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Fear is the little death, the mind killer

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The Orange Catholic Bible wrote:
Thou shalt not make a messageboard alias in the likeness of the human mind.

I get that reference

I will kill them uncle



Why are you going to prolong the inevitable? I will kill you!


Sweet Synn wrote:
You're kinda annoying. ;)

And you're a peasant. We all have our flaws ...

Baron Harkonnen wrote:
Or some non-guild astronomers, stirring up dissent...we could feed the left-over pieces to Rabban when we are done!

Feh, do we have to include my brother? The last I saw he was rutting with his chambermaids while eating a roast pig again. Hopeless sybarite ...

Baron Harkonnen wrote:
How I devoutly wish...if it were not beneath them, we could set our Sardaukar warriors loose among these slow-witted children. But let us retire for pleasure elsewhere until a more enjoyable opportunity presents itself in these clinical environs...

I just got a shipment of new impliments Uncle, perhaps we can find some traitors to try them on?

Baron Harkonnen wrote:

Whatever brings us among the peasants, dear boy, but diversion?

One can't always be running the galaxies...


Surely we can find more interesting diversions than these.

flash_cxxi wrote:
Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen wrote:
"Uncle, what brings you among these ... people?"

Hey.. I'm good people!

Most of the time at least I'm good people...


That's the problem, you're good people. I'm not


I tire of these buzzing gnats. Uncle! State your need of me, or I depart!

Moorluck wrote:

Cute dagger, I had one just like it.... when I was 10. ;)

*slides the greatsword Coldfire from it's sheath*

Then I grew up. :)

Sheathes dagger and yawns.

By the time you got that unweildly bar of scrap metal whirled around I'd be playing footbal with your pancreas...

Moorluck wrote:

*looks the newcomer up and down*


Twirls a wicked-looking dagger along his hands

"Uncle, what brings you among these ... people?"

Diviha wrote:

You are related to that grotesque gas-bag? You seem to cute for that, but no matter..... you can keep away from me too.

Feyd looks the woman over with a bored glance

"Don't flatter yourself peasant."

Baron Harkonnen wrote:

Oh, Feyd...Feyd?

Where is that dear boy?

He has so many gifts, but punctuality is not one of's a shame too...the two of you share an attraction to sharp objects.

Heightens his elevation in his suspensors.

A lean man saunters into the room. He yawns and speaks in a bored tone:

"You sent for me uncle?"