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Patrick Curtin wrote:
Jackin' Ape wrote:


Who let the apes out?

Ook ook ook ook!

Primates, like bowties and fezzes, are cool.

I testify that Justin Franklin is a big fat jerk!

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Why is it that I hate coffee, yet I brew over 30 pots a day? Ah well, at least my plants will love the compost this year ....

Stop complaining, Monkey, and get back to brewing more coffee!

Jyu1ch1 wrote:
SWEET LORD YES! Turkish coffee is proof that someone in the universe loves me!

And that he made your exalted father Sultan of Sultans and Caliph of the faithful in imaginary podcast alternative Turkey, O Royal Shining Pearl of Womanhood!

Yes, o Mani Sultan.

::Hurries in bearing a coffee set and places it next to the mother-of-pearl inlaid octagonal table next to Jyu1ch1::

Your Sultanic Highness!

::bows lowly::

Shall I pour?


Salaam sahibs! May the djinn blow your blitz faster than the desert winds!

The truth is, the real purpose of the monkey is to grind coffee beans, not the organ. We only do the organ to raise money to buy the beans.

Would you like to pet my monkey, sahibs?

Mufti Neek Hallak Al-Fawtla wrote:
Very soon I make large pronouncement.

Oh grand mufti! I kiss the hem of your robes! I bow before you! Would you like some dates?

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Good morning FAWTLYiers.

Well, off to do some end of the season yardsaling. The most fun you can have with limited dough! =)

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes, hopefully I'll have good news to report Monday afternoon. *crosses fingers*

::Ties knot it monkey's tail for good luck::

Choadi Juan Kenderobi wrote:
Fopdoud of Fez wrote:
Choadi Juan Kenderobi wrote:
I sense a great disturbance in my pants ...
That will be $50 for the monkey's services, sahib.
Unless you happen to be carrying Yoda in your pocket, I hardly think I shall need to pay.

I'm just happy to see you. Now, pay my monkey or I'll have to go all dervish on your ass. The monkey doesn't give freebies.

Choadi Juan Kenderobi wrote:
I sense a great disturbance in my pants ...

That will be $50 for the monkey's services, sahib.

I have sent my necromantic monkey out to spread mayhem!


Aberzombie wrote:

wraps the monkey is a zombiefied bear hug and does his best John Rhys-Davies imitation

I am already missing you!

You'll always have me, sahib.

I wanted to post something about grinding my organ, but as I look at who else is here, I'm scared to.

::Starts grinding organ::

Woodraven wrote:

I'm a junkie with a monkey, looking for a boo-boo kitty f*%@, partying with Morris Day and the Time.

Snoochie Boochies

Uh...was that comment directed at me, sahib?

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Fopdoud of Fez wrote:
Salaam, my little friend.

Wrong. Wrong Wrong.

Entah b'il HATAH!

Runs away screeching imprecations in Arabic, Farsi and Tamazight.

What did I say?

Patrick Curtin wrote:


Hello FAWTLiers! Nice new place we gots here.

Thanks to a friendly IT badgah, and some Internet muckety mucketying, I have figured out how to pop into this thread, while keeping the toxic hellhole known as the OTD shut off from my feed. So yay for Taig! Thanks for the help-out. Now I just gotta peruse the 400-odd posts here ... yikes..


Salaam, my little friend.