaker as an old installation created in a desperate effort to combat the effects of the Choking Death in Iobaria (read up on it Kingmaker #33). Or the dungeon could be used as part of flawed experiment of the mysterious Cyclops empire of Koloran.
Or..or! The dungeon could easily be placed in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path; a stronghold of the Whispering Way, or simply a haunted location of a mad alchemist. You could plop this dungeon anywhere in Ustalav, and place undead in the dungeon instead of the monsters!
Aye folks, the possibilities are virtually limitless.
As a useful dungeon location for Pathfinder, whether it be in your homebrew or in the Pathfinder setting itself, GM's can't go wrong with Citadel of Pain.

The reason why I rated it 4 out of 5 stars is due to a few editorial glitches, nothing that can't be fixed by any enterprising GM though.

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James Jacobs strikes again! Thank goodness!


Personally, I've always been a fan of Mr. Jacob's adventures (my personal favorite is the Red Hand of Doom).

The Brinewall Legacy brings adventurers yet again to the town of Sandpoint where they're hired by the local sheriff to deal with a problem involving goblins (yet again), those pesky little buggers! The plot becomes much more complicated as the PC's endeavors illuminate some interesting revelations about some of the townsfolk in Sandpoint.

I have a soft spot for 1st level adventures that give you a castle to explore, and JJ delivers with some new locations to discover in the Sandpoint Hinterlands.

The plot and the magic items are an interesting read and there is even illustrations for some of the key magic items. The villains are unique; making it a fun adventure to run for 1st levels.
The articles on the Tian Xia themed Oni are nicely done, making a superb addition for the first installment of the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

Some of the material is very similar to Paizo's very first adventure path, Rise of the Runelords (ROTR), and my only grief is that Paizo glosses over the town of Sandpoint in Jade Regent. The Rise of the Runelords map pack gives an excellent map of the town, but in order to get an idea of what and who is in the town you need to take a gander at Burnt Offerings (the first book in the ROTR) which gives a very good, colorful overview of Sandpoint. Obviously enterprising GMs with a crapload of time on their hands can adapt and create as necessary. But when time is in short supply, ROTR Burnt Offerings is what is needed to flesh out the starting locale of this adventure.

Sandpoint is unique in the fact that it's the only place that is a start off location for 2 Adventure Paths! So why not give the town its due with it's own mini source book? A source book that shows what the town was like before ROTR and after... Ah well, bygones.

After reading through the adventure, I noticed some of the ink came off and there are fingerprints on certain pages from the ink. So be careful when reading.

Regardless, the Brinewall Legacy is a great adventure for 1st level players and I heartily recommend GMs to purchase this product for a premade campaign to tantalize their players.

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Another great Pathfinder Supplement


Great material. Very interesting approach to undersea adventuring, and I really can't add to the two previous reviews, they did a good job of praising the product.

The only thing I didn't like about the book was the map of the sunken city. I've never been a big fan of the black and white format of the Open Design published products when it comes to their maps. The map would've looked a tad less confusing and much more evocative if it was in color.

I also wish there were some stat blocks for an actual Ankeshelite.

I'm being a nit picky son of gun.

Regardless, a great sourcebook and I certainly don't regret purchasing it what-so-ever.

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A Fistful of Awesome


Ordo Draconis is an incredible PDF magazine filled with great maps, adventures and descriptions within the Dragon Warriors setting. The Pathfinder stats can be found at the end of each adventure, so don't fret. The adventures also have some little tidbits for Pathfinder throughout, especially regarding skill checks and so on.
Mairkurion said alot of things about this PDF better than I ever could. I strongly recommend reading his review. If you want some interesting settings and cultures for a Pathfinder Campaign, you should pick this PDF up. There are alot of fantastic, creative elements in this zine that a GM could import over to his/her setting.
These guys are great, I hope they come out with another mag that is Pathfinder friendly.
Here's to hoping that somebody will publish a Pathfinder version of Dragon Warriors.

You get what you pay for


The Ugly Harpy inn is ugly all right. The inn is two stories and has a basement, yet the second story and the basement aren't mapped. There is a lot of wasted space in the PDF, especially with the NPC descriptions. The 'kobolds' don't have stat blocks. Some of the members described in the inn don't have stat blocks for that matter.

Apparently this is what you get for 2 bucks worth of PDF material. Not a good product, even for 2 bucks.

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Great sourcebook


The River Kingdoms is one of the more interesting settings for Golarion. Paizo does a nice job of keeping things detailed just enough to give creative GMs some leeway to add in some details of their own.
Being a big fan of China Mieville, I greatly appreciated his contributions in the description of the unique city state of Outsea.
There are some great sites of interest within one of the more standout areas of the campaign milieu that the PCs can explore. For example, a town that is a town but not a town... Can't say more as I don't wish to spoil it for any upcoming readers.
If you're thinking about using Paizo's next AP- Kingmaker, I strongly recommend purchasing this sourcebook.
I too wish there were more NPCs in the sourcebook but the material was an intriguing read.

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A nice sourcebook


Each city is unique and leaves a DM with a detailed descriptions yet still allows some room for any personal touches desired to fit a specific campaign. The cities are unique and each has a different flair. Finally, we get to see a glimpse into the dark nations of Nidal and Irrisen via a couple of the cities. Great stuff!

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Great product


The artwork is top notch for most of the book, with a few exceptions. It seems that in a few of the entries Paizo was cramped for space. I know it would have been pricier but it would've been nice if they devoted some more pages for some of the creatures. I still wish they had more stats for monster PCs as they did in the old 3.5 Monster Manual.

Regardless, the Bestiary is a great addition to the Pathfinder RPG. I was pleased with the final product.

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3.5 DMs- Looking for some new terrors at sea?


Then look no further, Mysteries of the Razor Sea, provides any Dungeon Master with some interesting water based locales to take an adventuring party. Eerie banks of fog, devouring icebergs, undersea terrors near geothermal vents, all of these and more.

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Can't really say much that has already been said...


in previous reviews.

It's too bad Mr. Shackleton couldn't make PaizoCon in 2009. :(

An awesome resource for some truly unique, refreshing swordplay for 3.5 rules. Wonderful stuff!

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Hand to hand fighting- Coastal style


This PDF focuses on the fighting styles of the Tulita, a people with a tribal culture on the Razor Coast. They have certain mystical tattoos which grants the bearer power as well. A truly unique little resource for your 3.5 campaign, especially if you're looking to switch things up for a seaworthy campaign arc.

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Character Sheets


These sheets are impressive. However, they lack adequate spacing for character feats and their effects (the same problem that I found with Paizo's PDF character sheets).

The miniature counters were average, nothing too attention grabbing. But I reckon for .99 cents it isn't going to be too snazzy.

Some of things I really appreciated with the sheets:

-Magic item chart complete with body location notes

-Spell documentation is excellent

-Character and item condition cards: well done and they explain each and every condition a player and his item(s) may experience in PFRPG. There are even new condition cards a DM may use for new fiendish ways to torment their players. (Jason Buhlman take note :P)