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Spanky, you were going to say something?

Winning without resorting to bad nicknames.

Thus I skip you two and win.

But a thick shield and some metal plating is, for the win.

Kevlar for the win.


Buckshot to the ordinry rabbit for the win.

It also means you need to shave like the u.s. military , thus I win.

Punts Gnome for a 2-point conversion

I win.

Um right, bizarre? I've conquered 80% of the earth, except for New Zealand. I use any confiscated weapon I can obtain through S.H.I.E.L.D., warehouse 13, the X-Files, TARDIS, and Indiana Jones.

The next poster will discuss the necessities of warp travel.

Dammit Pigeon! There's no crying in the Marine Corps!

I've had "flushes" that were chaotic evil and lawful evil too. They bit repeatedly on the way out.

Then I shouted, "At ease you vile turd!"

Jesszilla wrote:
Moorluck wrote:
Damn, seems I've missed everyone. Maybe we can blitz this f#~&er to hell and back in the next night or so. Just to remind folks who the f&!! Fawtl is! ;)

I'm sending in the planes and tanks after Jesszilla!