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So... This is my alias, huh? Well, umm. Ok.

I am a newer GM. I do have 2 stars, but still am very much learning the ropes. I do like to run a faster paced game but also am a bit forgetful. Please prod me if I forget something that you did in a previous round etc. PbP can very easily get bogged down and that just isn't fun for anyone. If people aren't posting then no-one has anything to react to and we all sit around staring at the walls and not adventuring.

Below are a few things about my GMing preferences

My Timezone I live in Queensland in Australia. That puts my timezone at GMT+10. What this means is that I am roughly 17 hours ahead of Paizo Standard Time. I work a desk job and thankfully have the option of running the forums at work so I can post throughout my work day so you can expect posts within the 8 or so hours there for sure.

Posting Rate - My expectation is a minimum of one post per weekday and at least 1 post over the weekend. As I GM I will be aiming for 2-4 posts per day to keep everything rolling.

Botting Policy - Putting some basic botting instructions in your profile helps enormously. We all have lives and things can sometimes come up unexpectedly. I am not going to boot anyone for reasonable length unexplained absences and having some simple botting instructions helps me know what to do with you should you not be here to take actions yourself.

Rule of Three - Given the timezone differences that can be at any given PbP table it can take a very long time to get group consensus on any decision. To aid in reducing this to a level that is not onerous I like to work on a rule of 3. If 3 people agree to any given action we are going that way.

My Current Tables

Pact World Warriors
Dead Man's Debt
Debt to the Quah
Grotto of the Deluged God
Scions of the Sky Key
Iron Gods
We B4 Goblins