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We have had a question pop up in tonight's Runelords game.

The wizard cast Fire Snake at three targets. The first had natural spell resistance and the spell failed to breach it. The question we can't have is, does the spell continue on to hit the remaining targets or does SR stop it?

I'm currently toying with the following idea.

Sargasso in Space.
Something in deep space has the ability to disrupt active drift engines, ripping those ships out of that reality and draining their energy. Those ships find themselves in a graveyard of ships both ancient and modern. The party's ship is ripped out into this Sargasso and they have to try and find the cause before their ship loses all power and becomes their tomb.

Perhaps some ships have survivors or descendants of those whose ships were trapped here. Perhaps one has an alien threat on board, sleeping until the party disturb it. Maybe one is run by robots who decide that the party are the perfect replacement parts for their ship (ripping off a Doctor Who episode for that one admittedly), but somewhere is the source of the Sargasso.

What cool ideas are you fine folks working on?

Sorry if this seems like a silly question but after reading the rulebook twice I can't see that this is covered.

It is assumed that a patron gives a ship to the party and as they level they get to spend BP to enhance the ship, right? What happens if you have a character, say a pilot, who wants their own fighter? Would only that character get to spend BP on it or would you allow the party to spend on it splitting the points across both ships as they see fit?

Something of an odd question. What is the "in world" difference between a Ranger and a Hunter? How would you differentiate them in a game world when they are fairly similar to one enough in concept?

I'm trying to come up with a decent description of how the classes would be in the world I am designing but both seem so similar that I'm having trouble.

Are there any plans for encounter themed decks as an add-on for the game rather than just character decks?

How compatible will this be between the old Summoner and the Unchained Summoner?

On the GM sessions tab in my account nearly all of my scenarios have vanished (only 9 remain) and I've dropped to one star rating. Is this a problem from the recent update and could someone please look into it? Thanks.

Just checking to see if it is just me or this issue is affecting anyone else. I've just been to check some older scenarios that need correcting (Emerald Spire from when the levels vanished) and nearly all of my scenarios that I have GM'ed have vanished from the sessions tab and I'm back to 1 star.

Is this another web site issue or something I should contact Paizo about? Thanks.

Whilst checking for potential scenarios in the list I found GM Star Chronicle Reward Sheets. How do these work as I can't seem to find anything about them anywhere on the forums or the Paizo site?


We're playing right now and a situation has come about with which we are unsure about the outcome. The villain has cast cause fear on one party member and before their turn another party member casts murderous command on him in the hopes it counter effects the fear. The GM ruled that the fear overrides the command which was fair play. We are just curious whether this correct for future reference.


In one of my PFS groups I have a player with a cavalier. So far though we haven't had a scenario where he gets to use his mount. Any suggestions for level 3-4 that would let him get to use his horse?


I'm looking at running some sanctioned modules for our local PFS lodge but I can't find the XP/PP rewards for most of them. Unlike Thornkeep I am assuming that they aren't all going to be 3XP/4PP. Where can I find out which each is worth?


One of our PFS regulars has just pointed me to the players resources page (ultimate combat) of this site as it says inquisitors are not legal in PFS?


Surely thats incorrect as they are listed in the new season 6 guide.

In a game recently we had a situation where a character had been tripped. He wanted to get out of harms way without provoking an AoO. I suggested that he do a 5 foot step, basically rolling out of the way one square. Another player insisted that you can't do a 5 foot roll by the rules so we so said fair play and continued the game.

Afterwards I looked it up and I can't see anything to say that it isn't allowed. A 5 foot roll seems fair use of the 5 foot step rule but I want to be sure.

Is a 5 foot roll an acceptable and legal use of the 5 foot step?

Thanks for your help.

Out of curiosity is there a reason why some locations are set for multiple players and others for the solo player?

The reason for asking is that as a primarily solo player if I go by the locations listed I will only experience the same three. If it is just a case of there are eight locations I might consider just shuffling three of the eight to get my locations, so that I can experience different ones.

So far I have only played three solo gamees. I have a couple questions that came up during those quests.

1. How does the game handle multiple opponents? In one game the villain summons wrathful sinspawn. Do I fight that spawn and then the villain? What happens if I lose to the sinspawn? Does the villain get shuffled back into the deck and the combat end?

2. What is the point of a death mechanic when your deck runs out when you have a finite number of turns anyway under the blessings deck? 12-15 turns (depending on recharges) seems awfully short.

So, in PFS a character can purchase 0 and 1st level scrolls as standard, plus scrolls found as reward. Is it legal to purchase such scrolls but pay for an increased caster level to get a better duration?


A bit of a silly question but having some trouble deciphering it from the rule book.

When building an encounter with multiple CRs am I reading it right that you add the CRs together to get the encounter CR?

So, say a CR 8 monster and a CR 9 monster together in an encounter would be CR 17?