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Does the pre order come with the PDF if you have all of the Starfinder subscriptions?

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Oh my Steve. I should of read the last two lines of the item description lol

Thank you

When you pre order do the PDF's come with the pre order?

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Resonance has worked so far.

It is a beautiful game!

Thanks Steve. I thought about doing that but wanted to ask first.

I just don't want a monthly subscription for something I won't use.

If you pre order this Map Pack do you get the free PDF like in the subscription?

I only play Starfinder and I have all of the Starfinder subscriptions and I really do not want to get the Pathfinder Map subscription.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

Can't Wait!

I called customer support and they were willing to add everything to one month to get you caught up.

Just call the customer support number.

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Seeing Starfinder is new and I want to pick up all four subscription services, how do I go about getting everything previously sent out added into my subscription to get the subscription caught up?

How Can I start my subscription from the beginning with the basic and get everything caught up?