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The Gold Sovereign wrote:
I would love if the Omnipath made it into the Bestiary. Anxiously waiting for a creatures list.

It did make it in.

Only checking it for more gunslinger stuff. Hope there's a good chunk.

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Highly doubt it's a Caster class. For two reasons.

1) We have too many caster classes

2) We already have a casting, shapeshifting class (Druid).

Krampus is so cool, CR 21 and pretty deadly. Nice background it has, too.

James Jacobs wrote:
Dark Midian wrote:
Who knows, maybe we'll come full circle and turn into 3.0, where Golarion becomes the default setting for the core line. Sure would make a lot of things easier.

That's actually how it's already been from the start; that's why the Core Rulebook lists the core 20 deities it does, and why the Bestiaries have the monsters they do, and why the Gamemastery Guide lists the outer planes it does.

There's more Golarion already in our core rules than there ever was Greyhawk in 3.0 D&D.

I just have always thought, in both cases, there could and should be more.

Why bother having a campaign line of books then, isn't that all you need? It's 64 pages a month of material. You build an RPG to also work with other RPG settings with very little interference from Golarion material, but now it feels like there is permission to alienate a demographic with their homebrew settings or those running something from a D&D setting.

I always assumed the happy medium was more generic material, and extremely light Golarion material, in the core line, and the heavy campaign stuff in the campaign line?

Yeah why does the date still say mid-March at this point?

Milo v3 wrote:
Geramies wrote:
Bunch of new Proteans but no new Aeons or Inevitables...again. :(
There were new Aeons in the last bestiary.

Yeah but I would like to see a wide range of Aeons in various CR as well as Inevitables, we have yet to have that yet. We have them with Proteans now, especially in B6.

Bunch of new Proteans but no new Aeons or Inevitables...again. :(

DM Beckett wrote:
Geramies wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Geramies wrote:
Rules for climbing and battling atop really big foes, that's all I want to see. If this book lacks that in the form of a skill use (such as Climb) or grapple option or feat, then the writers have failed to put in the most important piece of monster hunting benefits in a book about monster hunting.
have you tried the vexing dodger rogue?
See, that's specific to a class and archetype. We need something more generic and available to anyone.
Besides the Acrobatics/Climb/Ride Skills and Grapple rules?

A feat, sure. Or something. Or just simply new skill uses. Currently there is nothing allowing you to do such a task. Grapple rules doesn't allow you to hang on to creatures too large and climb/attack, and none of the skills detail anything of the sort either.

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CBDunkerson wrote:

I always thought the Faerun 'Song Dragon' seemed a lot like the Oerth 'Greyhawk Dragon'... and not too dissimilar even from the Kulthean 'Silverscale'.

Basically, give it a different name and I don't think you need to worry about infringement.

The Greyhawk Dragon is basically the Steel Dragon, no difference, only in name (in Forgotten Realms they are Steel Dragons).

The Song Dragon was originally the "Weredragon" from 2nd Edition AD&D Forgotten Realms Monstrous Compendium. In 3rd Edition, they retconned the Weredragon into the Song Dragon.

Dragon78 wrote:

Song dragons would be cool, or at least something like them. Speaking of singing, how about a musical ooze;)

It saddens me that not a single Gigas has made it into a hardcover bestiary.

It saddens me they not only make more Gigas, but they haven't made more Aeons and Inevitables in a long time.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Geramies wrote:
Rules for climbing and battling atop really big foes, that's all I want to see. If this book lacks that in the form of a skill use (such as Climb) or grapple option or feat, then the writers have failed to put in the most important piece of monster hunting benefits in a book about monster hunting.
have you tried the vexing dodger rogue?

See, that's specific to a class and archetype. We need something more generic and available to anyone.

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Rules for climbing and battling atop really big foes, that's all I want to see. If this book lacks that in the form of a skill use (such as Climb) or grapple option or feat, then the writers have failed to put in the most important piece of monster hunting benefits in a book about monster hunting.

The Gold Sovereign wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Void is from the negative energy plane, wood is from the first world, and metal would more then likely be from the elemental plane of earth or the material plane.

The thing is elementals were supposed to be creatures from the elemental planes, right?

Metal elementals and wood elementals could both be from the blane of earth.

Metal elementals could be from the deepest undergrounds in the plane of earth, while wood elementals are born the boarders of the water and earth planes, were the earth is more fertile and plants grow.

This was why I liked Planescape setting from D&D. They weren't afraid to delve deeper into planar environments.

Since Paizo likes to keep things simple, this would be obvious. The Elemental Plane of Earth is NOT solely rock. It's everything that represents "earth" as well as everything inbetween.

Planescape/D&D also had it where the elemental planes "touched" one another, creating the quasi-energy planes and such. This was awesome and simple to follow. Where Water and Earth bordered it became Ooze, Earth and Fire became Magma, etc.

I honestly don't get why Metalline elementals couldn't come from Earth Plane. As for Wood elementals, Earth also makes sense, particularly areas of the Plane of Earth where water was more abundant.

Listen to what the fans want and don't overthink how to give it out.

Guess I'll ask again.

So what kind of crunch? Any summary on the feats, archetypes, spells and such?

So what kind of crunch? Any summary on the feats, archetypes, spells and such?

Ellias Aubec wrote:
Wasn't there something like that for rogues in the Giant Hunters book?

No, there was actually something like that for the Stealth skill, to be able to hide under big creatures. I think those are awesome, new uses for skills. I wish Pathfinder had more of those, it would make skill use more interesting with more options.

As for grappling and hanging onto super big foes and doing heroic stunts while clinging to them...still no real set of established rules for that. Could easily be done via Grapple and/or Climb checks or a mixture of both.

Someone I know said they have Psychometabolic Corruption and something about a Skull of Lost Secrets in it.

I hope there is a large amount of "crunch" material for it to be worth buying in here, because I am still unsatisfied with the "fluff" not being generic enough.

I just want there to be more Aeons and Inevitables. That's all.

And, I suspect not, cause Paizo doesn't care about those creatures, but maybe we can get PDFs on "Aeons", "Proteans", "Inevitables" in the near future, since all the other outsiders were covered.

So a crafter of a magic item can have others aid in the crafting, such as providing the needed spells, for example.

We all know the crafter of a magic item can pause their crafting, but they cannot work on a new magic item unless they complete the one they are working on or abandon it.

Does this restriction also apply to the assistants?

I have two PCs, one is crafting a Portal and the other is helping with providing spells needed to keep the DC low. Is the assistant unable to craft their own item while helping?

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Wait, after all these years, they're now getting all "hush hush" about their products? Sorry that's just...stupid. Micromanaging customers is a quick descent into being a less-friendly company.

Is there an off-site where someone is sharing info then I can go to instead?

I am confused by the Synthesist wording.

Ok, so Fused Eidolon replaces Eidolon. I assume it is no longer fused when unconscious, asleep, killed etc. And that it takes 1 minute to fuse an eidolon (instead of summoning it). Correct?

On to the next part. What's the point of Aspect/Greater Aspect if it's already giving you evolutions when fused? Or does this mean if the Fused Eidolon is not around, the summoner still keeps the Aspect evolutions he chose?

Next, what exactly does Twin Eidolon do? He can't even use this because the Eidolon is Fused, so he has its abilities anyway right? Or is this something to use whenever the Fused Eidolon is killed off to give the Summoner something while it's gone?

I was wondering the same thing as I am trying to make a synthesist villain right now. Has this been answered? Does Split Forms bring out a normal Eidolon meaning we can have it pick feats and skills and such that it normally doesn't have access to if it were merged?

Fourshadow wrote:

Just got mine and my favorites are the Ashavic Dancer and Devoted Muse!

** spoiler omitted **

And I believe the Aurora patron has finally got me interested in creating a witch!

Thanks so much, ladies and gents! This creativity is the reason Player Companion is my favorite Paizo line.

Now if only we can get more generic PrC in the RPG line. I find many of the Pathfinder PrC too entrenched in Golarion material to properly adapt to other settings, especially established ones like the Forgotten Realms. Last time we had any was wayyyyy back in Advanced Player's Guide.

What does "Strike True Combat" do?

Thanks for the help, I sure wish I could have powerful brutes solo a group of PCs, but without some spellcaster buddies to help, the villain goes down real quick.

Any magic items I could equip a powerful barbarian minotaur that will prevent ability damage? I have a PC who can throw an empowered spell that can deal over 10 points of Intelligence damage, it would be very anticlimactic if such a spell were to defeat the enemy in one or two attacks.

How is anyone NOT asking for what's in the Bestiary?

Can we get a list of the new creatures and what they are, please?

Wouldn't be surprised if a "Blood of the Fey" is coming at some point.

Strange this wasn't addressed. Hmm, my best judgment would have to be the item would be out of commission and trying to use it in the middle of crafting automatically ends the crafting and wastes the GP and time.

Is the Amnesia spell supposed to be low spell level? I feel like for such a debilitating spell, its spell level should be higher then 4th?

So I believe a crafter can "pause" crafting a magic item at any time (they simply cannot craft another item unless they finish or abandon the current one). Correct?

While the item is on "pause", can it still be used? Or is it out of commission until completed?

I have a player who is upgrading his Kukri. The problem is, they are on a time constraint and the time it will take to upgrade his kukri goes over this limit. Can the crafter "pause" working on the Kukri and he can use it and then bring it back after the adventure for the crafter to finish it up? Or no?

Anyone know the formula for adding gear to any NPC after 20th level? I have 30 HD enemy (24 from class levels) and need to equip him as 28th level NPC, but it only goes up to 20th.

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I personally can't wait for Paizo to be the first TTRPG to release these big monster books series into the double digits era! Bestiary 10 let's gooooooo! Love these books.

I second Nick's request, what are the new monsters?

Another question, I can set the Caster Level to whatever I want even if I am not the proper level? It seems that way according to this FAQ:

Though the listed Caster Level for a pearl of power is 17th, that caster level is not part of the Requirements listing for that item. Therefore, the only caster level requirement for a pearl of power is the character has to be able to cast spells of the desired level.

However, it makes sense that the minimum caster level of the pearl is the minimum caster level necessary to cast spells of that level--it would be strange for a 2nd-level pearl to be CL 1st.

For example, a 3rd-level wizard with Craft Wondrous Item can create a 1st-level pearl, with a minimum caster level of 1. He can set the caster level to whatever he wants (assuming he can meet the crafting DC), though the pearl's caster level has no effect on its powers (other than its ability to resist dispel magic). If he wants to make a 2nd-level pearl, the caster level has to be at least 3, as wizards can't cast 2nd-level spells until they reach character level 3. He can even try to make a 3rd-level pearl, though the minimum caster level is 5, and he adds +5 to the DC because he doesn't meet the "able to cast 3rd-level spells" requirement.

So if I am a 10th-level caster and wanted to set my item at CL 20th, I can do that even though I lack being a 20th-level caster?

I know CL is not a prerequisite to item creation unless specified in the requirements.

So, say an item requires "Teleportation Circle" to create, and it can be bypassed by increasing the Spellcraft DC by +5, do you still need to have a 17th-level caster requirement because the spell is normally only accessible by 17th level casters?

Or can someone who is, say, a 14th-level caster, still able to craft said item (by adding +5 DC to bypass spell requirement)?

Has there been any official ruling on this yet? I hit the FAQ button and I believe we all should. Because it's not clear at all.

I take the Aberrant Eidolon is Unchained Summoner only?

I wish Paizo would also not ditch those of us who use the original Summoner, I feel like they're catering to the new one too much.

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It's terribly misleading. If I were new to PFRPG and was looking for only it's RPG line of products because it's setting neutral, I'd be put off by an RPG book suddenly being a Campaign specific book.

When I think of "Adventurer's Guide", I think of something more along the lines of new generic prestige classes, archetypes, guidelines, new skill uses, items and spells adventurers take advantage of. I don't think of specific organizations and setting-related material, because I would expect things to appear in the book for me to simply tailor to my own campaigns. Basically what Advanced Player's Guide was only more, I guess.

Now a chapter devoted to rules mechanics and fluff for PCs and GMS to build their own adventuring guilds would fit just right and make a lot more sense.

The smart thing to do is to easily place this away from the RPG line and make it another Campaign hardcover book and title it Inner Sea Adventurer Guide. Done.

Is it just me, or is it too easy for PCs to Bluff and Intimidate in Pathfinder?

The static DC of 10 + HD + Wisdom modifier is too low. The +4/-4 for size difference is also static.

I believe 3.5 had it much better where it was an opposed level check; a 1d20 + HD + save bonuses vs fear effects. And each size difference was +4 (so a Medium size trying to demoralize a Gargantuan size would give a -12 penalty).

As for Bluff, way too easy. It's 10 + BAB + Wisdom modifier. Or it's 10 + Sense Motive bonus. Back in 3.5 it was 10 + Sense Motive bonus + BAB, which made it more difficult but at least it wasn't getting spammed so easily as it is now in PF.

How do I handle, say, a Rogue with Cunning Feint vigilante talent, ability to Bluff quickly and beating such easy DCs with his +29 bonus to Bluff? Taking 10 alone, the guy is beating DC 39, not many have +29 to Sense Motive to even that out. He is murdering almost any foe in 1 round basically (he has TWF and ITWF too, so many sneak attacks)

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Heck I think "Adventurer's Guide" is actually rather deceiving. The title should be more along the lines of "Inner Sea Adventurer's Guide."

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Really wish this more neutral; campaign themed prestige classes are terrible for my games because I do not run Golarion.

I also don't care to hear "Tailor the PrC to your world" because that simply doesn't work for me. Golarion PrC have features very, very specific and niche features to their setting. Many of their PrC aren't designed to easily make more generic.

I really wish we had a plethora of new PrC like in Advanced Player's Guide. Maybe one day...

I don't know why I can't write a review on this, I guess I have to purchase it from this site.

Anyway, I give it two stars. Some of the material didn't seem properly playtested, several really broken feats and maneuvers are in here. Many aren't even clear in their wording how they work. And I noticed the authors have been talking about releasing an errata for this, but it's been almost 2 years and still nothing? Not impressed.

This ability for the Gunslinger class doesn't state what kind of action it takes to use Menacing Shot.

Can you use it anytime you make a firearm attack? So if you had 4 attacks, can you use 4 grit and use it 4 times?

Or does it use a Standard Action as if it were a spell-like ability?

So this feat, in Ranged Tactics Toolbox, says the following.

Benefits: While making a ranged attack, you can ignore any cover bonuses to AC, including total cover, unless the target also has cover from above, such as a roof or forest canopy. When using this feat, treat your target as if it were one range increment farther away. You can't use this feat unless you have headroom equal to at least half the attack's range.

The idea is you're lobbing something overhead for it to land atop a target on the other side of whatever is protecting them.

I can understand thrown weapons and arrows.

But I can't wrap my head on how crossbow bolts or firearm bullets can accomplish this exactly? Especially a descending bullet, it won't pack the same kind of punch at all.

I feel like RAI, this feat was only meant for thrown weapons and arrows.

Has there been any confirmation on this feat?

What sort of game material is in here? Archetypes and such?

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Is it just me, or am I the only one bummed out that the Bravery feats for Fighters are only for worshippers of Cayden? I feel like these feats should be accessible to any Fighter, they could use the much needed boost.

Did "FAQ Friday" turn into "FAQ Monthly"? Why is the FAQ always so slow?

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