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Freehold DM wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:

In other news, my sister finally decided to donate her Chaotic Evil Macaw to an exotic bird sanctuary, after over twenty years of the rest of us loathing the horrid creature. She was worried about her daughter's safety around it, with good reason. (Busy toddler with no safety awareness meets malign entity from the pit of hell, what could go wrong?) But she loves this damned bird, I have no idea why, because it's like loving the Skeksis Chamberlain in The Dark Crystal.

So she's sad.

those damned...THINGS...from the Dark Crystal still scare the S$*@ out of me.

Which is fascinating, as my favorite race from Shining Force is based on them...

Trivia moment! What game offically shares its universe with Shining Force?

Game of Thrones?

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I think you're thinking of Confucius 2.0.

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Just a Mort wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

How to make hardcore gamer geeks cry:

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I bet it plays Pong real good.
I know nothing. Like Jon Snow.

Go on...

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I know nothing of Undertale.

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dismounts horse, tries to stab Future Roach with his rubber sword.

They had to spend the whole f~!~ing budget on the f$!~ing giant didn't they...

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I knew that! I swear!

pulls out floppy sword to underscore how much he knows, which is not nothing, despite what EVERYONE ELSE might say.

Grand Magus wrote:
Y'dersius wrote:
I dunno man, I just don't have a head for business anymore.

I wonder if it doesn't matter.

Yes? No? Maybe? Ah!, i don't know anything anymore!

Ha! I really did know nothing!

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Well, don't look at me, no one tells me s*@*.

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I still don't know s~%%.