Froghemoth Miniature


Paizo put the Froghemoth; an old favourite monster of mine from the classic Expedition to The Barrier Peaks adventure in the Bestiary. Since then we have seen a lot of awesome froghemoth art and a great ecology article in kobold quarterly and of course there is the froghemoth VS T-rex picture in the core rulebook. A Reaper miniatures froghemoth seems like a natural step for me and there are no good froghemoth miniatures (to my knowledge) out there at the moment. We even have a froghemoth interior in the Swallowed Whole map-pack to help us track swallowings at the table!
I would love to see and purchase a Pathfinder Reaper miniatures froghemoth and I reckon some other gamers out there would too, chime in if you would!

Find a rubber/ceramic one in the toy/pet/lawn section, glue it to a Pringles lid or a small pickle jar lid. The dollar/thrift stores usually have things(frogs,etc.) like that.

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