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Already got those, but thanks.

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Is there a map of the larger Otari region that shows the locations in Troubles? ...Honestly my big problem with using this in conjunction with Gauntlight is that Gauntlight is twenty minutes walk north of town, so it makes little sense for a group exploring it to want a base that is three hours walk away.

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Finally <3

...will Merisiel be working on "acquiring" a shipment of Sun Orchid Elixir or some other longevity magic? I want these two to have a long happy life together.

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...godsdamnit, Mengkare.

"We burn the present for the sake of a brighter future and act surprised when all it holds is ash!!" --Forge, Paranatural

Would removing the building pictures and associated pages reduce the file size noticeably?

5.8 appears to be too large to open in Google Sheets.

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Am I missing something, or is there no map of the Parchlands at all? I was really looking forward to a glimpse off the Inner Sea border. :(

Managed to sort things out before the deadline. $380, core 1.5, Gambler's Chest, Death Drifter, and of course Pathfinders of Death. :D

...And my pledge has NOT been collected... ironically, because I forgot to account for my incoming Pathfinder subscription. ;_;

Rysky wrote:


Hmm, I wonder if Seoni is gonna have White Speaker gear?

Tragically, no. :(

Come to think of it, the problem isn't so much "lack of plants" as "lack of light." Unless they photosynthesize UV or IR or something?

...and 4 mil is upgrading the hunt board to an actual board.

...But why spend so much time sciencing oxygen when KD HAS plants? Forest! Swamp! Acanthus! Grasses! Maybe the ocean!

Barbaric Gug Swarm wrote:

I don't think we have any stretch goals remaining to unlock, I think there's still the ones listed on the change log that need to be announced.

Can't remember if 900,000 and 1,000,000 change log entries were revealed...

They have been, actually, in update 35. It's just Poots is really bad at updating the front page.

900,000 is Screaming Antelope rebalancing, 1 mil is improved Music tree, 1.5 mil is improved Bone Club mastery and the Old Survivor mini. The only one left unrevealed is 4 mil, I think.

...This means I can play a game in which Valeros fathers Merisiel's, Seoni's, and Kyra's children! Core Four Polyshipper Approves! :D

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Cthulhudrew wrote:
I was hoping for a snark. :(

Legendary Games wrote up the Boojum as a mythic Tane in their Mythic Bestiary (it might also be in one of their minis, I forget). The Snark is a powered down variety.

Matthew Shelton wrote:
It could be in the Triangulum Galaxy, one of the Magellanic Clouds, or one of the other satellite galaxies in the Local Group.

But it's most appropriate for Rovagug to be (have been) imprisoned in the planet called the Cage in the galaxy of the Chain... :D

It's likely that Earth is in another, but nearby, galaxy -- Golarion astronomers call one the Milk Spiral, and if that's the Milky Way it means that the two galaxies are close enough to see each other with Renaissance-era telescopes, which narrows it down a lot. I'd guess Golarion is in Andromeda.

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Thule is a fantasy past of Earth (it's Greenland seen with west at the top of the map, and mostly ice-free), so maybe some time- and galaxy-crossing adventures?

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Rysky wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
...I had to cut so much from that Sellen River article. ;_; (It's a really really really big river, you guys.)

Ish okay Liz, we'll always love our... wait, what's the Ronin equivalent for a Gninja?


N. Jolly wrote:

Everyone should go check out this post to get a sneak preview of one of my new favorite villainous NPCs, Red Love!

...who let the Venom symbiote in here?! o.O;

I've heard "galeanthrope" for werecats, not sure of its derivation or accuracy.

EDIT: Also, the proper catchall is "therianthrope."

Kryzbyn wrote:
What does God need with a starship?

Shouldn't the question be why the setting's FTL is handed down from a deity instead of being pre-existing methods such as those used by the Divinity, the Dominion, and so forth? What does a starship need with a god? :)

Dragon78 wrote:
Do the 5 new "true dragons" get more pages then normal?

Seriously, I would be happy to have five fewer non-dragon monsters to make room for dragon fluff.

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Marc Radle wrote:


Options for PDF of both versions and Print/PDF of both versions just added!

And pledge upped, thanks! :)

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Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:
Surprised I don't see an obvious Mothra expy. Yarthoon is the closest, resembling her larva.

Mothra is Desna, complete with singing fairy girls.

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Give me a both-pdf pledge level and I'll up my pledge and help equalize...

Marc Radle wrote:
Demon Cults & Secret Societies Lickstarter is Live!

... Lickstarter? :)

There's a version number and date on page 2.

I have a certain limited amount of sympathy for Gary, because I have pretty much the same behavior from school onward: turtle up into a little ball of denial and lack of communication.

...I've learned to deal with it by trying to avoid situations where I'm likely to fall behind deadlines.

Page 209, Merickel's legend: "Merickel cleared land for her and built her a keep where she could father his sons."

...Bear his sons, surely?

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QuidEst wrote:
General prestige class feats? I'm sensing using spell casting advancement for Kineticist blast damage, Witch hex DCs, and other things like that.

What I want is a generic "Extra Prestige Class Feature" feat.

If you have at least one ability from a pick-one-every-x-levels list from a prestige class, pick another such ability for which you have the prerequisites.

Luthorne wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...

Actually those should be semicolons, since "jaws that bite, claws that catch" is a single ability; in fact, the comma before whiffling should be a semicolon.

Page 377: "Willian Ashley" - that should be William, please. :)

Circe's Runes: first, the minor granted abilities section is labeled major; second, on the page listing the runes themselves, the division between major and minor spells has no obvious purpose.

Page 43, Inquisitor inquisitions: "can gain an inquisition (...) in place of an inquisition."

Near the bottom of page 8, in the will pact augmentation, there should be a paragraph break in "throws. Beginning"

So is this the actual cover art, right off the bat?

And Zon-Kuthon, like Asmodeus, has an important role: they're the jailers of Rovagug. I think they get a bit of a pass for that.

N. Jolly wrote:
Also for anyone who wants to know about mercurial duelist, it'll be what you pick if you want to play your favorite cross scarred wanderer, that it will.

This unworthy one is delighted to hear it, that he is. :D

You had me at luchador and sentai. :D

But what about a Masked Rider?

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"Not baked goods, Arthur."

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No no no no no... guys, Nethys is Nyarlathotep in a Two-Face mask!

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Gnomes at last!

I'm still backing "they're actually humanoid data interfaces through which the Eldest can spy on Golarion for their own entertainment, and being boring gets them deactivated." :D

Darkbridger wrote:
Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
TimD wrote:
Davia D wrote:
Starfinder is just clear proof of Paizo secretly being taken over by NASA astronauts.
Disagree - clearly this is actually a Nemesis plot.
No, it's obviously a Mender Silos counterplot.
Thanks for making me miss an entirely different game now. :(

I miss being the Lincoln Memorial... :(

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TimD wrote:
Davia D wrote:
Starfinder is just clear proof of Paizo secretly being taken over by NASA astronauts.
Disagree - clearly this is actually a Nemesis plot.

No, it's obviously a Mender Silos counterplot.

Of the names offered, it seems both the most nifty and the least likely to be yoinked for some future Paizo thing. :)

Even as a tournament module, surviving wasn't the point of the Tomb. The team that died furthest in won.

Danubus wrote:
I had an android worship Siri from the iPhone once. She gained self awareness and took over satellites in a post apocalyptic game we played. In Starfinder I hope we can worship Casandalee. Maybe she is like running Absolam space station like Mother did in the Rai comics from Valiant comics

I miss Shooter-era Valiant. It was never the same after he left. :(

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