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Kobold Press is announcing a pdf for D&D 5th edition detailing races and backgrounds from the Midgard Campaign setting.

I thought this might be of interest to other 5th ed Midgard GMs. Anyway this has me excited.

Here is the <link> to the ENworld news item.

I'm looking for high resolution maps for the Midgard Campaign setting.

I would like to put some hexes on these maps so I could use them for tracking the journeys of my PCs.

I just realized than nothing says "immersion" more than hex maps and random wilderness and countryside encounters.

To be clear: I'm ready to buy this kind of maps from Kobold Press.
I would like some maps like these for the Crossroads region, the Duchy of Dornig, the Rothenians Plains... basically for any region detailed in the Midgard Campaign setting main book !

And the maps of the Southland would be nice too...

Let's say I play a 7 level Magus (Kensai), with Dex 15 and Intelligence 21, and I'm wielding my weapon of choice, a war razor, in one hand.

By the rules, I get the Canny Defense ability.

Canny Defense (Ex):

When wearing light or no armor and not using a shield, a duelist adds 1 point of Intelligence bonus (if any) per duelist class level as a dodge bonus to her Armor Class while wielding a melee weapon. If a duelist is caught flat-footed or otherwise denied her Dexterity bonus, she also loses this bonus.

So I get to ad a +5 dodge bonus to my AC.

And now, If I take the Spell Shield magus arcana, I get to add a +5 shield bonus to my AC under certain circumstances.

Spell Shield (Su):

Benefit: The magus can expend a point from his arcane pool as an immediate action to grant himself a shield bonus to AC equal to his Intelligence bonus until the end of his next turn.

So, without wearing any armor, if I use a point from my arcane pool, I've got AC 22 until the end of my next turn (+ 2 Dex bonus, + 5 dodge, + 5 shield bonus).

Am I correct ?

[reposted from another part of the boards because I fumbled it the first time]

I need to build a pegasus-riding 8th level NPC with some Mythic Ranks (like 1 or 2). He will be a major antagonist in an homebrewed Midgard (from Kobold Press) campaign.

He's a nobleman intending to seize power through military might and renown (and some nasty intrigues on the side).

Should I build him as a Fighter, a Cavalier or a Ranger with animal companion ?

He will need to be tough enough for the inevitable showdown between him (plus some minions) and the player characters ; the showdown should happen when they (the PCs) are 10th level.

Some ideas ? Ho, and the villain shall have a lance with lightning powers.
Come to think of it, the pegasus should probably be wicked - martially speaking - too.

I need to build a pegasus-riding 8th level NPC with some Mythic Ranks (like 1 or 2). He will be a major antagonist in an homebrewed Midgard (from Kobold Press) campaign.

He's a nobleman intending to seize power through military might and renown (and some nasty intrigues on the side).

Should I build him as a Fighter, a Cavalier or a Ranger with animal companion ?

He will need to be tough enough for the inevitable showdown between him (plus some minions) and the player characters ; the showdown should happen when they (the PCs) are 10th level.

Some ideas ? Ho, and the villain shall have a lance with lightning powers.
Come to think of it, the pegasus should probably be wicked - martially speaking - too.

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I'm playing in a campaign (Skulls & Shackles) where we have reached 11th level.

Our GM is something of a math genius, and seems able to tackle Pathfinder at that level of play.

We have a blast playing pirates, and I'm personnaly very happy with my magus PC.

I don't have a problem, per se, but I'm taken aback by the amount of damage our resident gunslinger (goblin 11th level gunslinger) is dishing out every round : something like 240 without critical !

It's an instant kill for every NPC in the campaign so far, and it has put our barbarian fighter cultist of Gorum to shame - which is the real problem here, as the barbarian's player has become very disheartened to be the goblin's player little b%#&$ in every combat situation.

I think this amount of damage is ridiculous, but then I've rarely played at this level.

Is the gunslinger class ridiculously broken ?

Is the gunslinger's player - a notorious optimizer prone to dubious rules exploits and interpretations - taking advantage of our GM ?


One of my alias is unavailable: it doesn't appear at the bottom of the signing window when I must choose which alias to post with.

It's my "Xu Hanzhin" alias.

I've currently 19 aliases (I find it quite fun to use aliases): is there an upper limit to the number of aliases one account can have ?

What's the advantage of a Disengaging Feint - which needs a successfull Bluff chek [standard action] to succeed and permits the rogue to disengage himself from an opponent [one move action] without provoking an attack of opportunity - over a Withdraw action : full round action where you can move double your speed without provoking an AoO from the opponent you were engaged with ?

Maybe I'm missing something, because I don't see the benefit here.

If I cast the Silence (or Fireball) spell on a point in space, and thus includes a creature with Spell Resistance in the area of effect, is that creature's SR effective against my spell ?

I don't think SR applies in that case, but I'd like to be sure.

If I make an Overrun maneuver as part of a charge, can I still make my melee attack at the end of my charge (like in a regular charge without Overrun) ?

I'm statting up a troll fighter 5, and I'd like to give him the Stunning Fist feat.

But I'm wondering how I must calculate the DC for his Stunning Fist, as that DC is related to character level.

Assuming that the troll has Wisdom 13, is the troll fighter 5's Stunning Fist DC

a) 16 ; obtained with [10 + (1/2x11) +1]


b) 13 ; obtained with [10 + (1/2x5) +1]

Hypothese a) assumes that the troll's character level is 11 (6 racial HD + 5 levels of fighter) and hypothese b) assumes it's 5 (5 levels of fighter).

Which hypothese is true ?

EDIT: corrected the troll's wisdom (Wisdom 13 prerequisite for the Stunning Fist feat).

Hi all,

I created a magic item for my home campaign, the grass snake lance.

It's a +2 lance designed to be wielded by a female elf cavalier (beast rider) 9 with a snake flavor (with a lion as a mount, as per the beast rider mount).

Here it is:

In response to a rushed whisper [swift action], this +2 lance can, 3 times a day, transform itself into a +2 javelin.

If the javelin is used as a melee weapon, it inflicts its normal damage on a successful hit and then transforms back into a lance.

If the javelin is thrown and doesn't strike its intended target, it transforms back into a lance. If the javelin is thrown and strikes an unanimate target, its does its usual damage and stays in its current form. It will transform back into a lance the next time it is wielded.
If the javelin strikes an animated target, it does no damage, but polymorphs instantly into a giant grass snake (see below) which immediately attacks the target. The giant grass snake fights until victorious or dead, at which point it reverts back to the shape of a lance.

Giant Grass Snake:

Giant Grass Snake CR 4
XP 1200
Male Giant Creature Advanced Snake, Anaconda
N Large Animal
Init +4; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +14
AC 20, touch 13, flat-footed 16 (+4 Dex, -1 size, +7 natural)
hp 31 (3d8+18)
Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +4
Speed 20 ft., climbing (20 feet), swimming (20 feet)
Melee Bite (Giant Creature Advanced Snake, Anaconda) +8 (1d6+10 plus grab/x2) and
Constrict (Giant Creature Advanced Snake, Anaconda) +8 (1d6+10/x2)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Str 25, Dex 19, Con 20, Int 5, Wis 16, Cha 6
Base Atk +2; CMB +10 (+14 Grappling); CMD 24 (can't be Tripped)
Feats Skill Focus (Perception), Toughness +3
Skills Acrobatics +16 (+12 jump), Climb +15, Fly +2, Perception +14, Stealth +8, Swim +15; Racial Modifiers +8 Acrobatics, +4 Perception, +4 Stealth
Special Abilities
Climbing (20 feet) You have a Climb speed.
Grab: Bite (Large) (Ex) You can start a grapple as a free action if you hit with the designated weapon.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Scent (Ex) Detect opponents within 15+ feet by sense of smell.
Swimming (20 feet) You have a Swim speed.

I am unfamiliar with creating magic items, so I was wondering about the stats block of the grass snake lance. Any help or remarks would be much appreciated.

If I cast Alter Self and take on a merfolk's shape (an humanoid [aquatic] type), do I gain a swim speed of 30 feet, or no swim speed at all ?

RAW, I seem to gain no swim speed at all, but this seems strange to me...

Also, do I get to breathe underwater if I use Alter Self to be in merfolk shape ?


I've been playing in 3 APs (CotCT, Skull & Shackles and Kingmaker) for some time now, and I've noticed that at no time during the course of these adventures has my character been targeted by a trip, disarm or sunder combat manoeuvers.

I was wondering if this is attributable to my DMs (two beginners with the Pathfinder system, and one middle-experienced), which are wary of/unfamiliar with such manoeuvers, or if the APs just offer "vanilla" options in terms of combat.

No spoilers about these APs please :-), but the answer to that question genuinely interests me.

As the DM, I need to create a 5th level human duelist NPC (with possible upgrade(s) to 6th, 8th and 9th level): a combattant whose primary purpose is to confront his opponent one on one during a formal sword or magic (his opponent's magic, not his own) duel ; but I'd like him to be able to stand his own in a "normal" (with multiple allies and enemies) combat too.

I could build a standard fighter (if such a thing exists ;-), but I was wondering if there exists somewhere an archetype (or prestige class ?) that would fit my need.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I'm trying to make sense of the various spells used to detect, analyze and identify magic items and spells: Detect magic, Identify, Arcane Sight, Greater Arcane Sight (are there others ?).

For magic items, this is straightforward: with the spellcraft skill, one can thoroughly analyze the properties of magical items (barring artifacts).

For spells, this is much more restricted: my current understanding is that if - for example - I wanted to know for sure exactly which spell(s) was (were) affecting one particular individual, I'd have to use Greater Arcane Sight (a 7th level spell)... any other identifying spell would leave me guessing which spell was used on this particular subject.

Have I missed something ?

Last night, our GM had my gaming buddies and I meet a pack of 3 mummies.

He told us that we couldn't use the bonus on saves vs. enchantment and fear supplied by the Inspire Courage bard ability to save against the mummies' despair ability.

I think our GM was mistaken, because a mummy's aura of despair is clearly defined as follows:

Despair (Su) All creatures within a 30-foot radius that see a mummy must make a DC 16 Will save or be paralyzed by fear for 1d4 rounds.
Whether or not the save is successful, that creature cannot be affected again by the same mummy’s despair ability for 24 hours. This is a paralysis and a mind-affecting fear affect. The save DC is Charisma-based.

1) Thus I think that the bonus versus fear applies.

Am I in the right about 1) ?

2) I also think that the despair aura/ability of a mummy qualifies as an enchantment effect (like the Crushing Despair spell, for instance), and that such an ability as Slippery Mind (advanced rogue talent) should apply to it.

Do you agree with me about 2) ?

I'm building a bodyguard npc for my campaign (an 8th level dwarven cleric), who will watch over his charge with the Status spell.

I'd like him to intervene instantly in case of an attack against his charge. Is there a (preferably) cleric spell that could teleport him near his protégé ? Or a magic item ?

Also is there a spell which could instantly equip the cleric with his armor ?

Protection from Evil has the following effect (among others):

"the subject immediately receives another saving throw (if one was allowed to begin with) against any spells or effects that possess or exercise mental control over the creature (including enchantment [charm] effects and enchantment [compulsion] effects, such as charm person, command, and dominate person). [...] This second effect only functions against spells and effects created by evil creatures or objects, subject to GM discretion."

So is a character under the Protection from Evil effect affected at all by a Hold Person spell launched by a 5th level+ Lawful Evil human Wizard ?

5th level being the level where a creature is detected as evil as by the Detect Evil spell specifications.

I just bought and downloaded this book, and read Mharot's and Blood Mother Margase's entries in stride.

They mesh pretty well with how I envisioned Midgard's powerhouses and legends - and they rock ! If the rest of the book is of such high quality, I'm gonna be an happy GM gnome :-).

Ho, I read the Black Sorceress' entry too. I didn't realize which family she was a part of (trying not to spoil anything here), and I really liked this option !
I apppreciated the background info on the Caelmarath's revolt against the Elves, too. As a GM and a player I like that the legendary world I tread in has such well conceived, evocative and ample background and backstories.

One thing I noticed: the Master of Demon Mountain is not in the book. Perhaps he will appear in the upcoming Midgard Tales ?

Though, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I'd like to have the statblock of the Master of Demon Mountain.
Regarding that, I noticed the supplement's NPCs are not all statted - which is perfectly fine by me: some things are best left to the (feverish) imagination of the GM.

Let's say I'm a 5th level wizard.

If I cast Vanish, modified by the Extend Spell metamagic feat, does the spell remain active

1) during 5 rounds (maximum duration explicitly mentioned in the spell's description)
2) during 10 rounds (since the spell is modified by the Extend Spell feat) ?

Is it possible to create metamagic version of scrolls ?

For example, a stilled silenced fireball on a scroll ?

If it's possible: are such scrolls priced relative to their metamagically augmented level (rather than according to their actual level) ?

Also, on a tangent : if I have an intelligence score of 14 and I craft a certain scroll, is there any difference if the same scroll (meaning: with the same spell on it) was crafted with somenone with an 18 intelligence and the same caster level as me ?

A badger with 114 hp... countryside treks are dangerous business in Golarion !

Kidding aside, it's great to have those animal companions fully statted. I hope this Codex sells well, because I'd like to see a NPC Codex II, myself.

I won !

Hmmm... you had to be there, I guess.

Go there and look at the post preceding the post you just arrived at.

The answer may seem obvious, but I am unsure of it.

Is someone with the pinned condition able to attack his grappler ?

If that attack's possible, does it incur any penalties ?

... the effect of poison.

Specifically, it lowers the target's saving throw against poison. I know it - but I can't for the life of me remember the name of that spell ;-( !

Does some kind soul remember it ? Thanks in advance !

I'm suddenly in doubt.

Considering the following line in a tiger's attack entry:

Melee 2 claws +10 (1d8+6 plus grab), bite +9 (2d6+6 plus grab)

Does that mean that a full-attacking tiger does :

1) 2 claws attack (at +10 each) + grab AND one bite attack (at +9) + grab


2) 2 claws attack (at +10 each) + grab OR one bite attack (at +9) + grab ?

"Does the comma in the attack entry mean OR or AND ?" is another way of putting it.

Also, I currently believe that in a standard action that tiger can do ONE
claw attack (at +10) + grab. Am I right ?

1) Assuming you have a scroll stored in your backpack.

I think that retrieving it is a standard action. Am I correct ?

2) Assuming you have a scroll tugged under your belt

Is taking it.... a move action ?
..... a swift action ?
..... a free action ?

I'm gearing up for mastering a PFRPG campaign in a few months.

I think I have a good grasp on the rules, having been a player in a number of PFRPG campaigns for over a year now (I played AD&D for many years before that).

Oddly, the only thing that gives me doubt about my capacity at running a table - mechanically speaking - is the "Archer DPR situation."

At present, I'm playing in the Kingmaker Adventure Path (beginning of Book III), and one of the players has a Ranger (Guide) character.

This character is now gearing up to do something like 100-150 points of damage/round, overshadowing all the other damage dealers in the group. Our DM (a relatively unexperienced one, rules-wise) looks ready to be overwhelmed by the situation. I'm sure they'll sort it out, though.

But this has been gnawing on me: I have read threads about archers' DPR and I realized that to sort things out with an archer character at your table, you need, as a DM, to have STRONG tactical mojo.

I'm not that kind of DM - yet.

So I'm looking for an alternate solution, and I'm wondering if I'm gonna deliberately nerf archers' DPR for my next campaign - like taking out the Manyshot feat or the Fast Shot feat.

What do you think ? Am I preemptively over-reacting ? Will my envisioned nerf throw the archer/melee characters balance in disarray ?

Hi all,

Are there Pathfinder Society scenarios set in Cheliax ? I'm looking for chelaxian stories as I intend to base my next campaign in this dark and (un)pleasant land, and in nearby Andoran.

I was wondering - and hoping - if there are rules in the AP's "frigid parts" for cold environmental hazards ?

I haven't bought the AP yet, but I'm interested in it.

I saw a nice adventure module on the paizo forums, about a month or 3 or 2 weeks ago.

I intended to buy that module at some point, but I neglected to add it to my buying list, and no I can't remember its name !

Maybe you guys could help me find it again.

What I do remember:

It's a first level adventure.

I think it begins in an inn, it involves some gypsy woman giving directions, and later on the PCs are ambushed/flying in the night while pursued by undeads - the ambush is maybe happening on a bridge.

Basically, as I remember it, it's a chase through the night.

One of the undeads is the son of a local nobleman.

That's all I remember :-(

It's all in the title.

I'm making an assassin character, and I'm gonna ask my DM if he's okay with this item.

So, if you use an immediate action out of turn, you can't use a swift action on your next turn. I understand that.

But what if you use a swift action on your turn, and then, on the same turn, you use an immediate action ? Is that even possible ?

Where can I find a list of the names of the most prominent noble families in Cheliax ?

I happened upon it at one time (the only name I remember is "Leroung"), but I can't find it again :-(.

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Is it possible to add a template to a 0 HD race ?

For example, would it be rules-legit to apply the half-celestial template to a Human level 8 Sorcerer ?

And how would I go about it ?


I'd like to add the "Quickdraw" quality (feat, in fact) to a (magic) weapon. Is it possible ? What spells would be involved in the making of such a magic weapon ? What would be its enhancement bonus ?

Thanks for any suggestion !

I'm trying to build a bodyguard NPC (9th level max), which could defend a (mostly) evil woman Sorcerer (8th level) against basically... anything (the good and the bad aligned).

I recently stumbled upon the Paladin (Sacred Shield) archetype, with his Bastion of Good ability. This looks nice, but there's now way a Paladin would accept to protect my Sorcerer NPC.

The bodyguard needs not be evil, he needs not be good, he could have any class or combination thereof as long as he's up to the job.

It would be utter cool if some of his abilities would combine with the Sorcerer abilities (this Sorcerer's bloodline is Infernal... or maybe Celestial. Yeah, she's a strange one x-)

Any thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance !


I'm looking for references - pages - to the Kingdom building rules for Kingmaker.

I own the pdf of "The Stolen Lands", but I don't want to peruse haphazardly through it, being a player in that campaign (and thoroughly enjoying myself, I may add).

To summarize: what pages may I look at in "Stolen Lands" to learn the Kingdom building rules without spoilering the campaign for myself?

I play a cleric with a longsword and a light shield.

Given the following, I believe that my cleric can cast spells with a somatic component during his turn in combat:

Shield, Light; Wooden or Steel: You strap a shield to your forearm and grip it with your hand. A light shield's weight lets you carry other items in that hand, although you cannot use weapons with it.

And given the following, I believe that my cleric couldn't cast spells with a somatic component during his turn in combat IF he did wear a heavy shield AND IF he didn't use a move action to stow away his heavy shield:

Shield, Heavy; Wooden or Steel: You strap a shield to your forearm and grip it with your hand. A heavy shield is so heavy that you can't use your shield hand for anything else.

Am I correct in my interpretation of the rules ?

I ask because I often see references on these boards to the "cleric with an heavy shield", and I specifically chose a light shield for my cleric so he could cast spells with a somatic component during his turn in battle - without having to use a move action to put his shield away.


I'm gearing up for mastering a Golarion campaign partly based in Cheliax, and I need to stat up a Duelist, character level 10 or 11.

I tried to do it alone, but the results were underwhelming.

The character's concept is:

NG flamboyant Chelish aristocrat ladies' man based in Egorian, survives by his wits and charm and his incredible swordsmanship (hence the Duelist PrC).

He is normally wealthy for a NPC of his level (is the WBL the same for PCs and NPCs, by the way ?), so he has normal access to magic gear.

The typical scene he would appear in is: being chased by about 8-10 mid-level (i.e 5-7th level) goons, he turns around on them in some dark alley and "clink, slash, trip" elegantly wipes their asses out.

In short, he needs to fight alone against numerous enemies and win !

I thought I would give him a level of Fighter and then Rogue (Rake) all the way up to Duelist, but I'm not so sure anymore.

Any thought and advice will be much appreciated and digested :-).


Let's say you play a 3rd level Fighter (Two-handed Fighter).

So you have:

Overhand Chop (Ex): At 3rd level, when a two-handed fighter makes a single attack (with the attack action or a charge) with a two-handed weapon, he adds double his Strength bonus on damage rolls. This ability replaces armor training 1.

Can you then make an Attack of Opportunity and apply Overhand Chop to it ?

I would say yes, but I'm not sure.

Also, I'm assuming Overhand Chop comes in addition with normal damage.

That means a Two-handed Fighter with Strenght 18 and a greatsword would potentially do: [2d6 + (4+2) + 8] = 2d6+14 points of damage.

Or would it be only: [2d6 + (2x4)] = 2d6+8 points of damage ?

If I make a successful AoO, can I use the Cleave feat after that ?

Is there a Cavalier's guide in these here boards ?

I would like to build myself a killa' Cavalier.

Or at least a Cavalier which doesn't suck :-). I may not have an optimizer's soul x-).

I'm considering running a game in Cheliax, and I was wondering if the crunchy materials in Cheliax, Empire of Devils are appropriate for a Pathfinder game (as opposed to a 3.5 game).

Is anything overpowered or broken ? Have you successfully used some of it in your own games ?

Thanks for the info.

I read the following last night, and my head exploded a little:

Sweeping Fend (Ex): At 13th level, a polearm master
can use any spear or pole arm to make a bull rush or trip
maneuver, though he takes a –4 penalty to his CMB when
making such attempts. Weapons with the trip property
do not incur this penalty on trip maneuvers. This ability
replaces weapon training 3.
Advanced's Player Guide p. 106.

Does that imply that I can't make a trip attempt with a bardiche (for example) if I'm not a Fighter (Polearm Master) 13 !?!

If that's the case the Trip manoeuver is tripe that got me tripping !

Has that been errated or is there something here I utterly fail to grasp ? I understand the restriction on Bull Rush manoeuver that this feat is supposed to alleviate, but aren't you supposed to be able to Trip with any weapon ?

The Trip manoeuver description in the Core Rulebook (Core Rulebook p. 201) does not say anything about restriction on Trip attempts associated with weapons type, only that "You can attempt to trip your opponent in place of a melee attack."
When I attack with my bardiche it's always a melee attack for me, even if my target is 10 ft. away !

.... Wait, it just occured to me : is the feat supposed to make possible Trip attacks on target who are adjacent to you ?! But isn't this what Polefighting is there for :

Pole Fighting (Ex): At 2nd level, as an immediate action,
a polearm master can shorten the grip on his spear or
polearm with reach and use it against adjacent targets.
This action results in a –4 penalty on attack rolls with that
weapon until he spends another immediate action to return
to the normal grip.

If some kind soul could shed some light on all this obscurity I would be grateful :-).

If I attack with a weapon in my off-hand (not holding anything in my primary hand), do I have a malus to my attack roll ?

I never quite understood the following (liberally quoting from the core rulebook).

"Draw a weapon: if you have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, you can combine this action with a regular move."

Does that mean than I can draw a weapon (which is in its sheath at my side , I presume) if I have the means to take a Move Action ? If I draw my weapon, and if I only do that (besides attacking), am I thus taking my Move Action ? And am I thus wasting my move(ment) towards my enemy ?

Or does that mean that I must physically move to be able to draw my weapon ?

What's a "regular move" ?

I hope my question makes sense...

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