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Lycanthrope Descendant


Yes I know there are things that Lycanthropes can use in here as well, but the I was excited by the race. I still am and want to play one of these so much now. The skin walkers are also perfect for my homebrew world.

I have a whole country where lycanthropes are welcomed as full members. This has led to people being descended from lycanthropes. I made my own race to represent these people, but it was not as flavorful as the Skinwalkers. So I will be refluffing them slightly for that world and inserting them in.

I am certain the new feats and traits will be well received by my group. I look forward to more fun books from Paizo.

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Enjoyed Immensely


I have to say I was on the fence about getting this, but then I saw the portion of Merisiel electing Valeros to carry their prize to Sandpoint had me giggling and wanting the comic. One of my players heard me comment that I would buy it on Tuesday and elected to use their credit from some Magic trade-ins to purchase it for me.

The art i pretty good and feels right with the story. I love seeing the iconics brought to life in this format. The portfolios in the back make it even more worthwhile. My mother enjoyed this as well and she has never been a fan of comics. I am going to have to purchase this comic every month and I haven't bought a comic in over 10 years!

I will note that I got extremely lucky that my shop got the virgin version of this comic and it was the one I got by sheer chance.