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Hello Gamers,

I am excited to start my search for two new players. Half of my group left due to moving and career/interest changes. Thankfully, we completed our last campaign so the search for new players is easier. This is not an online game. We play in the San Gabriel area in California twice monthly on Saturdays, usually from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We prefer Pathfinder 1st edition, mostly because it’s a fully fleshed out system and we own most of it. Our play style is deeply character based and we would like our new players to share this interest. We occasionally do voices at the table, but most importantly, we do our best to adopt personalities that fit our characters. We write backstories and do journal entries between sessions detailing our own characters perspectives on what occurred, which are read before the following session, if completed. This, of course, is optional, but adds a lot to the game.

We do a mix of home brew and Adventure Paths. We use AP’s as a loose guide and make changes based on the development of the characters. Sometimes the stories parallel and sometimes we abandon the AP entirely to pursue a more interesting story. Our games are wholly unique since the characters at the table are unique. With detailed characters, our NPC and story interactions are equally engaging, and battles are amazing because of it. Everyone at the table is extremely versed in the rules, so this allows complex environments with elevations, lighting, terrain and obstacles that flow seamlessly.

We currently play at my house in my garage located in the San Gabriel area. It is both heated and air cooled. We have hundreds of minis, maps and terrain. There is coffee, water, tea as well as alcohol, if that’s your thing. Everyone is very courteous, and we keep the game relaxed. We do prefer an older experienced player, but we do not shy away from younger players either. Although we do require a level of maturity. We have two players in their early 40’s and one in their late 20’s. Everyone is amazing.

If you are looking for a new group, please post and we can discuss.

I just sent you a message on another thread. I might be available since I’m looking for players.

Send me a message.

Yes. I’m looking for a new group.

PM me and tell me about yourselves.

Very helpful. Thanks

This is not intuitive at all, so thank you

Now I wish they would stop defaulting the book sort option from oldest to newest.

Granted... I did find a release schedule at the bottom of the page that does allow me to find anything released since May.

I would be surprised if this was intentional for a navigation tool, but there you go.

It also say it took me over 20 minutes to find this option.

This is my thought process in an attempt to purchase the pdf. I select store.

Scroll down to find products and select Pathfinder

Now I have a bunch of options wondering where this book is to be found. Is it a campaign setting book or a roleplaying book? Not sure. I select Roleplaying.

I get to a page that only sells the core rulebook and another. There are links to the AP series. Not helpful. I back up

I try the campaign setting line. That brings me to a page where I need to select the campaign setting or the players line. Why? The previous page asked me that.

I select campaign setting. I wait. I finally get a page sorted by the oldest books first. Again, why? Newer things sell faster than older things. I have to sort. My book still isn’t there.

I continue to hunt... What the...?

I am really struggling with this new website.

I am trying to learn to navigate it, but I cannot figure it out.

For example, I want to purchase Planar Adventures. Where do you go to do this? I eventually did a search and found it under sales/scratch and dent. Seems like a strange place to go.

When I select Pathfinder, I can click on Pathfinder Roleplaying game, which takes me to a page with links to the Core Rule Book and bestiary. None of the core book lines.

If I want the campaign setting line... I have to go through so many slow links that I cannot imagine this site to be optomized for sales.

If I want to purchase Planar Advantures... how do I do this using the links?

Is Friday morning the earliest we can pick up our badges?

I am asking because if the event opens at 7:00, and the first games are at 8:00, then I am expecting a pretty serious rush for everyone to try to get their badges and event tickets to not be late for their first game.

And regarding registrations for organized play events... do we really get tickets or passes to prove our registration at a table? I am guessing from something I read earlier, and possibly misremembering.

I just received an email “PaizoCon 2018 Updates”...I am sure everyone else received this as well.

In the email it talks about not being late to your games or your seat could be taken.
My confusion is the tight schedule these games are packed.

My Friday schedule is 8-1, 1-6, 7-12. Well, how am I supposed to make my second game if my first game ends at the very time my second game starts?

This is an example, which can be seen throughout the con. Why is there virtually no time between games? Will I lose my seat because of this?

We are in the middle of book 4 and are having zero problems with balance.

We are using the following rules: 25 point buy, max 5 hero points (limited usage), automatic bonus progression at +2 levels, wound threshold, poison and disease unchained rules, no mythic.

So far everyone is having a blast. I removed some mythic creatures, but that was optional. Also no mythic spells except for special encounters. It works and they are enjoying the story immensely.

Sara Marie wrote:
Globetrotter wrote:

Where do we sign up for those games?

Also, this lottery is confusing for me. Do you need a certain level character to join a game? How do I know what I should try for? What the heck is all of this stuff?

General registration/ Open Even sign up, which includes organized play games, starts on Wed, May 9, 2018, 10:00 am.

For lottery events, many will have pregenerated characters available and if not, there should be requirements listed on the event's individual page (click on the title of an event should open it).


Thanks everyone. You guys are great.

So... let’s say I don’t care about the lottery games and am only coming to play normaly run of the mill pathfinder (more on this in a moment), where do I sign up for those games?

Basically, me and two of my gaming friends are coming to the Con...all first time Con-testants? And guys who have uniformaly had poor PFS experiences... (maybe that is unnecessary for this post).. basically, we just want to play together and have a great weekend of drinking, gaming and no work.

Where do we sign up for those games?

Also, this lottery is confusing for me. Do you need a certain level character to join a game? How do I know what I should try for? What the heck is all of this stuff?

I’m not saying my comment is the right way to think about it, but the fact the FoM is hard to balance/adjudicate tells me something is wrong.

This spell enables you or a creature you touch to move and attack normally for the duration of the spell, even under the influence of magic that usually impedes movement, such as paralysis, solid fog, slow, and web

That’s pretty wild. If FoM trumps dominate person, where is the line drawn? Pit spells, walls? What about sleep? That impedes movement.

Either this spell is the be all end all and most spells are useless against it, or maybe the wording of FoM is off a bit. I’m content with ruling that enchantments do not impede movement simply because it alters a persons desire to want to move. No different than a high diplomacy check... unless that would also be trumped by this spell.

The King In Yellow wrote:
Hold person is... poorly worded. It is an enchantment (compulsion) spell that compels you to choose to do nothing. (And are thus, for game mechanics purposes treated as having the paralyzed condition.)

I think this is probably the strongert argument I have seen for Hold Person to defeat FoM. The fact it is a compulsion places this in the same camp as suggestion or dominate person/monster.

How is this different than suggestion: Leave me alone or dominate: attack your friends? Hold person is just a specialized form of compulsion that tells you not to move.

According t the CRB: Compulsion: A compulsion spell forces the subject to act in some manner or changes the way its mind works.

That means FoM’s text stating movement is impeded should not apply since nothing is impeding your movement, you are choosing not to move.

I had a similar experience and made a post last July about this very topic. Here is the link:

This is a terrible “curse” and the CRB states: According to the curse in the CRB, anytime the afflicted is injured or on every full moon, the target transforms.

That means anytime you get hit, you might lose control of your character. You can make a Will save to remember what you did, but you lose control; unless you guys houserule it differently.

This is supposed to be a curse and not an increase in power, granted, houserules are cool and if that is what you guys are looking for, then great.

When we had to deal with this in our game, it was more of a discussion of ending that character and not a “neat” option.

Ok, that is helpful. I was scratching my head regarding the PP purchases and if there was a list. I did see the 350 gp value, but wrongfully assumed there was a proper list someone. I think this is a more elegant way to use it.

I really need to sit down a properly read the sections. I have skimmed them a few times, but that only means I have missed more than I absorbed.

Thanks for the help.

Gary, this is truly a fantastic answer. Thank you.

I’m curious to draw more on your experience. It’s been a very long time since I’ve played sessions longer than 6 hours, and never more than one PFS session at a time. I usually only play twice a month on top of that.

Any thoughts on a successful Con? I was thinking about trying to schedule a morning session and an early evening session each day, but fear exhaustion.

How do you normally schedule your games and how often do you normally play?

I took the advice of the forums and have recorded everything. Including an “incidental” purchase that includes random gear (rope, grappling hooks). That ending current wealth and what is on my tracking sheet match.

Since I have such little experience with this, and taking the experience of the group here, I’m hoping this to be sufficient.

I still have not read the fame rules or how to use prestige points, but that will come in time.

Thanks Hillary,

I can see that. I send a PM and beyond that I’ll forget about it.

Looking forward to PaizoCon

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Kevin Willis wrote:

See the FAQ BNW linked for this particular subject.

To contact a particular GM, go to
My Account --> Organized Play --> Player Sessions
You can find the GM for your session there and send a private message.

As the first VL or VC to respond here, I'll give a little bit of insight into the "structure" of PFS.

Kevin, thanks for the insight. I will try and send him a private message that way.

I really do not think he is against the rules or trying to run his own way. He was knowledable about many of the rules and I think he would appreciate knowing this one was clarified. We all miss rules and make mistakes.

Wait... hold on. I am not sure why assumptions are being thrown around here.

The GM was a really nice guy. He has the false understanding that only Bards can take 10 on Knowledge checks, no matter the situation. I only want to let him know that is not correct. I want to help him. I didn’t bring it up during the game because that would have been rude.

That fact that some of you also do not know this rule, well, this thread is helpful for you as well. Here is the link the the FAQ that clarifies this:

Lore Master Bard Ability and Taking 10: Can I take 10 on Knowledge checks? The Knowledge skill doesn’t say I can’t, but if that's true, the first half of the lore master bard ability doesn’t do anything.

Yes, you can. The lore master bard ability should add to the end of that first sentence “even when threatened or distracted.”

posted April 2015

As you can see, this is a rule answered nearly 3 years ago. That fact that some are saying there should be table variance is strange. I can understand there IS table variance on all rules, but there shouldn’t be. We can either help or contridict.

The reason for this post was because the VC has not responded ot any of my emails, ever. I am curious if I am not getting the emails correctly. I am not sure which VL is closest to me as many of them are all equally far.

Should I email them all?

Understand, this is a really small thing and I was asking a question on how to help this guy. I really don’t think you can get in trouble because you misunderstand a rule. Why one poster thought that is beyond my understanding.

Wait, how is taking 10 a gray area? The rules are very clear about taking 10 and taking 20.

I can understand if you are saying that you have experienced table variance on people understanding, but the rule itself is very clear.

I will start another thread on that topic.

My main point is how to deal with correcting rules. I should just print things off or just ignore it and move on?

So everyone else that plays with him will also be told to follow the wrong rule until I challenge him at the table with print outs and supporting documents in a hope to change his mind?

That seems clunky. Why not just have the people that are supposed to be providing structure let him know?

I supposed I can sit there next time I am at the table with a print out ready to hand him in when I try to take a 10... but that seems to be a disservice to the other people playing society.

Ok. Let me read up on fame limits to make sure I understand them.

Thanks for the help!

Well, it wasn’t to really ask a question, it was to let them know the GM is inforcing the wrong rule. If I could reach the GM, I would.

I was told at the game I was not allowed to take 10 on a knowledge check out of combat. He said only Bards could take 10 on knowledge checks.

This is not true.

I do not think this is a gray area and when I researched it afterwards, the rules are pretty clear.

Should I not be bringing it up at all? I believe he is not aware of this rule and thought I could offer help. He told me only Bards could do that, and another player agreed. Again, this is not true. I didn’t want to challenge him during the game, so I just said ok and rolled. After the game, there were a lot of people talking and I didn’t want to approach. I figured it would be better to just show him the rules.

What is the process here?

It’s possible that I have also misunderstood how to purchase. The Guide says:

The GM running the adventure must be present in order for you to purchase items. You can make purchases before, during, or after the adventure. All transactions that occur must be recorded on the character's Inventory Tracking Sheet and the total cost reflected on the Chronicle sheet.

I am not sure where I got the idea I needed permission or that the GM had to initial my purchases.

That eases my mind a bit.

So basically, I can buy whatever and as long as I record it on the inventory sheet. Ok, cool.

I am a little confused on how to purchase items.

It is my understanding I am allowed to purchase before, during and after an adventure. Before and after is easy, as long as what I am purchasing is an approved item. During the adventure is subject to the GM... or something. I am not clear on these rules yet, but it has not been an issue in the three games I have played.

My question is how do I properly record my purchases?

After my second game, I acquired enough gold to upgrade my weapon and armor. I added my purchases of a masterwork weapon, masterwork armor and some alchemical items, all valued at over 25 gp and wrote it on my inventory tracking sheet to show my GM.

It is my understand that I should have my GM write these purchases, or I write these purchases on the chronicle sheet, and have the GM initial. Then write the chonicle number on the sheet showing what sheet authorizes these purchases.

Then I record how much gold I spent on that chronicle sheet to come up with my total.

However, at the game, in the beginning of the game I told him I purchased some items, armor and weapon upgrades to mastework, and he said it didn’t matter. I was told it only matter if it was unusual items.

I am guessing this is a difference in what you are “supposed to do” and what “really happens”, is that right?

Should I always mention my purchases and only have them record it if they care? I am still going to record the gold spent on my #3 chronicle sheet, but should I write what I purchased as well, even though there is no signature?

What is the best practice here?

How do I get in touch with the Venture Captain or Venture Lieutenant in my area?

I have a rules question to clarify and based on a game I played and I would like to start a discussion.

Los Angeles is a big town. Who do I reach out too?

Last week I sent a few emails to my VC and never heard back, so I’m thinking the email link must not work.

What should I do in this case?

This is my first time attending PaizoCon and I am also new to the PFS.

How do we register for games? Is there a time when this is done?

I would like to schedule my time appropriately and pre-planning when I am going to play is helpful.

I am also traveling with a few other friends and we would like to try to share some tables if that is a possibility.

Is that a possibility? We are only 1st level right now, but plan on being 2nd by the time paizocon starts.

I have a couple questions about filling out the chronicle sheets and doing some character maintenance. I am player and not the GM.

1. When we are filling out the gold section, the starting GP, is this an accumulated number of all gold you have collected in PFS?

2. In the gold spent section, is that the gold you have spend during the course of the adventure or an accumulated amount of gold you have spent in your career?

2.b If you spend 15 gold bribing NPC's, would you record this information here?

3. Do you have to spend prestige points at the end of the game and have that spend amount recorded here or can I spend it anytime before the next session?

3.b Can I spend it at the beginning of a session and have that amount recorded on the chronicle sheet?

4. To clarify the inventory sheet, I only enter items with a value equal to or higher than 25 gold? So that means most standard equipment would not be entered on the sheet, correct?

5. For items found during the adventure, are we allowed to purchase them only once or as many times as we would like, for example a potion of bull's strength?

Thank you so very much in advance.

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Yeah, but this was from one of the players saying that is not ever a rule. It’s really a minor thing to be honest and I shoudn’t have even mentioned it. A nit-pick really.

To be honest, the more I think about it the more i think I just had a poor attitude on the experience. I went there to play and I judged instead of trying to just have fun with my character. I was too shy to play a personality and ended up just playing a stat block.

I was invited back for the next session (they had three planned for that day) and I couldn’t get out of the store fast enough.

The people at the table were definitely outside of my comfort zone, but that is probably not the reason I didn’t enjoy myself. I wanted them to play “my” pathfinder and not theirs.

I had the poor attitude and they were kind enough to accomodate me. A learning experience.

Yes, on the skill side I agree 100%.

I suppose I meant challenging in a combat sense and not the role play side. Since I have not experienced many PFS adventures I have yet to experience a penalty for failure. When I played the only other scenario, we failed all the social rolls and still went on the mission. I am uncertain what we would have gained by making the rolls.

That is not a slight on the adventure or the GM, just an observation as a player.

The combats were all extremely easy. I never really took any damage and the opponents dropped fast. It was a speed bump and nothing more. Granted, I admit not having much experience and am looking forward to being tested at PaizoCon.

Regarding the “fast leveling”, we are really only planning on running these characters a couple times before PaizoCon.

Thank you so very much.

I will PM you my email address.

Well, after four days on no answer from my VC, is there a way I can have someone else send me the chronicle sheet?

I sent a PM to both TOZ and Hilary to see if they can help.

Any other ideas?

I have played one normal PFS scenario and the Starfinder into session. Both were not challenging.

I played one AP and it was usually not hard, but I have no idea if that was the play style of my GM or the AP.

I ran Wrath of the Righteous and it was really hard for my players, which I am running for a second time without mythic rules and some tweaking; it is going well this time around.

Most of my experiences is with home brew, which does not count.

The boards complain that everything is easy, but I take that with a grain of salt.

You guys are too funny. :)

Nefreet wrote:
... I will warn you that three will find it difficult.

Fantastic, we like games difficult.

In the past, we have found Paizo products to be made on the "easy-side", so we are confident. The adventure paths are normally very easy, the one PFS game I played was also a cake walk and the Starfinder game we played I never even used any spells when I played the iconic mystic, except cantrips/orisons.

If this ends up being hard, we will be pleasantly surprised.


We definitely do not want to raise eyebrows or have someone uncomfortable with what we are doing.

We will do this and make sure we play at other spaces from time to time.

Thank you!

Hi everyone,

We are all getting ready for PaizoCon 2018 and we want to try our characters out before the convention.

Our local store only runs games on the first Saturday of each month, which does not work well with our schedules. We would like to run a few society games at our house, but I am not sure how to do this?

We have enough players and we are all very experienced with the game. The three people that are attending PaizoCon (me and two others) want to try a game this Saturday. A fourth member of our group is willing to run the game. He is experienced with the rules, but does not have a Society number. He is willing to get one of course.

What are the steps to turn this dream into a reality? Do we have to have the event sanctioned? Can we run the game at home or do we need to go to a local gaming store?

We only have three players, but page 11 of the PFS Guide says we could have the GM play an NPC (which we would rather not do).

The Guide also says we should work with a local coordinator to schedule are game, but since we are doing this with our group, is this necessary?

The Guide explains how to fill out the chronicle sheets, so we can all do that together after the game, right?

We are hoping to get in at least one game before PaizoCon with our characters, but hopefully two.

In addition, I was going to buy #8-16 for our GM to run. It has a 5 star rating and I was hoping by picking an earlier scenario it would not interfere with games running at PaizoCon. Is this a good one for three 1st level characters?

Thank you in advance!

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
Globetrotter, your post made me sad for a number of reasons.

I am sure the irritation went both ways. I was the new person at the table of an established group. I also think they might have played different characters for me because there was only one table and I had a first level.

Some of their rules were strange, for example, we had to hike somewhere and needed food. They made a survival check to said that since he rolled 20 he should be able to gather enough rations for 6 people. Then kept making rolls to add more rations to his character sheet. I suppose that is one way to do that rule, and maybe I am wrong on that, but it was unsettling to me.

Other things like, there is no cover when making ranged attacks, etc... I suppose I should get out of my shell more and deal with different rules interpretations. I am frequently wrong after all.

Looking forward to meeting you and others at PaizoCon, where you'll get to sample a smorgasbord of different GM styles.

I am not really looking forward to this honestly, but that is why I am doing it. It is important to test ourselves to grow. I am going to attend with a positive attitude and have four days of relaxation.

PS If you don't hear back from your local VC, either TOZ or I could get you your replacement chronicle.

I do hope I hear back from my VC, but I am not expecting much. If either of you want to send me a chronicle sheet, that would be fantastic!

Thomas Hutchins wrote:
Globetrotter wrote:
Not to mention one of the players was playing a character banned from PFS play: a metamorph alchemist.

the metamorph is a legal archetype in PFS.

All archetypes in this book are legal for play except the brute, cipher, daring general, guild agent, gunmaster, hallucinist, majordomo, tyrant, warlord, zeitgeist.

It looks like I misunderstood what the Archive of Nethys has on their website, which to be honest I should be looking on the sources you quoted.

That is a good thing and I am glad that I was wrong about this one.

Thanks guys!

My first experience was really a mixed bag. I have played Pathfinder since it came out, and playing DnD since the late 80’s... but they kept explaning everything to me just because I said I was new to PFS. For example, an elf is a type of humanoid...

I kept telling them I was experienced and I new the rules, but I had never played Society before. It just would not stop. I would have thought my equipment alone was a sign I have played for awhile: large ipad with hero lab, custom metal dice, my own mini...

Not to mention one of the players was playing a character banned from PFS play: a metamorph alchemist.

All in all, they were friendly, but not good players. The GM kept handwaving rules and letting the players bully him, he didn’t really know the scenerio and was yawning during the game. It was a real let down.

I have not been back to that location since, and that is probably the wrong attitude to have. I have a very good group with play bi-weekly and I felt walking into another potentially poor experience was not worth it.

Two of the gamers at my table have agreed to attend our first Con ever, and are hoping to really enjoy ourselves. I really hope I meet with great players.

I didn’t send a private message to my local VC and did not get a response. I sent him (maybe a her?) an email today and hope I get an answer.

We are going to try to run a PFS game at home this weekend to try our characters, so I have to look up the rules for that.

Thanks guys.

I sent a message to my local VC. If I do not hear anything in a week or so, I will see if you can help me.

I rebuilt my character and am now looking to see how I am supposed to progress him, for example, buying equipment.

I will need to find time to read the PFS guildbook and get ready for PaizoCon. :)

I tried PFS about a year ago and did not have a great experience. I am attempting to try again.

I lost the chronicle sheet the GM gave me, but still have my build and my number, the “-1”.

Do I have to start with a new character “-2” or can I use the credit I recieved from that first play through?

I also did not like my character and want to completely rebuild.

The GM did place my information on the organized play page, so I have the prestige and the session I played.

What are my options?

Amazing and detailed answer.

Thank you very much for your thoughts.

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Lycanthropy Question: I have been tracking down all the rules on this since one of my players recently got bitten. The primary rules are scattered between the CRB and the bestiary, but there are hints to other sources: Blood of the Moon and Classic Horrors Revisited: I have all of these books. Can you guys check my understanding:

Bit by a natural werewolf: DC15 Fort or contract the affliction

On a failed save, the PC has one hour to consume belladonna. The bestiary specifically calls out wolfsbane, referencing CRB pg 560, but I am uncertain if this is an error. I am doubtful they would reference wolfsbane in the bestiary and then belladonna in the CRB. My ruling for the purposes of my question is that the writers meant belladonna and not wolfsbane, even though the bestiary was printed after the CRB and would normally supersede the information printed.


Type poison, ingested; Save Fortitude DC 14
Onset 10 minutes; Frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes
Effect 1d2 Str damage, target can attempt one save to cure a lycanthropy affliction contracted in the past hour; Cure 1 save

If the belladonna does not work, we are left with two options:

  • A remove disease or heal spell cast by a 12th level cleric (or arguably any divine caster) cast within 3 days of exposure
  • Remove curse or break enchantment cast during a full moon (according to Classic Horrors Revisited)

According to the curse in the CRB, anytime the afflicted is injured or on every full moon, the target transforms.


Type curse, injury; Save Fortitude DC 15 negates, Will DC 15 to avoid effects
Onset the next full moon; Frequency on the night of every full moon or whenever the target is injured
Effect target transforms into a wolf under the GM’s control until the next morning

My questions:

  • If you save vs the belladonna, does this still allow another save or does the poison need to affect you to allow a save?
  • When injured, does the player need to make a DC15 Will save to resist the change anytime they take damage? Is this only lethal damage or non-lethal damage as well?
  • If they are forced to change from damage, can they choose hybrid form or are they forced into animal form like on a full moon?
  • When forced to change from damage, do they lose their identity like a full moon’s transformation or must they make a DC 20 will save?
  • Do they change only a single night of the full moon or the three-day period?
  • Are they required to make a DC 20 Will save to retain their identity on the first full moon they experience or every full moon?
  • If they choose to change on the full moon, DC 10 for animal/hybrid, will that allow the afflicted to avoid the Will save to lose their identity?

  • Excellent advice.

    Thank you. I'll keep my things as I've adjusted and plan for the best.

    Lincoln Cross wrote:
    I feel like anyone who removes Mythic entirely unless agreed upon by all players is robbing them of an amazing experience.

    Thanks for your comment, but as I said this is the second time running the game and we did try mythic. It did not work.

    JohnHawkins wrote:

    I think you will be able to run unto the end, you can take Deskari. I am running a level 20 game , well built lvl 20 characters should with difficulty be able to take Deskari, particularly if they have cohorts in company.

    If you are not sure then you could give the players a template or a few stat bonus's. Make sure they get a chance to use Wish/miracle to boost their stats before the book 6 countdown, you may also want to extend the time line a bit as they don't have quite the depth of resources of a mythic party

    This is encouraging. I am quite nervous about how magic will cause complications at higher levels. I do believe their damage output will be sufficient to take on higher level foes, as well as their ability to shrug off attacks. I help them with their builds and watch their stats closely against the enemies. I love a hard game, but no one likes an impossible one. Again, my biggest worry are spells like blasphemy or banishment. The save DC's are so high, high 20's to low 30's, that a single failed save is rough. In fact, effectively ending the encounter for player, if not the party.

    And yes, each player has a free cohort that I have designed for support purposes.

    I am not worried about the characters with a fast saving throw progression, but the characters with a slow progression. It's usually a +6 to a +10 difference and that high save DC becomes close to impossible.

    Giving a flat bonus to all saves seems stronger than I would like, but giving a bonus to all the slow track just looks like desperation. I suppose the best thing to do would be to monitor it closely and make adjustments with items when needed.

    Porridge wrote:
    I think book 6 is the main one to worry about...

    This gives me a lot of hope. It's possible I grant them a mythic tier or two during book 6. As long as I stay away from the unbalancing feats, I might have enough to help with the wayward save and still give the party a real chance to shine. Thankfully we are far from that point.

    Oh, and their effective level for automatic bonus progression is two levels higher than normal, so at third level they get the fifth level abilities. And finally, the enhancement bonuses stack with magical weapon properties instead of having to buy them.

    Yeah, I think that's all the major house rules.

    I am 8 sessions into the Wrath, once again after my game folded two years ago due to player complications and mythic rules complications. After learning from my previous mistakes we are trying it again.

    My changes have been:

      * No mythic
      * 25 Point buy
      * Free cohort
      * 5 hero points
      * Mythic removed from most NPC's

    In addition, we are using some unchained rules to spice things up:

      * Automatic Bonus Progression
      * Poisons and Disease
      * Background Skills
      * Skill unlocks open to everyone without a feat, or if you have the Signature Skill feat, you get all unlocks 5 levels earlier.

    So far, the game has run very well. The odd thing, was I am in the very few that thought the campaign was too hard, instead of too easy. My players were getting hammered at all points, even with mythic. I think it's a lot to do with how I run the games, I use a lot of environmental effects (wind, darkness, etc) and that tends to reduce power a lot. I do believe that continuing with mythic on the previous game would have eventually caught us, since we ended the campaign at the end of the 3rd book. From what I read, it's that point people started to really feel the problems.

    For now, what I have been doing mostlyi homebrew in the world running parallel to the story they have already played. So they can see their actions while focusing on different aspects. For example, we are going to Raliscrad to face Minagho now that she is depowered (this never happened in the AP, but her story was hinted at).

    What I am wondering is with all the changes I have made, is this campaign viable to the finish? The books talk about how we should end at the end of book 5, given they could never face Deskari, but I am uncertain. The legendary abilities of automatic bonus progression give a huge boost at highter levels. It might still be possible.

    I was also thinking about giving an extra feat at every 5 levels to beef of up their power a bit, I am sure in the long run, this is less useful. Maybe a +1 bonus to saving throws every 5 levels would help a lot more than a few feats. The magic items they get in the game will also help. I mean, man, look at all the artifacts that populate this AP!!!

    Any ideas on how to make their characters poweful enough to face Demon lords, but not too powerful?

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