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Hi, I have contacted Paizo customer support three times with no response. Could anyone please find out what is going on and why they will not respond to my multiple emails? I have only received one set of metal/plastic minis, I backed at the crowdforger buddy level to get two when will the second set be sent out? I only ever gave one address and indicated I wanted all rewards sent there. The dungeon, maps, novel and one set of minis arrived and are really cool, I just want to get the rest so that I have plenty of each figure for running encounters in the dungeon and since I backed more generously in order to get them.
When I originally emailed Paizo I didn't realise it wouldn't show up as from the same email I used for the Kickstarter and Paizo, I have corrected this in my third email but still no response. Please take a look at my account and order 3147754. You will see it says It contains 3x Pathfinder Miniatures—Goblinworks Kickstarter Combo Pack: Baron Tervin Blackshield & Murgmo and 2x Pathfinder Battles: Emerald Spire Full Set. I opened the boxes for that order when I received them and they only contained one of each miniature set rather than three and two respectively (the novel, book, cards and flip-mats were all there however).

Paizo put the Froghemoth; an old favourite monster of mine from the classic Expedition to The Barrier Peaks adventure in the Bestiary. Since then we have seen a lot of awesome froghemoth art and a great ecology article in kobold quarterly and of course there is the froghemoth VS T-rex picture in the core rulebook. A Reaper miniatures froghemoth seems like a natural step for me and there are no good froghemoth miniatures (to my knowledge) out there at the moment. We even have a froghemoth interior in the Swallowed Whole map-pack to help us track swallowings at the table!
I would love to see and purchase a Pathfinder Reaper miniatures froghemoth and I reckon some other gamers out there would too, chime in if you would!