Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5


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Tarik Blackhands wrote:

I genuinely didn't expect this. Well the Pathfinder part, totally called True Satan.

But seriously, I had no idea some of the PF brass were such KD fans (going by how Poots talks about them). Good on yall.

They did pop in on one of the fan conversation threads, taking Kingdom Death miniatures into Pathfinder rules.

Here and here, are the threads.

Edit: And Erik posted above this with news about the blog. Sweet.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

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I've been buying Kingdom Death figures since Adam was casting them and sending out packages from his apartment. :)

I think my first figure was the Wet Nurse. Ew.

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Erik Mona wrote:
Rysky wrote:

Mr. Mona! Mr. Mona!

Is there a chance we might get a Paizo blog once we hit the 24 hour mark?

I'm going to talk about this at length in tomorrow's blog.



You have links to the reviews? I'm kinda curious how they're broken down.

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Tarik Blackhands wrote:
You have links to the reviews? I'm kinda curious how they're broken down.

Not off the top of my head, you could trying searching for Wes Schneider Tumblr Kingdom Death?

Guess I'll give it a shot. I've never dipped my toes in tumblr so I'll have to take the plunge into that madness...

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Okay, before I go review hunting I have a practical question for everyone. When it comes to adding on to your pledge for bonus stuff, do you need to add to your pledge incrementally for each goody or can you just add a giant blob of money and sort it out later?

IE, if I wanted two $50 expansions in addition to my pledge rewards do I need to add $50 twice or can I just add $100 and be done with it?

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You add a giant blob and pick the bonus stuff later.

Excellent (for me, not so much my wallet)! My plunge into KDM is nigh!

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Excellent. You're in good company.

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... I Blame Liz for all of this btw.

Good company among the broken, mad, lost, and damned. Eh, as the song goes, I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints!

Yup, "Only the good roll 1s..." (Not something you want to do in Kingdom Death too often.)


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Tarik Blackhands wrote:
You have links to the reviews? I'm kinda curious how they're broken down.


You guys aren't making NOT buying this easy.

Thanks Wes! I'm perusing it now in between priming my wallet for my pledge and looking at what expansions I want to nab...

So...more technical questions.

I just made my pledge and am currently in the process of trying to add to it but...I'm currently having issues actually doing that. Whenever I try to add on stuff, it changes my initial reward to the new one (aka nothing since that's how the add on purchases work). Halp or advice?

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You choose the pledge, then amount you actually want to give.

So I'd pick say Ancient Gold Lantern and instead of 750, just input 750+amount of stuff I want?

Bah, I just assumed common sense and did that. It's done. I'm a lot of money lighter, but I'm a contributor now boyz and girlz.

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Thanks yall, for the advice, the chatter, and prodding. Now I just get to sit back and see if there's any last minute contention over whether the King appears or not...

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Oh my aching budget! I was fine with my update pack and gambler's box up until a day ago. Now I'm inching toward adding the Honeycomb Weaver to my pledge, just to be sure I get it before it goes out of print...and hey, maybe I should get the Nightmare Ram for the same reason...wait, a Paizo crossover? The last two crossovers are pretty hard to get a hold of, maybe I'd better get it now... (Wallet hemorrage accelerates)

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You're only making it more painful for yourself man. Do what I did and just spend it all at once! It's like ripping a bandaid off! A momentary bout of soul crushing agony and then done!

Seems some last minute shifting of pledges, I changed to a Black Friday Silver Lantern, going to see what the savings of $10 can net me now that there's some cool stuff being announced..

Keep an eye out for getting every dollars worth. [=

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Damn! Pathfinders of Death! There goes another $60 ...

Well, looks like that KD / Pathfinder pbp will have to happen now ;-)

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...This means I can play a game in which Valeros fathers Merisiel's, Seoni's, and Kyra's children! Core Four Polyshipper Approves! :D

... and we've hit $10 million..

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Yup, closing in on the demon chicken.

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... and then Poots will move the goals. Again.

I reckon Poots is just messing with everyone with the moving goal. I mean, the model has been done from the start, I reckon this is just to help motivate the last minute money drive.

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Muahahahahahaha, we've beaten the moved goalposts!

Your move Poots!

Lol. Woohoo.

Abyssal Woods Campaign! Sweet.

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(This is a a rhetorical question, The Woods is friggin awesome)

I think I'm gonna cave and get some of this awesome stuff. Temporary wallet crushing agony here I come!

Meanwhile I adjusted my pledge and my shopping list to make space for the Woods. Sorry Death Armor and Gryphon, yer oudda here!

I have a question for you all.

How much space does some of this take up?

That might actually prevent me from getting anything. My current house is a little tight on space at the moment

Grand Lodge

So this is what Pandora's Box looked like.

Depends how much stuff you get I imagine. The core game is probably relatively compact since the storage tray I wager is meant to contain all the models included (assembled that is). Obviously the more stuff you get, the more this spirals out of control.

The box itself takes up some space. (The box is larger than a Twilight Imperium box from Fantasy Flight Games.) If you assemble all the miniatures, you'll need a lot of shelving space.

So, this sounds like if I left the models disassembled it would take up far less space. Alright, now I just need to decide how far I want to dive in.

EDIT: I think after this and the Spheres of Might Kickstarter, I'll be done spending money on my hobbies and games for a long while.

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Trying to decide on what expansions to pick...

That is possibly the hardest part about this. Deciding what fancy little tidbits to add on.

I did make sure to check my account to make sure it could handle this. It won't look pretty, but when I look at the shipping schedule, I can see how spending it now to get stuff for the next year and a half is a pretty cool deal.

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And last time they allowed additional backing through Backerkit so hopefully they'll do so again.

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