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Vigilant Seal

Not sure what's up, but the new PFS faction icons don't display for me and I'm not sure they ever have. I see a broken image icon and "Vigilant Seal" or "Horizon Hunters" instead of the new icons.

url that it's trying to use for the icon is: https://paizo.com/image/content/PathfinderSociety/VigilantSeal_itsy.png

I get a fail-golem and the following error message when trying to access the image directly: "The requested URL was not found on this server, or you do not have permission to access this area."

Paizo Employee Official Tech Team Response

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This is an issue we've been trying to track down and fix, but hasn't been as straightforward as we wanted. We hope to have a resolution for this soon.

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Just tagging this to see if anything is happening yet. The faction icons still don't render for me.

Scarab Sages

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One of them works! Horizon Hunters faction icon renders for me, others do not. Hopefully having a working and non-working icon can help track down the issue.

Silver Crusade

A few years out, and this bug still persists. Here's what I see: https://aqualith.media/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/faction-icons-bug.png

Paizo Employee Organized Play Associate

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This is a known issue that is currently in the organized play queue of items. We will get it resolved when possible, but it is not the highest priority. Thanks for your patience!

Still haven't fixed this yet?

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So, the faction icons have started appearing for me in posts and on the edit screen in the forums, but they're so massive they end up making the page almost unusable.

It works! By the glory of everything, thank you tech for fixing that!

Paizo Employee Software Architect

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This issue should be resolved. Thank you for bearing with us!

If anyone is seeing absurdly oversized faction icons, reloading the page with Ctrl-refresh (win/linux) or Cmd-refresh (mac), or deleting your temporary files should ensure you're seeing up-to-date, correctly sized icons.

Grand Lodge

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Thank you so much tech team for getting this fixed! You guys are awesome!

Vigilant Seal

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Thanks for fixing!

Thank you

Silver Crusade

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Thank you soooooo much. Now I can make non-horizon hunter characters!

Radiant Oath

Thank you!!!!!!! I noticed this when updating one of my characters for play by post and it definitely brightened my day seeing the icon!

Grand Archive

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Thank you so much!! Wonderful to see this fixed.

I hate to nitpick, but Grand Archive seems to display the Verdant Wheel icon instead.

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Thanks! Really appreciate this.

I know it might feel like a very minor thing, but it will be nice to finally have the faction icons appear in play by post. That is the main place I notice them.

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Yay! Thanks!

Well done, tech team! Faction icons look great!!! Thanks!

Hallelujah! Thanks for fixing this. Now I can start making PCs for factions other than Horizon Hunters.

Grand Lodge

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Thanks for getting this fixed, it's been a minor anoyance for quite a while.

HALLELUJAH! My characters page looks so pretty now! :D Thanks for getting it fixed!!

Radiant Oath

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The goblin goddess of Unlikely and Forgotten Heroes adds you to her list of heroes to venerate.

Pathfinder Adventure Subscriber

You folks are awesome! thanks for fixing this!

Grand Lodge

Thanks for your hard work on this. Plus it's also fixed on our personal Org Play Summary page which lists all our Org Play characters. That helps a ton when signing up for a game session to see what Faction will automatically populate on reporting. So much better and easier to tell now. Thanks again!

Envoy's Alliance

Ooooh. They look very nice. Thank you!

Liberty's Edge

Thank you for finally fixing this! The icons look great!

We appreciate all the hard work the tech team have been putting in lately, from this issue to the new "Getting Started" pages!

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