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Summoner / Bard. Who needs a group when you are your own party!

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I like this thread. It taught me that that if someone uses the antagonize feat against me, I can use an intimidate check to demoralize back, as it's an offensive combat action. Thank you.

...I have nothing of use to add regarding the topic at hand.

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Mummy's Mask: Start As Brendan Fraser in "The Mummy", end as Jeff Goldblum in "Independence Day".

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How would this (if at all) interact with Dreamscarred Press's Path of War revamp of the maneuver system?

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A shrunken party dungeon.

All the threats are normal stuff, just big. They could be fighting a regular house cat, but depending on how small they are you could use stats for a big cat, dire tiger, or something else (like owl-bear; just to mix it up). Judicious use of the giant template. The final challenge could be a "normal commoner" speced as a giant or titan.


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Last I remember, Pathfinders iconic wizard, Ezren, was an atheist. His philosophy (if I remember correctly) was that if gods can be born, can be killed, and any mortal could become one, what's so special?

Just because this player doesn't believe Pelor is a god doesn't mean Pelor does not exist. It sounds more like he is either anti-theist or anti-religious; he doesn't believe (or trust) in god or religions, respectively. You should clear up whether this character is atheist, anti-theist, or merely anti-religious by informing him of how those concepts would interact with the populous. Have him describe his philosophy and reasoning, which should help you determine how future events may unfold (and whether he's just trying to dick you around).

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Ruloc is still alive!

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toxicpie wrote:

In my GM's game, Draconic is pretty much dead though it was once used as a powerful tongue for spellcasting.

However, I talked to my GM and said it would be cool for my character to say some phrases in Draconic in the midst of battle, to inspire himself and the party with the might of wyrmkind. So yeah, I'm inventing a language with a weird grammar system and a vocabulary partially based off Gaelic, so please give me phrases to roar!
So far I've translated "Death before dishonour" and "Honour in all things".

114 Witty Paladin Sayings

1. And now, judgement!
2. The day your sins rise against you is at hand!
3. EVERY day is judgement day!
4. (to the tune of the Ride of the Valkyrie)
fight for justice, Kill For Truth, SLAY ALL EVIL, ta t-t-taaaa
5. The cherry blossom falls upon the soil; the sword falls upon the foe.
6. Come out and fight foul spawn of the underworld.
7. I challenge you in the name of Tyr, God of Justice!
8. Die creature of darkness!
9. I am ___, champion of justice! In the name of ___ I
will right wrongs and triumph over evil; and that means you!
10. Die, head-in-the-clouds!"
11. Come eat cold steel, things of the underworld!
12. Throw down your swords and prepare to be judged!
13. Drain this, fang-boy!
14. You! Yes, you! The boney thing! Die!
15. Yo, she-b*%$%! (Unsheaths sword) Let's go!
16. Nighty-night, zombies!
17. Hey, ugly, green, and terminally unwashed! Come here
and fight like a man!
18. SPOON! - Not in the face! Not in the face!
19. Ad majorem dei gloriam. - For the greater glory of god
20. Go bleech your roots, creep!
21. Allright boys, let's dance!
22. It's a great day to be a Paladin.
23. Get some!
24. Punish or be punished.
25. Squeal like a pig!
26. Start prayin' boy, and you better pray real good.
27. Hey, foul villains! Knock off all that evil!!
28. The first step in making friends is *not to eat people*.
29. Evildoers! Eat my Justice!
30. Let's hang ten for Justice!
31. Avaunt foul feindish thingy!!!
32. Un-tentacle that fair ingenou!
33. Eat my shorts, dark spawn of fat women!!!
34. I`ll slay the evil fiend, and smile, because I smile a lot and have a lot of teeth.
35. You had better watch your manners demon or I`ll give one hell of a wedgie!!!!
36. Your shoes are untied!
37. Evil doers beware!
38. I've come to demand the surrender of Hell!
39. There can't be more than 50 of them, I won't be hurt!
40. To have the courage for fighting means to have the courage for victory!"
41. Within our quest we are invincible.
42. Prepare to meet thy highest judge.
43. Thy soul be blessed and thy sins forgiven.
44. You ____ ! -infidel
46. I'm going to cut your heart out with a kender!
47. WHAT.... is the capitol of Assyria?
48. WHAT.... is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
49. Prepare to feel the Wrath of all that is good, Hell Spawn!
50. Evil always turns in on itself - Justice shall prevail!
51. For God and country!
52. All that is good and holy, aid me now as I confront this vile evil!
53. Prepare to atone for your sins!
54. Renounce your foul deeds now and I shall spare you.
55. I claim this land for all that is good, leave now and I shall not destroy you.
56. Repent now or spend your after life in eternal damnation.
57. With Justice <insert favorite deity> judges and makes war upon the foul and unrighteous!
58. <insert favorite deity> has deemed you unworthy - I am
his/her sword hand, prepare to meet damnation.
59. When Evil walks abroad, I must confront it.
60. May my sword do my God's will!
61. Prepare to make your maker!
62. I am prepared to meet my maker, are you?
63. With my dying breath I shall continue to remove the tarnish of your shadow from this world!
64. Summon your faith! It shall make us strong in the face of this obscene evil!
65. The courage of one can change the destiny of many.
66. Prepare to feel the iron gauntlet of Tyr the Evenhanded!
67. Surrender, cowardly followers of evil!
68. I'm gonna KICK your sorry ass!
70. DOOM!
71. I am Ergol the magnificent: small in stature, large
in power, narrow of purpose, and wide of vision. I
have the power to make your piss turn blue!"
while unsheathing sword: Let me introduce you to a
friend of mine...
72. (with a look of boredom and frustration) More <enemy type>!! Gods, and I just finished cleaning up from the last bunch!!"
73. Can you, like, surrender NOW or something?
74. Uhhhh...I'm like, gonna kick your ass. Uh huh huh, huh huh.
75. while charging:
78. Don't MAKE me come over there after you!
79. Surrender now or face me!, no... Give up now and I mean it! still have a chance to surr(finishes his charge and attacks), oh, never mind.
80. (If fighting some beautiful enemy)Back foul temptress! Even though thine image dost set my loins afire, I shall not be deterred from my task!
81. while attacking: "OUCH! Now that's GOTTA hurt!"
82. So, come here often?"
83. OH YEAH, want some more, do ya'. Come and get it, and get it.YEAH! Hey, I got some for you too! Here ya' go. Feels good, don't it!?!
84. Just a flesh wound.
85. I see that your schwartz is as BIG as mine! Now, let's see how well you handle it!
86. Fight, fight, fight. That's all I do around here. Day-in, day-out.
87. Bash this, slice that, castrate whatever. How come I don't get to do any of the fun stuff?"
88. after battle: "That's it?"
89. Has anyone seen my sword?(amidst piles of bodies)
90. Whoa, lookit the gash on that one!
91. Well, I don't know about ya'all, but I could use a drink.
92. If you kill me, I will only become more powerful!
93. I am not a coward, but it is not fitting for me to get my suit of armor dirty, I gotta be an example to the kids!
94. WHAT.... is the average rainfall of the amazon baisin?
95. After defeating but not dispatching..."Remember, no matter where you go, or how powerful you become, there will always be someone out there mightier than you. And that someone is me."
96. Let me convince you of the error of your ways.
97. Tell me if this hurts.
98. This is your ticket to the afterlife.
99. (talking to his sword) "Here's the goblin I promised you.
100. It wouldn't be proper for me to put this back without killing SOMETHING!
101. Try not to bleed all over my boots.
102. You demons are all alike... blah, blah, blah."
103. Why am I not worried?
104. To the undead..."You won't be so lucky this time."
105. Save your diseases for the less righteous."
106. Looks like you've lost a few fights in your day."
107. God befriend us, as our cause is just!"
108. Doomsday is near; die all, die merrily"
109. Say thy prayers, and farewell.
110. ...and you shall know that I am the Lord when I strike upon thee with great vengence...
111. Holy Avenger Batman!
112. (after a brawl to opponent) Here are your teeth...
113. Ahhh c'mon its not so bad... Its just the Abyss
114. (to a demon) You are one ugly m~$+#$*+~&#!.

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Hear these words, hear my cry,
Spirit from the other side.
Come to me, I summon thee,
Cross now the great divide.
Beloved spirit, Ruloc,
We seek your guidance
Commune with us
And move amongst us

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Natrim wrote:

I think the scariest we've come up with, was a Lich Magus smacking PC's around and grinning. 'Here's various magus combinations for large amounts of damage at higher level, AND my paralyzing touch. Oooh, look, I critted! What was your health again? Dead?'

Either that or the Vampire cleric, with channel smite on a conductive weapon for both his level drain and his channel damage... Paladin? What Paladin? *nudges ash pile out of sight with foot*

Also consider options such as the Talons of Leng, although I believe that might not combine at all with Conductive... *too tired to actually look up wording tonight*

Sorry to point out, but conductive won't work with a vampire's energy drain or the Talons of Leng because neither are touch attacks. Both effects occur when using a natural weapon (specifically the claws in the case of the talons) and are not independent from those attacks.

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Go evil; take levels in souldrinker.

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Regeneration has nothing to do with non-lethal damage anymore.

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You and your friend's are going to scour the globe for seven magical macguffins that are almost always either A) in the worst possible places imaginable, B)part of the property of some evil a**hole, or C)both. You and your allies will train and power up, using fist, sword, and fireball to get these macguffins back so you can put them together in an awesome magical ritual. You will probably die along the way, but don't worry, you can be brought back.

That is Shattered Star...or Dragonball, I forget.

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Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive... Just keeping things going.

@Vladimir Thomas- Sorry to burst your bubble, but Ruloc said he wasn't going to add anyone else to this list until it's done. He may or may not start another list, so cross your fingers and hold on to your character descriptions (I know I have a few:).

Yes, Ruloc does take commissions and that would be your best bet if you're in a hurry for your pics. Just hit him up at his Deviant Art page.

@Ruloc-If you haven't guessed, I stalk you when I haven't heard from you in a while. And it seems every time I do, I find another piece of your wonderful artwork. This is a wonderfully creepy piece that I will be recommending as a reference to a low charisma halfling witch Klooless will be playing in an upcoming Jade Regent campaign (alongside Janeko from your list). Keep up the great work!

...And stay in touch, we tend to miss you around here!

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I LOVE THE MONKEYS! Not just the band, but these beautiful pictures. Dhima Hona was a brainstorm child of mine that Mobat ended up playing, and I must say, you did it justice. He's not much of a poster so I'll send it along, "Thank you very much!".

P.S. Just so you know, your art is the perfect size for Iphone backgrounds :]

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Necromancy with the answer!

The Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of Night contains a small blurb in the Moroi (standard Pathfinder vampire) section under the "Secrets of the Moroi heading".

Pg. 8, Blood of Night wrote:
Spells like darkness and protective penumbra (see Ultimate Magic) provide temporary respite from the dawn...

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And he's back and on a roll, folks!

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Ruloc, just saw Eric and Ulygun. Just beautiful pieces; I was hoping they would be going somewhere in the Reign of Winter adventure path, but then I saw the Wayfinder #8 part. Still great art!

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I'm DMing the same AP right now, and at about the same part. I have a Wizard/magumbiyan-somthing-or-other and a rogue/sorc/arcane trickster in the party. Their response to "Immune to magic" was, in order:

1)knowledge check for weaknesses or alternate magical responses
2)Buff melee instead of blast enemy
3)Re-check spell list for "Spell Resistance: No" spells.

...Hell, They even get a wand of Acid arrow as treasure just before these encounters and a golembane scarab last book! The rule is "adapt or die".

On a side note: I remember the Caryatid Columns and then the Glass Golem, what's the third monster?
*edit-never mind. The spider-head-golem-things. Totally forgot about them as both spellcasters' daily powers deal force damage and the barbarian chewed through them.

Peter Stewart wrote:
Would you throw a monster immune to melee damage, or weapon damage at a party?

Yes. At least 2 swarms so far in the adventure. And at lower levels, too.

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Gauss wrote:

Ed: Ahhh, Im sorry :) I live in Boise, Idaho.

Yeah, this thread got Concerro out of 'hiding' behind his alter-ego. If Concerro posts he is damned sure about what he has to say.

- Gauss

I like Wraithstrike better.

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The heading implies...

Yet the text afterwords spells out how it works.

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Core Rulebook pg.187 wrote:

Full Attack

If you get more than one attack per round because your
base attack bonus is high enough (see Base Attack Bonus
in Chapter 3), because you fight with two weapons or a
double weapon, or for some special
reason, you must use
a full-round action to get your additional
attacks. You do
not need to specify the targets of your attacks ahead of
time. You can see how the earlier attacks turn out before
assigning the later ones.
The only movement you can take during a full attack is a
5-foot step. You may take the step before, after, or between
your attacks.
If you get multiple attacks because your base attack
bonus is high enough, you must make the attacks in
order from highest bonus to lowest. If you are using two
weapons, you can strike with either weapon first. If you
are using a double weapon, you can strike with either part
of the weapon first.
Deciding between an Attack or a Full Attack: After
your first attack, you can decide to take a move action
instead of making your remaining attacks, depending
on how the first attack turns out and assuming you have
not already taken a move action this round. If you’ve
already taken a 5-foot step, you can’t use your move action
to move any distance, but you could still use a different
kind of move action.

No where in this does it say that it ceases to be a full attack action. It doesn't say it turns your one attack into a standard action attack. What it does say is it turns the rest of the attacks in your full attack action into a move action. you are still taking a full attack, even if the rest of your attacks become movement.

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Core Rulebook pg. 130 wrote:

Manyshot (Combat)

You can fire multiple arrows at a single target.
Prerequisites: Dex 17, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot,
base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: When making a full-attack action with a bow,
your first attack fires two arrows. If the attack hits, both
arrows hit. Apply precision-based damage (such as sneak
attack) and critical hit damage only once for this attack.
Damage bonuses from using a composite bow with a high
Strength bonus apply to each arrow, as do other damage
bonuses, such as a ranger’s favored enemy bonus. Damage
reduction and resistances apply separately to each arrow

...Not "in order to use this feet you must make a full attack action". It quite specifically always happens on every full attack with a bow, whether or not it is no longer intended to be a full attack.

Concerro wrote:

Also as I have said before you can never opt of a full attack.

What happens is you make the first attack in a normal situation. Then you decide to go into the a full attack or take a move action. That is the order presented in the book. The book does not say you get to commit to a full attack and then back out. What I just said has been quoted several times, and it is in the book. Nobody has yet to produce a quote that references backing out of a full attack.

If this is to be believed then Manyshot simply doesn't work and would never work, as the first attack of any full attack is only a single attack with the possibility to become a full attack.

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I'm going to be able to make a campaigns worth of NPC's off of your portraits alone, Ruloc. Great work.

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Sang to the "peter cottontail" music:

Sanctum Piter oteum, Deus ore uneum.
Hippitus hoppitus reus homine.
In suspiratoreum, lepus in re sanctum.
Hippitus hoppitus Deus Domine.

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Cavian wrote:

So if we'd like on the list would we post here or on that website mentioned in the thread start post?

On topic though: Ruloc that Storm Caller is amazing, especially like how the lightning is dancing around her.

I did both, posting here for slot reservation and on the other list for character details (so as not to clutter up this board with errata to my visual). I figure it doesn't hurt.

...And Ruloc, I have a question: Which demon lord did you make a pact with to be able to produce such brilliant art so quickly? I've always wandered what I might be able to get for this pesky soul I keep lying around:]

Amazing stuff, Ruloc, Amazing stuff.

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Adamantine Dragon wrote:

One final comment and then I'll let those who want to exploit the rules to allow nonsense do whatever they want.

The feat doesn't "let you do it without readying an action." The feat let's you do it.

...With your bare hands no less, but you see people deflecting bullets with weapons in other forms of media. The way I see it, a person with the feat is nonchalantly batting aside these pesky attacks, whereas the one without is focusing all his concentration (enough to where he's not attacking anyone else) to attempt to destroy the offending object. I'm not seeing a great mechanical advantage to disallow it.

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My party and I are looting the storage supplies of an evil alchemist...

GM: "Okay, you find 20 alchemist fires, 20 alchemist frosts, 20 antitoxins, 20 thunderstones..."

Johnny, the new player, interrupts: "Finally, I can evolve my pikachu."

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Eschew Materials

The only component that doesn't cost anything that I can even remember is bat guano for a fireball.

All anyone does is:

1. check spell for material components
2. Check character sheet for spell component pouch
3. ???
4. Loot dead bodies (profit)