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(Stay with me it’s a positive post I promise).

The issue is, between rona ruining a lot of in person play and pf2 not getting the reception they hoped, they’re struggling. Now I’m not saying PF1 wasn’t struggling but imho a bad situation got worse. You took a dying player base and changed their game to something they didn’t want. You have an IP that new players don’t care about. You have a system that is SUPER clunky especially to new players/GMs.

So the twelve of you upset that the number of scenarios is going down have to realize if Paizo doesn’t find a way to breathe some life into this thing you’re going to get 0 new scenarios a month. They might as well go back to printing dragon magazine if something doesn’t improve.

-Gilardes the lover of all things beautiful….. and EVERYTHING is beautiful.

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Sovereign Court

The Thing... Oread Monk!

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Sovereign Court 1/5 5/5

I want Aasimar back! I made a wonderful one, but didn't play it before the axe!

As for 'new' races, Gripoli would be fun. Cat folk. Rat folk. Dragonborn.

And as was brought up by our local game today... Mike why aren't you milking the racial boon cash cow dry. For 10 dollars you can download a boon sheet to play whatever race you want. Attach it to the website so only people who actually pay for them can get credit for runs. Boom you're rich(er).

Sovereign Court 1/5 5/5

kinevon wrote:

So, pardon me if I am misunderstanding your rules quote, but that also means that anything or anyone who does not get to act in the first round of combat, is also perpetually flat-footed for the entire combat?

Hold Person/Hold Monster for the win, then.

And that would include reinforcements, since they don't get to act on the first regular round of combat, including most summoned creatures?

QFE: "(specifically, before your first regular turn in the initiative order)"

Your first regular turn.

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Rycaut wrote:

where did you get that? The rules I have seen are pretty simple - if you are aware in a surprise round you act in initiative order - you are still flat-footed before you act, but after you have acted in the round you are no longer flat-footed. Unaware participants can't act in the surprise round and are flat-footed until they act in the first regular round of the combat.

I've never heard that people are flat-footed even if they act - that isn't in any of the rules I have seen (I think however there is a rogue talent that lets them treat people as flat-footed in the surprise or first round of combat even if they have acted)

The Surprise Round

If some but not all of the combatants are aware of their opponents, a surprise round happens before regular rounds begin. In initiative order (highest to lowest), combatants who started the battle aware of their opponents each take a standard or move action during the surprise round. You can also take free actions during the surprise round. If no one or everyone is surprised, no surprise round occurs.


At the start of a battle, before you have had a chance to act (specifically, before your first regular turn in the initiative order), you are flat-footed. You can't use your Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) while flat-footed. Barbarians and rogues of high enough level have the uncanny dodge extraordinary ability, which means that they cannot be caught flat-footed. Characters with uncanny dodge retain their Dexterity bonus to their AC and can make attacks of opportunity before they have acted in the first round of combat. A flat-footed character can't make attacks of opportunity, unless he has the Combat Reflexes feat.

In summary: If you act in the surprise round, you only get a standard or move and act before the regular rounds begin. You are considered flat footed before your first regular turn. So therefore, even if you act in a surprise round, it is not considered a 'regular turn' and you are still flat footed.

Sovereign Court 1/5 5/5

This reminds me of the guys that quit playing WoW because when they started playing things were 'harder' and now everything is 'spoon fed' to new players. "I had to level to 60 the hard way and now people can buy level 90."

I know it's not exactly the same, but pathfinder is what you personally make of it. I understand it's a community, and if you are seeing such a negative effect on your community, maybe you should find a better community to play with. It's not the rules of PFS that are damaging the quality of your games, it's the personnel. And if everyone in your area enjoys cheating the system, but you... then it sounds like you're the problem, not the solution. Let them have their fun.

PFS is the coolest thing in the world, you have a set of rules you have to go by, and as long as you stay within those confines, you can go play with anyone else in the world and have a good time. D&D was horrible, for the simple fact that you couldn't take your character and play it anywhere else, no reporting or logging of games etc. You had to stay within a single circle of friends with a character (obvious exceptions to that bold statement).

I have been through 10 levels of the Emerald Spire as of now, and it has been a nice break from the typical 'roleplay/skill check' heavy pathfinder scenarios. I enjoy roleplaying, I enjoy having skills, manipulating one of the female npc VCs into partaking in my celestial obedience (Arshea ftw). But there are times when I enjoy a good dungeon crawl, which is what those events give you and if you add up the experience for the kills within a level of the spire you will see it adds up proper.

The fact that I can take that Emerald Spire character and run a few scenarios with it outside of the spire makes it awesome. Sure I don't have the same fame/prestige as others my level, but I manage. And that character isn't an alpha for playing inside the spire for multiple levels before branching out, it just means I have to do most of my playing at slow progression. He has been on slow progression for a looooong time now, and would have been even without playing outside scenarios due to 16 levels of the spire and level restraints.

As for using 3xp modules to 'power level' your character or GM stars, that's just silly. Any GM can report/say, 'my 3 friends and I ran 6 scenarios this week,' and give themselves two levels. Any player can look at his nat 1 on a die and say, 'I got a 20, rolling to confirm.' If people want to cheat or abuse a system, they will always find a way. Those people aren't cheating anyone but themselves.

There will always be people that will use the 'God code' and never play the game the way it was intended... they usually find themselves quite lonely.

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Mummified Familiar wrote:

Two months early but... the only new thing is Ratfolk is now on a Boon Sheet.

I'm just curious what the new race rotation will be.
- Wayang
- Nagaji

+ ?
+ ?

Way to necro a dead thread, and go completely off topic... start a new thread.... lol.

Sovereign Court 1/5 5/5

On knowledge checks as a player: I always try to ask the GM, 'What Knowledge do I need for this,' or, 'Any gather information checks available?'

As a GM: If you give them the description and they just look at you blankly, then try things like, 'Well, you may be able to gleam some more information from the locals,' or, 'Maybe you can ask questions of the druid's guild.'

Also use judgement on the level of players you're working with. If they're newbies, do some grooming and meta it a bit for them, let them know they have options and then remind them of what those options are.

I always say that we're here for fun, and let the players ask, or try to find ways to be creative. The most fun and best games I've had were trying to overcome an obstacle, or find or do something without riding the train to murderhoboville. Anyone can min/max a barbarian or archer and kill everything they hit in one round, but that's not where the fun is.

Remember the rules are a guideline to keep everything fair and fun for everyone, don't let them break things, but bending is a requirement for a good GM, imho. If their idea is better than Paizo's allow it... lol.

Sovereign Court 1/5 5/5

As was stated, you have rule confirmation. You can sell back 100% and 2pp wands are worth 0 gold. That is the BTB answer.

That being said, I agree with the others, it's reasonable to let them trade the wand for another wand with the same charges, especially if they're rerolling a class that can't use the wand.

If you smell abuse, then just lay the law down lol. It's usually pretty obvious when someone is trying to exploit your leniency, nip it in the bud.

Also as was stated, each PC should have his own CLW wand for someone to use on them. He'll get 2pp at the end of the next scenario too.

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Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:
Nefreet wrote:

I'd just run as written.

It's not like it'll cause an influx of players going out of their way to play them.

Ezren has an illegal feat as well, and I think I've seen him maybe twice during my almost 3 years of PFS.

For those that would run it as written, if someone at the table has their own hunter, and not a pregen, would you run it the same way? If they referenced this pregen, specifically, would that make it any different?
Well that Hunter pregen already has some pretty sweet language reagarding not bringing the pet, the "real" hunter, does not have that option.

The real hunter can go feral and not bring a pet as well.

Not to derail the OP.

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Deal with him the same way my sorcerer would, a level 2 spell: Blindness/Deafness.

Deeper Darkness is level 3.

Mirror Image is level 2.

Grease.... LOL