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Grab a mini from a non-Pathfinder source. Bones by Reaper Miniatures are awesome. Lots of other companies make miniatures, and they all employ different concept artists. Speaking of concept art, do a search for concept art of your favorite fantasy games, movies, and books, and you'll get a host of ideas.

Grab miniatures from other genres; warhammer 40K has some beautiful works that, with some...ah...adjustments, can pass as fantasy.

Or ideas: I like playing the alchemist I got right now. I took the vivisectionist archetype, and its a blast to play.

I also favor the frontline (and am constantly cussing out all spellcasters) characters. Most recently, I have been looking up fighters, paladins, and other full BaB guides to find the next cool thing.

The mutagen fighter looks cool to me. Its easy to say he brews a very special alcohol for himself, and he drinks it before battle. Its a bit harsher to say he's addicted to an odd form of 'battle herb' that he learned to brew himself to keep the costs down.

I've also been looking into monks, and trying out them to seem what happens. So far, nothing is screaming "play me" but I have hope.

Gonna think 'aloud' here; fogive me if I type things yawl already know:

(now curious about "derailing/baiting post and the responses"; which he had missed) Thanks Chris. I will happily live in mystery instead of annoyance.

Knowledge (arcana) is used to gain information on "ancient mysteries, magic traditions, arcane symbols, constructs, dragons, magical beasts". Knowledge (psionics) is used to gain information on "ancient mysteries, psionic traditions, psychic symbols, cryptic phrases, astral constructs, and psionic races". Wow. Yeah, I'll do that too.

Not sure how I feel about access to other other classes UMD abilities. On one hand it makes the various magic items available for use, but also implies wizards, sorcerers, magus, and so on can use power stones, dorje, and so on. At that point, there is little point for the Use Magic Device skill. Maybe.

GhanjRho wrote:
Full transparency, obviously.

I am happy you said this, and sad you felt you had to. Yes, and hell yes. Almost pointless to do this otherwise. Only in very niche cases should transparency be not but set to full.

Frerezar wrote:

Gave a slow (bard spells speed) maneuver progresion to the brawler and swashbuckler in our recent Iron Gods game...

Some one please explain to me how this works? It sounds like its somewhat stronger than the feats to gain maneuvers, and less than a martial class. Do you get a maneuver every third level and stance every fourth? Or is there a page I should look for this?

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"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

Got it already. I like it, but as its not complete, I'm not subjecting my players (well, me, really) until we can get all three proposed classes and all of their awesome powers on the table.

Prince of Knives wrote:
Gator the Unread wrote:
Side note: Ssalarn and Andreas Rönnqvist are- I think- are writers for Dreamscarred Press, and take the stacking stance; a aegis drider would wield large sized weapons without penalty. Please take this into account.

Andreas co-owns the company and Ssalarn is a long-time fan/contributor who is now writing Akashic Mysteries. They can both safely clarify the RAI for you.

The question of what the RAW actually says remains, of course.

...and this is where I say "oh" followed by a bit of silence.


And there we go. I stand corrected.

This is all good news, as far as I am concerned. Thank you to everyone who commented. I feel a lot better running an AP with Ultimate Psionics and the Path of War included.

Now, if DSP would just shell out Akashic Mysteries in the next couple of weeks, I could have that, too.

This started in the Akashic Mysteries thread, but I have realized its more of a psionic and general monster ability issue, so I open it up to a (slightly) wider audience:

How does the Powerful Build astral suit customization interact with the "undersized weapons" Universal Monster Rule? The centaur, drider, and lamia are exampls of creature with the undersized weapons trait (also,

While it makes sense that they cancel each other out- meaning a creature with both uses weapons of its own size without penalty- I am leaning heavily toward the armor customization replacing the universal weapon quality. This is part from the way things look in my head, and in the way the wording is in powerful build.

Side note: Ssalarn and Andreas Rönnqvist are- I think- are writers for Dreamscarred Press, and take the stacking stance; a aegis drider would wield large sized weapons without penalty. Please take this into account.

Thanks to all would help me settle this issue for my table!

Andreas Rönnqvist wrote:

Think of it like this:

1. Normal circumstance: large size, UW makes that medium sized weapons.
2. Aegis case: large size -> PB makes it huge -> UW makes that large sized weapons.

That's all well and good, provided they 'stack', instead of 'replace'. The literature has me inclining toward the latter.

How I picture things is a transparent hand encasing the creature's normal hand (and the rest of the body). Just like a fireball doesn't care what size the caster is, the astral suit doesn't care how big/oddly-shaped the user's hands are.

However, I have taken enough time up on the Akashic Mysteries thread, when this should really be asked of the the Psionic threads. Thanks for yawl's insights!

I kinda figured the classes would be balanced- there was extensive testing- I am much more interested in changes in the feel and material of the adventure path.

I will admit really liking comments akin to "honestly felt like the weak link" and "competent, but hardly overshadows anyone". There's a spell for that" aspect from wizards also helps.

I recently read a thread about the vitalist being some what overpowered (as far as healing goes) so the comment of the poor fella falling off the ship also helps the balance complaints.

Has anyone played with the Path of War classes in any adventure paths?

I am a big fan of Dreamscarred Press and the two products I currently own: Ultimate Psionics and Path of War. At first glance, the races, classes, and abilities look and feel balanced against the core races, classes, and abilities. My question is for those who have played with these classes in Adventure Paths and adventure modules; is there a noticeable difference with Dreamscarred Press's material compared to Paizo only material?

While I am interested in the power level difference/lack of difference, I am also interested in the feel of the game, and how the characters interacted with the setting. Was the game as fun, less fun, or more fun trying out the new classes and races? Did you make changes to the adventure because of the included classes, or play it straight? There is always a power creep when you add new books (from Paizo, Dreamscarred Press, or anyone else); was there a difference in the power boost from Piazo books and the Dreamscarred Press books?

Thank you to all who help out!

Found here.

Aegis customization wrote:

The aegis gains the powerful build trait while wearing his astral suit. Whenever the aegis is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for a Combat Maneuver Bonus or Combat Maneuver Defense (such as during grapple checks, bull rush attempts, and trip attempts), the aegis is treated as one size larger if doing so is advantageous to him.

The aegis is also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creature’s special attacks based on size (such as grab or swallow whole) can affect him.

The aegis can use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty. However, his space and reach remain those of a creature of his actual size. The benefits of this trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject’s size category.

Emphasis mine. Now that I look at it, it is a little fuzzy if folks want to nit-pick. To me, the one size larger bit refers to the creature's size, and not the weapon size.

This is not an issue to me, as its a rather niche occurrence; one race (plus two monsters), one class, and one 2 point customization. As far as I know, Aegis is the only way anyone not a half-giant can get powerful build. Come to think of it, both the lamia and the centaur also have the undersized weapons racial quality.

I spent a couple minutes trying to work out the verbiage to mesh with 'galma's use weapons one size smaller than normal' but nothing I came up with work. But I'm not a paid writer/editor/game maker, either.

Ssalarn: enlarge person affects all humanoids, of all sub-types. Unless the new sub-type has special rules saying it doesn't (which, considering what you said, I imagine it will), changing the gamla's sub-type won't do anything

Othos: I think that's a easy fix, and will likely use it should this come up in my games. Right now, though, I have no issue letting a galma aegis weild huge sized weapons. Aegis is already only an good melee damage dealer, falling behind all dedicated melee damage dealers. As I said, the small bump in damage does not bother me.

In Akashic Races, the Galma is a large size creature that may only use medium sized weapons. No issue there. What happens when Gala the Gamla picks up a couple of levels in Aegis and gains the powerful build customization?

Just by looking at it, it appears that Gala would be be able to use huge sized weapons without penalty, as the powerful build trait allows the use of weapons one size larger than the creature. Plus the imaginary fits as well.

Speaking of which, the gamala starts as large sized; can Gala be affected by enlarge and expansion effects? With a friendly caster, she can be huge sized at 1st level, and gargantuan at 7th (as a psychic warrior).

If this is okay with yawl, it is okay with me. I was just wondering about how the various listed items interacted.

Side note: Can normal giants benefit from the enlarge spell? As they are humanoids, I imagine they can.

I am going to spell a few things out, just to make sure they are straight in my mind, and I am understanding the issue:

Breaking it down, Barney Style:
The Mend Body power starts at 3d8 (6d6 with the psionic focus spent) for 5 power points (5th level manifiestor required). This increases per 2 power points spent (and increasing manifiestor level). That pushes it to 4d8 (8d6) at 7th level, and 5d8 (10d6) at 9th level, and so on. That is not 6d6 per level.

Collective Healing lets him spread the healing out. No fuss there.

Spirit of Many lets him manifest network powers on an additional target per additional power point spent. Is this where the '*2' comes from?

Medic powers states "all powers of the [healing] subdiscipline" are now Network powers, which includes Mend Body.

Collective is either his wisdom modifier (which you said was 18, so +4) or half of his level (uh...10th level? 11th?) So the most he can multiply his healing is by 5 (he is part of the collective but doesn't count against the limit), not counting the power point spending limit.

So, all together...yeah, 6d6 times 2 in healing, spread though all his collective (currently max'ed at 4; some one in the 6 creature party isn't getting the healing until 12th level). 7th level vitalist level will be times 3, 8th will be times 4, 9th times 5, and 10th will also be times 5, unless his wisdom goes up (which will happen, wither with attribute increases via level or, more likely, Wisdom boosting items). Eventually, this will level off, but not soon enough, I think.

...for me, I would increase the Spirit of Many cost to 2 power points per additional person/manifestation. 6d6 per round, spread out, seems like it would be enough to keep it worth while for now, and slowing the increase just a bit (well, halving the increase) will let the healing more manageable. The vitalist will still be getting a huge discount on the power.

Anyhow, just a thought. Hope it helps

I can't really add much for the psionic class, though I do love them.

On the Kingmaker Adventure Path, however...change it. Add in a psionic threat, working with the BBEG. Willow-o-wisps are all over the place; change them into psionic creatures and have the not-so-clever monsters mind controlled by them. Also, remove the big monster and replace it with three or four of the same monster with the young template. The battle will be much less one sided, especially if some thing intelligent is controlling/advising the brute.

This works really well with the Troll Kingdom' add-in found in the Kingmaker thread.

Andreas Rönnqvist wrote:

I'll quote the power:

"All your equipment, worn or carried, is similarly expanded by this power. Melee and projectile weapons deal more damage."

Since you now carry the weapon, it increases in size. Thus the abilities don't stack. And you got a weapon weighing around 4 metric tons.

That would make several (indirect) uses of the power pointless. Your carrying capacity, for example, would be pointless, because everything you pick up would also increase in mass (weight), and so on.

...but I'm not sure your wrong. I've always played this and similar abilities that the duration applies to how long you stay the new size, not how long the "field-of-make-things-big" sticks around.

I also hate your explanation because it doesn't jive with what I want, but there you go.

Slithery D wrote:

I'd say only equipment carried when you manifest the power is effected. But I'd also say Augment Weapon customization only applies to weapons carried when you create your suit.

So (Enlarge -> pick up weapon -> form suit) would get what you want.

That would work I guess. Its only, what, an extra d6 damage? I think spending a round or two to make that happen would be worth it.

What about 'Call Weaponry'? I expand and attack with a appropriately sized weapon. Next action, I call a weapon to my hands (one size too big, because of powerful build), and form my astral suit around it. Would that work?

More importantly, it really has to do two things: make sense in a fluff manner, and make sense in a rules manner.

In the book "Warbreaker" there was a truly horrible sword named Nightblood. Nightblood was the only magic blade in existence, and was alive. It had been made with the words 'Destroy Evil' at its sole purpose, but since it was a sword, it really didn't have any concept of what 'evil' was (but it had the destroy part down pat). Yes. It was a truly terrible weapon, made by good people to destroy evil. Its also another brick paving the way to hell.

Vasher, the guy who carried, would toss the sword toward a group of people, and anyone who had given into their darker thoughts more often than not would desire the weapon, killing everyone else out of jealousy...using the sword while the scabbard was still on. Oh, and then the wielder, caught up in the desire to kill evil, would stab the shove the weapon into his own chest.

If some one was foolish enough to pull the sword out of the sheath...well, that's when this get real ugly.

I am looking for advice; I am posting here because it's almost entirely 3rd party products.

I got a combination that appears to work, but I have doubts, so I bring it to the experts and/or peanut gallery. It relies on the Augment Weaponry customization, which, as stated, does not stack with expansion or other powers/magic that increase the user's size.

Say my psychic warrior/aegis carried a weapon around that was too big (say, a huge greatsword carried by a medium-sized psychic warrior) to used. Before combat he drops it to the ground, and uses Expansion or giant form to get big enough to use it. And then, he picks it up, where his Augment Weapon customization kicks in, wrapping the weapon in power and making it strike as if it was one size larger.

Does that work?

If it does, we have the following from Aegis...

  • Powerful Build Customization (able to use weapon 1 size higher; one step)
  • Augment Weapon Customization (1 step)

    ...added to the Psychic Warrior:

  • Expansion (7pp) to huge size (two steps)

    This increases weapon damage 4 steps, or colossal . It would require carrying around a colossal weapon (a colossal greatsword weighs, I assume, x16 weight) 128 pounds, and trying not to look anime when normal sized.

  • Stereofm wrote:

    I thought there only was a monster book for third dawn.

    Apparently, I missed something ?

    Where did you read that? It would be a shame, to toss out all four Bestiaries filled with player killing monsters, just because there isn't any magic in the world. There are a lot of monsters without arcane or divine magic, and of those that are a lot can be switched to psionic sources without a hitch.

    In either case, since its a game I'm running...well, its my game. I might change it back if Jeremy wants a place at the table (there is an opening) but I doubt he would want to play the same path over again, the same way.

    This is a replacement event, replacing the normal event. Its not that I dislike the event, but I prefer the heroes in my game to start off humbled, and be announced as heroes later. Plus, this makes the after-the-ground-shake area much more chaotic:

    Part One: The Earth Trembles:

    The market district of Arbil is bustling, which occurring to what you have been told, is an oddity. The month of Spalis arrives at the tail end of spring, well before harvest. Additionally, the overcast clouds threaten rain, and the wise would avoid the open air stalls for dryer areas. Perhaps it’s the rumor that new exotic goods from that mysterious continent to the north, supposedly named Femon by its inhabitants- likely just something made up by those Maquoran to drive up the prices. Or it could that caravan that was scheduled to arrive today, but it’s hard to imagine utilitarian pottery causing all this ruckus- and judging by the empty stalls, the caravan is still on its way. Perhaps there is a particularly well love acrobatic troupe that is going to perform.
    As a soft wet fruit explodes into a sticky sludge on your cheek, you begin to think the crowd is there to heckle the thieves of the kobold gold, and the poisoners of the Flow. The chains on your wrists are pretty strong evidence to the crowd, at least, that’s who you are.

    The Flow has been out of true for some time, but only slightly. Like a wall slowly sagging because a crucial brace has been removed, it is off just enough that those sensitive enough to it can feel it. The slight disruption hasn't impeded anything yet, but it is enough that anyone psionically active (has power points or a psionic class like Soulknife) feels more irritable, even if they don’t know why. After several weeks of this, and it’s getting on everyone’s nerves, and tempers are rising.

    It was discovered last night, that the last shipment of ore from the mines was stolen, of which a tiny fraction was precious metal such as silver and copper (none of it gold). A novice seer named Abraham announced that he had a vision, identifying the thieves, and that those said thieves are responsible for the poisoning of the Flow. Abraham is wrong, of course, but after a couple cups of wine at the local bar his frayed nerves could keep his mouth shut. Without confirming with better trained and more adept seers, Abraham made his proclamation in the bar, and rallied the townsfolk to gather the strangers and have them brought to justice.

    The heroes were roused from their beds, clamped in irons by the few town guards caught up in the mob mentality, and dragged down the street, joining six other newcomers to the city in chains. With City Guards prodding them along and Abraham leading the parade, they are dragged through the market district where they are pummeled by fruit, insults, threats, and occasionally the small stone.

    The spell is broken when Zorotaer pushes his way through the crowd.
    Though at first it look like you were attending your lynching, it now appears to be have reached its peak with insults and rotten fruit. The crowd seems to be losing steam as the sun climb above the horizon, and the guard have started to mumble about ‘cells’ and ‘trial’.

    Suddenly, another man bursts through the crowd, a withered ophiduan in a fine, but dirty, sleeping robe. In a horrified voice he screams “The end is nigh! The end of the future! The ground will split and the Flow will be torn asunder!”

    The mob silences instantly, with the whispered name of “Zorotaer” shooting through its ranks. It is apparent that this seer is known by all, and if their silence is any indicator, his predictions are considerably more accurate.

    “All will be lost...” he moans, his voice trailing, until he’s eyes fall upon you. Those eyes widen, and take on a frightful gleam. “Unless... you, you! And... And you and you!” each accusation is punctuated by a sudden point of his finger, one of them at you. You do not have time to process what he means before he adds, “Cut the strings...”

    With the final enigmatic statement, Zorotaer collapses as a rag doll tossed aside, and though people rush to help him, all eyes are on you; prophesized to save a city of prophecy.

    A cluster rush toward the fallen sage, while the rest of the mob stare at the heroes. A look of confusion, and indecision creeps across the mob. Weather to believe this seer who seems to think you are a hero, the other see who says you are villains, or to just fret about the end of the world coming.

    The answer comes seconds later, when a glass falls to the ground with a delicate crash. The sound is soon followed by the sounds of clatter clay, wood, and stone. The ground bucks, kicking everyone’s feet out from under them, and the market became a floor of people. The crowd beings to shout and yell as stalls and shelves collapse, sending their contents everywhere. Crack appear in cobblestone ground, and a few buildings cant to one side, threatening to fall.

    In less than a minute, the rumbling ceases, and no building fall. Shaken, frightened people being to get up. In the odd silence after the earthquake, a soft whistling sound can be heard. As you follow the sound, you find that it is coming from the cracks and old, dry air escape the confines of the earth. Suddenly, blue and green sludge erupt from the holes, bursting out into a stream and pouring into a sick pile some feet from the cracks. The pile lurches to one side, taking on the vague shape of a man, and lets out an angry, wet hiss.

    There are 20 ectoplasmic humans spilling from the various cracks across the market place, but only a handful stay close enough to fight. Anyone would succeeds in DC 12 Perception can act during the surprise round. In addition, there are a half a dozen thought eaters that escape out, and run out of the market place for easier prey in the city. Each of the six guards nearby, all prone for the first round of combat, most of which are killed as the ectomplasmic attack. Each guard is armed with the halberd and club, and every second guard has a light crossbow with 10 bolts.

    Ectoplasmic Human (1 per PC), CR 1/2 (XP 200)

    Once the ectoplasmic creatures (when the heroes have defeated at least 1 per member of the party) the city watch arrive with reinforcements, quickly ending the battle. Noxev, the city guard commander, a wiry Ophiduan so thin he appears gaunt named, sees the heroes in chains and scowls. In quickly produces a key and unlocks their hands and has his men replace any impromptu weapons with that of the guards. “Defend the city, and these will stay off,” he says, indicating the chains. He doesn't stick around for the character’s reply.

    There are two brain eaters using hit and run tactics on some city guard just outside of the market, which the squad of guard seem to be totally out matched; if the players intercede, the guards will handle on while the party manages the other.

    Citizens will tell the characters of the looters (see the side quest on page 6 of the Uncertain Futures) and the thought eater trapped in Marsha’s house (page 7, in area A2). The first will be as the last of the creatures are dealt with, as the merchant comes running up, yelling "They stolen everything! My stores, my wares! How am I going to feed my family?" The second will likely occur when the PC's wander by the area, moving on to another location.

    The encounter and introduction to Mosephi in the market pretty much as described in the book, only with the chaos of the extoplasmic creatures adding to the earthquake mess.

    After the meeting with Mosephi in the Overseer’s home, the party is given leave for one day to wander around town and see about buying some supplies for the three day trip. “Best you leave in the morning. A steady march will put you there just before sunset on the third day,” Mosephi suggests, giving proof that he has taken the trip before.

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  • Ultimate Psionics is what Expanded Psionics Handbook wants to be when it grows up.
  • Expanded Psionics Handbook's parent says "why can't you be more like Ultimate Psionics?"
  • If Chuck Norris was a book, he would be Ultimate Psionics and Path of War.

    On a serious note: Everything was seriously play-tested. All the flak from the previous attempts (dating way back to AD&D) required it.

    The classes are fairly balanced, well thought out, and interesting.

    There are 10 new/updated races (Blues, Dromites, Duergars, Elans, Forgeborn, Half-giants, Maenands, Norals, Ophinuans, and Xephs), who have been beautifully crafted.

    And there is a lot of support, from magic items to GM advise, for psionics.

    The art is good (varying from 'neat' to 'awesome').

    Its 453 pages of awesome.

    ....why, yes, I am a bit of a fan.

  • Oh, wow. Jeremy Smith, himself, came to this thread. That is awesome (cuz, ya know, its a long trip to get here).

    Jeremy Smith wrote:
    Yeah, upgrading Third Dawn is next on our plate after we get all the rewards for the Ultimate Psionics and Psionic Miniatures Kickstarters shipped out.

    You (and others) gave me Ultimate Psionics and Path of War; I can forgive a delay after that.

    I have yet to run an adventure path without some significant additions and slight changes, so changing a few monsters here and there won't be an issue.

    Freedom16 wrote:
    If I remember right the Exemplar was a class that was similar to the Dragon Shaman from 3.5 that hit playtest but never came to full release. It used auras as a mechanic, I loved it and was sad to see it not be officially released.

    That's a shame. But, I think I will have enough options without it (see below)

    Freedom16 wrote:
    As for Norals and Forgeborn I think they got a decent explanation of how they fit into TD over on the DSP forum, I could be mistaken so dont quote me on it.

    An poster over at here named tevolria posted his idea for the Norals and Forgeborn, but that's all I found.

    I also want to include the Path of War and the Akashic Mysteries as well. For starters, as I both are fairly new to me (and one is still 'in development') I will keep to the basics; i.e. Stalker, Warder and Warlord, and similar basic classes of the Akashic Mysteries.

    The PoW will be easy to insert anywhere, as long as you think of the art as a fighting style taught in war colleges, mercenary units, and the like. The Akashic Mysteries, being a kind of magic (like psionics are a kind of magic) is a bit harder, but I'm sure a place can be found.

    Distant Scholar wrote:
    Do you have the Player's Guide for From the Deep?


    Yes, I have it, and it references almost everything I just posted, only much more cleanly. I just forgot they had it.

    Questions on that: what is an Exemplar? I am operating under the idea that the player's guide would only use Pathfinder and Ultimate Psionics, but I see no Exemplars anywhere.

    I like the "new" racial traits for races listed: Adonais, Chimairans, Duergars, Kolbolds and Orcans.

    I still want to include Forgeborn and Norals, but haven't figured out if they fit. With 13 races already, its hard to justify.

    archmagi1 wrote:
    Low level critters: Orcs are still around (just nomadic, traditional monsters section of the book). And puppeteers and their charmed buddies make good CR1/2-2 encounters.

    I know; I was being sarcastic about the low level monsters. Really, there are plenty of rarely used monsters to use for those levels, plus the psionic bestiaries.

    Thanks for the input, especially reminding me about the Player's Guide.

    I am gearing up to run From the Deep adventure path, and have begun reading the Third Dawn Campaign setting. The book itself was made for 3.5 rules, and the Ultimate Psionics had not be produced yet, so there are a few things that need to be adjusted. While there is a Pathfinder verision coming out, its not hear yet and my Google-fu fails to find any hint.

    I figured I would post my thoughts here, and see if anyone has any more input.


    The Ultimate Psionics book gives us Dromites, Duergars, Elans, Forgeborn, Half-giants, Maenads, Norals, Ophiduans, and Xephs.
    Adonai are re-skinned elves, with a wisdom bonus instead of intelligence. Its worth thinking about keeping them that way, as they would make better Marksmen, Psychic Warrior and Vialists, and less psion or mage like.
    I've always hated 'mutant' races, and that's what the Chimairan feels like. However, I'm gonna re-build the race with the Advanced Races Guide, and see what I get. Having a null-psionic race might be fun
    Jetturs are re-skinned half-giants.
    Orcans will need to be rebuilt (a little), and they kinda look like a replacement for half-orcs. They are also not a psionic race, which stuck me odd, at first. But, I can see having some fun with them, so I'll just 'Pathfinder-ized them for my game and be done with it.

    UP Races:

    Blues, being a goblin race, isn't in Third Dawn. But without goblins, giants, and orcs, what is a low to mid-level party suppose to face? Yeah, I know, there are more critters in the Bestiary(ies) than just kinds of goblins and orcs. So, no Blues.
    Forgeborn I like, so I have to work them in somewhere. With Jutturs, Elans, and Maenad all being 'made' races, I'm not sure I want to add another. Some changes in the history might be in order.
    Norals are neat, and I really like the symbiotic relationship between the base race and the dreamscar. I just gotta figure out how to work them in.

    The flavor text about the Sorcerer-Kings made me envision ancient jutters, the original criminals subjected to the foul, transforming magics. Me, if I was an all powerful (and possibly immortal) Sorcerer-King and some ticked me off enough to transform into a monstrous slave, I would make that guy very long lived, so I can enjoy his suffering for a long time. So imagine a giant of a man, twisted, warped, and stretched, with thick scar tissue forming almost a carapace on his back, who has rings to lash chains to worked directly into his bones.

    Third Dawn Classes:

    Marksman, Psion, Psychic Warrior, and Wilder and all base class from Ultimate Psionics)
    Enlightened Monk (archetype in Ultimate Psionics, page 292)
    The Ranger from Third Dawn trades nature spellcasting for psionic powers and power points. I am unhappy with this and will either be using the Pack Leader archetype (archetype in Ultimate Psionics, page 293) or simply pointing the player toward the Marksman and its archetypes.
    The Society Mind looks like the precursor to the Tactian and Vitalist, so I'm going to remove it and insert those two.
    The Thoughtsinger is a Bard archetype in the Ultimate Psionics)
    The World Thought Medic is in another book I haven't purchased, but with the Vitalist, I don't see a need for it.

    Kinda-New UP Classes:

    Aegis would be great for a dual purpose craftsmen/militia members. Plus astral repair would help out a great deal with maintaining ships, buildings, and the like. Plus, once one got to the point is can be enlarged, it opens up a huge amount of labor options reserved for machines and giants.
    Cryptic tie in with the 'Flow' so well, I'm pretty sure one inspired the other.
    The Dread seems like a 'evil' class at the start, but thinking more on it makes me like the idea of Dread City Watch, elite bodyguards, and interrogators.
    The Tactian and Vialist was already discussed as replacements for the Society Mind and World Thought Medic.

    That's it for now. Any ideas and input is appreciated. I'm really trying hard not to rebuild the wheel here, just squeeze what works into what's there until the Pathfinder Version comes out...or until Dreamscarred Press hires me

    Instead of 1.5, you get twice your strength modifier.

    Example: Harry the Half-orc has a 18 strength and swings a great axe, dealing 1d12+6.

    Tommy Two-Hands is a fighter with the two handed archetype. He has an 18 strength and swings his great axe for 1d12+8 points of damage.

    So, if I am getting this right, the game will look kinda like this:

    Heroes assault the castle. While they were expecting massively powerful creatures inside- things that would wipe the party without blinking- the trek through the castle to is heart was only tough for their level.

    Once entering the heart, they step through a portal, appearing in another part of the, about a day before they arrived. They work their way through the castle along a new path, slaying monsters and going up in power. Sometimes, they cross their first path, slaying a monster that wasn't there on their first trip (which was yesterday). They are kept from certain areas by obstacles or monsters they cannot defeat. Eventually, they arrive back at the portal room and step in.

    Again, they appear in another part of the castle, a day prior to the last trip (two days before the original trip in). They take a new path through, defeating new monsters in the path that wasn't there two days ago, and get through several new obstacles. THey cross over both paths they took before, and remove monsters, traps, and obstacles that weren't there before (or when their first selves went through). They reach the portal, and step through.

    The process repeats until all of the characters are 17th level, and when they step through the portal, they are transported to the evil bad guy's "I-fight-heroes-here room".

    That about right? Cuz that sounds cool.

    If you made each of the trips a level, you would have about 17 different paths. It can get confusing to make, if they don't all cross once, and in order. I suggest starting with the original path (simple sketch would work), filling it full of 17 levels of monsters to be defeated by the "previous" heroes. Then build the each path that crosses them.

    Should one of the characters die, have the room go dark, a cloud come up, a few seconds or minutes go by, and then, when the lights come up, the dead hero has been raised. Later, the party gets the opportunity to lower the lights and raise their previous fallen comrade. This would be hilarious if the cleric has to raise himself.

    I love that this is coming out. I hope it does very well, indeed.

    I am also not a fan of the level-based systems to play "gritty" settings. To me, they don't fit there. A 3rd level warrior type has little to fear from an angry ex-girlfriend, while in a cyberpunk setting, angry exes can kill you very easily, without a single ounce of combat training.

    *side note: I know its cyberpunk, but "a single kilogram of combat training" just doesn't sound right.

    A fight on top of a two mile high sky-bridge means less when your warrior can survive the impact at the bottom, without any kind of cybernetic/biotech upgrades.

    I caution the use of the same skill system. While it is a huge step up from 3.5 (and an incalculable improvement from AD&D non-weapon proficiency), it has its flaws. I played a d20 modern game, and played a Smart hero. At level three, he had +20 in every knowledge skill he was ever going to need. He became very boring after that.

    Science fiction and level-based systems is fine, but not gritty, dystopian settings.

    But...I'm gonna buy it anyhow. I love Pathfinder, and I love cyberpunk. What can I say?

    Played in an old Ad&D 2nd edition game. The thief (rogue) sold houses. Here is how he did it:

  • bought several door locks.
  • located several empty buildings(owners on vacation, empty warehouse, etc)
  • pick the locks to open the door
  • remove old lock, put in a purchased lock
  • offer buildings on the cheap, as you will be leaving town on a "family emergency"
  • you can go as far as unlocking the front door with your key to show them around
  • do all of this within a few days; you will need to leave town.

  • Ssalarn wrote:
    Barachiel Shina wrote:
    When is this book comiiiiiiiiiing!?
    I'm fairly certain Jeremy is doing everything he can think of short of stealing a Gutenberg printing press and hand crafting the plates to get printed copies available in time for GenCon.

    ...and why isn't he doing that? Come on, its all about the customer (me). He should be willing to risk some jail time.

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    Robert Brookes wrote:
    Full Round Action summon Liz Courts
    Liz Courts wrote:
    *arrives in a cloud of brimstone, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon-scented smoke*

    I so want co-workers that show up when summoned. Can I get a copy of yer spellbook?

    Splitting grammatical hairs.

    Do you really want each instance where the word "can" is replaced with an either/or sentence, like "You can replace the claws with a pincer, or leave the claws there. Your choice".

    I remember a similar argument on the 3.x boards, where a poster insisted that his/her character could do something because the rules didn't explicitly rule out the action. A much more eloquent poster replied by stating casting a fireball grants a wish because the rules didn't explicitly rule out fireball equaling wish granting.

    The rules tell you what you can do, not give you an exhaustive list of what you can't do.

    Annnnnnd...I just re-read your post on this being a sort of an exercise. Nevermind.

    Mojorat wrote:
    Dragon disciple adds all of its bonuses to the character. The eidolon is a separate entity and recieves no stat increases. To simplify your eidolon doesn't have the prc.

    See, I was going to repeat the Fused Eidolon where is says "...speaks through its voice, as the two are now one creature..." but then I read the following:

    Mojorat wrote:
    As far as nat armor goes. It follows normal stacking rules. Two base natural armor will not stack.

    Which I had forgotten. Yeah, that sucks. So Dragon Disciple is not a good fit for the Synthesist Summoner.

    Oh, ant hual and longstrider start to last all (working) day at 8th level; sooner if you get a metamagic rod. Go ahead and hook yourself and your animal companion with them. Give yourself and your pet mule back cords (or add the ability to a cloak of resistance. Now you can carry your whole party, even if they all took leader ship and brought their minions with them.

    My dino shaman (strength 20) could change into an allosurus with muleback cords, and carry 3,728 pounds as a light load (that over a ton and a half. Add ant haul an you triple that, or 11,184 pounds (over 5 tons) as a light load. With longstrider, that 5 tons of goods, gear, and people moving at a nice clip of 60ft as a move action.

    When he used a are using a four legged animal form, with mule back cords and ant haul he had a light load of 16,778 pounds, or over 8 tons. His heavy load was over 24 tons.

    Victor Zajic wrote:
    Summoner gains the dragon disciple bonuses. When in fused eidilon form, you use the Eidilon's physical stats, not the summoners. So they wouldn't stack.
    Melkiador wrote:
    So, the DS stat bonuses won't be available merged.

    I understand where you are coming from, and I am leaning toward that being exactly what the rules say. Still, since a "synthesist can use all of his own abilities and gear" that means his belt of strength +2 would affect his eidolon, I am hoping the Dragon Disciple increase would work.

    It does say the increase is as if he advanced in level, and the eidolon gains attribute increases as it goes up in hit dice.

    Still, its a class feature, written before the Summoner came out. If viewed that way, the idea it beefs up the eidolon is a little more plausible. Plausible, however, doesn't make it true.

    Melkiador wrote:
    You could argue whether or not "armor" includes natural armor, but I think that many would interpret that it does.

    I doubt it. The synthesist entry spells out worn armor pretty thoroughly. I can't imagine an ogre synthesist losing his natural armor as the "living armor" forms around him. I can see worn armor- which is what I've seen what armor refers to- being absorbed by the eidolon as it forms, but not the base creature's skin.

    But I see yawl's points. I haven't closed the book on the subject, but I do see where yawl are coming from.

    I searched the forums & the FAQ. No solid answer appears:

    The Dragon Disciple has attribute increases, and natural armor increases. If a Synthesist Summoner went the route of Dragon Disciple, do these stack with the eidolon?

  • This Faq says that you can make natural attacks from within the eidolon, so the claws and bite gained from the Dragon Disciple 'effectively' stack.

  • The Fused Eidolon says you replace the summoners physical attributes with eidolon, but gains the natural armor bonuses.

  • The Fused Eidolon also says "the synthesist can use all of his own abilities and gear, except for his armor".
  • This sounds like the bonuses from Dragon Disciple should stack with the fused eidolon, but I am also considering that the summoner may gain the bonuses, and not the eidolon. It would be annoying if it did not stack.

    More ammo against my hope: the claws gained from the Draconic bloodline increase after a few levels. The increase only affect the claws from the bloodline, not any others you happen to have.

    Related question: If the Dragon Disciple grants me wings 'naturally', can a Synthesist take wing buffet?

    Can Improved Damage be applied to his Dragon Disciple claws and/or bite? It appears he can (it requires a natural attack, but nothing about having the evolution to grant it).

    That's it for now. Thanks for yawl's time.

    Fighters and rogues are broken? Not in my games.

    If the martial vs. mage difference is an issue, you have a couple options:

  • play E6 or E8, keeps the martails very relevant to combat.

  • use Path of War and/or Ultimate Psionics classes to replace said classes. I am a big fan of their work. Warder, Warlord, Soulknife, and Psychic Warrior make good replacements for Fighters, Barbarians, and Paladins. Stalkers, Soul Knife, and (I forgot the name of the psionic class) make good replacements for the rogue

  • my main issue against rogues and martial classes is their inability to be effective out-of-combat. The casters have a huge amount of things they can do when not blowing stuff up; fighters don't. easy trick is to give the warrior types Leadership for free. Suddenly they have followers (fans?) who will do as ordered. Get some territory, crew a ship, start a business, etc.

  • Not...really. I played a Dino Shaman (a lizardfolk one, at that) and early access to huge animals was a beast of an ability. The ability to summon Young template creatures was awesome (hello, ankylosaurus), with augment summons taking almost all the penalties away. You get all of that, plus Druid spellcasting.

    What I learned:

    Allosaurus is one of you primary combat forms, with its smaller cousins being used when your indoors. Other forms are used as the situation required it; I got a lot of mileage out of creatures with swim and climb speeds.

    I took down a t-rex while in ankylosaurus form. Other than swallow whole, the Sharptooth really ain't all that compared to you.

    I never took wildspeech, but my group had methods around that. Natural spell however, is important.

    Vital strike is a good feat chain for a wildshaped primary brawler. A lot of animals have only one attack anyhow. Strong Jaw plus vital strike is fun.

    Be wary of Improved Natural attack. It applies only to one kind of natural attack (claws, or bite, or slam). I almost took it, but couldn't decide on claws or bite. It ended up not being needed.

    Bracers of armor should work; its a constant bonus that isn't armor. See if your GM will allow armor qualities applied to your bracers, if s/he allows bracers of armor to transfer over. Some of them may be very helpful.

    Wildshape combat comes to a close as soon as spellcasting starts to take over combat, but its stay relevant when you consider its non-damaging roles. Movement remains important, and flying forms railing magic down on foes is almost to be expected from druids. The ability to go anywhere and every where at a moments notice is a boon.

    Summon. You get to summon as a standard action, provided its reptiles and dinos only. This is huge. Summon some help, have the, charge/pounce the bad guys, and then move just outside of (your) reach of the bad guys. Maul any who provoke attacks of opportunity. Combat Reflexes help if you got the dex for it (after wildshape, its not likely).

    On summoning: the young templated creatures will almost always be better than the ones that come naturally on your list. Yes, you can apply the advanced template and giant template (and both) on your creatures, but they will be lacking in hit points. However, if you want to ball some one up in a knot, an advanced giant constrictor snake is one way to go.

    Do your GM a favor, and build the stats for the dinos you will mostly likely summon. Apply augment summons and the young template when needed. If you use Maptools or the like, build the token and save it to your computer. Drag and drop instead of screwing with the buttons.

    I think mythic wild shape allows larger and smaller forms, but don't bet on it.

    Andreas Rönnqvist wrote:
    Gator - Vital Strike chain does not double the damage at every instance.

    Oh fer &$#@'s sake. I need to stop posting when I'm tired. Yer right. I have no idea where my ability to do simple math went.

    Okay, so it tops out at 32d6. That is reasonable. Cool. Thanks guys/gals/angry gods and monsters!

    Counting the steps:
    +1 Improved Natural Attack
    +1 Becoming Large
    +1 Becoming Huge
    +2 Strong Jaw, yeah, five steps....don't know quite how I put an extra size increase there. Still, 64d6 is enough.

    The increases from Devastating Smash increases from 1d8 to 2d8 11th and 3d8 at 16th level. There isn't a 3d8 on the chart. So, it is one of the following:

  • Flat increase; i.e. the d8's are added after feats, spells, etc.
  • Round (down) to the nearest number that makes sense; in this case, 2d8. plus five steps is 4d6 -> 8d6 -> 16d6 -> 32d6 -> 64d6, and then the Vital strike chain: 128d6, 256d6, 512d6.
  • Each d8 is increased separately, meaning at 11th level (2d8) with just Improved Natural Attack, a slam would deal (4d6 x 2) 8d6 damage, and at 16th level, is would deal 192d6.

    As the second and third results are just way too silly, I will say the increases are a flat, unaltered bonuses.

    Edit: I have told my players the general rule for rounding is: "round in favor of the bad guys, which is usually means round up for bad guys, and round down for heroes." The bad guys are going to be killed at the end of the encounter; let's give them this little bonus

  • Okay, so this is what I got from that:

    d8 Base
    2d6 Improved Natural Weapon
    4d6 Strong Jaw
    8d6 Large
    16d6 Huge
    32d6 Vital Strike
    62d6 Improved Vital Strike
    124d6 Greater Vital strike

    See Strong Jaw for where the doubling of dice due to size increases beyond Colossal.


    Average for d6 is 3.5 (so I am told), so...
    Avg Dice Name
    4.4 d8 Base
    7 2d6 Improved Natural Weapon
    14 4d6 Strong Jaw
    28 8d6 Large
    56 16d6 Huge
    112 32d6 Vital Strike
    224 62d6 Improved Vital Strike
    434 124d6 Greater Vital strike

    Not counting strength, extra dice from War Hulk, etc.


    Improved Natural Attack requires a BAB of +4, so 5th level
    Strong Jaw is a 4th level spell, and requires a 7th level Druid.
    Increased Size is a 2 point customization, and requires 9th level.
    Improved Increased Size is a 4 point customization, and requires 15th level.
    Vital Strike requires BAB +6
    Improved Vital Strike requires BAB +11
    Greater Vital Strike requires BAB +16

    1st d8 base
    4th 2d6 Improved Natural Attack
    6th 4d6 Vital Strike
    7th 8d6 Strong Jaw
    9th 16d6 Increase Size (Large)
    11th 32d6 Improved Vital Strike
    15th 64d6 Improved Increase Size (Huge)
    16th 124d6 Greater Vital Strike

    Ssalarn wrote:
    Malwing wrote:
    Sounds cool, where do I put my money?
    In my pocket :)

    Hey! Keep it PG-13!

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    Prince of Knives wrote:
    ...Errant hasn't said anything this could relate to...

    Maybe its ErrantX's day to be blamed for everything? It is the 18th, and I think might be his day. Or is it because its Friday?

    I gotta check my calender, cuz if it is his day, I have to change the address on this nasty letter I sent concerning taxes...

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    Malwing wrote:
    Can someone explain what Arcanuum/Akashtic Mysteries are mechanically...?

    Magic of Incarnum is a book detailing a new magic, called Incarnum, that allows practitioners to create soulmelds, and infuse them with Essentia.

    Soulmelds, to me, as best described as summoned magic items. They take up magic item slots on the character, and grants bonus and/or powers to the character, just like magic items, but can be dismissed, and new ones formed in their place (or other places) like summoned creatures and items.

    Essentia is energy used to power the souldmelds, the more you invested, the more powerful the soul meld became.

    Akashtic Mysteries is what Dreamscarred Press is creating to upgrade that idea into Pathfinder.

    In Akashtic Mysteries, "Akasha" replaces Incarnum, "Veils" replace Soulmelds, and "Essence" replaces Essentia.

    Malwing wrote:
    ...and why they are awesome/why I would potentially want them in my games?

    Dreamscarred Press made it. That's why its awesome.

    Its also another source of power, similar to arcane magic, divine magic, martial maneuvers, and psionic power. Back in D&D 3.5, it tried hard to fit between mages and martials in power level. It was also unique, like the Book of Nine Swords. It gives your players more options.

    For the most part, its a constant magic, providing bonuses (and penalties) not limited to "times per day", like spells and psionics do. Instead, you get what you get all day. And provided your hit points hold out, you can adventure much longer than any other magic user...almost as long as the Fighter, even.

    ...but, you will know it is awesome because it has the words "Dreamscarred Press" on the cover.

    Yes. I am a fan. How can you tell?

    The Aegis archetype Warhulk trades some abilities for a slam attack that deals 1d8 damage. I am trying to make that single slam attack hurt something fierce.

    Question: At 6th the Warhulk gains the ability Devastating Smash, which increases the damage to 2d8. Is this a flat increase of base damage, allowing the extra d8 to be factored into vital strike & critical hits, or is it a additional damage to be added after?

    For right now, I will pretend the extra d8 is extra damage added after the appropriate feats.

    The attack is a single natural weapon. Would it gain strength-and-half damage? A heavy punch doesn't make me think 1.5 x strength damage.

    Improved Natural Weapon increases the natural attack as if the creature was one size bigger; from d8 to 2d6

    Strong Jaw increases the natural attack as if the creature was two sizes bigger; from 2d6 to 2d8 to 4d6. There is a question of Strong Jaw stacking with Improved Natural Attack

    The boon "Strong Arm" (gained by the Celestial Obedience of Falayna)allows you to "...increase the damage die of your weapon by one step for a number of rounds...". Not sure if this would apply to natural weapons like a slam. If it does apply, the damage would be doubled, judging by what is said in the Strong Jaw description. That would make the unarmed slam deal 8d6 damage.

    Vital strike chain would make this damage even more ugly: Vital strike (16d6), Improved Vital Strike (24d6), and Greater Vital Strike (32d6).

    More damage is possible, if gaining size increases stack with Improved Natural Attack and Strong Jaw. I am pretty sure Improved Natural Attack does stack, but I'm not sure about Strong Jaw.

    Okay, that is a lot of damage for a single hit per round, not taking into account strength and such. I am pretty sure Vampiric Blade doesn't apply to this, because is states words to the effect of "as long as the weapon stays in you grip", which a slam attack isn't held.

    Am I getting anything wrong here?

    Arachnofiend wrote:
    My apologies, but if the way to make my martial character perform awesome feats equitable to what casters can do at the same level is "use spells", then I am not satisfied with the way this character was designed.

    I happen to agree. And for the record, I love playing martial types. I like imagining the bad guys going flying when my character swings his stick-o-doom. The image of my metal clad warrior stomping into a bar, shuddering the building his his raw, overt power is so much more satisfying than the mage's subdued hints of supreme power that darken the air around the wizard.

    When my character stands on top of a pile of foes, he can say "I did this. One my own. By the strength of my arm and the skill of my mind." The wizard and cleric both have taller piles of fallen foes, but they had to rely on power outside them selves.

    The rogue (and bard) is back in the castle he won in a card game, sitting on top of a pile of gold and jewels surrounded by gorgeous consorts, and is amused at argument.

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    Missed a condition that every else appears to be using:

    -Casters are just as capable of do mundane, non-spell related tasks as martial characters are.

    Here, try this: what narrative powers do martial characters have access to that casters don't?

    I can't think of any. The options open only to martial characters I can think of are:

  • feats requiring a high BaB combat related.
  • class features that are are combat related.

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    Ubercroz wrote:
    2: "Well, I can do some similar things with mundane means."

    Teleport hundreds of miles in a instant

    Mage: "Teleport."
    Martial: "I can storm a boat, an intimidate them to sail me where I need to go, and then get a wagon train and intimidate them!"

    Fly without equipment or animal
    Mage: "Fly"
    Martial: "There is a catapult right over there!"

    Fly using animals or monsters
    Mage: "Summon monster, charm monster and/or dominate monster."
    Martial: "I can go to the local Animals-R-Us store and pick up a flying mount!"

    Gather creatures allies (not using the Leadership feat)
    Mage: "Summon monster, Planar ally, Gate, charm/dominate monster."
    Martial: "(whistles) Here, beholderbeholderbeholder! Here boy!"

    Ignite a platoon in an explosion of fire, ice, or electricity
    Mage: "Fireball, cone of cold, lighting bolt."
    Martial: "Hang on, loading this catapult with a flaming pitch shot..."

    Breath water and swim like a fish
    Mage: "Water Breathing, Touch of the Sea, ploymorph spells."
    Martial: "I gotta take my armor off for this one..."

    Do lots of damage at at range or melee
    Martial: "Ha ha! I got this one!"
    Mage: "Summon monster, Gate, Planar ally. Ray spells, touch spells...
    Martial: "...shut-up."

    Mage: "Seriously, we both can do all the same mundane things. We both can use magical items, we both can use our skills (admittedly, since my primary attributes for spell casting affect a greater number of out-of-combat skills than you), and we both use role-played scenes to our advantages. Comparing these seems rather...pointless.

    You do martial things well. Very well. I do martial things poorly (unless I am a 3/4 base attack class, or cast the right spells). I do spellcasting very well. You do spellcasting...wait, do fighters, barbarians, and cavaliers get spells now?"

    Ravingdork wrote:
    Not when a single caster can wipe the floor with both your characters with one well-placed spell.

    Make that a catfolk caster and the whole image is complete...

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    Thread lightly down this path. Discussions similar to this one produce D&D 4e...

    I play warriors because its fun. I love fighter, barbarians, gunslingers, and the like because I love having my character smash things. Yes, I can smash things with a wizard, sorcerer, and a other spell casters. But I don't have as much fun doing so.

    Arachnofiend, narrative powers for martails is very hard to accomplish. I made a psychic warrior/aegis (from the Ultimate Psionics by Dreamscarred Press) and had a very minor ability to repair items 1 hit point a round, all day long. This became cool when we found a ship that was "too torn up to be worth sailing". Less than a day later, between me and the mage casting Mend, we had a brand new ship. And that was the last time my warrior had narrative powers.

    When that character died (stupid dinosaurs), I made a druid. I was the party's transporter, help reinforce a town in ways the GM didn't expect (stone shape spikes under water, etc.), could heal, gain allies, and did wonders in combat. So, yeah. I feel your pain.

    Dazz wrote:
    Big tough barbarian chopping your party in half with his greatsword? Disarm him, now he's down to punching people for 1d3.

    One of the party's warriors got hit by a fear spell, dropped that sheet of metal he called a sword, and ran away. Upon recovering, he moved back to the party when a handful of ghouls were summoned between him and the party. On his action, he drew a craftsmen hammer out of his bag, and kill all of them with a single cleave action.

    Back in 3.5, I played a Feral Frenzied Berserker with the typical two handed sword. With a feat and magic set of gloves, I was just as dangerous unarmed (claws) as I was armed.

    I'm not disagreeing with you. I just saw a moment to spout off a pair of awesome stories I saw when some one was disarmed.

    So, to the OP, there are a few games where everyone is playing a caster, but invariably, there is going to be someone (usually me) who say "I like to hit things with my stick!" at character generation. That's why people play martial character in a game where casters are more powerful.

    I was never interested in the Magic of Incarnum book, even though I bought it. It was just too weird, I guess.

    But, hearing the Dreamscarred Press is making their own version....I will buy Akashic Mysteries and use it.

    Is there at Kickstarter or will there be one?


    Insain Dragoon wrote:
    The Akashic Races actually inspired me to make a campaign idea. Something inspired by the Silk Road and discovering a land route to an "asia like" country. During the players travels they'd pass through an "India like" country twice and having those unique races would make the world seem more unknown.! I can only run so many at a time!

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