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MINOR SPOILER NECESSARY FOR A QUESTION FOR THE DESIGNERS: I really like this adventure, have read it and am prepping to run it for my group that just started Merchants of the Void after really enjoying all of the individuals, themes and organizations encountered in We're No Heroes. I just wanted to ask, on page 20 it says Righteous, the drill operator is an android, but on page 25 it says that, while shrapnel hit him and he was pinned to his seat by a collapsed drilling rig, he likely drowned, but according to page 42 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook androids don't need to breathe, so doesn't that mean Righteous would be able to be rescued and would be trapped but wouldn't drown? Is the idea that since he was hit by shrapnel he isn't airtight and the water has entered and damaged his internal systems or are androids always vulnerable to drowning? I am wondering if I missed something and would love some clarification just so I can convey the events to my players and have it make sense as I love the events of this adventure and the world and it's inhabitants are really interesting and engagingly designed.

Thank you Paizo this is great news! Please consider doing the same with your older first edition accessory cards like the face and item decks. I use those in my games and they can be used in any version of the rules and some of the older ones are out of print and hard to find. Buying them as PDFs would allow us to use them in the digital games we are all running right now and let more people buy and use all of the gorgeous artwork on those decks of cards that have gotten into the game recently after they are long out of print.

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I just spoke to customer service by phone and my emails were ending up in the spam folder by mistake. The woman I spoke to was very helpful, she fixed the email issue and sorted out my order, paizo is sending me out the missing minis!

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Hi, I have contacted Paizo customer support three times with no response. Could anyone please find out what is going on and why they will not respond to my multiple emails? I have only received one set of metal/plastic minis, I backed at the crowdforger buddy level to get two when will the second set be sent out? I only ever gave one address and indicated I wanted all rewards sent there. The dungeon, maps, novel and one set of minis arrived and are really cool, I just want to get the rest so that I have plenty of each figure for running encounters in the dungeon and since I backed more generously in order to get them.
When I originally emailed Paizo I didn't realise it wouldn't show up as from the same email I used for the Kickstarter and Paizo, I have corrected this in my third email but still no response. Please take a look at my account and order 3147754. You will see it says It contains 3x Pathfinder Miniatures—Goblinworks Kickstarter Combo Pack: Baron Tervin Blackshield & Murgmo and 2x Pathfinder Battles: Emerald Spire Full Set. I opened the boxes for that order when I received them and they only contained one of each miniature set rather than three and two respectively (the novel, book, cards and flip-mats were all there however).

Hi, I don't know which of these/ how many you still have but I would be interested in a lot of them, any still available ?

Paizo put the Froghemoth; an old favourite monster of mine from the classic Expedition to The Barrier Peaks adventure in the Bestiary. Since then we have seen a lot of awesome froghemoth art and a great ecology article in kobold quarterly and of course there is the froghemoth VS T-rex picture in the core rulebook. A Reaper miniatures froghemoth seems like a natural step for me and there are no good froghemoth miniatures (to my knowledge) out there at the moment. We even have a froghemoth interior in the Swallowed Whole map-pack to help us track swallowings at the table!
I would love to see and purchase a Pathfinder Reaper miniatures froghemoth and I reckon some other gamers out there would too, chime in if you would!